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Chapter thirty-four

Two years later,

Marlena floated in the pool, eyes closed, soaking up the sun, listening to Gloria Esteban sing "I'm not giving you up" and wondering when Ronan was going to get back. The sun beat down on her face. A huge splash of water startled her.

She sat up to see Ronan casually standing there with his camera around his neck. "what are you doing here?" He was back two days early from a week in New York.

He grinned, "Looking at you."

"is that so?" She grabbed the water filled ball and threw it at him. It hit him square in the chest. He took his camera off and set it on the nearby table. He threw the ball back and it hit her square in the heart!

"why you!" she declared as she grabbed the ball and scrambled out of the pool. She couldn't help it, she started laughing and ran at him. He caught her around the waist, he picked her up and spun her around in the air.

He pulled back and looked into her eyes for a minute. "I missed you."

She nodded. "I missed you too."

He slowly leaned forward and looking for a hint of encouragement from her. He got it. She leaned closer and waited for that magic moment. He kissed her on the mouth and she inhaled. The world spun and she gripped him tightly and parted her lips slightly. He held her close as she ran her hands through his stiff brown hair.

She heard him groan from within his throat as his lips caressed hers. His hands gripped her body tight. Moments that seemed like hours, but he eventually pulled away. She stared into his dark brown eyes as she slid her hands down his chest. She could feel his heart heavily rapidly under her fingertips.

He cleared his throat uneasily. "I'll find you a towel." he pulled away from her and walked briskly to the pool cabana wiping at the water on his business suit.

She leaned against a nearby palm tree and tried to regain her composure. Her mother came out of the house with two iced teas. "Hello. I trust Ronan found you?" She could only nod. "Good."

"Belle?" Erik said as he came out of the house with little Melody. "Where'd you put that Raggedy Anne doll?"

her mother frowned. "On the table."

Ronan came around with her towel. She met him halfway and smiled as he wrapped it around her shoulders.

"I trust the meeting stayed on a G basis?" her father asked.

"No sir." Ronan said. "Definitely almost a PG-13."

She blushed as her father scowled. "Boy."

"But I intend to amend that tonight. She'll be moving in with me."

Marlena dropped her iced tea in shock. "Excuse me? I am not!"

"Oh yes you are!" He said grabbing her around the waist and pulling her close. "You are."

"Are the two of you aware that I am still present?" her father trumpeted.

Ronan ignored her as he reached into his pocket. "I promised myself that when the time was right I'd place this on your finger." He opened up a ring box and held it out to her. "but I also promised myself that when I did, I'd be bringing you home with me that very night. I don't wanted to spend another day without you by my side." Tears puddled in her eyes at the tone in his voice. Undoubtedly the worst proposal, but the most sincere and loving. "Please, will you marry me today?" She blinked and he added. "Everything's arranged, just say the word. Please, marry me?"

Marlena nodded. "Yes."

Ronan pulled her close and hugged her as her father objected. "You two can't get married now!"


"I'm kidding, there's a wedding to plan."

"Daddy," She said leaning into Ronan's side. "I just want a simple wedding. Just the family together."

"What about a wedding cake?"

"All ready bought a nice little one." Ronan pointed out. "There's only seven people."

"And the wedding dress?"

"I'm getting married in mother's." She filled in. "It's a perfect fit."

"What about your honeymoon?"

Ronan shrugged. "All ready arranged. A flight to Ireland tomorrow."

Marlena walked up to her dad and smiled sadly. "Daddy, you're trying to stall. I'll always be your little girl, but, it's his job to watch over me now." She touched Melody's little hand. "Here's your princess, she'll make the parting easier. Please, your blessing on us today?"

Her father studied her before turning to belle. "Don't stand there, we've got a wedding to get ready for!"

Two hours later,

Marlena's hands shook as she got out of the car, smoothing her mother's simple elegant wedding dress. Her father turned and shook his head. "You're crazy."

"I'm in love."

"Same thing." She pouted a little and he laughed and hugged her. "Just the way I feel about your mother. You look just like her. He's a lucky man."

"I'm the lucky one."

"He's lucky that you love him so much or else I'd have beaten him to death."


"Well…he's stealing my baby princess." She saw one tear dribble under his mask. "You can't blame me for being upset. But….he's good for you. stands up for you and unlike me…doesn't let you walk all over him."

she sniffled and hugged her father close, inhaling his familiar smell of mint. Her mind briefly fled from the wedding to the two men who had been in her life and how their roads had changed for the better since then.

Ronda and Paul, they were constantly breaking up and making up, but their relationship was getting stronger. Paul, his relationship with his parents was back to normal. Ronda, she quite the movies to become a model which infuriated Paul greatly. Marlena wasn't sure what the future had in store for them, but she hoped that the sun would come through clouds for them soon.

Michael, had continued in his Hollywood lifestyle, until he met this waitress, Heather, in a top restaurant and he'd backed out of his chair, knocking her down and sending salad all over her. She didn't recognize him, in fact, she'd never even heard of him before! Michael was slow in catching on when they bumped into each other. Then, after weeks of begging her to go out with him, she called the police and the whole truth came out. Like the world, she couldn't figure him out, and she agreed to go out on one date. But that one date wasn't enough to satisfy him, he fell deeply in love and he'd fought his addictions to alcohol with her by his side. Once, his life was collected, he'd married heather and vanished for a whole month!

Now, they were expecting their first children…twins. Michael had slowed down to spend more time with his wife and his popularity was dropping slowly. He wasn't renewing his studio contract again, he was going to settle down and find a nice quiet job for a change.

"Marlena?" her father asked, his voice breaking through her thoughts. "Are you ready?"

she looked up as Ronan turned around to face her, the pink Christmas lights hanging from the gazebo reflected in his hair. His eyes brightened and he inhaled deeply, before walking to the edge of the gazebo. Mien Lien and Marcus secretly squeezed hands behind his back. Her father always had a close eye on the two of them, both were still very young and still in love.

Marlena gripped her father's hands and nodded at him. "I'm ready. So ready I'm tempted to just run up to him."

Her father studied her with a smirk. "What's stopping you from doing it?"

Marlena glanced at him before giving him a quick kiss on the cheek. She gripped her skirts and ran right up to Ronan! Ronan laughed outright as he held out his arms for her, she happily jumped up into them.

He pulled back and looked into her eyes. "Hello beloved."


"Be mine forever?" He murmured quietly.

She nodded. "Yes. I will."

They turned back to the minister and the sun set behind them as they exchanged their vows. Her heart beat with joy, love, and anticipation for the years ahead that would be full of turmoil, heartache, love, joy, tears and laughter.

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