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Michael Williams belched as he wiped the remaining alcohol off of his chin. He was well aware that he had let himself go, his hair falling out and his waist size increasing. And yet, he couldn't bring himself to care anymore. He hadn't really been able to care much about anything since his lovely Rebecca left him. He had many times considered killing himself, in fact, that's what he was doing just moments before. This earned a yet another sigh from the wreck. He gazed down at the .38 caliber revolver. Its polished barrel looked so tempting, just one squeeze of the trigger and he'd be reunited with his beloved.

Sighing again, Michael recklessly tossed the pistol onto the bed next to him and looked at the picture of him and his wife on the nightstand. He was young, skinny with long shaggy brown hair that refused to be tamed and always managed to spike up. Actually, the little shit looked almost exactly like him, the only difference being his eyes. He had her eyes. Not his dull brown or even the chocolate of his youth. Every time he looked at the little murderer, he saw the mirror image of his youth partnered with his loves eyes glaring at him accusingly. It seriously pissed him off.

He calmed himself with another gulp of whatever drink was in his bottle, honestly he didn't know what he was drinking anymore, not that he really cared what his liquid amnesia tasted like. He looked at the picture longingly. All he had possessed, his youth, his beloved Rebecca, taken from him by the bulge in her stomach. That killer didn't even deserve to be her son, let alone have any trait of hers; he deserved punishment, misery, pain, torture. He deserved to go to hell, and that was the reason Michael had stayed his gun. He had to make that little murderer's life a living hell. He had to obtain retribution.

That's when a jiggling sound from the front doorknob alerted Michael of his 'sons' presence. For a second, Michael could've sworn he saw the silhouette of three others through the murky window on his front door, but he chalked it up to minor hallucinations since the door opened to reveal his son entering alone.

'Good,' thought the drunken man, 'no "pretending" today, just right down to business.'

Michael didn't bother greeting his son, entering the room loudly, a wave of pleasure running through him as he noticed the little bastard wince a little, "I got a call from your school. Did you figure I wouldn't know it if you skipped?" As Michael finished his sentence, he brought his fist into the teen's stomach, another wave of pleasure being earned from his groan of pain. As the curse doubled over, Michael backhanded him across the face. The curse ended up laid out on the floor. Leaning down, the drunken father took ahold of his son's shirt and lifted him into the air by it, bringing them nose to nose; the teen's eyes were filled with contempt and defiance. That made Michael smile, that is, until Noroi got the idea to spit right into the man's face. Snarling, Michael threw the boy through the hall closet door, not into it, through it. Sawdust and splinters flew everywhere.

"Look what you did." growled the angry drunk. Then the man brought the beer bottle to his lips and tipped it back to find it empty. Snarling again, Michael threw the bottle, letting it break against the wall, or floor, didn't matter. Then he hobbled out of the room towards the kitchen. "Clean that up and then go to your room, I have someone coming over tonight." Michael grumbled. No matter how many girls he tried to be with, they all seemed to have her face, his sweet Rebecca. He popped the top to another beer and went back into his room.


I waited a minute while the bastard went to get a beer. A dull ache in my shoulder caused me to wince, but it was just a bruise. Getting up quickly, I stumbled up to my room and shut myself off inside. Mutsu raised an eyebrow. The silver-haired samurai was cleaning his sword, a silk cloth held in his mouth as he polished the blade with what looked like a cue tip with an extra puffy end.

"What happened?" He asked, allowing the cloth to fall into his lap.

"My father decided to put me in the closet."

He seemed to grit his teeth a little bit but didn't say anything but reached into his back pocket and threw something at me. Without a word he just returned to his cleaning.

The thing he threw at me was actually a black flip cell phone, the newest business class phone developed by MBI.

"Sweet. Thanks Mutsu."

The Sekirei nodded but otherwise didn't react. I walked painfully to the window and opened it.

"ASHIKABI-SAMA!" yelled two very similar voices as the twins they belonged to flew through the window and crashed into me at high speeds. The floor didn't feel too good to hit either. The sore spot on my shoulder managed to get hit as well causing me to groan in pain.

"Uh, someone you know, Kid?"

"Mutsu?" Hibiki gasped.

"Oh, hey there. I guess you didn't need my help after all, eh kid?"

"Ugh." I grunted from underneath my Sekirei. Suddenly a very electrifying sensation ran up my spine as I gasped in pain, the scent of singed hair filling the air.

"What the hell?" I yelled when the feeling of being stuck in a light socket faded.

