Chapter 1

Len's POV

It was the beginning of lunch on a Monday . My friends and I took our usual spots in the back of the classroom to enjoy our lunches. We sat in a small circle, talking, laughing, and messing around while we ate. "C'mon, Luka," my friend, Gakupo sitting next to me, pleaded. "Do you like me or not?" The tail, pink-haired girl sitting girl looked up from her book and lunch, angrily. "Go Google it, stupid," she said coldly. "Sucks for you, man," my other best friend, Kaito, said, patting Gakupo on the back. Miku, Kaito's girlfriend, stood up holding a leek she had been eating for lunch. She smacked Kaito on the head, causing him to spill his ice cream. "Kaito, that's no way to talk to your friends," she yelled. Kaito groaned, "You made me spill my ice cream."

"Get over it," I chuckled. This was what lunch was like every day. Gakupo trying to make a move on Luka, and every time getting denied. Kaito and Miku getting into some small debacle. Sometimes Meiko showed up to, but that was only if she was in the mood. And then there was me, Len Kagamine. I didn't hit on girls, or mess around with my girlfriend (if I even had one), I just sat there, amused by my friends.

One day, while Miku and Gakupo argued over which was better, eggplants or leeks (personally I think they are both disgusting), I gazed out the window that showed the courtyard, in a hope that something more exciting was happening outside. Not to my surprise, nothing seemed to be happening. That sucks. Now I have to listen to Miku and Gakupo's stupid argument. Just then, out of the corner of my eye, I spied a flaxen-haired girl with a big, white bow, sitting at the edge of a tree. I had never seen her around school before, and she looked pretty lonely. Maybe, she is waiting for a friend. Nobody eats lunch by themselves. It's not like I really cared though. I returned to the ongoing argument, where Luka decide to interrupt, and tell us that tuna was better than leeks and eggplants combined. This is gonna be a long lunch hour.

Rin's POV

It's already been a week here at my new school, and I haven't made any friends yet. It's not that I'm shy; just that I'm afraid people won't like me. Sometimes I can be kinda violent, and I speak my mind a lot. That turns most people away. So every day, when lunch time comes, I walk out to the courtyard and sit at the edge of a tree to eat my lunch. Many people pass by, as soon as classes are let out for lunch. I see groups of girls talking about the cute boys in class. There are boys messing around trying to beat each other up. And then everyone joins their friends, and they head to classes to eat. Everything becomes quiet, and it's just me in the courtyard.

Just me all alone.

Len's POV

It's time for lunch again. Today, Meiko actually decided to show up. Too bad all she has to talk about is some stupid party she went to yesterday, where she obviously drank too much sake. But that's Meiko for you. Gakupo is still trying to get Luka to go out with him, but as you could guess, he's not getting anywhere. Miku is just sitting there quietly, nibbling on a leek, because Kaito is "sick" today. Kaito is "sick" quite a bit. Yep, it's just an average lunch hour.

Bored, like yesterday, I stare out the window. To my surprise, I see that girl again. She's sitting all alone. Doesn't she have friends? I watch her closer, and I can see she's eating an orange. I try to see if there is anyone else around, but from what I can see, it's just her. I'd hate to be in her shoes. Sitting alone at lunch? She might as well write LOSER on her forehead. Though she might be a loser, I can't help but notice she's kinda pretty. She looks a lot like me. Flaxen-haired and kinda short (don't I wish I could be taller). I wonder what her name is?

*Time Skip- Friday*

I've been watching that girl, for the past couple of days now. Every day, she sits there alone. I feel bad that I don't talk to her. It seems like nobody notices she even exists. So I've decided today I'll go talk to her. Ask her what her name is, or something like that.

It's right before lunch, and the hallways are flooded with students putting their stuff away in their lockers, in a hurry to eat. I put my Geometry book in my locker (God, I hate math), and go over to talk to Kaito. "What's up man?" he cheerfully smiles, when I walk over. He must be happy about something. I bet he brought extra ice cream for lunch today. "I'm not gonna be at lunch today," I explain. "Why not?"

"I got something that I have to do."

Rin's POV

Status Update. Friend count: 0. It's been 2 weeks, and still no friends. I've tried to talk to people in my classes, but they just ignore me. I'm not that terrible, am I? It's not like I care that I'm alone though. I like the peace and quiet. It gives me time to think, though I can help but wish I had a few friends. I remember my best friends from my old school, Teto and Neru.

Teto was the nicest person in the world, with her drill-shaped pigtails. She always listened when I had problems, and was always there for me. Then there was Neru, who never let go of her cellphone. Neru could be a bit mean-spirited sometimes, but I loved anyway. Man, I miss then.

I wish I could friends like them here. Some of the kids here are kinda weird though. Like that kid, who I see looking at me through the window every day. What's his problem? I did nothing to him, but from what I can see, he's pretty cute. I wonder what his name is?