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Stiles roused slowly from sleep with the simple and very distinct sensation of every inch of his body aching. He felt dizzy, which was particularly strange since he was lying down. He blinked heavy, dry eyes at his bedroom door to try and ground himself in reality. He couldn't even remember what day it was, but really hoped he didn't have to get up for class.

He was on his side facing away from the rest of the room, practically at the edge of the bed, and was amazed he hadn't rolled off. He took a moment to register his own body, his brain sluggishly returning to alertness, before he remembered why he was sore.

The pool.

Treading water for two hours while holding up a 200 pound mass of muscle was a full-body workout, and he was suffering for the Good Samaritan act now. He had suffered during too. And immediately after, since Derek hadn't exactly been grateful. Typical, really, Stiles thought. Derek thought of him as nothing more than a nuisance, and apparently one he didn't trust any further than he could throw. Though, actually, Stiles was confident Derek could throw him pretty far if he tried.

Despite his water escapades the previous night, Stiles wanted nothing more than to soak in a hot bath for a few hours. If he did have to go to school today, he was calling in sick.

Worse was how the pool had haunted Stiles' sleep, dream after dream of Derek slipping to the bottom, and Stiles not being fast enough to pull him back up before he was just...dead weight, floating in the water. Stiles would see the bottom of the pool, so far below him, and it was never just Derek there...but Mom too.

Stiles never told anyone, not even Scott or his dad, but every time there was a dead body, every time he saw one, he'd dream it was his mother.

Stiles groaned as he used what little strength he had after having just woken up to sit on the edge of the bed, and thought he heard his stomach grumble. He was sort of hungry, but first he really needed to pee. He dragged himself to his feet and started a zombie walk for the door. It wasn't until he was out in the hallway that he realized he was naked.

I wasn't that out of it after the pool, was I?

Stiles tried to remember what he had done after returning home. He had showered, changed, gotten into bed—definitely not naked—fell asleep, had all those awful dreams, and then...

Stiles jolted to a stop at the door leading into the bathroom. And then...


A tired grin captured Stiles' face as he leaned into the doorframe, feeling better by the minute just from standing and moving his sore limbs, and especially after remembering his final epic dream. Epic wasn't even the right word; there needed to be something grander to encompass just how awesomely hot the dream had been. Porn wasn't that hot.

Stretching his back and then his arms up above his head, Stiles was actually feeling pretty good as he flipped on the light and closed the bathroom door behind him. Maybe he had just slept in one position for too long, because he wasn't really sore anymore, not really...sore. It was almost like growing pains. Like his body just needed to move. Stiles was suddenly filled with an energy and, really, that wasn't a surprise with all the energetic memories Derek's dream-persona had given him. If only the real Derek was that into him.

Stiles grinned the entire time as he relieved himself, and then as he fumbled for his toothbrush, caught up in the replay of his dream flashing through his mind, his eyes still heavy from sleep and a bit blurry, like they were trying to refocus their natural setting.

He couldn't believe he had actually undressed in his sleep, though the dream had been pretty vivid. Usually he only undressed in his sleep on hot summer nights, which had started getting pretty weird between him and Scott during sleepovers once they were over twelve.

Stiles arched his back once more and cracked his neck as he brought his toothbrush up and stared hard into the mirror. He froze with the bristles pressed to his front teeth. His eyes had cleared—acutely sharp, actually. And they were drawn right to the large bite marks imprinted on his neck.

The toothbrush clattered into the sink, Stiles gripping the edges of the mirror like he intended to pull it from the wall, if only to pull himself closer and really look at what he thought he was seeing. Only he wasn't imagining things. There were bite marks. On his neck. Right where Derek had bitten him...in the dream!

"Deep breaths...deep breaths..." Stiles chanted, carefully running his fingers over the groves of the indentations. It didn't actually look that bad, though it was definitely teeth marks. Scott's bite had still looked angry the next morning and hadn't cleared up until late in the afternoon. Of course Scott hadn't had his Alpha fondly lick at the wounds right afterward...

Stiles shivered at the memory. The bite was real. Which meant Derek being in his room last night was real. Which meant...he was a wolf now.

And he had totally had sex last night.

With Derek Hale.

"Yes!" Stiles whooped, fist pumping into the air completely on reflex.


And then the moment was over. "Uhh...yeah, Dad! I'm in the bathroom!" Stiles rushed for the bathroom door to make sure it was tightly closed, since he was naked, and had bite marks, and...Stiles swooned a little as he looked back at the mirror and caught sight of dried remnants of Derek on his thigh.

