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The redheaded Lieutenant of Squad Six was sitting at his desk having just finished his day's worth of paperwork. He'd been distracted all day because for the last two weeks he and his Captain had been sexual partners and at the beginning of the day Byakuya had given him that 'meet me in my bedroom tonight' look. Renji couldn't wait to be naked and panting with his equally naked and moaning Captain. Everything Byakuya did that day caused Renji to just want to take the noble right there in the office!

The Lieutenant lets out a sigh as he props his head on his hand. There were only a few minutes left until he could leave the stuffy office and join Byakuya in the bedroom which couldn't come any sooner. He was already ashamed to say that he'd excused himself from the office to 'relieve' himself in the restroom…twice. He'd never known anyone else that could make him feel this way and he loved it, but he wasn't sure Byakuya felt the same way.

Ever since their first time together, Byakuya's words had constantly played through his mind every time they were together. The sixth Captain had proclaimed that it was just sex, but that's not what it felt like to Renji. Before the redhead can think anymore on Byakuya's words, the black haired Captain loudly straightens a stack of papers bringing Renji from his thoughts, "You are free to leave, Abarai."

The crimson haired Lieutenant stands up and bows his temporary goodbye to the sixth Captain, "Good evening, Captain Kuchiki."

Renji quickly leaves the office knowing he has just enough time to get home and clean himself up before making his way to the Kuchiki manor. Once the redhead finishes making himself presentable (including taking his hair down because Byakuya liked it better that way), he begins his journey to the manor and just walks in once he's made it to his destination. Apparently, Byakuya had informed the servants that Renji could enter the mansion without a hassle. The tattooed man makes his way to the Captain's bedroom and opens the door. As soon as the scarlet haired Lieutenant lays eyes on his Captain his mouth drops open at the sight of Byakuya lying on the futon completely naked.

When the noble notices the expression on Renji's face his lips turn up into a small smile, "I have been waiting for you. Now, kindly shut the door."

Renji nods and closes the bedroom door before making his way toward the raven haired Kuchiki, "You look so fuckin' sexy lying there like that."

Before the sixth Lieutenant can join Byakuya on the futon, the Captain holds up a pale hand halting the eager redhead, "Take your clothes off and get on all fours."

The redhead doesn't argue as he begins stripping his clothing off. Renji knew he'd be bottoming tonight and that didn't bother him one bit. It wasn't the first time he'd yielded to his Captain. Byakuya preferred to be taken, but sometimes the noble liked to be the dominant one and tonight was one of those nights. Byakuya stands up in all his naked glory and guides Renji to the futon where the tattooed shinigami gets down on all fours just as he was told.

The sixth Captain walks around the submissive man as if he's a predator cornering his prey and only stops walking when he's standing behind his Lieutenant, "It has come to my attention, Renji, that you have been a naughty Lieutenant." He can see that the redhead is already hard just from seeing him naked. This makes the pale man smile, but he continues speaking, "Why have I come to this conclusion you ask? Well, you see I know that you excused yourself twice to go to the restroom and pleasure yourself."

Renji lets out a surprised gasp, "But, Bya…"

"There is no use in trying to deny it, but I want to hear you admit it, Renji." The Captain reaches a pale hand out to slowly caress the Lieutenant's right ass cheek causing the redhead to shiver from his touch, "I want you to say that you are a dirty boy who masturbates in the office."

Renji gulps loudly as he feels Byakuya's hand shift to his left ass cheek and lightly squeeze it, ""I-I'm a dirty boy who…who masturbates in the office."

"I believe that kind of behavior calls for a punishment. Don't you?" The noble's delicate finger's trace patterns across the soft skin of Renji's ass.

The redhead can already feel the drops of pre-cum dripping from his cock at the feel of Byakuya's hand on his ass and the lustful sound in his Captain's voice, "Yes, Captain…please, punish me."

The head of the Kuchiki Clan's fingers travel up and trail along Renji's spine causing goose bumps to appear on the tattooed skin, "You want a punishment?" Byakuya's slim fingers make their way up Renji's back and soon slide under his body to his chest where the noble lazily pinches the Lieutenant's nipple causing a groan to escape said Lieutenant's lips, "What kind of punishment do you think is fitting for this particular transgression?"

A shuddering moan can be heard from Renji as the Captain keeps up his teasing on the redhead's nipple, "W-whatever you…mmm, think is…(moan) b-best."

"I have always believed in corporal punishment." He immediately halts his erotic caressing of his Lieutenant's now stiff nipple making Renji groan in disappointment, "Meaning, a naughty boy like you should be punished with a hard, stinging, delicious spanking for excusing himself and not inviting me to join him…don't you?" When the redhead hesitates with an answer, Byakuya raises his open hand and smacks the tattooed man's ass hard, "Answer me!"

