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The two shinigami walk back to the Kuchiki manor in silence. The lovers didn't need to talk because the fact that they were able to walk to the manor together showed just how much their relationship had progressed. The nobleman looks at his tattooed boyfriend and sees that the redhead is lost in his own thoughts. Byakuya can sense the tumultuous anxiety in Renji's reiatsu and he knows it's because of the invitation he offered the night before.

The sixth Captain didn't know what was so difficult about deciding whether or not to move in, but he knew that Renji would make the right choice. Byakuya knew he would be upset if Renji decided not to move in, but nothing would make him stop loving his handsome, redheaded Lieutenant.

Byakuya turns his gaze away from his lover's face to look straight ahead. He would just let the redhead ponder and not interrupt his thoughts with his own words. However, the Kuchiki heir slips his slender hand into his Lieutenant's larger one as they continue walking.

This small touch brings Renji from his thoughts as a tingle shoots up his arm at the gentle contact from his Captain. He lets a smile form on his face as he lightly squeezes Byakuya's pale hand and notices the soft blush that tints his lover's face. He really wanted to move in and be able to witness all the little things that the sixth Captain did and all the things that made his pale face blush just like this. Why couldn't he just say yes? Why was he over thinking this so much?

Before the Lieutenant can think anymore on the matter, the two of them arrive at the manor and the noble releases his hand just as a servant opens the door. The two of them walk into the manor and soon after the servant leaves them alone once more. Renji barely has time to remove his shoes before his Captain connects their lips and shoves him against the wall. Byakuya's tongue forces its way into the redhead's mouth and Renji didn't mind as a moan escapes his throat. Renji loved having sex with his Captain, but until they started 'doing it' he never realized how horny Byakuya was. The tattooed man figured that if he'd gone over fifty years with just his hand for company then he'd be pretty horny too.

The Lieutenant is pulled from his thoughts when he feels his uniform top falling to the floor. Renji breaks the kiss by placing his hands on the noble's chest and pushing him back a little, "W-wait…we're in the main room. What if someone walks in?"

"No one is going to walk in, Renji." Byakuya rubs his hands all over the redhead's tattooed chest and circles his nipples every so often with his rough fingertip, "You, Rukia, and myself are the only three people allowed to enter without permission aside from the servants. Rukia has gone to the Living World and you are here with me."

The nobleman's hand travels down from Renji's chest, passed his abs, and ever so lightly caresses his Lieutenant's clothed, semi-hard cock. Renji groans at the subtle touch, but still isn't satisfied with Byakuya's answer, "W-what about the servants?"

A sexy smirk appears on the Captain's beautiful face at Renji's concern, "The servants know of our 'activities'." He squeezes the redhead's ever hardening crotch before continuing, "They will not walk into the same room that we are occupying unless I call for them."

A shuddering gasp escapes Renji's parted lips as the black haired Soul Reaper continues massaging his ever growing erection, "Are ya…(moan) are you sure?"

The sixth Captain nods seductively as he leans in to bring his mouth close to Renji's ear, "You make me want to do things that I have never wanted to do before." The Lieutenant closes his brown eyes as Byakuya licks the shell of his ear before continuing to speak, "I want you to…now, how would you put it? Ah, yes…I want you to fuck me right here on the floor."

The redhead's body shivers from the noble's words, "Oh, gods…it makes me so hard when ya curse, Byakuya."

"That was the effect I was hoping for." The Captain is silenced as the Lieutenant smashes his lips to the soft lips that just demanded to be fucked on the floor.

It doesn't take long for both men to undress each other and very soon after their getting naked, Byakuya finds himself lying on the floor of the main room with Renji on top of him and touching him everywhere with those talented hands of his. The Kuchiki heir didn't think he would ever get enough of Renji's touches and kisses. He didn't even know he could crave something this much, but he felt like he would die if he were to be told that his Lieutenant could never again ravage his body and please him so thoroughly.

