Len's POV

The sun was shining, and there was a slight breeze in the air. The perfect day for having an outdoor concert. Dozens of students stood around our stage, waiting for us to perform. I didn't think we'd be that popular of an attraction. Me and the other member of Vocaloids stood behind the curtain. I pulled the curtain back slightly, to look at the crowd. In the front row, I noticed a group of girls holding signs that said, "We Love You Len!" I recognized a few of them. The green haired, she was Gumi, and the one with the long, yellow ponytail was Neru. The must have seen me looking at them because they waved and smiled in my direction. I weakly smiled back, and shut the curtain.

"Ok, guys," Miku yelled. "Group huddle." She motioned for everyone to come closer into a circle. I groaned loudly, "Really Miku. 5th graders do this." Miku shot me and evil glare. "I didn't give you permission to speak," she shouted. I immediately shut my mouth. Miku could be scary when she wanted to. I heard Rin giggle at me being yelled at, but Miku gave her a look too. That shut Rin right up.

"Anyway," Miku said, in an innocent voice. "Let's all have fun, and do our best." I rolled my eyes, and again Miku glared at me. "Everyone put their hands in," Miku commanded. We stuck our hands in the middle. Purposefully, I put mine on top of Rin's, but she didn't even seem to notice. "What should we say?" Miku asked. "Ice Cream!" Kaito shouted. "Eggplant!" Gakupo chimed in. "You guys are idiots," Miku scoffed. "How about we yell Vocaloid?" Rin suggested. A smile jumped on Miku's face. "Leave it to Rin to have the best ideas," Miku said, nudging Rin's shoulder. "Does everyone like it?" I nodded, along with everyone else. After all, it was better than screaming ice cream. "1…2…3," Miku started. "VOCALOID," we all yelled together.

"Everyone get with your partners," Miku told everyone. "The shows about to begin!" I watched her grab Kaito, by his arm, and drag him on stage. The rest of us stood behind the curtain listening to the performance. I hear Miku begin to sing, "The number one princess in the world…" Poor Kaito. I can only imagine what Miku is gonna make him sing.

Soon Miku and Kaito's performance is over, and I can hear the spectators roaring. Miku and Kaito sung pretty well together. I watched Miku drag Kaito behind the curtain, after waving to all her fans. "Gakupo, Luka. You're up!" Miku yells, still dragging Kaito. "Miku, let me go," he whines. "Just wait, I have a surprise for you." I watch Miku pull out a container of leek flavored ice cream from behind her back. Where did she get that? "I thought we could share, since we had such a great performance," she smiled at Kaito, bringing out 2 spoons. Kaito hastily grabs a spoon, and digs into the ice cream. Gross. But to Kaito, ice cream is ice cream.

I watch Gakupo and Luka go onstage. Gakupo is jumping around with excitement, while Luka isn't as nearly as excited. The music plays, and Luka begins to sing, "Please don't ask me why…" She sings in a bored tone, but it's still amazingly good. Gakupo chimes in, his voice not nearly as good as Luka's, but not bad.

When their performance is done, the two walk off stage, Gakupo trailing at Luka's heels. "So you do like me?" he asks her. Luka facepalms herself and growls, "Please just shut up," she yells at Gakupo. I watch him back off, but he is still following her.

It's time for me and Rin to perform. Rin is standing right next me, and I turn behind me and smile. She smiles back. I go to grab her hand to go onstage, but I'm stopped by someone dressed in red. To my surprise, it's Meiko. "What are you doing here?" I ask. "Performing," she says, sarcastically. "What else would I be doing."

"Are you even a part of the club," I ask, because I know she's not. "For today I am," she tells me, then walks on stage. I pull back the curtain to watch. Meiko is waving at the fans she thinks she has. She brings the microphone to her mouth, and begins to sing. I expected to hear a dying animal, but instead I hear a soft, sweet voice. "Honey, Honey…" Meiko sings. This has to be a joke. Meiko can't sing, not like that at least. I can hear the guys outside go nuts. There a bunch of idiots.