Gibberish raced through Stiles' mind for a moment in vain attempt at processing the thought of him and Derek and sex all being part of the same equation.

"I'm...just about to jump into the shower!" he called to his dad.

"Okay," his dad replied at less of a yell, sounding right outside the door. "Breakfast is almost ready downstairs, but I'm going to have to head in to the station in a bit. If I have to go before you're down, I'll put it on simmer, but don't forget."

"I won't. I'll try and be quick so I can see you out."

Stiles listened as his dad walked back down the hallway, then fell against the door. His knees felt weak, but in reality, he felt stronger than ever before. He felt amazing.

Screw a hot bath. Stiles was going to take a quick shower and hurry back to his room. Thinking more clearly now, he was pretty sure it hadn't been his stomach grumbling when he rolled out of bed.

Stiles rescued his toothbrush from the sink, quickly brushed his teeth, and then dove into the shower. He had showered the night before, but he wanted to rinse off and take a moment to let his heart rate slow down to normal. Only maybe the rapid pounding he was feeling was normal. He was a wolf, after all, and he had already gone through all of this newborn shit with Scott. He knew what to do, how to keep his calm and use his new abilities rationally—well, more or less, because he totally planned on doing at least a few stupid things just because he could and he was a freakin' werewolf.

Besides, if Allison was Scott's anchor then Stiles totally knew who would be his.

If he was being completely honest, he had never really wanted to be a wolf, not even for the power and speed and awesome senses and reflexes. But to be one because Derek Hale had wanted him, personally, as part of the pack, to keep him safe, and for Derek to have claimed him as a mate...

Stiles swooned again under the cool flow of water, since his skin felt so intensely hot, and pressed his forehead against the tile.

He deserved a little freak out time, and there were definitely going to be consequences to this—Scott wasn't going to be too thrilled—and he still needed to actually go back into his room and speak to Derek like a normal person instead of...god, however he had acted when he thought he was dreaming, but somehow that all melted away at the memory of Derek running his hands down Stiles body and wanting him the way he had last night.

Stiles heard his dad returning down the hall—heard him from all the way down the hall at the top of the stairs, which was definitely better than Stiles had ever been able to hear before—and tried to focus on each tiny sound. His dad's footsteps, steady intakes of breath, a sharp turn at the other end of the hall, and then—KNOCK, KNOCK, KNOCK.

Stiles cringed. The heightened senses definitely had their drawbacks.

"Almost done, Dad! I'll be out in a sec!"

"Stiles, I need to talk to you now."

That was never a fun tone, but since Stiles was pretty much done anyway, he turned off the tap and stepped out. Drying a little haphazardly, he quickly wrapped a towel around his waist, glanced in the mirror to see that the bite marks were miraculously barely even a hickey anymore—thank you supremely hot Alpha licking powers—and opened the door to peek out at his dad in the hallway.

Stiles plastered on a smile. "What's up?"

"Why is Derek Hale naked in your bed?"

And then his heart promptly stopped. Shit. "I didn't close the door...did I?"

"No. You didn't."

"Please don't shoot him."

"Stiles…" His dad's face was suddenly very red, and only seemed to get redder as he noticed the very-much-looks-like-a-hickey on Stiles' neck.

"Shit, Dad, it's...really complicated and not what you think."

"So my underage son didn't have illegal sex last night with a man over five years his senior."

"He's not that much older, is he?"

His dad was fuming like Stiles had never seen before, like his face was going to rupture something, but his voice came out deadly steady. "Stiles, Derek is facing a felony being even more than three years older than you. Do you know the age of consent in California?"

"I'm guessing not 17?"


"He's not a sexual deviant, Dad!" Stiles jumped to the defensive, throwing the door open wider and trying to stand eye to eye with his father. "And...okay, so I know you also arrested him for murder, but he was cleared of that, and he's, like, saved my life a bunch of times now, and I've saved his, and that was really awesome last night, and you can't ruin it by throwing him in jail! I kinda…think I'm in love with him." Actually, Stiles knew he was in love with Derek, he was psyched at the thought of actually being Derek's mate, and wolves mate for LIFE, but he figured that might be the last nail in Derek's coffin if he mentioned anything.