The two lovers soon realize that with them being in the main room there was no oil to help them, but the Captain takes Renji's fingers into his mouth to wet them enough for the redhead to prepare him and soon discovers that his saliva worked just as well on a larger appendage belonging to the tattooed man.

Renji finally slides the head of his leaking cock into the warm opening of his Captain, but takes a slower approach with entering the rest of his length due to their on-the-spot lube. He didn't want to hurt his raven haired lover after all, but eventually the men find themselves completely intertwined with each other. Renji only hesitates for a moment before moving his hips back and thrusting back into the tight heat of his lover making the said lover wrap his long, slender legs around the redhead's waist.

"Harder, R-Renji! You…you have never (moan) broken…me b-before and…(sigh) you will not…tonight." Byakuya tightens his hold around Renji's waist with his legs and scratches his nails desperately down the Lieutenant's tattooed back as he lifts his hips in an attempt to have the redhead deeper inside him.

Renji complies to his Captain's request with pleasure as he snaps his hips forward with more force. He loved how delicate and beautiful his lover appeared, but also how deceiving those looks could be. He knew Byakuya loved being plowed hard and fast and the redhead loved giving him just that by driving his thick, hard cock into that scorching hole over and over again, "Oh, Bya-Byakuya…this (groan) n-never gets…old! Ah! Ya feel so…(gasp) wonderful!"

"Keep going…I-I am so…(sigh) so close, R-Renji!" The nobleman releases his hold on Renji's back with one hand and brings it down to his own cock where he begins pumping his own dripping erection.

"Ya look so…fucking sexy…(gasp) w-when ya touch yourself (moan) like that!" The Lieutenant's hips begin to move faster and at a more erratic pace as his orgasm draws near, "Oh, fuck…I'm gonna…cum!"

Byakuya lets out a loud groan as his climax spills out and coats his own hand and both their chests with warm, sticky liquid. It only takes the redhead a few more thrusts into the contracting, heated walls of his lover before he fills the noble with his own release, "I-I love you, Renji."

The crimson haired shinigami smiles at Byakuya's words, "I love you too, Byakuya."

The lovers only lie on the floor of the main room long enough to catch their breath before retreating to the shower to clean themselves up and the two men eventually find themselves lying together on the nobleman's futon. Byakuya is the first to speak once they've settled in for the night, "What are you thinking about, Renji?"

The Lieutenant lets out a sigh as his face turns slightly red, "Cinderella."

"Who?" The nobleman looks truly confused by Renji's answer as his brow scrunches together.

Renji chuckles softly at his Captain's confusion, "She's a girl from a fairy tale book I read at Ichigo's house the last time I was there."

"And, why are you thinking of that right now?" The dark haired man rolls onto his side and props his head on his hand to be able to look at his lover better.

The tattooed man's skin turns a darker shade of red at Byakuya's question, but Renji answers all the same, "Well, I…kinda relate to her situation…a little."

"I see." Byakuya wets his lips with his tongue as he tries to recall if he's familiar with this Cinderella fairy tale, but he can't remember it ever being told to him or reading it,

"Perhaps, you could tell me the story of Cinderella. That way I will know why you are relating to her situation."

The redhead gives Byakuya an astonished look, "Ya really wanna hear a fairy tale?"

Byakuya nods his head and gives Renji a smile of encouragement, "Yes, I do."

"Um, okay." The Lieutenant takes in a deep breath as he tries to remember the beginning of the story and lets out the air in his lungs when he recalls the start of the tale, "When it starts out both of Cinderella's parents are dead and she lives with her step-mom and her two step-sisters, but they don't treat her right and basically work her like a slave. They make her clean the house, wash their clothes, and cook for them and stuff." Renji pauses for a moment to make sure the Kuchiki heir is still paying attention. When he sees that the nobleman is staring in rapt attention he continues, "So, anyway there's this prince that rules the kingdom and he's gonna have this ball where he's invited all the maiden's of age to the palace. While all the ladies are at the ball he's gonna choose one to marry." The Lieutenant licks his lips quickly and begins the tale once more, "Cinderella wanted to go to the ball more than anything, but she didn't have any fancy clothes and her hair was a mess and she was grubby and dusty…not to mention the fact that her step-mom wouldn't let her go, but after her step-family leaves to go to the prince's castle a fairy godmother comes along and…"

"What is this fairy godmother?"

