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"Why?"What have I done?

why doesn't mommy come for me,Tsuki's momma finally came and picked her up?And Suzuki got a new momma and says demons don't have parents.

A small blonde curled up in a corner of a dirty alley with tears at the corners of his eyes hicupped as he mumbled in his one saw him as it turned dark,if they did they'd just keep the small bundle as he cried out because this chibi blonde as none other than Naruto Uzamaki,The Demon stopped crying in public when that old lady walked off as a big kid started beating him until his silver angel pulled him than the old man and his newest secretary angel-san was the only one who was nice to him. some times he'd even dream of living with his angel,like all the oher kids at the today was a new dayas he woke to the sitting sun,Konoha painted in yellow and orange shrowds covering up the ugly parts with deep mesmerizing shadows.

Today's the day I find her,he smiled stars reflected in his ocean walked to the gates of kohona waiting under the guard station,the moment those doors opened he was he waited and waited for what was becoming forever until a couple of civilian merchants came to the gate and yelled out.

"Open up!"One of the guard ninja flayed about finally standing up enough to see the couple of civilians going out."Right"he huffed elbowing his companion stood straight up and looked about ,eyes finally settleing on the now sweat dropping civilians waiting for the gate to open the doors opened the tiny blonde hidden from sight the civians had made it through with there bags he darted past as the door sneeked behind the on he thought,you're already this far,can't give up a deep breath he shut his eyes forcing the rigidness out of his frame,and breathed out a warm feeling growing in his got his courage enough to dodge into the woodsoutside the village at night were strange and unfamilar,every shadow an enemy ninjaa breaking twig a vicious monster waiting around for little,blonde, shook slightly as he advanced through the ,went a twig his hearing hyper sensitive,a thump resounded,a cold feeling edged over him,a whistle was heard in the carresing wind at his god!

the whisle,the snapping twigs,sudden chill,it had to be a..a..a

"Ghost! he shrieked.

He ran straight through the woods jumping over logs and into bushes that lest bloody scratch marks and ripping his clothes.'Thump'Naruto fell on his eyes trailing up a long figure of legs the there was a stomach and a chest until he came to a was an angel's creamy white skin and lavendar fear that was running through his viens propelling his heart faster eased,his body relaxed.

"Angel-san"She bit her lip and her eye brow furrowed slightly."You're beautiful."He looked awe blushed for a moment,then it faded,a smile growng on her lips.

"You're quite cute yourself chibi-chan,she gave a large smile now."

"Hey,I'm not a chibi!"He cried indignant at the acussation.

"Says the one looking up to speak",she smirked.

"You're an-n illustration"!he quipped

"I'm a picture in a children's book?"

He shook his head excessively,"nah-ah your a look pretty but you aren't cute at all."

She gave him sorrowful eyes,"you don't want to be my friend then?"

'friend?'she wanted to be his friend!nobody wanted to be his friend,especially adults ,but she wanted him to be,and she seemed smiled a bit he had used so many big words talking to his new friend,he was proud of himself,but his friend looked sad...and it was because of something he had said!Oh kami!

He glomped at her kimono,"I'm sorry angel-san!he cried tears running down his whiskered cheeks,I want to be your friend,you are cute!I'm sorry!"he rubbed his face in her laughed,it was rich and wonderful,probably the best laugh he had ever heard,it was also familiar somehow.

She patted his head,"it's ok Naru-chan,and' she leaned down whispering in his ear I think you're cute too."She patted his head.

"So we're friends?"he looked up hopefully and was met with a nod on a serine face marred only by a smile.

"You bet and one day the best of!",she chuckled as she mussed up his hair ,straying wild sunshine, yellow spikes everywhere.

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