His dad took a breath, seeming to try and calm himself down and be reasonable as some semblance of a normal human skin tone returned to his face. "Stiles, if it had been someone else, boy or girl, who was your own age, or only a couple years older, I might have overlooked it. You'd still be grounded for sneaking someone into your room and having sex under my roof without me even meeting this person, but I could have dealt with it. But Derek Hale? He's a grown man, with a record, and—"

"And a good heart! And good intentions...usually. I coerced him last night, Dad, I wasn't seduced or taken advantage of. He tried to leave and be all white knight, and I wouldn't let him." Stiles was leaving out the part about Derek having snuck into his room to turn him into a werewolf with or without his permission, and Stiles did have a right to be upset about that on principle, but he was trying to defend Derek right now.

"Did you at least use protection?"

"Of course!" Only they so totally hadn't, but Derek was a werewolf and pretty much immune to normal human diseases, and it wasn't like Stiles could get pregnant, so he was pretty sure Derek being a wolf was all the protection he needed.

At least his dad looked convinced. "Wake him up, get your butts downstairs, and we'll discuss this together."

Stiles breathed at least some small sigh of relief since his dad didn't sound quite as homicidal anymore. "Okay. But can whatever solution we come to not involve me having to wait a year before I can see Derek again, because that would really suck."

His dad glared. "No promises. Get dressed." And then he disappeared back down the hallway.

Stiles felt all his good feelings draining away, though the thought that Derek was still naked in his bed was a plus. He held the doorframe for a moment. "I am so fucked."

"I thought that was the part you liked."

Derek's voice came from seemingly nowhere, especially since he wasn't in the hallway, and sounded way closer than where Stiles' room was. "Derek? Am I hearing you with wolf senses?" Stiles whispered.

"What do you think?"

Stiles dashed immediately for his room and shut the door behind him in a flurry of motion, leaving him facing the door with the room at his back. He turned around slowly, like he thought any sudden movements would cause Derek to implode or disappear or never to have been there at all.

Only Derek was there, stretched out on the bed with the sheets barely covering him, revealing perfect lines down his hips and just the barest visible hint of dark hair that was nowhere near the top of his head. His actual hair was slightly askew, and he looked all rumpled from sleep. His brow was knit, but there was the smallest traces of a smile on his face.

Stiles melted. "I wasn't dreaming."

Derek's smile faltered. "No."

"So you really have Batman underwear?"

Derek rolled his eyes. "That's the part you're focusing on?"

Stiles just grinned, because Derek was being his normal sour wolf self, Derek was Derek, and he was in Stiles' bed. "This is so awesome," he said, probably a little deliriously. And then definitely a little deliriously with how he leapt for the bed and crawled right on top of Derek with the edge of his towel threatening to pull open, and only that towel and the thin sheets separating the fact that they were both naked. "I don't even care that Dad's gonna kill us. You're really here. That really happened last night."

Derek nodded, but his expression was unsure, brow even more tightly knit now, more tightly knit than usual, and it was always somewhat knit. But he didn't push Stiles away, he took hold of Stiles' hips and let him settle in on his lap. "So, you aren't…angry with me?"

"For taking my virginity? I would have wrapped it up in a bow if I could."

"Stiles…" Derek frowned, and it wasn't his usual angry or brooding frown, it was real sorrow and regret. "I turned you against your will. Slept with you in your father's house. Took advantage—"

"Dude, I'm pretty sure the words 'bite me' left my lips more than once, and even if 'fuck me' didn't, it was implied." Stiles pressed his palms to Derek's bare chest. Derek was so warm. He was so warm. "So...you made my dream come true. How is that bad? I live in my head most the time anyway. It's okay. If that's what it took for you to be mine...it's more than okay. I mean...you are mine, right? My...mate?" he added with a crooked, whimsical grin, because that word said out loud always sounded a little funny...and permanent. "I let you bite me. We sorta had a deal."

"I never agreed to any deal. You said all that. I just bit you."

Stiles freaked for maybe half a second before Derek chuckled. "Asshole," Stiles sighed in relief. "Lucky for you, I still totally love you." He gripped both sides of Derek's face, thumbs hooked around his jaw, and kissed him, just a simple, firm press of lips.

Relief was splashed across Derek's face when Stiles pulled away, and all the lines suddenly smoothed over, even the ones usually on his brow, and he looked so young and vulnerable and raw, like he'd just now taken a breath and let himself really relax and drop his guard for the first time in years.

"Oh fuck...seriously...you should always have this expression," Stiles said, holding Derek's head possessively in his hands. "Why don't you always have this expression...?"

Derek's eyes watered and that perfect expression was marred by sadness, sadness Stiles recognized because he had known it only too personally too. Derek pressed their foreheads together. "You're mine. You're mine. But I just keep...losing everyone, and I can't...I can't go through it again."

"I know. Me either."

