The Sorting of Leverage

Nate Ford would have been a Slytherin. Ruthless, Cunning, Ambitious, and Manipulative, but somewhere along the line he got pointed in another direction. Maybe it was his father, the way the old man fell apart after his mother's death. Maybe it was the old priest who taught him that there was such thing as a good man, and his best friend Paul who only served to reinforce that belief. Maybe it was Maggie, the intelligence and beauty that stole his heart, or even the thieves he chased, the men and women who could've, should've, probably would've been honest if circumstances were different. Whatever it was, Nate Ford is an honorable Slytherin, a type of Robin Hood, but he still would have been a Slytherin.

Sophie Devereaux also would have been Slytherin. She isn't as Ruthless, still naïve in that she believes in happily ever after and true love, but she is makes up for being more selfish than Nate could ever be. Everything she does, even as a member of the team, she does to benefit herself even if she doesn't realize it. She builds this family for her, to sooth her ambitions, conscience, and pride. She is the only one who was ever truly able to leave it, when she thought it would be best for her to go, only to come back when she realized what she was looking for had been there all the time. Sophie Devereaux would have been a perfect Slytherin if she hadn't been naïve and selfish enough to want a real family.

Eliot Spencer would have come from Hufflepuff. He is Ruthless and Violent, more beast than man at times, but also loyal, hardworking, kind, and even trusting. He isn't the first to accept the team as family, but if it ever breaks up he will be the last to leave it if he ever does. He is the one the others turn to when they need comfort, when they need someone to hold them and say that everything will be alright. He never lies to them, never tells them meaningless words full of pity, but instead tells just the right truth to make everything okay again. He is the one who always trusts Nate to have a plan, Sophie to have an act, Hardison to be able to hack, and Parker to be the best thief. Eliot Spencer may be an unconventional Hufflepuff, but a Hufflepuff he was all the same.

Alec Hardison would have come from Ravenclaw. It isn't just that he is a genius, a man able to do the impossible with wifi and a smartphone, but also his love and need for knowledge. That drive to learn more, to understand everything is what first drives him to hacking as a teenager, and later what drives him to join Leverage. He wants to know not just computers, but the skills of the others as well. Even his reaction to Eliot is typical, dismissing the fighting as unneeded because it requires muscles as well as brains. Everything he does must be complicated, a jumble of symbols and graphs and numbers all confusing to anyone except him. Alex Hardison is the perfect Ravenclaw, the one who never stops looking for what he doesn't know.

Parker, strange as it seems, would have been a Gryffindor if few can see it. Noble in the way that once she decides something is right, nothing will stop her from doing it, and Recklessly brave as she charges headfirst often without thinking it all the way through. She is the first to acknowledge the team as a family, and even as she is still shy and skittish, she pushes on anyways forcing the others to take shape around her. It is these traits that lead to her stabbing guys with forks and breaking hands and jumping off buildings without knowing anyone will be there to catch her, but it also leads her to make friends despite her social inadequacies and save those that would have been left otherwise. Parker may be a broken Gryffindor, but a lion she is all the same.