"You're no match for me you little brats!" Klarion, the witch boy yelled at the top of his lungs as some energy beams bounced harmlessly off of the force-field he had brought up about his magic circle. The heroes had him surrounded, but he wasn't concerned, he was a Lord of Chaos- nothing scared him! The location was of his own choice; a grim looking stretch of abandoned land with a few sad tumble-down houses and a rusted through children's playset, which Teekl was enjoying it's only remaining swing. The time was also his choice; the dead of night of course, the best time for sorcery and for taking out pesky young heroes.

"Speak for yourself," grumbled Raven cringing from the recoil as more energy beams bounced off of the force-field.

"Yes! For yourself only do you speak!" Starfire declared, floating above the rest of the Titans, eyes glowing with power.

"Suit yourself!" Klarion retorted back, sending out yet another wave of red sorcerer's fire, which sent the Titans even further back from the glowing red magic circle.

"Man!" Beastboy declared, shape-shifting back to human form from eagle form, "We don't even know what his game is! And I'm tired of getting my feathers burnt!"

"Beastboys right, we've been at this all night! We need a new plan!" Cyborg called out over the general battle noise.

"Right! Titans- regroup!" Robin, the team leader ordered, signaling for them to duck behind the remains of a puke-green gremlin; a horrific old car from the early 70's. Once they had all ducked behind the horror of a vehicle, Robin took charge.

"Right so we know shooting at him won't work- we've tried Cyborg's sonic cannon and Starfire's starbolts,"

"Not to mention just throwing stuff at him," Raven added darkly, an image coming to mind of about a dozen rusted out mailboxes being chucked at the mad Lord of Chaos.

"Or running at him!" Beastboy added, who recalled a rather disastrous attempt at turning into a rhinoceros.

"What's that leave us with?" Robin asked his team, glancing over his shoulder at Klarion who was still shouting insanely at…well, something. Lord knows what. Maybe his ugly pet cat. "Raven, any ideas? Your kind of the expert on magic" He asked more pointedly.

"A few, but magic works differently for almost everyone and everything. There's over a thousand different ways his magic could work" She said, peering up over the Gremlin as well.

"Well is there any basic, sure-fire way? Cause he's getting weird and weirder- just listen to him!" Beastboy said, referring to the continuously mad shouting of Klarion. Klarion was still acting as though someone else was actually there, even to the point of firing a few spells at well, nothing.

"Well, maybe one" Raven said, pulling down her hood, "But it's dangerous,"

"Tell us! Anything to get this circus-act over!" Cyborg insisted.

"Really? Is that all you've got! What measly weaklings you all are!" Klarion shouted, arms waving wildly as he fired various balls of flame from the ends of them at the two girls flying above him.

"What freak show did this kid come from?" The one surrounded by a ball of purple energy, Rocket, shouted at the other.

"Another dimension? I'm honestly not sure," The other, Miss Martian, replied while narrowly avoiding getting hit by a ball of flame.

"Does it matter where he came from? He's still super annoying!" Superboy called up at them, having just been sent skidding back after a failed attempt at shattering the force field.

"Yea, and he must have more hair gel on his head than is legal- totally a disaster," Robin, the boy wonder laughed, hastily typing into the computer on his glove, running energy computations on the Witch-boy's force field, which pulsed again with random recoil energy, knocking Aqualad and Zatanna off their feet.

"And I'm guessing you'd call your hair 'aster'?" Kid Flash retorted, ducking as arrows bounced off of the force field; only to crash uselessly into the thing himself. "Ough…"

"We must regroup- his power is too great, we need to re-strategize" Aqualad told his team, signaling for them to hurry and duck behind an incredibly hideous puke-green Gremlin, left over from the 70's.

"Just a few more shots!" Red Arrow protested, firing another arrow before being pulled down by Artemis- the arrow sent flying back exactly where his head had been moments before.

Behind the ugly car, they could see Klarion, still fighting… something.

"So, how do we handle him this time Aqualad? The guys actually got brains enough to put a force field around his dumb cat for once," Kid Flash asked, raising a brow at Klarion's truly chaotic behavior.

"Atlantean magic is very different from his- I do not know how to defeat him," Aqualad admitted. "Zatanna- your magic is closest to his, any suggestions?"

"Well, I'm no expert but-" She looked about nervously, "But my Dad did teach me one trick-"

"Great! Anything to get back to the aster!" Robin cut in with a wave of naiveté, "How's it done?"