The redhead thinks for a moment making sure he tells his lover something that makes sense, "It's just this old lady with magic that can make good stuff happen."

"I see." The Captain nods, "Continue, Renji."

"The fairy godmother really dolls Cinderella up…the hair, the dress, the shoes, the works, and she looks great. She even gives Cinderella a carriage to ride to the ball in, but…"

Renji is stopped again as the Captain speaks, "There is a catch, correct?"

The Lieutenant nods, "Yep, and the catch is that all this cool stuff will disappear at midnight. Cinderella agrees to be back home before that happens and she heads out for the ball. When she walks in she spots the prince and he's the most handsome, gorgeous looking guy she's ever seen…kinda like you." Byakuya's cheeks dust pink at Renji's words, but the redhead continues, "But, Cinderella sees how many beautiful women are at the ball and she doesn't think the prince will even notice her, but unknown to Cinderella the prince has already seen her and he thinks she's the prettiest and most elegant woman there. He eventually asks her to dance and they dance all evening without the prince even glancing at another woman." He notices Byakuya's grey eyes barely blinking as he gives Renji his undivided attention, "Cinderella is so caught up in the moment that she doesn't realize how late it is until she hears the clock start to chime. She quickly tells the prince good bye and rushes off leaving only her glass slipper behind."

"Glass seems like an awful choice of material for footwear."

Renji almost laughs at his lover's serious tone, "It's just a fairy tale, Byakuya. Don't take it so seriously." He gives the Captain a smile before continuing, "Anyway, the prince finds the slipper and vows to find the woman whose foot will fit perfectly in it and that's the woman he'll marry. The prince visits every house in his kingdom trying to find Cinderella and finally after searching and getting through her step-family, Cinderella gets to try the slipper on and it fits perfectly just like it should. He asks her to marry him, but she says that he shouldn't want to marry her because she's wearing her grubby, tattered clothes and she's not the beautiful woman he danced with, but he disagrees. The prince tells her she's just as beautiful if not more so than the night of the ball because she's beautiful on the inside as well as the outside and he asks her to marry him again. This time she agrees and they get married and she moves into the castle and they live happily ever after."

Byakuya gives Renji a thoughtful look, "If I am to understand that I am this handsome prince and you are Cinderella, then may I ask a question?"

"Sure, I don't see why not."

"Why is it that you are so reluctant to move into my castle where we may live happily ever after?"

Byakuya watches the redhead's facial expression change to one of dread as all the color drains from his face. Renji finally lets out a nervous sigh, "It's not that I don't want to…I really do…"

"But?" The noble has a disappointed expression on his face at his Lieutenant's hesitance.

Renji swallows the lump of anxiety in his throat at the look on his lover's face, "But, this is a big decision and sure there are a lot of great things to look forward to if I move in…"

"Like?" The black haired Captain's expression changes to a more hopeful one, "I want to hear what you will look forward to, Renji."

"Just being with ya all the time." He reaches out and strokes the sixth Captain's cheek with his hand and smiles at how soft the pale skin of his lover's face is, "I wanna go to sleep next to ya and wake up in the same position and gettin' to eat all my meals with ya and drinking tea with ya and leaving to and from work together." Renji tries to pull his hand away from Byakuya's cheek, but the Kuchiki heir grabs it in his hand and holds it there, "All of those things sound amazing, but everything just ain't that simple."

The nobleman takes the large, calloused hand away from his cheek and kisses it with his warm lips, "Tell me why things cannot be that simple. I want you to help me understand."

"Byakuya, I don't…" Before the redhead gets the chance to dodge the question, Byakuya pulls Renji on top of his naked body and wraps his arms around the tattooed body of his equally naked Lieutenant.

