Zero's Noble Overlord

Chapter One - Introducing The Overlord Of The Abyss

Hello there, dear reader, I shall be your narrator for this little fairy-tale.

Now imagine the voice of an old man. Now imagine that he doesn't bore you to death. I sound a lot like that.

You are now manually reading everything in my voice.

But before I tell you of the real story, allow me, and by 'allow' I mean that you have no choice if you want to continue reading, to tell you of a tale that began before this one.


Once upon a time, in a legend long ago, there was an Evil Overlord who ruled in his ominous Dark Tower and commanded an army of sinisterly stupid goblin-like creatures call Minions to do his bidding.

He did evil things, like being evil. Such as the villain he truly was.

And of course, where there are villains, there were also heroes.

A halfling bard, a elf ranger, a human paladin, a dwarf inventor, a thieving woman, a giant berserker, a old wizard, and a silent gladiator; This eight person group fought against the Evil Overlord and won triumph.

They all returned home and were hailed as the Seven Heroes! There were seven, of course, because the silent gladiator had fallen off the Dark Tower and was left to his grim fate.

And thus peace returned to lands!

For a short time anyways.

It did not take long for a new Overlord to arise and replace his late predecessor. His task was simple: kill off the Seven Heroes and restore the Dark Tower.

The Overlord started with humble beginnings, you see. He only had some Brown Minions to his name; they were childishly stupid but loyal creatures. So he did the first thing any respectable person of his position would do: wreck havoc on the little people.

It was all for a good cause, of course!

First, the Overlord freed the small village of Spree from the Halfling's control. Next he crashed their big feast and returned the stolen food back to the starving villagers. Then he relinquished his Red Minions from their slavery and procured himself a Steel Smelter and forged the finest weapons and armor that a overlord could make with steel.

And, oh, of course he just had to chase down that tub of lard, Melvin Underbelly the Gluttonous Halfling Hero, and execute the fat bastard. It would be almost poetic to say that he received his just desserts, but in truth he blew up like a chunky pinata and his bits and pieces will never be scrapped off his personal dining room.

The next order of business for the Overlord was investigating the mysterious burning of Castle Spree. He chased away the thieving raiders and their magical beholder. Consequently he also saved the traveling diplomat, Rose, and she became his mistress.

Feisty gal, that red-headed woman was.

The Overlord's next targets were the Elves that lived in Evernight Forest. What a surprise that the once verdant lands were now a dark, damp, place of misery. You know, a Dwarven invasion that enslaved the elven population occurring alongside foul creatures of nightmares that have been born into reality certainly has a way of corrupting things.

Too bad though, the forest was just as much a swamp as it was a forest, and Minions had quite the talent in drowning in any body of water that was larger than a puddle. So the Overlord had to refrain from fully the explaining the place until later.

For now he recruited the Green Minions and then set his sights towards Heaven's Peak, which, according to his Mistress Rose, was experiencing a plaguing problem: the undead. But unfortunately he couldn't storm right in, the city was put into quarantine and the gates had been withdrawn.

So after saving the Blue Minions from stupid but ferocious birds, the Overlord then sneaked into the city of Heaven's Peak by way of their horribly infested sewage system, killed the guards, and liberated the city.

Oh, he also slayed the source of the plague, the Succubus Queen, purged the city of the remaining undead, retrieved a Durium Smelter and forged the best durium equipments, and became the deity of a silly cult called the Silent Order; silly in the sense that they sewed their mouth tight but still didn't shut up.

Anyways, the Overlord came uninvited to the party of Sir William the Black the Lustful Paladin Hero, and quickly started slaying all those love-starved cultists of the Red Dawn. It was a long grueling process for the him to chase down that pathetic whining noble and run a sword through him; I would have made a joke about sheathing swords but the Overlord doesn't swing that way.

Oh, he also freed his mistress' captive younger sister, Velvet, and ignored the woman's obvious attempt at seducing him.

Truly, the Overlord was very faithful towards Rose. In fact, he took a small break to spruce up the Dark Tower to her liking and sire a heir; they had a rocking good time.

And then it was back to Evernight Forest for some unfinished business. The Overlord saved their sacred tree from bloodied unicorns, desecrated the graves of elves, and was tasked to retrieve their Mother Goddess statue from the dwarves. After that he gave a nice wake-up call to Oberon Greenhaze the Slothful Elven Hero, source of the corruption, and made sure to give him a peaceful dirt nap.

It was the Dwarves turn now. In the land of the Golden Hills their fortresses dotted the domain and the Overlord deemed it fit to pay a visit to every single one of these prime dwarven facilities. He raided their smelting factory and made off with the Arcanium Smelter and all the bonuses that comes with that, stole their valuable gold, destroyed their outposts, and even took their precious beer.

Dwarves couldn't quite handle handle sobriety and Minions could always use a good slosh.

Eventually, the Overlord went deep into the final dwarven mine and blew up the war-engine of destruction, Rollie, before finishing off Goldo Golderson the Greedy Dwarven Hero. As the mine collapsed from the lost of all its supporting pillar, he did a questionably good deed by choosing to save all the female elves instead of taking the giant bag of gold, thus saving their race from extinction.