Hikari growled, "I thought you said that Hibiki and I were your first Sekirei?"

"You are." I said, for some reason, still beneath her.

"Well then why do you have number five in your room?" she said accusingly, her hands starting to spark again. I wasn't having it.

"He's my tenant." I said in a tone that let her know I was getting pissed. "You asked if I had winged any other Sekirei, not if I had met any before. And where do you get off electrocuting me?"

"I shock whoever is stupid enough to piss me off!" she yelled. Luckily the bastard probably had already passed out.

"What did I do to piss you off huh? And will you get the hell off of me?"

She huffed in indignation, got up (Thankfully) and stalked off to the corner of the room. "It was only a couple hundred volts, Jeez such a baby." She grumbled.

I mumbled something about temperamental overpowered women and left it at that. I noticed the tension and awkward silence That had pervaded the room. Sometime during my argument with Hikari, Hibiki had gotten off of me, Shi had slipped into the room without a sound, and they had both planted themselves next to Mutsu to watch the performance. I cleared my throat and sat there, awkwardly, for several minutes.

Suddenly one of us cracked up laughing. Unsurprisingly, it was Mutsu.

A large tick mark appeared on my forehead, "Something funny?"

Mutsu calmed down but still had on a shit eating grin, "I can't tell if you got the best match up for Sekirei, or the worst."

"Worst?" a small squeak from Shi. The shy Sekirei seemed to be insecure and this comment made her think about her worth. Everyone could see this easily, which was why everyone was looking at her worriedly, or in Mutsu's case, a deadpanned expression.

"She is seriously too easy." He stated. The twins nodded their agreement. I just sighed and put my hand on top of her head like I did in the McDonald's earlier.

"Nothing's wrong with you, okay?" I said, head turned to attempt to hide my blush, not that it was working since even if Shi couldn't see it, which I'm pretty sure she could, my head was turned toward a grinning Mutsu, a smiling Hibiki, and a glaring Hikari. Looking back towards her, I saw she was also blushing.

Hugging me, she said, "Thank you Will-sama."

I smiled but otherwise said nothing, I also managed to push down the flipping sensation my stomach was making. The silence became comfortable until Mutsu cleared his throat.

"Jeez," I complained, "Way to ruin a moment Mutsu." Much to my irritation, Mutsu looked pleased with himself.

"Sorry but you promised to help me." He said in a tone that said he definitely wasn't sorry.

"I remember, I remember. Why don't you go out and stretch or something, I've got something I want to talk to the girls about."

Mutsu just shrugged and left.

"Okay," I started, looking at the twins, "first of all, why were you two chasing Shi?" the both suddenly began avoiding looking me in the eye.

"Well you see…" Hibiki said.

"It's kind of a long story." Hikari mumbled, scratching the back of her head.


Hibiki and Hikari had just jumped down from the rooftops to find their Ashikabi. 'And something to eat.' they both thought as their stomachs growled in sync with each other. Looking around, they saw that many men were looking at them with odd, and/or lustful looks while the women looked at them with either jealous or disapproving looks. But nobody present was their Ashikabi.

"Excuse me sir, but have you seen this boy? No? Oh okay thank you anyways. Oh excuse me ma'am… oh you're busy? I'm sorry to bother you." Hibiki suddenly heard a very downtrodden voice. Looking around revealed the source of the voice to be a very innocent, not to mention sad-looking girl in a modified kimono running around showing a sketch to people. She was obviously a Sekirei, but why she was showing a sketch around like she lost a pet was a mystery.

"Hey, number forty, is that you?" Hibiki called. Shi looked up and saw the twins; a look of fear crossing her face for a second. She started to run but ran into someone and was slowed down enough for Hikari and Hibiki to catch up to her.

"Shi, did something happen? Why are you afraid of us?" Hibiki asked, concerned for her… acquaintance. While she liked Shi well enough, she just didn't know the shy girl well enough to call her a friend.

"Yeah what's up?" asked Hikari, a bit of attitude creeping into her voice, "we haven't done anything to you." Hibiki just sighed. She never understood why, but Hikari had never liked Shi, not that the shy Sekirei had done anything to anyone… ever. But Hikari just seemed to genuinely dislike her.

Shi panicked. She tried to dodge into an alley but Hikari got in her way. Neither saw what happened, but one second, Shi was running into Hikari with a frightened expression on her face, the next, Shi was sprinting down the alley at full tilt with a stunned Hikari sitting on the ground, an already scabbing gash on her arm.