"Y-yes, Captain Kuchiki. I deserve a spanking." The scarlet haired shinigami can feel his ass stinging from the hard contact of Byakuya's sword calloused hand. His hands were the only part of his body that weren't smooth and that didn't upset Renji one bit.

The raven haired Captain smiles at the red hand print appearing on his Lieutenant's ass and immediately continues their dirty little game, "And, what were you fantasizing about while you were touching yourself?"

Once again Renji doesn't answer fast enough, earning him another powerful slap to his bare backside, "Y-you! I was…I was fantasizing about you!"

"I see and what was I doing to you, Renji?" Before the submissive man can answer he receives another spanking, "What was I doing?"

Tremors of masochistic pleasure wrack Renji's body at the feeling of the noble's hand stinging his flesh, "Fucking me! You were…fucking me and…and y-you were touching me!"

"Good boy." The Captain gently rubs Renji's sore ass as if to soothe it as a reward for answering his questions, "Now, I want details. Where was I touching you?"

The redhead takes in a deep cleansing breath before answering, "You were…you were …" He winces as Byakuya spanks him again much harder than the other times as if telling the Lieutenant to hurry up, "You were jerking me off and…and you were fucking me…you were fucking me so hard!"

"Is that what you want me to do to you, Renji?" The noble takes a step back not touching the redhead at all, "Do you want me to fuck you?"

Hearing Byakuya use the F word and seeing the usually stern, stoic Squad Six Captain being so playful caused Renji's already throbbing cock to twitch, "Yes, Captain…I want you to touch me…I-I want you inside me!"

"And, do you think that a few measly spankings are enough to cleanse you of all your bad behavior?" The Captain lets out derisive chuckle, "I think not…me fucking you is a reward." A superior smile forms on Byakuya's pale face, "A reward that has not been earned."

A very undignified and not at all manly whimper escapes Renji's throat, "Please, Byakuya…I-I need you…just tell me what I have to do."

An amused gleam flashes in the grey eyes of the Kuchiki, "I want you to prepare yourself and say 'I am a naughty Lieutenant who loves to be spanked by my master'. Then and only then will I fuck you."

Renji's brown eyes widen at his lover's words. Byakuya had never asked him to do something like this before, but it's not as if he was asking something unreasonable. He could do this for his Captain, right? He'd done it alone plenty of times anyway, but apparently he wasn't doing it fast enough because the redhead suddenly felt another solid smack to his already throbbing ass, "Yes, Captain…whatever you want."

"I'm waiting, Renji." Byakuya backs up again to admire his work as well as make sure he has a full view of the show his Lieutenant was about to give him.

Renji swallows the nervous lump in his throat as he holds his body up with one hand and uses the other hand to stroke himself gathering some of his own fluid on his fingers. The tattooed shinigami lets out an embarrassed sigh as he lets his chest make contact with the futon raising his ass higher in the air. He then snakes his hand between his legs and slowly inserts his slickened index finger inside himself. He lets out a groan because he knew the Captain's piercing grey gaze was watching him. The Lieutenant eventually finds a nice rhythm and adds a second finger, but suddenly the noble speaks, "I do not hear what I require before giving you what you want."

Renji's cheeks turn pink, but he knows that if he wants his Captain to join him he had better say it, "I'm a (moan) n-naughty Lieutenant who (gasp) who l-loves to be sp-spanked by my (groan) m-master."

"Louder, Renji." The dark haired Soul Reaper makes his way across the room to retrieve the massage oil, but never takes his eyes off the arousing actions of his Vice-Captain, "I cannot hear you."

The redhead can feel the sweat forming on his tattooed skin as he pumps his two fingers in and out of himself. He wanted Byakuya to stop teasing him and just have sex with him already, "I'm a naughty L-Lieutenant (moan) who loves to be…ah! spanked by my…master!"

The noble watches as the redhead's fingers disappear and reappear from his muscular body at an increased speed and the sixth Captain's own very hard cock jerks at the sight of Renji being so inappropriate, "Tell me how bad you want me." Byakuya opens the massage oil and slicks his erection with it causing him to emit a low groan.

The brown eyed Lieutenant hears his lover groan and becomes impossibly more turned on, "I can't t-take it…(gasp) I need you so…so badly! (moan) I wanna…I wanna (groan) cum…I wanna cum for you!"

Byakuya hears Renji's desperate plea and knows that he can't wait any longer either, "Stop, Renji, you've earned your reward."

The scarlet haired Soul Reaper removes his fingers and lets his hand fall tiredly to the futon, "I can't wait, Byakuya! Hurry!"

