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"You want to tell me how the hell this happened?"

Fury stood in front of all of them staring them down.
Agent Hill held a bemused look, and they could see other SHIELD members sniggering from behind their screens and desks. Natasha frowned indignantly at them.
This was no laughing matter; this was a matter of complete and utter urgency and importance.

She felt her long, lank hair fall over her now flatter chest, could feel the overbite in her mouth, as she turned to look at the culprit along with the others.

Loki was tied to a chair looking quite amused with how the situation turned out, and upon being looked at by all the avengers gave a small smile on his now younger face.

"Don't look at me" he said in his smooth voice "If your superheroes hadn't interrupted me during an experiment this wouldn't have happened."

He gestured his hand towards them all, some still looking murderous, some like Thor looking quietly ashamed.
"Right" Fury continued placing a hand on his forehead as if feigning a headache "And what exactly were you experimenting on? Puberty?"

Loki scoffed at the man's joking tone, his now shorter hair falling in front of his eyes as he shook his head

"Age of course" Loki explained as though it were obvious "It was just a mere curiosity I assure you, but one I could not help but test out; the effects of time, and if it could be paused at one point of a cycle. Suffice to say there were a few… ahh…implications when your team, decided to drop in for a visit"

"If we knew what would of happened we wouldn't have attempted it!" Tony Stark shouted at him, Loki simply rolled his eyes "Look at us! We look like the freaking Breakfast Club!"

Tony gestured around at the rest of the group emphatically.

It was true; they had all been changed and formed back into teenagers.

Thor looked thoroughly younger, his muscles were less defined, and there was an adamant change in height. His hair also hung shorter than his adult counterpart had, just above the shoulders. He still had his good looks, which was fortunate compared to the rest of them.

Tony was shorter then Natasha had ever seen him, almost as short as herself. His hair was frizzy but he still had that young charm about him and a number of imperfections on his skin.

Banner was small and thin and vulnerable looking, quite like Steve who had lost all of his super soldier serum in the change and was reverted back to what he looked like when he was sixteen.

Clint remained silent. Though his features were more youthful, he sported a buzz cut and seemed to be taking the situation in stride.

Loki was not as tall as he used to be, a gods youth must have been blissful compared to a humans. His skin was clear and smooth, and his emerald eyes shone brightly along with his raven black hair was tousled from the man handling he had received back to SHEILD's base.

And me, Natasha thought with an inward groan. She had been careful not to catch her reflection on surfaces. She remembered what she had looked like at this age, and it was not something she had wanted to re-experience; small, flat chested, freckles and long red hair which fell limply to her chest. I need to change back pronto.

"I am unfamiliar with that reference Stark" Loki sighed looking thoroughly bored at the proceedings "You have no one to blame but yourselves. Honestly Thor, you should know better than to interrupt me when I'm experimenting, or have you learnt nothing of our years together in Asgard?"

Loki fixed his brother with a small look which made Thor hang his head as though a puppy, being chastised for chewing up a shoe.

Natasha glared at the young trickster, he could not keep the mocking out of his voice

"Change us back!" she growled, the others nodding in agreement "You've made your point, we're sorry, now change us back"

"I can't" Loki said narrowing his eyes at her demanding tone

"What do you mean you can't?" Steve said speaking for the first time, he was small and lanky, a far cry from his usual hulking self, there was slight panic in his tone "If word gets out about this, our enemies will be on us quicker than bees to honey!"

"Can't or won't Loki?" Tony asked crossing his arms and looking at the God with narrowed eyes

"I mean, I'm pretty sure I still have asthma!" Steve continued taking in a deep breath and looking around wide eyed at everyone else "A wheeze. Did anybody else hear a wheeze?"

"Pretty sure my tonsils are back" Banner said feeling his throat slightly bewildered "It would seem we've all been turned into an exact replica of what we were at the age of sixteen"

Loki cleared his throat making them all spin around and glare at him, he fixed them with a small amused smile his eyebrow raised at their states

"I can't change you back" he stated, blowing a strand of dark hair out of his face as he did so "I was simply experimenting and haven't a clue how it turned out well, this way."