Then the Overlord tracked down the mysterious thieving raiders, that had attacked Castle Spree and had snatched the Mother Goddess from the dwarves, to the Ruborian Deserts; he was out to catch Jewel the Thief the Envious Bandit Hero. It didn't take much to trick the coward into a trap that whisked her away into the Dark Tower to be imprisoned and interrogated.

For all intents and purposes, she was a weakling, but the same couldn't be said of her lover though.

Khan the Warrior the Giant Beserker Hero was going on a rampage in the village of Spree and the city of Heaven's Peak, looking for his lover. He was throwing a mighty tantrum and speaking in angrish while sending waves of beholders and ruborian raiders to pillage the territories under the Overlord's domain.

And the great and mighty Overlord would have none of that. Only he was allowed to terrorize the people of these lands, even if he didn't personally indulge in such things; kicking around the Minion Jester was far more therapeutic.

He freed Spree, and let them live with their life despite their mild betrayal, and then he freed Heaven's Peak after cutting Khan down to size.

And thus the day was saved thanks to the Overlord!

But alas, when the Overlord returned to the Dark Tower his Minions had discarded him!

His predecessor, the Evil Overlord, was now in possession of the Wizard's body and had returned to reclaim his position. He gloated about his evil plan, about how he had purged the wizard of his soul and stole his body and how he tempted every single one of the six remaining heroes towards sin. All the meanwhile, he had secretly guided his temporary successor, the amnesiac Overlord, previously the Eighth Gladiator Hero, to kill off the other heroes for him.

It was a cunning plan but it forgot one tiny little detail... the Overlord was a juggernaut. Falling off a tower and left to die and being betrayed were but minor setbacks for him.

The Overlord proved to be a more formidable foe than the Evil Wizard had predicted. Gathering all his magic and all his truly loyal Minions, the Overlord engaged the prideful wizard in one final confrontation and emerged victorious; forever shutting up the ramblings of that old fool.

And so, one overlord defeated another overlord.

The Overlord commanded the fear and love and respect of his citizens. He was a competent ruler and peace returned to the lands!

Once again, for a short time anyways.

Rumors began to spread about a mysterious gateway to heaven and disappearances followed shortly afterward. In truth, it was a gateway to an ironic hell known as the Abyss.

The Overlord explored the domains of the abyss and forged a weapon that could slay Troll Kings and armor that could stop a dragon's breath. He also sent his regards to the Seven Heroes by putting in his own personal touch upon their eternal punishment.

Then he stumbled upon the Forgotten God, ruler of the Abyss and a cursed nameless being trying to escape from its imprisonment. However, in a fierce battle the Overlord consumed the deity with the flames of hell and ended his reign.

And then predictably, the Minion Jester, that the Overlord always kicked around, betrayed him and trapped him in the Abyss.

Without a deity to worship, the denizens of the Abyss sought out the Overlord and placed him on a pedestal instead, and he became the Overlord of the Abyss and ruled the ever since.

But that didn't make the Abyss any less boring.

The energies of the Abyss had long changed the Overlord from being human as the untold ages passed by him. Though his form was still the same, he could be liken to a physical demi-god now; when he was stripped of the magic and spells from the Dark Tower, he went about to remastered his Fire, Flamethrower, and Combustion spells while learning a few new tricks here there, enough that he could fight an entity of fire and burn them to death with the greatest of irony.

Yet there was absolutely nothing for the Overlord to use his powers for.

Originally, he was just an amnesiac going around killing the Seven Heroes and restoring the pillaged Dark Tower; a somewhat dastardly deed, if not for the fact that all the Seven Heroes were essentially sin incarnates, the Dark Tower was the home of his lovable Minions, and he, in general, made everybody's life better when he became their ruler.

Still, his powers had a purpose then, but now his powers held no meaning.

What was it all for...? To protect his territory that he could longer visit? To command the Minions that he could no longer control? To assist his wife that he could no longer be with? To protect his child that he could no longer raise?

Yes, perhaps that last one was his greatest regret: to be denied the chance to watch his child grow up.

And so the Overlord stood unmoving like a statue in the vast wastelands of the Abyss and simply waited for time to end. Despite all his powers, he could not escape and was stuck here to rot forever.

Truly, how the mighty have fallen.

But luckily for him, one day a green circular portal suddenly opens up on the ground in front of him.

It was a way out of his current predicament.

The Overlord could feel it. Someone was calling for him and he felt gratitude for his mysterious benefactor. That person was calling him for a reason and he would wholeheartedly answer that call. Perhaps he could finally find a good purpose to swing his sword for once more, like he did oh so long ago.

With little delay and with little thinking, the Overlord takes one step into the portal and escapes from the Abyss.

Thus the real story begins there: in the country of Tristain, upon the fields outside of Tristain Academy of Magic, within the Springtime Familiar Summoning ritual by a certain strawberry blond haired girl.

It is the day that the girl known as 'Zero' summons the man known as 'Noble.'