"Please tell me, Renji." The Captain smells the fresh scent of shampoo on his lover's ruby colored hair as Renji's head rests on his chest, "I want you to trust me and feel comfortable telling me of the worries that rest on your mind." Byakuya can feel how hard the redhead's heart is pounding against his own chest and the noble wonders if Renji can feel his rapidly beating heart as well, "When we are at work we must treat each other as colleagues and I am your superior, but here…when we are like this, you are my lover, my friend, and you are my…equal." He feels Renji's breath catch at his words, but the Captain continues, "Please tell me, Renji. Please tell me what to do to make your decision easier…tell me why you are hesitant."

The Lieutenant finally nods his consent against the smooth, warm chest of his Captain, "Well, I'm loud and messy for starters and I have even louder and messier friends who will find out that we're together if I move in and they'll wanna come visit, but you're quiet and ya keep everything neat. I just figure ya won't approve of all that stuff."

He lets out a long sigh before he speaks again, "And, what if I do something shameful that embarrasses ya…I ain't no noble or nothing special. Hell, I ain't even hardly got any home training and I want ya to be proud to tell everyone I'm your lover."

He lifts his head up and props himself up by placing his forearms on Byakuya's chest, "And, what about your clan? I just know the elders won't approve. For one thing, I'm just a dirty, orphan from Inuzuri and if that doesn't bother them enough then they can add on the fact that I'm a guy and I can't give ya any kids. I know having an heir is important and I can't give it to ya."

The Lieutenant finally sits up all the way and straddles the raven haired Soul Reaper's waist and Byakuya can see the worry and the need to please in those brown eyes, "But, my biggest worry is that you'll discover ya don't really love me as much as ya thought. That ya might decide that ya deserve someone brought up better and someone smarter or more important than just a stray dog from Rukongai." The redhead lets out another heavy sigh and Byakuya runs his hands along the tops of Renji's thighs to try and comfort him, "I'd just rather not move in at all than have to move out because ya don't love me anymore."

The older man looks up at the uneasy expression on his crimson haired lover's face, "You have certainly had a lot on your mind, but had you consulted me with your worries sooner you would have known you had nothing to worry about."

Renji doesn't look relieved with Byakuya's words making the Captain frown, "This manor is big enough that no matter how noisy you and your friends become I will be able to find somewhere quiet to retreat to and no matter how messy all of you are the servants will clean it up. That is what I pay them for after all."

A small smile lifts the corners of the redhead's mouth at his lover's reassurance, "And, you needn't worry about me not being proud of you. You are a wonderful Lieutenant and you will make a magnificent Captain one day. You managed to keep Rukia safe when the two of you were just children and even defied me to save her, but you never held a grudge against me for all but condemning her to death. I do not think that you could ever shame me after all of the courageous things you have done."

The nobleman finally gets Renji to resume his position of lying down with his head resting on Byakuya's chest before he addresses the rest of his lover's concerns, "The clan most definitely will not approve, but they rarely approve of anything and as far as heirs go, in the event that I do not produce any, Rukia's children may serve in the absence of my own children. Much to the clan's dismay, Rukia is legally my sister and a Kuchiki. However, in the future if you and I wanted children we could always adopt. I have adopted Rukia into the family and I do not see why I could not adopt again if I wished to do so." Renji can feel Byakuya's chest rumble with a low chuckle at his next words, "You and the clan seem to forget that I am the head of the clan and I can make my own decisions."

The Kuchiki heir can hear Renji's shallow, nervous breathing and feel how fast his Lieutenant's pulse is pounding as his biggest worry is the next on the list to be discussed, "As for your concern of my falling out of love with you goes…that is the worry you should be least concerned with. I do not throw the words 'I love you' around lightly and I would have never asked you to move in with me without thinking it through. We all have flaws, Renji…even I have flaws. I would hope that you would not think me so petty as to stop loving you because I detect one of your flaws that I have yet to discover." The sixth Captain lets out a sigh and hugs Renji tightly to his body as he continues, "Your upbringing in Inuzuri does not matter to me. My own wife and sister were brought up in the same location and I have never stopped loving them. What makes you think that I could stop loving you so easily?"