"And I was afraid you'd...see this all differently in the morning and hate me for it."

"What? Are you kidding?" Stiles sat up, still thumbing Derek's stubble like he had the night before, and loving the feel of Derek's face in his hands. "I mean, okay, I'll admit, the wolf part is a little…well, it's gonna be weird. You have to be nice to me at first, because I haven't had any of the training the others have had yet. And you have to tell everyone I'm your mate, so Erica keeps her paws off. And anyone else. And Scott's gonna be a real pain in the ass about this because he doesn't know I..." He let his hands drop to Derek's shoulders.

"Doesn't know you...have intense sex dreams about me?" Derek smirked, banishing the sadness with a single sexy expression.

"Yeah, well...first we sorta have to figure out how to keep my dad from neutering you."

Derek frowned again and his usual sour expression was back, only in Stiles' defense rather than because of him, which was a nice change. "Somehow I doubt saying I thought the age of consent was 17 like it is in New York won't pacify him."

"Why does stupid California have to be 18?" Stiles groaned.

"I think he'd still care that I'm so much older."

"Not SO much. In five years, no one would even notice."

"But it's not five years, it's now." Derek squeezed Stiles' hips and then ran his hands up his waist and down again, making Stiles shiver. "And you are seventeen. Barely. He might not arrest me, but he's not going to want this to continue."

Stiles felt a sudden panic creep in. "Don't you dare side with him and say I have to wait a whole year to have sex with you again. I'll die!"

"I didn't say that." Derek smiled, sweeter than Stiles was used to quite yet, though the sweetness was replaced with something decidedly more wicked when Derek suddenly tugged Stiles' towel to the floor and then rolled his hips. "I really like you in this position...but if your dad lets me off with a warning today, we're going to have to be careful."

Stiles pressed down into Derek through the thin sheet and they started slowly rocking, Derek holding Stiles tightly and pulling his hips down as he pushed firmly upward with his own. "Or we...could just tell him all the wolfy bits," Stiles suggested.

Derek stopped.

"Yeah, I don't think that'd be a good idea, either. So…back to sneaking around, only this time with even more threat of you being arrested than usual? Awesome."

Derek renewed their rocking, and it wasn't long before they were both hard and leaking precum in little patches onto the sheets.

"Ugnn...Derek? Dad's…expecting us down for breakfast…and more yelling."

"I can be quick."

There had to be something truly magical about wolf reflexes that made it possible for Derek to suddenly be the one on top, the intrusive sheets torn from the bed. Stiles gaped as Derek settled low in between his legs, low enough that Derek's face was...

Oh. Stiles was pretty sure his heart stopped again.

"You weren't this bashful last night," Derek grinned, holding Stiles' legs apart with an arm around each thigh, his face teasingly close to Stiles' not so bashful erection.

"Well I...I mean, you...and then...that was, you know...dream."

Derek gave a low chuckle that vibrated through Stiles' hips. His hazel eyes that sometimes looked green and sometimes looked blue and always looked amazing locked onto Stiles as he bent forward and licked a stripe up the underside of Stiles' cock. "Reality," he said.

Stiles was pretty sure the only word his brain could form right then was 'guh'. He watched, mesmerized, as Derek parted his lips and took Stiles' tip into his mouth, rolling his tongue and sucking eagerly. Then Derek took him in deeper, and deeper, eyes never once leaving Stiles' face. When he gave his first bob, forward and back, then forward and back again, and again, Stiles was pretty sure his chances at college were shot because his brain was mush.

Derek Hale was giving him a blow-job—he could die happy.

Stiles had to nearly bite his tongue to keep from moaning so loud that his dad would likely come banging on the door. The way Derek moved and sucked him in with such fervor, the way his tongue curled and swiped and tasted, had Stiles subtly thrusting in time with the rhythm that had been set.

Part of him wanted to just lie back and enjoy, let Derek finish and have his way with him, but as good as it felt, as close as Stiles was to totally losing his shit, he focused on the night before and how he had been the confident one, more so than Derek, and that's what Derek had succumbed to. That sexy confident Stiles was still in him, just usually within the safety of a good night sleep.

There was a time—pretty damn recently—when Stiles would have feared for his life even touching Derek's shoulder without permission. Now was different. Now Stiles had a claim on him—Derek was his and he was Derek's.

"Come here..." Stiles reached behind Derek's ears and pulled, dragging Derek away from his fervent work. He pulled until Derek started climbing up his body, and then he pulled Derek's mouth right to his and kissed him with all the possession he felt.

