Leia's poem

he drives me insane
although he's kinda cute and sweet
does he even know my pain
he's such a dead beat
han solo is crazy
i just don't understand
he makes me all hazy
when i hold his hand
just the other day
we went to the icy lake
all he wanted was to play
but all i could do was shake
he's tall
he's brave
i'm small
he'll put me in my grave
oh gods i just want to kiss him
but when or how or where
i'd better do it before i miss him
oh wait do i dare
that scoundrel is funny
and he's quite a fiesty fellow
he reminds me of the easter bunny
or maybe of a warm marshmellow
oh leia what are you doing to your self
your in love with him admit it
you fell like such an elf
here he comes shit!