"Oh, Girly's dead." Hikari growled. Hibiki sighed but nodded her agreement, attacking them without cause was reason enough to get rid of another un-winged Sekirei. Charging up their hands, the twins set off after the shy Sekirei.


I cocked an eyebrow as the twins finished their story. Snoring echoed from the floor below, showing that my 'father' was now passed out. Hikari seemed irritated at mere memory, while Shi was looking down with what appeared to be shame.

"I'm sorry, Hikari, Hibiki." Shi mumbled very quietly. She took out a small yellow flip phone with a small MBI stamp on the back of it. Flipping it open she played with it for a second and then gave it to Hikari.

"WHAT!" she screamed. My eyes were probably as big as dinner plates as she violently dropped the phone and started sparking. I picked up the phone as Hikari continued to radiated with electricity and read aloud.

"In a shocking turn of events, two Sekirei have begun hunting down their un-winged sisters and eliminating them. Un-winged Sekirei watch out. Any Ashikabi that can eliminate these twins will win an award. It's signed, The Game Master." I said, "There's another pair of twin Sekirei?"

"No! There isn't! Why would they say these things?" She continued yelling, now adding pacing to the mix.

"Not many people have seen this message I bet. Mutsu did say you guys were only the second group released." I reasoned, unheard by Hikari or Hibiki, who was hyperventilating slightly and looked completely detached from the world. "Why do you have this phone?" I asked Shi.

"I asked my adjuster for a phone before I got released. I saw on the TV that apparently everyone has one, and I didn't want to stand out." She answered honestly. "Apparently a few other Sekirei got phones too so they could receive messages from Mr. Hiroto" It was at this exact moment that my new phone began to ring. Curious, seeing how nobody had the number to my old phone, let alone the phone I received from Mutsu not an hour ago, I picked up and brought the phone to my ear. Wrong decision.

-Hello my dear Ashikabi-kun and welcome to my little game!-

"GAAAHH!" I screamed in surprise from the incredibly loud voice yelling right in my ear. Looking at the screen of my phone, I saw none other than Minaka Hiroto's smiling face in it. Much to my chagrin, neither of the lightning twins even noticed.

-My boy, you don't realize how fortunate you are.-

I raised an eyebrow at this.

-The Sekirei plan is an amazing act of the gods. You not only entered the plan at the mere age of seventeen, but winged three different Sekirei at once. You do realize you are among the first to wing a Sekirei at all, and you did it in such an impressive manner. Now allow me to explain since I'm sure you have many questions. Now, you are now involved in The Sekirei Plan. In which…-

"There are one hundred and eight aliens called Sekirei, found twenty years ago on an island by you and a woman named Takami. You used the technology aboard this ship to build MBI and now have begun the Sekirei Plan by releasing the one hundred and eight Sekirei into Tokyo in groups to find their chosen ones, or Ashikabi. When all the Sekirei are 'winged' they must fight to the last one standing which, the prize being that they get to stay with their Ashikabi." I managed to say in one breath and completely monotone. I noticed with satisfaction that Minaka momentarily was completely shocked, like, with his mouth open and everything. But my satisfaction was short-lived as he collected himself.

-I see your Sekirei managed to extensively explain the situation to you.-

I shrugged, "They explained some and I gathered the rest from what I already knew about MBI."

-Smart boy, but staying with their Ashikabi is only the reward for the Sekirei, the Ashikabi gets a grand prize as well. What do you think about that? Pretty cool eh? Money, power, and beautiful women.-

I deadpanned, "You're a moron."

-Huh? - The CEO of the multinational company asked, once again surprised.

"You're an idiot who happens to have a high IQ playing god and promising Aladdin's Lamp. I mean, come on, you find a spaceship, filled with technology that would allow you to improve the world and the human standard of living, as well as containing alien life, and the best you can do is put them in a contest to kill each other! Why wouldn't you, oh I don't know, protect the species, or, seeing how they're apparently compatible with humans, find a way to integrate them into human society, but no, you set them against each other. What's worse, it's all for your entertainment. So you can play god or game master or whatever you want to call it. So in retrospect, moron is putting it lightly. In reality, you're more like freaking Hitler!" I say, losing my monotone almost as soon as the words began flowing from my mouth.

-Oh my dear boy, I'm nothing like Hitler, I'm ushering the age of the gods. I'm more like a prophet.-

I wanted to hang up right then and there, I really did. But I still had one question. Turning the phone toward Hikari and Hibiki, who at some point in my argument with Minaka, had stopped freaking out and started paying attention.