A number of them groaned loudly, including Fury who had sat down sometime during these exchanges

"Contrary to popular belief, I don't exactly like looking like this as well" Loki explained through a sigh, flicking his fingers as if shooing away a fly "I have no intention of staying in this form"

"Can you fix this?" Fury asked "With the right materials and resources?"

Loki snorted "Hardly, but I wouldn't worry, if my calculations are correct the spell should wear off in a matter of time"

There was a sigh of relief exhaled from all members of the Avengers

Fury however remained sceptical "How long?"

"Days, weeks, maybe months" the trickster said wearily, looking up at the ceiling "at this point it's unclear as to when. Magic can be, unpredictable"

"Months?" Natasha almost shrieked, pulling at her hair "I can't look like this for months! I'm going on a mission in Prague next week!"

She felt Clint pet her back consolingly, Fury shook his head slowly

"We'll need someone else to take your place, seeing as your incapacitated"

"Taking my place?" her eyes grew wide, nobody had ever taken her place, she was the top agent around here. "No, no, no! I'm still lithe, I'm still a spy, I haven't lost my training!"

"Pepper isn't going to sleep with me like this" Tony muttered to Bruce who gave a small smile

Fury sighed "Sorry Romanov, but you really aren't suited at the moment for the job, being undercover will be a lot harder when you look like Anne of Green Gables"

Natasha almost stamped her foot like a child in fury, she looked at Clint who gave her a small sympathetic smile.

"So what?" Tony asked Fury who looked away from Natasha who was still fuming "Now that we're teeny boppers, what do we do now? Sit around the mansion all day eating pizza and watching movies?"

"I was under the impression that's what you always do" Fury retorted raising an eyebrow "In fact I think there's a mission that might just be down your alley, looking, well, how you look"

Agent Hill moved away, before returning shortly with a thin file and passing it over to Fury who placed it in front of him on the table.

"I was going to send in an undercover spy, just to scope out a couple of disappearances, but this may be a better option" he explained rifling through the papers "A number of girls, in adolescence have gone missing, I want you to find out where they are going, and what is happening to them. This mission will also saves me from having to explain to other authorities why the Avengers are suddenly a group of sixteen year old brats."

Natasha frowned, hoping with all her heart that he wasn't about to suggest what she thought he was getting at. Realisation had started to dawn on a couple of the others' faces.

"And where is this mission taking place?" Thor asked obliviously not catching on "What place would be in need of six adolescent beings?"

Fury gave him a small smile as though thoroughly enjoying himself at their obvious discomfort "Pack your bags kids, you're going back to high school"

There was a silent moment of panic as the words sunk in.

Natasha felt her eyes go unusually wide, and her head was starting to shake in disbelief. She was glad to see she was not alone in this, Tony and Steve looked as if they were going to be sick, Bruce and Clint remained expressionless, Thor and Loki, not to Natasha's surprise, looked oblivious.

"I am unfamiliar with this high school" Thor said slowly

"Lucky you" Steve muttered "Asgard must be a swell place if it didn't even have school there"

Loki frowned, and it was then Natasha realised that he had managed to get out of the ropes tied around him, and sat quite comfortably in the chair
"Thor and I were princes of Asgard. We were tutored separately in the palace"

"Home schooled, gotcha" Tony said with a smirk "Yeah I had that after I was expelled from my fifth school. Good times. I need a drink"

Fury gave a bark of laughter "You're underage now Stark, the only thing you'll be drinking is water from corridor water fountains."

Tony's face fell at this "No alcohol? Are you mad?"

Fury ignored him turning on Loki who looked up quite amused, placing his hands up in surrender "I'm calling temporary truce, I'm sure you would benefit from my expertise at this school of High, and frankly I'm curious to see what you pathetic mortals call an education." Loki stated looking pointedly at the Avengers "As soon as the spell wears off we can go back to our sparring ways none the wiser"

"Fine Loki" Fury growled at the dark haired teenager who smirked up at him "Just make sure you don't kill a gym coach or something"

Loki nodded innocently, placing a hand on his chest as if he had been offended "I promise"

Thor beamed at his brother, who did not return it and Natasha groaned loudly, face planting on the table in front of her.

There was no use arguing, she would have to get used to the idea of returning to the dreaded mash that was high school.

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