"Wow," The two albinos exclaimed in awe as they step foot into the bakery.

The cake section was quite magnificent; there were about two and a half dozen hand-crafted, exquisite cakes for different events on display. The colors and styles were all over the place: unicorns, cars, sex organs(Himaru had been pointing at a cake shaped as a penis asking what a bachelorette party was; Hidan refused to answer), donkeys(why the fuck would anyone want an ass cake, Hidan wondered)…then the duo set their magenta-colored eyes on one particular cake.

It was obviously designed for Easter-there were four chocolate rabbits, each with a ribbon around their necks. The frosting was pink and white. The layers included cream, pudding, peaches and it was a vanilla flavored cake.

"Ohh…I like this one!" Himaru pressed his little nose against the exhibition glass. Hidan pulled him away, "Me too. Let's get it."

"Hi, I want that rabbit cake. Can you put 'Happy Birthday' on it?" He asked the baker who was smiling friendlily at them behind the counter.

"Of course, sir. We make the best customized cakes in the country." The bearded chef gave them two thumbs up, "It will be ready soon. Would you also like to add a name?"

"Yes! K-i-y-o-m-i." Hidan spelt out the name proudly and paid for the cake.

"Good job, Daddy, you can spell now!" Himaru hugged his father's waist, causing the older albino to smack him again on the head in a playful fashion.

The father and son walked back to the house, taking turns holding the boxed cake.

"I bet Mama's going to be so pleased!" Himaru skipped, his fingertips playing with the ribbon on the box.

Hidan chuckled in agreement, "You bet! Careful with the skipping now, you might trip."

Himaru looked up at his father and beamed.

Oh boy, he loved Daddy so, so much! His 'love' and 'caring' was not like daddies are supposed to be like, but he sure likes the heck out of it!

"Daddy, daddy. You go wake Mama and I'll set the cake up!" Himaru urged, pushing his father's bottom.

Hidan swatted his little hands away, "Hey, that's sexual harassment!"

Tiptoeing into the bedroom, the Jashinist found his lover still fastened asleep, naked under the bed sheets. She was breathing lightly in a soothing rhythm, a few strands of her dark hair fell loosely on her forehead. He could see her cleavage heaving and it made him smile. It was always nice to know he could screw women so senseless they would be so tired!

Hidan bent down so he was at the same eye-level as Kiyomi. He kissed her, suckling gently on her lower lip. She frowned in her sleep, a moan coming from her throat, "Hidan-danna…"

He continued to violate her lips until her chocolate orbs fluttered open.

Waking up, she was face to face with the handsome albino. She sat up slowly, her body rather sore from all that sex, "What is it?"

"Your birthday celebration isn't done yet." He smirked, rubbing her cheeks. Her eyes widened, not being able to believe his words.

"We had too much today, I'm exhausted." She quickly shook her head, blushing.

Hidan cackled, "Sweetcheeks, you're getting a dirty mind too, I said nothing about fucking. I'm talking about having cake. Himaru and I went to get it for you while you were…passed out."

She gulped, punching him on the arm, "Baka! Who said I was…"

"Come on, you don't want our son to wait for you now, do we?" He pulled her up from the bed, "Put your arms up." He instructed. She did what she was told and he tucked a frock dress over her shoulders, "There."

She grinned at his sweet gesture, "Thank-"

Ugh, not 'Thank You' again. "Let's go eat cake, I'm starving!" Hidan cut her off.

"You sit tight." Hidan guided her to the sofa, "Your son is getting the cake. In the meantime…" He plopped down on the sofa and pulled her down onto his lap, "Let's make you pretty."

"You mean I'm not pretty?" Kiyomi asked, consciously.

"Nah, you're gorgeous as fuck." Hidan whispered into her ear, "I just want to put this on." He tied the ribbon from the cake's box around her hair, "There, today's robin blue."

She kissed him on the cheek, awaiting their son's appearance.

"Dun, dun, dunnnn!" Himaru chanted as he carried the cake out from the kitchen onto the coffee table carefully, "Ta-daaaah."

"Oh, Hidan, Himaru!" Kiyomi cupped her face in delight, "I love it. I absolutely adore it."

"I told you, Daddy!" Himaru clapped his hands, planting the candles shaped in the numbers of '2' and '5' onto the creamy cake, "Daddy, go get a lighter!"