"Why did you put a price on their heads?" I asked, obviously pissed. In the corner of my eye, I saw Shi staring at me in awe. The twins just looked pissed at Minaka.

"Yeah. What the hell?" Hikari yelled.

"We never hunted down un-winged Sekirei. Why did you make us a target?" Hibiki asked, calmly, yet for some reason it was scarier than Hikari just yelling.

-Oh well hello numbers eleven and twelve. I'm pleased to see you have found someone better than Seo. I don't have to deactivate your cards then. As for the twins with a price on their heads, they're not you two.-

"So there is another set of twins." I said, "I knew it."

"Well we didn't!" Hikari and Hibiki yelled/said at the same time. "Who are they?" Hibiki asked.

-Now that is a good question. But unfortunately, I cannot tell you. The Game Master can't play favorites now can he? Now, I want to tell you that even though you are part of the Sekirei Plan, you can't…-

"Tell anyone about it, gotcha." I said, pissed at the psychotic CEO, as I flipped the phone shut, ending our conversation. Looking up, Hikari and Hibiki appeared a little surprised and irritated while Shi was still staring at me in awe. "What?"

"You do realize that you're seventeen, and you not only argued with, but insulted and hung up on the most powerful man in the world." Shi said, a smile on her face, "Will-kun, you're amazing!" Shi lunged and tackled me in a hug and brought her lips to mine. Warmth flushed my face as a pair of familiar wings of light burst behind Shi.

'Weird,' I thought as Shi and I continued kissing, 'my stomachs not clenching, my palms aren't sweating.' Then we separated and the look in her eyes caused my stomach to clench again and a blush to break out across my face. 'That's more like it…'

"Come on." I said with a dry mouth and a fierce blush, "Mutsu's been waiting long enough." I began to walk toward the window when I was suddenly grabbed from behind. Looking back, I saw that Hibiki and Hikari were holding onto me. Hibiki had a sad face on while Hikari looked irritated.

"You know you can do that with us too, right?" she asked expectantly.

Hibiki nodded her agreement, "Anytime, we are yours." I smiled at them, trying to calm them down. Note to self, either kiss in secret, or be ready to kiss all of my Sekirei. I gave them both quick pecks on the lips, feeling weird, kissing three girls in the span of a few minutes.

"I'll remember that."


- Tell anyone about it, gotcha. BEEP-

Minaka Hiroto, the CEO of MBI and Game Master of the Sekirei plan, was many things. Patient was one of these things, yet this boy, Noroi Williams, bypassed this. The man who waited for twenty years to put his crazy harebrained scheme into action, stood in shock, staring at the phone in his hand.

"He hung up on me." He mumbled.

"Serves you right." admonished Takami. Takami Sahashi, the head scientist of MBI and top adjustor for the Sekirei plan, was not a patient woman. But ruthless and bitter she was, especially toward silver-haired sociopaths. This boy had bypassed all of her cruelty and earned himself a special place in her black shriveled heart, usually reserved for her children and parents. She sighed and lit up another cigarette.

"He hung up on me!" Minaka said a little louder as his scattered mind started to comprehend that someone didn't like him and so blatantly showed it. Because everyone else thought he was so great, right? So why didn't this boy?

"Wow, is it so hard to understand?" Takami asked, clearly curious.

Anger filled Minaka, "Get the disciplinary squad, I want him and his Sekirei destroyed."

Takami's cigarette fell from her mouth, "You can't be serious! Why?"

"He hung up on me!" Minaka roared.

Takami's temper flared as she tired of his antics. "Calm down Bipolar Betty. You can't lose such a talented player."

"And why not?"

A Minaka shaped indent in the center of the clock was his answer. Yes, Minaka Hiroto was many things, and for all his genius, he was an idiot.


"So you were showing a drawing of Will around?" Mutsu asked Shi. After spending a half an hour alone in the alley outside of Noroi's window, Mutsu was about to go back in and ask what was taking so long when the four jumped out of the window, Shi with a dazed expression while the twins each had hold of one of Noroi's arms. The poor boy had a weak smile on his face, like something was bothering him but he was trying to cover it up. The twins had said to split up and that Shi and Mutsu could go off in one direction, while they and Noroi would go off in another. Mutsu was pretty sure they just wanted to be alone with their Ashikabi, seeing as how only Mutsu could feel his Ashikabi. But, he supposed he couldn't blame them. He liked the kid, but as soon as he had his Ashikabi, he was gone.