Byakuya shifts their position once more so that they are lying side by side on the futon facing each other. He wanted to be able to see Renji's face when the redhead either agreed or declined to move into the manor. The Lieutenant opens his mouth to speak, but only gets a couple of words out, "Byakuya, I'm…"

The nobleman places a slim finger over Renji's lips stopping his next words, "I have searched the Soul Society trying to find the person whose foot fits in the glass slipper. Your foot fits as if it were made for that shoe." He removes his finger from the younger man's lips, "And, you know how the saying goes, if the shoe fits…wear it."

Renji is quiet for a long time trying to digest everything Byakuya had just told him and he can tell that his silence is making the usually unflappable Captain very nervous. Finally, the redhead lets out a loud sigh and begins to speak, "Can my loud, messy friends help me move my stuff in?"

A relieved sound leaves the Kuchiki heir's throat as a smile forms on his once worried face, "Of course."

The Lieutenant returns the smile just as Byakuya sits up and brings Renji with him to capture the redhead's lips in a grateful kiss. Renji closes his eyes and gladly kisses the black haired man back. When the kiss ends, the two men embrace each other and Byakuya can feel Renji's warm breath on his ear as the redhead speaks, "Back when I was a little kid and nothing was going right and I didn't even know if I'd make it to being a grown man…I never dreamed that my life would turn out this way and I never ever thought I could be so happy." The sixth Captain feels the happy tears of his lover land on his bare shoulder and he holds his Lieutenant closer to him.

"It is you who has made me happy, Renji." Byakuya ends the embrace and the two shinigami kiss again before snuggling back down on the futon. Renji wraps his tattooed arms around his Captain's smaller frame as he waits for sleep to take over, but just as he begins to close his eyes, he hears the noble's voice, "Renji?"

The redhead opens his brown eyes making sure Byakuya isn't uncomfortable, "Hm?"

"Were there any other tales in that book at Kurosaki's residence?"

"Yeah, a few." Renji pauses for a moment trying to figure out where the Captain is going with this, "Why do ya ask?"

Byakuya is quiet for a short time, but eventually answers his lover, "Do you think that perhaps you could tell me another one?"

"Sure." The redhead laughs softly at his Captain requesting a fairy tale like a little boy, "Once upon a time…"

The next morning, Byakuya grants Renji the day off to move what few things he owned into the manor. The noble even sent Hell Butterflies to the Captain's of the redhead's friends requesting their help in his lover's move. Surprisingly, Captain Zaraki had no objections in letting his third and fifth seats help and the Head Captain allowed Shuhei and Izuru to help as well. In fact, the only Captain that declined was Sajin Komamura claiming that Tetsuzaemon was too busy helping train new recruits.

A few hours into the morning, Shuhei, Izuru, Ikkaku, Yumichika, and for some odd reason Rangiku show up at Renji's place. The redhead greets them all with a smile, "Hey, guys. Thanks for helping me move and Rangiku…why are you here?"

"Well, everyone else was getting out of squad duty and I wanted to find out why." She pouts and crosses her arms over her large chest as they all glare at her, "Plus, I wanted to see who Renji's moving in with."

The other four nod at the tenth Lieutenant's statement and Ikkaku is the first to actually ask what they all want to know, "She's right…who the hell are ya moving in with?"

The ninth Lieutenant joins in on the conversation as well, "Yeah, how far do we have to carry your stuff?"

"It's not far." Renji lets out a nervous sigh knowing that in the very near future his friends would know about his relationship with Byakuya, "Right now just come help me pack."

