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Hi folks, as you might or might not have known, 'An Unexpected Reunion' was deleted by the admins of FF in the purge of rated M stories but the reason they deleted mine was that I included the F word in the description. Um hello? This is Hidan's story, of course there will be vulgarity! I do believe my story is tastefully done-at least appropriate for the Rated M audience.

This story was my life and soul and it was you readers that gave me motivation to make this the first completed story I've written in my life. The deletion of it really put me in a dark place and made me question myself whether I should continue writing or not because I'm not sure if FF is going to allow me to unleash my imagination the way I want it to be. Anywhoo, here's the re-upload. Please review if you wish!

Hidan and Kakuzu walked along the streets of a small town just outside of Konoha. It was quite a lovely day-the weather was just fine and the two of them hardly argued on the way. Suddenly, Kakuzu stopped dead in his tracks. Hidan bumped into him and cussed, "Bastard! Don't just stop in the middle of the road!" But Kakuzu just stood there, stiffly. Hidan's violet eyes flickered to where his partner's cold gaze was lying upon. Kakuzu's jade pupils were fixated on a young boy, not older than six years old. It was not just some ordinary kid: the kid had silver hair and violet eyes, which was an unique combination but completely identical to Hidan.

"What the fuck is that?" Hidan yelled.

"You don't happen to have a very young brother, do you?" Kakuzu asked.

Hidan scratched his head, "Not that I think of…of course I don't, you fucking idiot!"

Kakuzu shrugged, "Then I guess there's only one answer to that." Pointing at the child as he glared at HIdan, practically growling, "You knocked some bitch up."

"Don't make shitty conclusions so fast!" Hidan scowled, angrily, "Let me talk to the kid." Kakuzu rolled his eyes.

"Oi, kid! Yeah, I'm talking to you!" The young boy was playing with a dent, wooden toy sword looked up and snapped, "What the shit do you want?"

Kakuzu let out a snicker, "He even talks like you."

"It's what the 'fuck', not what the 'shit', y'little punk, get your grammar straight." Hidan corrected as he folded his arms across his chest.

"My mama doesn't let me say the 'f' word. It reminds her of daddy." The boy pointed his toy sword at Hidan, "And my mama doesn't allow me to speak to strangers like you!"

"And where is your mom?" Hidan demanded impatiently.

"You are a rude man, you should be sacrificed for the greater good! Die!" The kid hollered and charged his sword towards him.

Kakuzu's smirk was hidden perfectly beneath his mask. Of course the kid wasn't Hidan's match; Hidan easily grabbed the tip of the toy weapon and pulled it out of the boy's hand, making him burst out in angry tears, "Give it back! You…you meanie!" He began throwing his little fists at Hidan's thighs-which was where his height could reach.

"Give it!" The kid cried like a spoiled brat. The tears rolling down his soft, rosy cheeks were pissing Hidan off.

"Himaru, who are you annoying this time?" A woman's voice appeared from around the corner. Both Hidan' and Kakuzu's furrowed brows relaxed as the child's crying silenced. The woman appeared and the young boy let go of Hidan and ran towards his mother's arms, "Mama!"

The dark-haired woman patted her son's head and without looking up, she apologized sincerely, "I'm really sorry, my son's a little too loud and active." She picked up Himaru and bowed, turning to leave.

"Hiya, Sweetcheeks." Hidan grabbed her by the arm, "Long time no see."

That mesmerizing voice: deep and husky, the man who haunted her dreams for years…was here. She inhaled sharply; a slight gasp, but then quickly recollected herself, not wanting to startle Himaru. She placed him down on the ground and patted his head, "Run along now. Go home, mommy and you have unfinished business, mister!"

"But mama…" The boy glared at Hidan. He noticed that the man was making his mom uncomfortable.

"Don't make me say it again, Himaru." Her voice was stern, but Hidan could tell she was shaking.

"Okay." Her son sighed, not forgetting to snatch back his toy sword from Hidan's other hand and sticking his tongue out at him hostilely before leaving.

As soon as Himaru disappeared in the distance, Hidan yanked the woman's arm and pulled her violently towards him, causing her to crash into his chest. She yelped to protest but Hidan cut her off by growling into her ear, "I believe we have some unfinished business too." She shuddered at his words. They sounded dangerous…and sexy.