Shi blushed from embarrassment and reached into her sleeve, procuring a small rolled up piece of paper. Taking the paper, Mutsu unrolled it to reveal a flawless pencil drawing of Noroi. Mutsu's eyebrows shot up to his hairline, "This is amazing."

Shi's blush deepened as she muttered her thanks. Mutsu's eyes widened even more as a sudden light bulb had a power surge in his head. "Hey!" he said loudly all of a sudden.

Shi yelped, "Y-yes?"

"Didn't you have a partner? You two were attached at the hip."

Shi suddenly looked down sadly.

"What was her name again? So? See?"

"Sai," Shi said, interrupting Mutsu, "Her name is Sai. She and I were released in the same group, but she was so excited to find her Ashikabi that she rushed off without me. I haven't seen her since. I don't know if she's been winged or forced or anything." Shi looked up and smiled, regardless of her sad feeling aura, "It's okay though because I have Will-kun. He's promised to love Shi forever and I believe him. As long as Shi has Will-kun, Shi can be strong. Shi will never lose Will-kun, ever!"

"You're speaking in the third person." Mutsu pointed out, silently impressed at the sudden confidence Shi possessed. Shi suddenly deflated, her confidence disappearing as her face flushed like a tomato.


"Okay stop!" I yelled over the howling wind. As soon as they forced Mutsu to team up with Shi and then split up, they had each gently but firmly grabbed an arm and started speeding along the rooftops faster than a car on the highway. The roar of the wind would have proved too loud for anyone to hear, I only knew what I said thanks to the vibration of my voice in my throat, giving me a hint of my voice, but seeing as how Sekirei seemed to have increased strength, speed, and agility, better hearing didn't seem so farfetched.

They each nodded and stopped as soon as their feet met rooftop. Letting go of me, they looked at me in an expecting way.

Sighing, I said, "Look, I'm not an expert on these sorts of things, but unless I'm mistaken, you can't feel who Mutsu's Ashikabi is. Can you even feel if someone is an Ashikabi if they're not yours?"

Both of the girls' eyebrows shot up slightly. Looking at each other, then at me, they sighed in sync. I smirked. 'Looks like I guessed right.'

"Well," Hibiki said after a minute, "no, we can't feel a potential Ashikabi unless he's our own; we were kind of hoping to spend some time with you, alone." Hibiki had slowly started blushing toward the end of her sentence.

Hikari suddenly burst in with an irritated pout, "And, we're going to hunt down those other twins and take them out!" She seemed to be daydreaming about the battle as she grinned devilishly.

'Well,' I thought with a sweat drop, 'at least now I now I'm not the only one who enjoys a good fight.'

Suddenly Hikari and Hibiki both got a look in their eyes.

"Look out!" Hibiki yelled as she tackled me. Hikari rolled to the side and stabilized herself with her left hand while charging her other. Lifting my head slightly, I saw what looked like a large knife attached to some wire, stuck exactly where the twins and I were standing seconds ago. Then it was yanked by the wire and returned to the sender.

"Show yourself!" yelled Hikari as her twin jumped off me and charged her hands.

"Oh gladly." Purred a voice as the owner stepped out from behind a chimney, "Hello Ashikabi-kun."


"So Shi, do you miss Sai?"

Shi nodded, "Yes, but as long as I have Will-kun, I'll be all right. Still, I wish I could know what happened to her. Sai was really strong and really confident, although, she was quick to anger and kind of perverted, she was a good friend.


"What the hell?" I panted, crouching behind the chimney that the newest Sekirei appeared from. I really, really, wanted to help Hikari and Hibiki, but between the lightning, razor wire whips, and knives attached to the end of said razor whips, I would be worse than useless, I'd be a liability.


As soon as the Sekirei said "Ashikabi-sama" Hikari was ready to tear her limb from limb. She screamed a battle cry and launched bolt after bolt at the girl, too bad she wasn't there anymore. The girl was right in my face, smiling like the cat that ate the canary.

The petite Sekirei had blonde hair that was cut unevenly and as long as her chin with forest green eyes, I've been told mine were like a shining emerald; well hers were a dark green, like a pine tree or something. She was wearing a black and grey striped, strapless shirt that only came down to a little above her naval. She had a black cloth wrapped around her throat like a collar. She wore bicep length gloves with the same pattern as her shirt with some kind of wire wrapped around her fingers. Finally, instead of pants, a skirt, or any other sociably passable form of leg wear, she wore a pair of leather bloomers, like a leather bikini bottom, with a large belt wrapped around her waist. A blush started rising in my cheeks.

"Uh, h-hi."