Hidan saluted them with a grin, scurrying back to the kitchen once again.

"Mama, mama, look." Himaru pointed his index finger at the chocolate rabbits on the cake, "That's you, that's Daddy, that's me and that's Trix."

Kiyomi beamed, "Aww, that is so sweet and thoughtful of you, Himaru-chan! But how about Mister Carrots?"

Her son tilted his head, "Oh my gosh, I totally forgot! Well, I can break the bunny Trix is in half and Mister Carrots can be his butt or something."

Kiyomi giggled, "Come here." She hugged her son tightly, planting a big, wet kiss on his cheek.

"Ew, mama!" Himaru joined in with a series of giggles.

The family began relishing the fine, delicious cake in plastic plates with plastic forks. All of a sudden, the doorbell rang.

"Oh, I'll go get it!" Himaru put down his plate and scrambled to the door. Swinging open the wooden front door, Himaru demanded, "What do you want, old hag?"

"Is your mother's name Kiyomi?" The mid-aged woman asked.

"Yes, so what?" The boy asked back, rudely.

"May I talk to her?" She asked, her voice very eager.

"But she's celebrating her birthday." Himaru stared at her from head to toe, why the heck was this old lady looking at him with her eyes twinkling? He did know that his hair was styled nicely today, but ew! Maybe she was a pedophile!

"What's taking so long for the kid?" Hidan asked, stuffing another chunk of cake into his mouth. Kiyomi shrugged, giggling as she wiped a bit of whipped cream off his chin. He gaped at her. Smirking, she licked on her finger, simply teasing him.

"You little vixen-" Hidan chuckled, leaning forwards to kiss her but paused when their son ran into the living room.

"Mama, an old hag is asking to see you. She's at the door." Himaru said, frowning.

Kiyomi glanced at Hidan and placed her plate of cake onto the coffee table, standing up, "I'll go see who it is." A weird feeling stirred in her stomach as she walked to the front door.

"Kiyomi-chan!" The woman exclaimed once she saw her appear at the door.

Kiyomi's eyes widened; it was her mother, Noriko.

"What are you doing here?" She asked, her voice monotonous.

"Can't I come visit my old house and wish my own daughter a happy birthday?" Noriko exclaimed innocently, sounding almost offended by Kiyomi's coldness towards her.

"Let me think," Kiyomi pretended by playing with a strand of her hair, then glared at her, "No."

"Kiyomi-chan." Her mother tried.

"Don't call me that." She snapped, "I don't appreciate the fact that you even dare come find me now. I heard you remarried. What about the vows and love you and Daddy shared? Weren't they anything?" Kiyomi then laughed, "Oh wait. They weren't worth much because we were poor after Daddy's death. And all you want is money, isn't it?"

"Kiyomi, I changed, I'm not like that anymore." The middle-aged woman clutched her collar, "Please do believe me."

Kiyomi snorted, "Wow, coming from a woman with a four carat ruby wedding ring."

"Who's the person talking to your mom?" Hidan asked his son, who was now eating cake beside him.

The boy shrugged, "An old lady."

"Did she say who she was?" Hidan asked again, chewing with his mouth open.

"Nope." Himaru kicked his legs, "But she was staring at me like I was a celebrity!"

"Hmm." Hidan rubbed his chin. Maybe it was someone from her past? He'd better check this one out!

Putting his cake down on the table, his son looked up, "Daddy, where you going?"

"To look at our visitor, make sure she isn't troubling your mom." He rolled his eyes. Himaru jumped off the sofa as well, trailing behind his father like a dog.

"Hey, sweetcheeks." Hidan greeted, snaking an arm around her waist. He glanced at the mid-aged woman at the door. Weird, she looked like his Sweetcheeks-just a cougar version of her.

"Who's this?" He asked, kissing Kiyomi's earlobe.

"Nobody." The woman in his arms stated coldly.

A hurt look was written on Noriko's face. She was however, eyeing Hidan up and down, like she was checking him out, analyzing him.

"Who are you?" He demanded, instead of getting an answer from Kiyomi.

Noriko's eyes lit up, "I'm Kiyomi's mother. You are?"