"Kakuzu, go count some money or whatever, Sweetcheeks and I here are going to have a little…reunion." Hidan said and pulled her along with him.

"H'm." Kakuzu shrugged understandingly and walked towards the opposite direction. Hidan's grip on her arm tightened as he spoke, "So…who's the little brat? Hm?"

"My son." She whimpered.

"And?" Hidan cocked an eyebrow.

"And? What do you want me to say?" Her lower lip quivered. He let go of her arm and instead squeezed her cheeks, hissing, "So who's the father?"

She closed her eyes, stating her answer coldly, "He's not yours, if you were wondering."

"Oh really?" Hidan cackled sarcastically, "Then try explaining why the fucking kid looks exactly like me."

"Don't flatter yourself." She rolled her eyes, shooting him a death glare, "You don't deserve to be his father, you simply…provided your sperm."

"So I AM the little fucker's dad!" Hidan exclaimed, "-" he wanted to call her by the name but realized he didn't even know it, "Er…what's your name again, Sweetcheeks?"

She snorted. "Oh wow, you finally bothered to ask." He shot her an annoyed look, urging her to answer his question.

"Kiyomi."She mumbled, punching his arm, "And don't you dare degrade my son with your foul mouth!"

"He's got a potty mouth too." Hidan frowned, then his voice became dead-serious, "Kiyomi, I do remember me telling you the exact words, 'suck me dry'. What didn't you understand?"

Her face turned bright red as he mentioned that night and those…dirty things he made her do. "I did do that." She licked her lips nervously, "However other than that- we still had sex that night. A lot of sex…so don't blame me for getting pregnant! You…you were the one who was on heat!"

"Psh." It was Hidan's turn to snort, "Don't say it like I was the only one enjoying that night of fucking. You were screaming pretty loud too."

She slapped him right across his devilishly handsome face, instantly leaving a red mark, "Fuck you!"

"Sure," He tasted blood in his mouth, and smirked, "You would like that, wouldn't you? I don't mind helping you remember the pleasures we had that night."

"Stop mentioning that goddamned night!" She screamed, backing away from him, pointing her index finger at him, "Stay away from me and my son."

"I'm afraid that's not gonna work, Sweetcheeks." Hidan licked his lips, "And you do remember the lesson I taught you…the more it hurts, the better. Come on, you want to slap me again? I won't mind. Or we can have another mind-blowing session of fucking. You can choose."

She raised her hand to slap him once again but before her palm landed on his face, he had grabbed her wrist and pulled her over, crashing his lips over hers, bruising her instantly. Her protests were muffled as he forced his tongue into her mouth.

To both of their surprise, she managed to have the strength to push him away, her face flustered as she panted, "Don't ever do that again."

"Then I can do this?" His hand snaked up behind her and under her top, stroking the small of her back, which her twitch.

"Don't." She bit her lower lip, "We're on the street."

"Who gives a fuck?" He rolled his eyes, his other hand squeezing her breast above her clothing. A moan escaped from her lips. Her body was betraying her in the worst way ever.

Hidan took advantage of this: he slammed her against the rock wall and dipped down to bite her collarbone. She groaned in anticipation.

"I knew that was your sensitive spot." He smirked, "But then again, women like everything I do to them." His words cut her mentally.

So he had been having sex with other woman, just like he did years ago with her? Her heart twitched at the thought. She didn't love him or anything…it was only because he was the first and only man she had slept with and the father of her son, but hearing his words made her feel cheap and puny. Right?

"Please stop this." She trembled. He rubbed his thumbs on her erect nipples beneath her top, "Why? You like it."

"Don't." She closed her eyes, "It's not like we're in a relationship or anything, just let me go."

"And that's the reason why we're doing this," He explained, separating her legs with his knee. He tugged on the hem of her dress and it fell down her waist to her thighs. Out of nowhere, he whipped out a kunai and cut the hem of her panties, "No strings attached."

"Hidan, please, no." She shook her head as she saw him unleash his lustful erection.

"Yes, Sweetcheeks. I want to fuck you, right here, right now." He growled, his voice low. A muffled protest came from her throat but she let in, "Do…whatever you want."

"Don't mind if I do." Hidan smirked at her obedience, entering her almost instantly.

"Ahh, I missed the tightness of you." He threw back his head as he pumped aggressively into her, making her bite her lip until it bled.