Finally Meiko's song is over, and she exits the stage blowing kisses to the audiences. Could she be any fuller of herself. She walks by me and Rin, and whispers in my ear, "Beat that." I glare at Meiko, and turn to Rin. I see her smiling, as the two of us walk on stage. Here comes my chance…

Rin's POV

Len and I stand on stage, and I realize just how many people are there. I feel a sinking feeling in my stomach. Did I mention that I have stage fright? I didn't expect it to be a problem, because I didn't think anyone would come watch us. I look at Len nervously, but he's not paying attention. He's waving to his fangirls in front. That flirt.

Anyway, I stand there on stage like a statue, staring at the crowd. I don' think I can do this. I run off the stage in fright. I hide behind the curtain, breathing heavily. I can hear the crowd, and I don't think they noticed I'm missing. Maybe Len can sing by himself. He does know all the words.

I can feel myself getting lightheaded. My nerves are really getting the best of me. The room starts to spin, and I can't stand anymore. My legs give out, and I head straight for the ground. But before I can hit it, someone catches me. It's Len.

"What's wrong?" he asks. His eyes are filled with concern. "N-nothing," I stammer. "J-just a l-little stage f-fright." I watch Len frown at me, as he helps me back on my feet. "There's no need to be scared," he tries to explain to me, but I'm not listening. I'm too busy freaking out.

Something squeezes my hand tightly, and I see that it's Len's hand. I look at him, and he's smiling. "Don't worry," he laughs. "You'll be with me the entire time." Now to most people that wouldn't make anyone feel better. I mean, who wants the confidence of a guy who used his girlfriend to make someone else jealous. Still somehow, it comforts me.

My heartbeat slows down, and I can breathe a little easier. I smiled at Len weakly. I can do this. Together, the two of us walk on stage again, and the music begins to play. I open my mouth to speak, and to my surprise the words flow out easily. "Your right shoulder had a purple butterfly," I begin to sing. With each word my confidence grows, and soon Len jumps in to sing with me. Our voices harmonize perfectly. I watch the audience smile, and shout for us. "The corner of the room is where we had kissed,' we sing together, happily. I feel on top of the world.

The song is over all too fast. I want to sing more. I want to sing more with him. The crowd cheers loudly for us, louder than all the other performances. Len's fangirls are the loudest, of course. "Encore!" They yell, and soon the entire audience cheers it to. Len looks at me and mouths, "You wanna?" I shrug, happily. Of course I want to.

I run over to the DJ at the side of the stage, and whisper the song I want to sing into his ear. He nods, and I run back over to Len. "What are we doing?" he asks. I just grin at him. An upbeat song begins to play, and I start to sing, "I always end up arriving at the meeting place way to early, even though I know very well you'll never arrive on time."

Len begins to sing with me, and I can't stop smiling. This is one of my favorite songs. And I get to sing it with the guy, the guy I think I might be in love with.

"If you've heard the Rin(g) sound, that's my signal to you. Please listen carefully." I sing. Len grabs me and pulls me close to him. "Even if I don't listen carefully, I can hear it," he sings softly. The both of smile, and the crowd screams wildly. Len looks at me, and grabs my hand. "Am I forgiven?" he kisses my hand. I laugh at him. "Of course you are."

Len grabs my other hand, and whispers in my ear. "I like you, Rin." Then I do something, I'd never thought I'd do. I move closer to him, and kiss him. On the cheek. "I like you to," I whisper back, blushing. I can see Len's fangirls fuming in the front, but I don't care.

I skip of stage, still holding Len's hand. He seems to be in a daze, as he falls down behind me. I help pick him up, but I can't stop laughing. "Huh?" he yells, appearing to finally be awake. I giggle at him, as the rest of the club gathers around us. Out of the corner I see Tei holding hands with Mikuo. Good for them. Miku is raving about Len and I how great we were, but I'm not listening. My only focus is the cute, pony-tailed boy lying on the floor in front of me. "Get up lover boy," I stick my hand out to him. He's blushing, which makes me blush to.

All I can think about now is him. I never realized how much I liked him. All the time we spent together and arguments we had brought us closer. And I never realized it, until now. But that doesn't matter anymore, because now we are together.

Can you guess which song each duo sang (and Meiko)?

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