"Hey there handsome" the girl said with a smirk. Looking down and slowly trailing back up to my eyes, she blushed slightly but allowed her smirk to widen back to a large grin, "Yeah, you'll do," she let her eyes travel over me again, "you'll do just fine."

"OH HELL NO!" I don't think I need to tell you who that was. Actually I do since surprisingly enough it was Hibiki now coming at the new Sekirei with intent to kill. The new girl laughed and pushed me behind the chimney and disappeared in a blur.

~(Flashback End)~

And that's how I ended up behind a chimney on some random roof while three meta-human girls who all, for some reason beyond me, seem to have a giant crush on me. Peaking around the edge of the chimney, I saw that Hikari and Hibiki were jumping around, throwing lighting at the girl. Bloomers girl on the other hand was moving just enough not to get hit, with plenty of time to get out of the way it seemed. She was way fast. Whenever one of the twins' attacks got close, she would just disappear, letting the lighting hit the rooftop where she was just a moment ago.

The twins both landed on the roof at the same time when she did not reappear. Suddenly, the roof under their feet gave way. Crying out, I jumped out from behind my cover and ran to catch them, but I didn't get there in time. I lunged, barely staying on the roof as I pushed my arm out into the empty air, my hand barely grazing the fingertips of Hibiki, or Hikari, I couldn't really tell in the moment, all I could see was the surprise on their faces as they fell toward the hard cement below.

A tear slowly dripped down my face. Suddenly there was a pair of arms wrapping around from behind me.

"Sh, it's okay. Calm down cutie."

That did it for me. I must have blacked out because the next thing I knew, I had her pressed against the chimney with my left hand pinning her to the brick and my right around her throat. She wasn't worried at all either, in fact, she was smiling. I wanted to do it, I wanted to kill her so badly. I wanted to make her pay for taking away my girls. My Girls. I released her and stumbled. Tears were streaming down my face. They had told me repeatedly that they were mine but I had kept them at arm's length. We had only known each other for less than a day but they had been completely devoted, completely willing to lay down their lives, just for the chance to stay with me, and I was only worried about how to hide them from my bastard of a father.

"Dammit, Hibiki, Hikari, I'm sorry." I sobbed. I felt the bloomer girl's presence, like she was about to touch me, but she suddenly jerked back and ran off. Seconds later, the sound of two people landing on the gritty rooftop. "What do you want from me?" I moaned pitifully. I felt like that five-year old kid who could do nothing. Twelve years of making myself hard as steel, harder even, and in one day I'm back to that kid.

"Aw look sis, he does care."

"…" was what I said.'…' was what I thought. My mind completely shut down for a second. What broke me from my mental white out was a small snicker.

"Hibiki, Hikari!" I yelled in pure delight. If I could have, I would have kissed them both at the same time. I couldn't, so I settled with kissing the closer one first. Hibiki was the lucky one; she seemed surprised but kissed back after a second as wings of light burst out from behind her. Hikari was ready for me when I moved to her. She grinned and grabbed the back of my head as she stepped into the kiss. They both had shit eating grins.

"Ready to go home?" asked Hikari.

"Yeah." I answered, genuinely happy for the first time in a long while. Somehow, these girls, Shi included, had become important to me incredibly fast. "Let's find Mutsu and Shi and go home."

They nodded, each grabbing an arm and jumping in the direction they thought the other two were in.


The next morning, I was just sitting in class, reading up on some of my notes. A test was this Friday and I didn't want to be unprepared. My Sekirei said they were going to search for a place for us to live since dad couldn't learn about the Sekirei plan. I didn't know how I was just going to move out of my dad's place and into the care of three beautiful women but I assumed Minaka would probably take care of the technicalities, after all, he had to protect this psycho little plan of his.

The bell rang signaling the start of the day as the teacher walked in.

"Stand" ordered the class leader. We all obeyed, as per usual.

"Bow" he ordered causing the group to bow. As we sat down the teacher began morning announcements while managing to look like he would rather be anywhere else.

"Chess club is meeting in room 28 B today. The cafeteria is demanding whoever is sticking their rice balls to the ceiling stop," at this, Haku and his delinquent buddies laughed and high-fived at this, "and last but not least, we have a new student today."

That caught my attention. Looking up from my notes, I saw she was a petite girl with…

Chin length blonde hair and wild forest green eyes. My own twin emeralds widened exponentially.

"Class, this is Sai Nebaru."

She smiled devilishly, like me when a fight is being started. With her voice a silky smooth, sugary sweet mask, she said "Please, take care of me."

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