The sixth Captain quickly makes his way to the trembling Lieutenant and grabs the tattooed hips of his lover as he forcefully enters the quivering opening thrusting his entire length in all at once. Byakuya lets out a groan as he feels Renji's tight walls involuntarily spasm around him. The two men remain still for a few seconds as both of them try to reign in their pleasure so as not to end things too quickly. The redhead can feel his Captain's cock throbbing inside him and just can't wait any longer as he pushes his ass back making Byakuya's arousal inch deeper inside him. The nobleman takes the hint and grinds his hips hard against Renji's body before pulling out and snapping his hips forward again.

Byakuya not being very vocal during sex unless he needed something left Renji's voice to be the loudest in the bedroom, "Harder…(moan) f-fuck me harder! Oh, gods it feels so (groan) fucking…g-good!"

The sixth Captain pumps into Renji with more force causing him to let out a loud moan himself, "W-what else…do you (gasp) want? Tell me…what you (groan) need?"

"I want you to (sigh) touch me…t-touch me like…(groan) like in my fantasy!"

Byakuya can feel the sweat forming on his brow as he continues to slam into his Lieutenant, "Beg me to (gasp) do it."

Before the redhead can beg his Captain to touch him, he feels an unbelievably wonderful feeling erupt inside him, "Oh, right there! Do that…(moan) do th-that again!"

The Kuchiki heir knows that he's finally found the spot he'd been looking for and nails Renji's sweet spot again causing the crimson haired man to let out another plea for more, "I-I am almost (groan) there, Renji!"

"Touch me, please!" Thinking his lover isn't going to grant his request, Renji begins pumping his own weeping cock, but before he can pick up speed Byakuya slaps his hand away and takes over, "Yes! Faster!"

The black haired Captain can feel his orgasm fast approaching, but knows that Renji is close too. He feels the redhead's muscles contract around him as said redhead lets out a string of moans and profanities as he cums onto Byakuya's hand and the sheets of the futon. The sixth Captain's release follows close behind and with a satisfied groan Byakuya spills his climax into the panting Lieutenant.

The two spent shinigami collapse to the futon in a sweaty, panting heap. Finally, the lovers gather their bearings and lie beside each other as Renji breaks the silence, "That was fun."

An exhausted smile appears on Byakuya's face, "I am glad you think so."

Renji loved it when he made his Captain smile. Byakuya didn't smile for just anyone or very often and the redhead was glad he was one of the few who got to see it, "Is it weird that I like being spanked?"

The raven haired man nods, "Yes, but I am glad that you do."

The sixth Lieutenant lets out a tired chuckle, "I should get going." Renji stands up and stretches missing the disappointed frown on Byakuya's face.

"You are welcome to shower here before you depart." The naked Kuchiki pulls the sheet over his sweaty body watching the redhead redress.

Renji shakes his head making the red locks sway against his tattooed shoulders, "Nah, I'll do all that at my place. I don't wanna keep you up." He finally manages to get all his clothes back on and walks back to the futon, "I have the day off tomorrow."

"Yes, I am aware. I did not forget." The brown eyed man leans down and captures his lover's lips tenderly in his and kisses Byakuya softly. When the kiss ends the noble gives Renji a silent plea with his grey eyes, "I take it you will return tomorrow evening?"

The Captain made his voice and tone sound indifferent, but the redhead knew the pale man wanted him to return tomorrow, "Yeah, I always do." He stands up and walks to the bedroom door before turning to look at Byakuya again, "I'll see you tomorrow, master."

The tattooed Soul Reaper leaves the Kuchiki manor and slowly makes his way back to his own place. He's so lost in his own thoughts that he doesn't even realize it when he arrives at his own door. He opens the door and walks in as he quickly makes his way to the shower. He undresses again and steps under the warm water.

He always hated the way he felt after leaving the Kuchiki manor. Renji always had a great time while he was there and every thing always felt so good whether he was seme or not, but when he got home he always felt like a common whore. Byakuya had never once asked him to stay or told him he loved him. Was his Captain just using him for sex?

The ruby haired Lieutenant always came home and headed straight to the shower to wash away the shame of being used. The first time he and the nobleman had finished having sex, Byakuya said it was just sex, but that couldn't be true…could it?

Renji finishes his shower, dries off, and flops down on his futon still completely naked. He lets out a remorseful sigh at the way things had turned out for him and his Captain. He felt disgusted with himself, but he knew he couldn't stop and he knew that tomorrow would find him in the arms of the sixth Captain once again.

He finally closes his eyes and manages to go to sleep wishing Byakuya's warm body were lying next to him.


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