Kiyomi put her hand over Hidan's, her voice abnormally sweet, "Hidan, just go back and eat the cake."

Um, of course he's not an obedient one!

He stood his ground and grinned at Noriko, "Hi, I'm Hidan."

"And I'm Himaru!" Their son popped his head out between his parent's legs.

"Nice to meet you two!" Noriko beamed, shaking hands with them, her eyes glistened as she studied Himaru's face, "I'm your grandmother."

"Hi, nana!" Himaru grinned goofily, running over to hug his new found grandma!

Reaching over to put a steady palm on her son's shoulder, Kiyomi pulled the boy back behind the door, saying icily, "Goodbye, mother."

"Happy birthday, Kiyomi." Noriko said sadly, frowning and pouting, trying her best.

Aww, even Hidan felt bad for the woman.

"Goodbye. Take care." Kiyomi managed to squeeze out something nice.

Looking at her daughter once again, then at Hidan and Himaru with eager glances, Noriko left their house slouching. Kiyomi snorted, slamming the door shut.

"Mama, that was mean!" Himaru whined, "She's my nana, how can you kick her out?"

"Don't call her that." Kiyomi demanded, putting her hands on her hips.

"Sweetcheeks, what's wrong with you? She was a nice lady!" Hidan scolded.

"Since when do you care when people are nice to you?" Kiyomi snapped, a little too defensively. Hidan glared at her in disbelief.

This wasn't the Sweetcheeks he knew. She was channeling her bitch mode today. Sheesh.

"I'm not a fan of you right now." Hidan said, sounding obviously upset.

"Well, gee, sue me!" She rolled her eyes sarcastically, feeling as if she was sixteen again, getting scolded by an adult for no reason whatsoever. "You don't know what she did."

"I don't," Hidan agreed, "But whatever she did, she was just trying to make it right again."

Kiyomi spun around, trembling irately, "Nothing," she held up an index finger, "Nothing will be alright. I will never forgive her. Don't you dare stand here and point fingers at me."

Hidan sighed, "Fine, I give up. Just go ahead and throw a tantrum."

"You don't get it, do you?" She snapped, "She nearly ruined my fucking life, and now she's here to ruin my birthday. I was going to celebrate it with you and Himaru, now look, you're yelling at me! What did I do wrong?"

"I'm not the one that's yelling right now." Hidan shook his head wistfully, pushing past her, setting for the front door. Kiyomi felt defeated tears in her eyes. Why was Hidan turning his back on her too?

"Hidan," She called behind him with an almost inaudible voice, choking back a sob, "I'm sorry."

He closed the door.

"Himaru," She tried, looking at her son.

He pouted, folding his arms across his chest, looking away from her.

Hmph, although he felt a little bad for mama, she still shouldn't have been so mean to nana!

Kiyomi strode back into her bedroom, lay on the bed and buried her face into her palms. She wept silently. They were just having fun in the living room, almost like a normal functioning family, and all of a sudden she has to come. To remind her of her past. She had a lover, almost husband-like and they had a son. They shared laughter and tears. Just like everything was before Daddy died. Tears streamed down her cheeks, thinking of her father's death and mother's change of heart brought back so much pain.

Hidan exited the house, wandering around the streets. He then spotted the middle-aged woman sitting on a bench nearby, clutching her collar with a devastated face.

"Um, hi." Hidan waved awkwardly, "Can I join you?"

Noriko nodded with a smile. Hidan sat down, crossing his legs.

"I'm so terribly sorry for having you to see that." Noriko sighed.

"That's quite alright." Hidan said, understandingly. He stuck his hands into his pockets and kicked at the pebbles on the ground, not knowing what exactly to say.

"You aren't Kiyomi's husband, are you?" Noriko asked, raising her eyebrows.

Hidan let out an uncomfortable laugh, "Nope."

"But you are the father of her son, right?" Kiyomi's mother asked eagerly.

"Guilty as charged." Hidan smiled smugly, "Did you have any other kids besides Kiyomi? I mean, after you remarried and stuff?"

Noriko looked down at her lap and exhaled, shaking her head, "No, never. I only loved Kiyomi."

"Then why did you have to force her into that marriage with Masato or whatever the heck his name was?"


"Yeah." Hidan ignored the fact that he basically admitted that Masato was dead, "He was bullying her and all that jazz."