He hears groans coming from his companions, but they all follow him inside where Yumichika wrinkles his nose at the messy futon and dirty clothes strewn everywhere, "This place is a mess." He glances over to his bald roommate with a superior look on his face, "Do you see what our room would look like if I didn't clean up after you all the time, Ikkaku?"

The third seat growls as he grabs a box and begins placing books inside it, "Do not start this here, Yumi!"

The raven haired fifth seat rolls his eyes and walks to stand next to Izuru as they too begin placing various items in boxes. Rangiku, on the other hand, is just standing around 'supervising' and asking nosey questions, "So, why can't we know who you're shacking up with?"

Renji shakes his head at her inquiry, "Just wait until we get there, okay?"

The busty Lieutenant just shrugs and continues doing nothing as the blond third Lieutenant finally speaks for the first time that morning, "You must be really special to this person if they asked you to move in with them." He looks in Shuhei's direction and frowns, "Someone still hasn't asked me to move in."

The sound of Shuhei dropping something makes them all look in his direction and the redhead quickly tries to diffuse the situation, "Yeah, it was actually me that was scared about moving in."

The friends continue their idol chatter as they finish packing all of Renji's things and the six of them eventually begin their journey to Renji's new home. After several minutes of walking, the ninth Lieutenant begins to complain, "How much further? These boxes are fucking heavy!"

"Not much longer. We're almost there." The red haired Lieutenant can feel his heart beat quicken the closer they get to the manor. He has no idea how his friends will act when they find out. Finally, the gang turns a corner and Renji stops them, "Okay, here we are…my new home."

The other five stare at Kuchiki manor, then back at Renji in silence and then they look at each other wondering if their crimson haired friend had lost it. The silence is broken however, as Rangiku begins laughing hysterically, "Oh! Good one, Renji! You really had us going for a minute there!"

She continues laughing, but the other movers don't seem to find the situation as funny as she does. Ikkaku shoots Renji an angry look, "Is this a fuckin' joke? Cause this shit is too goddamn heavy to be taking detours for a fuckin' joke!"

Yumichika tries to calm his bald lover down with a soothing tone, "Don't get so worked up, Ikkaku. I'm sure Renji has an explanation…you do have an explanation, right?"

Renji gulps loudly as he feels all their eyes on him, "There's nothing to explain…this is where I'm moving to."

Rangiku's laughter ends abruptly and no one makes a sound until Shuhei speaks with a sudden realization, "Oh, gods! You weren't really training!" He lets the box he's holding fall to the ground in his shock and Renji secretly hoped there was nothing breakable in there, "You and Captain Kuchiki have been fucking all this time!"

Before Renji can explain or say anything, Ikkaku and Yumichika's eyes widen, Rangiku begins hyperventilating, and Izuru lets out a loud, "WHAT? You and Captain Kuchiki…really?"

"Guys, calm down!" Everyone stops talking and the only sound that can be heard is Rangiku trying to catch her breath, "Yes, me and Byakuya are a couple and yes, we have sex and yes, he did ask me to move in. Now, are there any other questions…calmly and one at a time?"

They're all quiet for a moment and even Rangiku begins to breathe normally again before Ikkaku opens his mouth, "Which one of you bottoms?"

"Ikkaku!" The fifth seat also drops the box he's holding to stare wide eyed at his partner, "That is a very rude and personal question! I don't know how I put up with you sometimes!"

"You're too sensitive, Yumi! He asked if we had any other questions so I asked!" He then drops his box too making Renji wince considering that only Izuru and himself were still holding their boxes.

Yumichika crosses his arms over his chest and frowns, "Well, at least…"

"Stop!" The two men turn their attention to the redhead yelling at them to stop, "It's fine…um, usually he likes to bottom, but every once in a while…um, I do."

The men can hear Rangiku start hyperventilating again and a surprised look appears on Ikkaku's face, "Is that allowed? You know, to switch like that?"

Yumichika rolls his violet eyes at his lover's stupidity, "I told you that we could switch, but you wouldn't have it."

"I thought you liked being on the bottom?" The other movers just stand outside Kuchiki manor quietly watching the lover's quarrel.

