Ok, as always I own nothing except for marlena. This is the sequel to 'Just a kiss in Hollywood' so if you haven't read the prequel, please read it first.


Marlena Destler sat on her bed, three different voices rang in her ears, but their message was the same. How'd her life get into this huge mess? What had started off as casual relationships had turned into feelings that she couldn't decipher.

First, was Paul Conrad. Her first fiancée that had died overseas and then made a miraculous reappearance. Everyone expected their engagement to be back on. Her once passionate feelings had been altered into feelings she couldn't quiet decipher. Though he had proposed, he'd made no attempts to win her heart back with the other two men in her life. If anything, he seemed to take her for granted. As well he should, their engagement hadn't been broken; she was still bound to him. She even had his ring still

Second, Michael Knight. Her co-star and all of her Hollywood producers expected them to marry. Lost of other Hollywood fans followed their romance in people magazine. But his temper scared her. She wasn't even sure if his love was real or was it inspired by all the articles about them. At times, she thought it was just because of the romantic way they'd acted during the film they did together. Yet, there were those moments that made her wonder.

Third, Ronan Kenton, the photographer who followed her everywhere she went. His services had been helpful more than once. No one knew about their romance and he knew her just as well as her other two. Maybe even better. However, being a reporter she wondered if he was just after a scoop. Yet, he was possessive of her. He claimed that he was merely looking out for her, but there was more to it than that.

Her feelings were muddled, all three men were good and she was now being forced to choose between the three.

What had caused all this to happen? Life had its way of playing its cruel little tricks. But this was the cruelest.

Which man was right, who's love was true? She'd sworn off love and had managed to attract three men.

Here she was in the dark with no idea how she had gotten there. She closed her eyes and reflected on all that had passed in the last year.

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