Han's poem

in han's pov

I can feel her icyness

as she strolls past me with her smile
maybe she's not as cold as wedge thought
her hair oh i want to touch it
she makes me freeze in my tracks when she walks by
i know deep down in side
i han solo's mind has been made up
i love her i can't stop my throbbing heart
i'd give my life for her
but does she love me like i love her in desire
for the corellian oceans surround us in my dreams
as i kiss her passionatly
i want her,i need her
oh who am i kidding
i'm a smuggler
she's the ice princess
am i just a fool
she tortures me every day
when she snaps at me
but all i can do i laugh
cause i am i love
and i know she loves me
han solo what are doing to your self
just kiss her already
my heart screams to me
but my mind tell's me different you see
well i'm following my heart she's in the next room
i'm gonna kiss her now
i'm gonna meet my doom