"I do, but that doesn't mean that I wouldn't like to be on top once in a while!"

The third seat lets out a frustrated sigh at his best friend's confession, "You never said you wanted to."

"I said that last week, Ikkaku!"

"But, you said it like you were joking!"

Finally, the hyperventilating female regains her breath and breaks into their argument, "Boys! Leave the pillow talk for the pillows."

The two Eleventh Squad members shoot her a death glare, "Shut-up, Rangiku!"

"I like being on bottom." Everyone suddenly looks at the blond man who had just spoken.

"Izuru!" The third Lieutenant drops his box at the sound of Shuhei yelling his name.

Izuru stares down at the box he just dropped and mumbles under his breath, "Well, I do."

The redhead lets out a loud, annoyed sigh, "I don't know why I even asked you guys to help me move in. All you've done is argue the whole time. I just wanted to let my friends know about my relationship and for you guys to be happy for me, but you have all made it about yourselves." He squeezes the bridge of his nose between his thumb and index finger before continuing, "Ikkaku, just let Yumichika top one day. I promise it won't kill you. Shuhei, stop getting so embarrassed about your and Izuru's relationship. We all know about it. Rangiku, stop getting overly excited about your gay guy friends fucking and go do some work."

The four other guys sigh and look ashamed of themselves as they pick up the boxes they dropped, but Rangiku places her hands on her hips and looks straight at Renji, "You just wait until the SWA finds out about this!" The blonde woman stomps off leaving the guys to carry in Renji's belongings. For the most part, Renji figured his friends weren't too shocked by the news and they were actually happy for him.

Byakuya, on the other hand, is sitting in his office at the Sixth Division trying to get some work done, but he keeps having unwanted visitors.

The first two are Captain Soi Fon and Captain Unohana informing him that Lieutenant Matsumoto has told them every thing about he and Renji's relationship. The two female Captains giggle and ask him if this news is true. He doesn't feel any need to lie and nods to answer their question. Then the women ask if they may take a picture of him and Renji together to which the sixth Captain declines making their giggling subside. The two female Captains finally leave, but not before the fourth Captain places a paper bag on his desk and informs him to practice safe sex before leaving the office close behind the second Captain.

Just as the nobleman deposits the bag in his desk drawer his office door opens revealing Captain Zaraki. He strolls over to the desk and places his hands on its surface, "Hey, rich bitch…is it true that my boys are helping your Lieutenant lover move into that big mansion of yours?"

Byakuya grits his teeth to stop himself from saying something inappropriate to his fellow Captain. He didn't want to bring himself down to the large man's level after all and answers calmly, "Lieutenant Abarai is in fact my lover and the request I sent for your third and fifth seat officers was indeed sent to ask for their help in his moving to my manor."

"How long have you been…you know, playing for that team? Didn't you used to be married to a chic?"

The sixth Captain lets out an aggravated sigh and nods, "Yes, I was married to a woman and Lieutenant Abarai is my first male lover. Is that a problem, Captain Zaraki?"

"No, not at all." He straightens his posture and removes his hands from the desk, "My boys are playing on the same team as you and that Lieutenant of yours and I couldn't ask for better officers, I just heard the rumor and I had to come find out for myself."

Byakuya's calm expression never changes as he once again addresses the other Captain, "If that will be all, Captain. I am very busy and I would like to finish my work in a timely manner. I do not want to get home too late and not have my lover fuck me into the futon before turning in for the night."

The eleventh Captain's uncovered eye widens at the usually polite noble's naughty talking, "Well, good luck with that." Zaraki leaves the office and Byakuya can hear the man's young Lieutenant wanting to know if he'd gotten any candy.

The sixth Captain lets out a defeated sigh. He knew he shouldn't have let the brutish Captain get to him, but he just couldn't help himself. His scarlet haired lover was starting to rub off on him.