"Don't want you to hurt yourself." He stuck a finger into her mouth and twirled at her tongue, "You can bite me, I'll just enjoy it more."Her natural reaction was to suck on it, which also made her moans inaudible.

"Sucking sometime's better than biting, huh?" Hidan laughed, lifting her legs so they were wrapped tightly around his waist so he was deeper into her, "I want to fuck you through this wall but you'd probably die. I'm restraining myself." He grunted. She shuddered at the thought of being fucked to death. That would be…painful. But pain and pleasure equaled each other to Hidan.

It began to rain. There was lightning and she had to wrap her arms around his neck to seek comfort. Raindrops fell madly onto the both of them. Others were busy running away to hide from the rain, too busy to notice the two tangled bodies in the alley.

She was shaking at the cold and at his deep thrusts. "How fucking disappointing!" Hidan yelled, exiting her body and making her moan in agreement.

"No worries." He smirked, taking off his cloak and throwing it around her body, exposing his own chest in the rain, "We'll go somewhere else with a roof to fuck." She winced at the word 'fuck'. She hated it. Why couldn't he say things in a more polite, conservative way? Like have sex or make love. But there wasn't love with Hidan, just outrageously raw fucking.

He brought her to a cheap hotel-well, at least they could hide from the rain. He basically, threw the money at the manager's face, hollered and entered the first empty room he kicked open. Throwing her onto the bed merciless, he crawled upon her and tore open his Akatsuki cloak which she was wearing.

"You look sexy when you're wet." He murmured, licking the rain off her face, "I wonder if it's not the rain that got your pussy wet."

She groaned at his crude, sexual words, burying her head into his shoulder, "Stop teasing me, Hidan."

"Aww, shy now, Sweetcheeks?" He snickered, lifting her chin up, forcing her to look into his violet eyes. Her face was flustered and breathing hard, her lips slightly apart.

"So…fucking sexy." He toyed with her breasts, tweaking her nipples, softly and roughly. She wiggled beneath him, letting out satisfied sighs.

"Mmm." Hidan sniffed at the smell of roses from her hair, "You smell just like before."

He entered a finger into her, making her jerk up to his touch, "So wet and tight, just like before, too. Tell me," He pulled out his finger and licked on it, "How long haven't you fucked men?"

"I-" She grasped onto the sheets, "Hidan, I-"

"Hmm?" He stripe down his boxers and exposed his erect cock, rubbing it against her clit, "Just how long haven't you been touched?"

"Since…" She shut her eyes close, "Since you left that night."

"No shit!" He cackled, "Aren't you loyal to your first!" He was still playing around with her sensitive nub, doing everything but entering her.

"Hidan," She sighed, "Please."

"Tell me what you want, Kiyomi." He growled huskily.

She trembled as she heard him say her name, gulping, "I want you."

"Want me to what?" He asked, teasingly.

"I want you to…" She flushed red, "Take me."

"Not the choice of word I'd use." He clicked his tongue, "C'mon, I think you know."

"Fuck me, please." She pleaded shamelessly.

"Gladly." He thrust into her, running his hands from her cheeks to her neck, then her breasts and down to her stomach, "You sure don't' look like you gave birth."

She hated how intensly he was staring at her body, "Hidan-danna…"

"Damn I just love when you call me that, Sweetcheeks." He smirked, grinding his hips to hers. She tossed and turned her head on the pillow, panting as his sweat-or was it raindrops(?) trickled down his forehead. She reached for his face and ran her fingers along the contours of his handsome face. Her gentle action made him quicken his pace. The both of them knew they were reaching their orgasms. His grunts were loud and her sighs sharp.

Her hips jerked up from the bed and her toes curled up as she hit her climax, "Hidan!" She screamed, digging her nails into his back. "Ahh, fuck, Sweetcheeks!" He yelled in approval. The two of them collapsed back onto the bed together. They cuddled for a little while; Hidan fingers drew circles on her back and waist and Kiyomi rested her head upon his shoulder, her hands stroking his chest. The two of them shared the awkward yet intimate moment with silence.

"Do you want to meet him? Your son?" She asked, sitting up, interrupting the quietness.

"What's his name again?"


"Did you name him after me?" Hidan asked with a smirk.

She looked down, blushing madly, "There wasn't any other name I could think of…"

He leaned over and nibbled her on the shoulder, "I like it."


"I liked the sex." He lied.