Only when lack of contact between his legs started to drive him crazy did Stiles pull away, and then only to lick his hand and reach between them to grip Derek firmly. He grinned at the surprised eyes above him.

"Snap to it, Hale. How 'bout a little teamwork."

Derek gaped for maybe a moment before a sinful grin caught his lips too. Stiles was already wet from Derek's mouth and tongue, so Derek's hand slid over his skin smoothly, and once they had mutual holds of each other, it was only too easy to move.

Stiles glanced between them, at Derek's hand on his cock and his hand on Derek's—moving, pulling, pumping.

A growl, not quite as low as Derek's, filled the air around them.

Stiles blinked. "Was that me?"

Derek answered with a growl of his own, and Stiles wondered if the next time they did this he would have to worry about keeping his inner wolf in check. Which would be weird, and kind of scary, and pretty freaking awesome.

Right now Stiles was still new enough as a wolf that he felt completely in control—growl notwithstanding—but when he looked up again into Derek's eyes, they were flickering red.

Stiles licked his lips and quickened his pace on Derek's cock. Leaning his head up, he captured Derek's gaze. "Hey, Big Man...bet you'd rather be in me, wouldn't you?"

Derek's eyes flashed full-on red and stayed that way for several seconds before dimming, his expression pure animalistic lust.

"Too bad," Stiles grinned, even though Derek's pace had picked up too, and he was right on the edge and feeling fucking fantastic. "Gonna have to wait 'til next time. Though I'm...pretty sure it's my turn next time."

Apparently, Stiles just kept throwing Derek for a loop, because he always looked stunned right before he grinned again. "I'm your Alpha," he said, like that settled who would be on top.

"So? I'm your mate. And I believe in equal opportunity relationships." Stiles smiled wide, eating up the returned grin from Derek, which he took as a promise, and wanting nothing more than to stare deeply into Derek's eyes the whole time while they came.

Derek broke first, which was crazy satisfying when Stiles had been the one getting the blow-job a couple minutes ago. Of course the feeling of Derek spurting over his hand and stomach had Stiles quickly following suit.

Stiles felt an extra swell of love for Derek when he reached down to retrieve the towel and made good use of it. Stiles really didn't want to take another shower.

"Dude...that was...that was—"

"Better than Knight Rider reruns?"

The twinkle in Derek's eyes reminded Stiles that he had in fact used that reference last night. "Okay. Well...yeah. But I was going to say...anything and everything I've ever experienced my whole life times a thousand. A life I'd really like to keep, though, so we should probably haul ass downstairs. We can just...tell Dad we were talking things out."

Derek snorted. "Right."

Rolling onto his side to face Derek, while Derek was propped up on his side too, Stiles grabbed Derek's face like he had several times before. "I'm yours. You're mine. And I'm proud to be part of your pack, even if Scott throws a hissy fit. I'm your mate and that's just how it's gonna be." He released Derek. "See? We totally talked things out."

Sheer amusement crossed Derek's face. "You talked things out. Though I get the impression that's how most arguments with you would go..."

"Pfft. You've shut me down plenty of times."

"You weren't my mate then."

Stiles considered that, really considered that all of this was real and happening right now.

Last night Derek almost died, could have so easily died if Stiles hadn't stepped in—well, dove in. That old familiar fear of losing someone important had taken over, and Stiles had simply refused to let it happen. He hadn't expected anything in return. He never expected Derek to save him, even though Derek had saved him several times over. Saving Derek for a change was just something Stiles had to do.

And now he had Derek. And the responsibility was bigger. The potential cost of what he could lose was...bigger. Which was really pretty scary. But definitely worth it.



"I really do love you."

For a moment, that smooth, youthful, carefree expression filled Derek's face again. He grabbed Stiles' chin. Kissed him. "You better. Because I can't lose you now. Not ever. I'll shatter. I'll just break apart."

Stiles didn't really know what to say to that, so he just nodded. He was pretty sure he'd break apart too. But it was worth it, worth any cost, for last night and all their promises to be more than just a dream.

Later, after Stiles' Dad did not kill them and agreed that they could see each other, but no sneaking around and no sex 'under his roof', which Stiles took as almost permission to still have sex elsewhere, they gathered the entirety of the wolves and humans and...otherwise that were part of all this with them, and Derek explained the PG-13 version of their night.

With a growl, he said that if anyone had a problem with Stiles being his mate, they'd have to deal with him. The person who looked most ready to protest was Scott, but he shut up when Stiles looked at him pleadingly.

The few glares Stiles got from some of the others were totally worth it.


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