Noriko blinked, her eyes getting red and sniffled, "I didn't know he was that bad of a person! If I knew better, I wouldn't let my dear Kiyomi-chan marry him from the start!"

"Well, you can't judge people by their book's cover." Hidan said sternly, incorrectly quoting Kiyomi's words when Kakuzu came over for dinner.

"You mean don't judge a book by its cover?" Noriko corrected him.

"Exactly." Hidan nodded his head in agreement, "He won't be harassing her anymore though, no worries."

"Oh? And why is that?" Noriko asked. Jeez this lady has a lot of things to say, huh?

"Let's just say he and I had a little talk." Hidan shot her a dark smirk.

Noriko eyed him in a weird sense, "Oh. Good."

Then there was silence. Crickets chirped and frogs croaked.

Hidan shifted on the bench, feeling extremely uncomfortable.

"Thank you," The middle-aged woman spoke again, breaking the silence.

Hidan looked at her. What was up with the 'Thank You's? Was this a genetic thing? Jeez!

"Thank you for taking care of my daughter. I…I won't be showing up ever again. Just promise me to keep her safe and happy."

"Err…I guess I'll try my best, ma'am." Hidan scratched his neck.

"Good, good." Noriko patted his hand, "I should get going. My husband is waiting."

"Yeah, sure." Hidan shrugged, "You, uh, take care."

"You too. Please keep Kiyomi happy." The woman bowed at him in a polite manner before walking away.

Hidan pursed his lips at the request. Since when was it his responsibility to make her happy? Sure he can give her a good fuck every now and then, but everything's kind of different now, after Kakuzu's 'suggestion' of keeping a distance from her.

He didn't answer. The old hag had walked away already anyway.

"Where's your mom?" Hidan whispered to his son, who was playing with Trix quietly.

"Sleeping." Himaru whispered back, "Daddy, do you think Mama's mad at me because I talked back at her? I feel so bad now."

Hidan couldn't help but crack a smile, "I'm sure she isn't. She's just not feeling well today. You know she loves you." Ugh. What the fuck? Did he honestly just say 'love'? Jashin. He better go rinse his mouth. Yuck, yuck, yuck…fuck!

"You're right, Daddy." Himaru nodded, feeling much more easy and relieved, "I love you too."

'No!' Hidan blinked and smiled awkwardly at his son before hurrying away. What's up with all the love? Shit! Kakuzu was right…because he was so close to them, they love him. What kind of stupid logic is that? Sheesh this pagans.

A Jashinist doesn't need love. No.

Sweetcheeks and he were just fuck buddies, like Mina-chan. They are just a little more 'close' because they have a freaking kid together. That's all.

But remembering the cold attitude his sweet Kiyomi had towards her mother made him worried again. Knocking on her bedroom door, he quietly entered. Climbing onto the bed, he pulled the blanket over the two of them. "Sweetcheeks." Hidan cooed softly.

She didn't respond, just continued to lie there with her back facing him.

He knew she was upset. Sighing, Hidan put an arm around her waist, pulling her towards him so her back was pressed against his chest. She shut her eyes close: tears were ready to roll again. "Sweetcheeks." He said again, snuggling against her.

She had Hidan, she had Hidan, here with her. A smile reappeared between her lips.

Kiyomi patted his hand as an answer. Satisfied with her respond, he kissed her on top of the head, "Happy birthday."

He was so sweet...she wish he was like this every day. Maybe he was just being nice this particular day because it was her birthday. Then she must cherish this current moment. Not dwell in the past but truly live in today.

"Hidan-danna?" Kiyomi spoke, gently and carefully.

"Hmm?" He asked, stroking her hair softly.

"Can I hold you?" She requested, a certain amount of doubt in her shaky voice.

"H'm." He nodded stiffly. He loosened his arms around her to let her turn around.

She glanced at him shyly before wrapping her own arms around his waist and placing her cheek upon his chest. Unconsciously, Hidan put his thigh over hers, his hand on her upper waist. "Thank you." She murmured before falling asleep. 'I love you' was what she meant.

Hidan then caught himself staring intently at her curly eyelashes, which he always loved to kiss-Damn it! Hidan cursed at himself: he just couldn't get his bloody hands off her.


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