The dark haired Captain is interrupted a few more times by the twelfth Captain asking as usual if he and Renji would come to his lab and be his new test subjects. Byakuya quickly dismisses the insane Captain and is lastly bothered by Captain Shunsui Kyoraku.

The bearded man heard the news from Captain Ukitake. Byakuya had previously mentioned his and Renji's relationship to the white haired man. He should have known the thirteenth Captain would tell his own lover about it and here he was. The pink clad man is sitting on the edge of Byakuya's desk telling him sex stories that he really wished he didn't have to hear and giving him sex advice as if the noble were a virgin. Just when the Kuchiki heir can't take anymore of the eighth Captain's stupid chatter and is about to say something rude to one of the oldest Captains, his Lieutenant/lover walks into the office.

"Oh, good evening, Captain Kyoraku." The redhead bows politely to the eighth Captain.

Shunsui finally realizes Renji's presence and stands up from the desk, "Look at the time…why didn't you kick me out, Byakuya?"

The nobleman flashes the eighth Captain a fake pleasant expression, "Your talks are always so enlightening, Captain Kyoraku."

The bearded Captain lets out a loud laugh and slaps Renji on the back playfully making Renji take a few steps forward, "I'll leave you boys to it." He gives the tattooed Lieutenant a wink, "Don't wear him out too bad, son."

Shunsui finally leaves the office, but not before seeing the splash of pink go across Renji's cheeks at his words. Byakuya lets out a relieved sigh and finally speaks to his lover, "Why are you here, Renji? I thought you would meet me at the manor."

"I wanted to walk ya home. My friends didn't make moving in a simple task. I couldn't wait to see ya." He gives his Captain a cute, but slightly flustered smile.

The Captain stands up and walks to stand next to Renji, "I am glad to see you. I have been bothered by nosey Captains all day." He grabs the redhead's warm hand in his and they make their way out of the Sixth Division and toward the Kuchiki manor together.

The two men make it home and change into more comfortable clothes before sitting outside beside Byakuya's beloved Koi pond drinking tea together. The raven haired shinigami rests his head on the younger man's shoulder and lets out a soft, content sigh, "I am glad that you decided to move in and I hope that we can spend all of our evenings together like this."

"Me too and I also hope we can spend the night even closer together if you catch my meaning."

"I believe that I do and I so desperately need it after the day I have had."

Renji smiles as he places his tea down beside him and wraps his arm around Byakuya's shoulder, "I'll help ya unwind in a few minutes, but right now I have a surprise for ya."

The Kuchiki heir raises his head to look at his lover's face, "What kind of surprise?"

The Lieutenant reaches into the folds of his robe with the hand that isn't around the Captain and pulls out a small, fat book, "I had Rukia send me this to give to ya."

Byakuya takes the book from Renji and smiles when he reads the title, Fairy Tales for Children. The nobleman flips through the pages then hands the book back to Renji, "Read me a story."

"Which one do ya wanna hear?" He opens the book to the table of contents.

The sixth Captain once again rests his head on the shoulder of his lover, "Surprise me. I want to hear them all eventually and you will be here every night to read me a different one until we finish it…together."

"Hm, okay." The crimson haired man flips a few pages before deciding on a story, "How about Beauty and the Beast?"

"I suppose…what does this beast look like?"

Renji chuckles a bit before answering, "He kinda looks like Captain Komamura."

Byakuya snuggles closer to the redhead and nods, "I think I would like that story."

Renji begins reading and before he knows it he is finished reading the story of the beast. He also notices that his lover is sleeping peacefully against his shoulder. The Lieutenant smiles knowing that he's the only person that ever gets to see the proud Byakuya Kuchiki this vulnerable and cute.

He closes the book and places it back in his robes as he gently stands up and brings the Captain into his arms. Renji carries his lover to their bedroom and lays him softly down onto the futon. The redhead joins the sleeping noble on the futon and wraps his arms around him. Renji is a little disappointed that he won't get to make love to the pale Captain tonight, but that will just make it feel that much better in the morning.

The End.

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