"Oh." She nodded, but knew exactly what he was talking about. He was glad she named their son after him. "Me too."

"Let's go see him, I'm fucking starving." He threw her her clothes and began dressing.

"Okay." She tried to get off the bed but she was feeling sore all over. She collapsed awkwardly down on the bed with a groan. Hidan rolled his eyes and picked her up bridal style, "I guess I have to carry you." She blushed even harder.

"It's not like I love you or anything." Hidan added.

"I know." She nodded, letting him carry her home.

Of course she knew. There is no meaning of love to Hidan. Even though she secretly wished he understood what it was. Or even be capable of feeling it.

Kiyomi opened the front door to find Himaru standing in the hallway, "Hi mama!" He beamed.

"Hi, little fuc-" Hidan waved but Kyomi's hand clapped over his mouth, "Hi, Himaru."

She gave her son a nervous grin, dipping down to kiss him on the forehead, "Were you a good boy?"

"Mmhm." Himaru nodded, shooting weird glances at Hidan, "What's the meanie doing here?"

"This is Uncle Hidan." Kiyomi introduced, pointing at him, "He came here all the way from Yungakure to visit us."

"I didn't know we have an uncle." Himaru scratched his head, "Mama, who is he? You are lying." "Himaru…" His mother's face was pale: she couldn't possibly tell her son that this…foul-mouthed, sex-crazed masochist was his father!

Hidan was a step faster, "Listen up you little shit, I'm your dad."

"Hidan!" She exclaimed, grabbing his wrist, digging her nails into his skin, laughing awkwardly.

Himaru's eyes were now wide open in surprise, "-what?" His lips trembled, tears began increasing in his dark lavender eyes.

"Y'heard me." Hidan shrugged, "Believe it or not."

"Daddy!" He ran to Hidan, wrapping his small hands around his waist, the child's tears wet his top. Hidan brushed him away, "Er…don't cry, I hate it."

With snot running down his nose, Himaru sniffled, "Okay, daddy."

Not being able to handle the whole 'father-and-son' reunion, Kiyomi took a deep breath, forcing a smile, "I'll go get dinner ready."

"Go do that, Sweetcheeks." Hidan waved her away, squinting his eyes at Himaru, "We have some catching up to do too."

"You really are my daddy, right?" Himaru tugged at Hidan's sleeve.

"Uh, yeah, since I came in your mother."

"Come in mama? What do you mean?"

"I mean, I came in your mother's house." Hidan muttered, not wanting to tell him what he actually meant.

"I was born because you visited mama?" Himaru kicked his little feet under the table.

"Yeah, something like that." Hidan played around with his Jashin pendant.

"What's that?" Himaru piped, pointing at the necklace with the Jashinism symbol.

"A pendant. The symbol is Jashin-sama and his-" He explained then rolled his eyes, "You wouldn't understand anyways."

"It's so cool." Himaru blinked. The kid was taking very much interest in the thing. His innocent violet eyes were making him uncomfortable.

"Uh, you want one?" Hidan asked, fidgeting around in his waist pocket, pulling out an identical pendant, dangling it in the air.

"Yes!" Himaru bobbed his head up and down in excitement. Hidan passed it over to him and the child put it around his neck happily, "Yay, thank you daddy!"

"Whatever." Hidan closed his eyes.

"I'm so glad I got to meet you." His son's voice sounded merry.

"Oh yeah? Aren't you mad at me for not being home?"

"Nuh, uh!" Himaru shook his head, "Mama told me you were dead."
Hidan burst out laughing. Oh, the irony.

"But you're alive!" The boy clapped his hands, "But you make mama sad and angry."


"You keep saying the 'f' word and it makes her think of daddy."

"I am your dad."

"Daddy and mommies are supposed to love each other and marry. My friends all have mama and daddies. They laugh at me sometimes." The disappointment on his son's face made Hidan feel sympathy. A little.

"You want me to go kick their little sorry asses?" He asked.

"See? You are mean, no wonder you make mama sad."

Hidan pushed himself up from the table, striding towards Himaru but accidentally stubbed his toe on a sharp edge, "Fuck!" He yelled. It felt good, but he didn't want to be bad influence on letting Himaru think pain is pleasure. Not yet.

"You said the forbidden word!" Himaru gasped, "Mama will kick you out."

"What?" Hidan snapped, "Your mom just loves it when I do that to her."