"It's kind of hard, and I've never really tried it- so pay attention"

The Titan's surrounded the magic circle at compass points- Starfire at North, Beastboy at East, Cyborg at South and Raven at West. Robin, Titan leader, waited off to the side for his 'cue'.

"Haha! What are you trying to do some magic? How cute!" Klarion laughed loudly, stroking Teekl now.

"Dudes- let's finish this quickly- his voice is getting way on my nerves!" Beastboy complained.

"Right- Raven, start the sequence!" Robin ordered, bracing himself, he would only have a few seconds…

Raven nodded, raising her hands and beginning to chant, "Azarath Metrion Zinthos, Azarath Metrion Zinthos, Azarath Metrion Zinthos…." On the fourth 'Azarath Metrion Zinthos' the Titans attacked. Cyborg fired up his sonic cannon, Starfire blasted the field with her laser vision, and Beastboy charged the thing with everything he had as a T-rex.

At the same time, The Team surrounded the magic circle at compass points- Miss Martian at North, Kid Flash at West, Superboy at South and Zatanna at East. Robin, Boy Wonder, waited off to the side for his 'cue'.

"Haha! What are you trying to do some magic? How cute!" Klarion laughed loudly, stroking Teekl now.

"This guy is getting more annoying by the minute!" Superboy complained, "Can I smash his face in now?"

"Soon- promise, Zatanna- begin the spell! As your father taught you!" Aqualad ordered, Robin braced himself, he would only have a few seconds…

"Right," Zatanna composed herself and began, "Nekaew Ecrof Dlief, Nekaew Ecrof Dlief, Nekaew Ecrof Dlief…" On the fourth 'Nekaew Ecrof Dlief' the Team attacked. Superboy rammed the wall with his fists, Kid Flash charged the thing head-first and Miss Martian blasted the field with telekinetic waves.

The field flickered, and Klarion's expression was one that was most confusing- it was one of glee and terror, which would be odd on most people, but he was chaos personified after all.

"Robin now!"

Robin charged, leaping up and over the magical wavelengths that were emanating from the failing forcefield. Airborne, he tossed into the field as it flickered one of his trusty bombs- which upon detonation completely and utterly collapsed the field, sending the heroes flying backwards.

"Grrgg! No! No! No! My spell! My force field! You stupid adolescent butt-faces went and ruined everything! Come on Teekl- we're out of here!" And just like that Klarion teleported away as if he had never been there in the first place. The magic was still strong in the area though, Raven could feel it, and, as she pulled herself back onto her feet, she could almost swear that for a split second, she saw… another team of heroes, and one of them looked back at her with magicians eyes.

"Well that was crazy" She muttered as the others got up around her.

"I know! Tell me about it- and we never even found out what that crazy kids plan was in the first place!" Cyborg complained.

"Yea, I know, and how come he was dressed like some sort of demonic catholic school boy?" Beastboy wondered aloud.

"Friends! Let us just be thankful that it is all over with- perhaps now we can go home and have a 'games night'?" Starfire asked hopefully.

"Yea, let's do that," Robin said, scowling skeptically at the place where Klarion and Teekl had been moments before.

Zatanna blinked at where the other team had been just seconds before. What was…that? Her father had never mentioned anything like that happening when he explained how to use the spell… If only he could tell her… Shaking her head, she moved to help up her teammates, knocked over by the magical blast.

"Well, that was fun- but now I'm pretty wiped. I'm heading home- you guys too?" Kid Flash asked, stretching as if that would somehow emphasize how tired he was.

"Home? Seriously?" Red Arrow scowled, "What are you ten? It's only eleven o'clock"

"Eleven o'clock and Wally has a major math test tomorrow" Robin snickered, "And with roughly a half-hour trip back to Mt. Justice, and then from the Zeta Tube to Star City and then to home, well, that sees him home at at least 11:40"

"I'm guessing ti's the same story for all of you isn't it" Red Arrow questioned, looking form hero to hero.

"Well, we all have school- you know, and oh, Hello Megan!" Megan slapped her forehead in frustration, "Superboy and I have a serious history test tomorrow ourselves- which I for one have not studied for, and while he may be a walking textbook- Earth history and I do not mix"

"Then let us return to Mt. Justice," Aqualad said, motioning for them to return to the Bioship.

"Right, now where'd we park the bioship?" KF wondered aloud, before walking into the thing.

"God! Does it have to be invisible all. The. Time?"

"It is a bioship Wally," Megan shrugged opening the door to the ship, "Now hurry or you'll be home past midnight!"

End chapter 1.