"Do what?" The boy tilted his head, asking curiously.

"Uh…nothing." Hidan muttered, ruffling the boy's hair, "You are annoying the hell out of me, kiddo." His son stuck his tongue out at him.

"What's with the racket?" Kiyomi reentered the room, placing plates of freshly cooked rice, pork and vegetables onto the dining table.

"He said the 'f' word." The young boy announced. Kiyomi scowled at Hidan.

"What? You tattle-telling little-" Hidan cracked his knuckles as he saw the triumphant look on his son's face.

"Hidan." She shook her head, wiping her hands on her apron, "He's only six."

"The brat is practically a son of a bit-" He bit his tongue as he saw the hurt look on her face.

"Let's start dinner, alright?" She suggested, pulling out a chair, not looking anywhere in Hidan's direction. She scooped some beef curry and steamed veggies onto Himaru's plate. The boy didn't understand the tension between his parents and complained, "Mama, I don't want broccoli."

She frowned, annoyed. "Himaru, I told you to pretend that it's a little tree. It's healthy for you."

"I don't want to." Himaru pouted, playing around his food with his fork.

Hidan slammed his fist onto the table, "Just eat it and listen to what your mom says."

Himaru quickly stuffed the food into his mouth, chewing on it madly, "Sorry, daddy."

It was then when she saw the Jashin pendant hanging loosely around her son's neck.

Hot tears were increasing in Kiyomi's eyes. She didn't want him calling Hidan, 'daddy', nor did she want Hidan to convert Himaru into his Jashin religion. Himaru was already like a smaller, more-innocent version of Hidan. It sometimes broke her heart to see them so alike.

The family ate dinner awkwardly without saying a word.

Hidan had to admit that her cooking wasn't bad at all, in fact it was really good. She had roasted ribs, which were coincidentally his favorite. He opened his mouth, wanting to compliment her but she stood up rudely, collecting all the empty plates on the table. Hastily, she entered the kitchen and placed the plates carelessly into the sink and turning on the tab of water. She was scrubbing the dishes angrily as Hidan walked up behind her, whispering into her ear, "I'm sorry about what I said before, Sweetcheeks."

She spun around as he continued, "I didn't mean to say that." Tears were on her cheeks as she chewed on her lip, glaring at him. "Are you going to say you forgive me?" Hidan laughed, scratching his neck uncomfortably, not knowing how to apologize.

A weird laugh came out between the jet black haired beauty's lips, making him cock an eyebrow, "Err…Sweetcheeks?"

She punched him in the chest, "Don't give your crazy religion crap to my son! He's only six! Don't build up his hope that his father actually cares for him, because both you and I know you don't!"

Hidan clutched her wrist tightly, almost snapping it, "Don't you dare insult Jashin-sama." She gritted her teeth, but didn't dare talk back to him.

"I simply gave the kid the pendant because he said it was cool." He explained, slapping her cheeks nonchantly, "The boy's got my dirty mouth but your annoying tears. And you're right, I don't give a fuck about him nor you."

Kiyomi choked back a sob, kicking herself mentally for actually having a mere thought that he might settle down with them. How naïve; just like she was six years ago for sleeping with him.

He let go of her, making her fall to the kitchen floor. She was pathetic.

Hidan swaggered out the kitchen, looking for his son. He found Himaru playing with a ball in the backyard by himself, unaware of the argument that took place in the kitchen between his parents.

"Hi, daddy!" Himaru waved, throwing the ball at him, "Play catch with me."

Hidan caught the ball and walked over to him, towering over him, "Nah, I can't play."

"I can teach you, it's easy…" Himaru threw out his arms, "You just pass it to me."

"I mean I can't play. With you." Hidan sighed.


"I have to go." The taller silver-haired stated.

"But you just came-"

"I'm sorry, kiddo." Hidan patted his head.

The child's face twitched, but then a small smile reappeared on his face, "I'm not going to cry, daddy."


"I'll be strong for me and mama." Himaru put his hand on his hips.

Hidan turned on his heels.

"But you are going to visit, right?" The kid's voice was eager.

He shrugged, "Whatever. Bye, kiddo." He went back into the house, where he was face to face with Kiyomi. She had wiped away her tears and a sullen, sick look on her face.

"I guess I'll come around, Sweetcheeks." was what Hidan said before he left.

She didn't expect him to; but at least he knew her name this time.

That was enough.

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