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Rido Kuran repeatedly tapped his long graceful fingers on his desk. He had been revived earlier than he had planned on. If that was the case this situation wouldn't bother him so much. But it wasn't just that his subordinate had hurried his plans that was upsetting the Pureblood. It was the blood used to revive him.

The blood had come from his nephew, Kaname. And that little fact had grinded his plans to a halt. By simply "donating" a small vial of his blood, his dratted nephew had derailed the majority of his plan. This delay was compounded by his frustration with the cryptic message that the boy had had delivered as well. Ten years ago he had attacked his brother and sister with aims to get the little girl they had spawned.

But his wretched nephew had, despite not being allowed to kill him, severely incapacitated him to the point where he had to wait ten years to be reawakened. But the girl had died tragically that night and what little records that had existed of her had been destroyed. So what on earth was Kaname planning? Why had he aided in his resurrection? Why was he giving him hints and sending him in the Senate's direction?

Rido smirked darkly as he stood, his long dark trench coat billowing behind him as he walked smoothly out of his office. There was only one way to get the answers he wanted. It looked like he would be paying the Senate a surprise visit.


Rido had taken the Senate by storm, leaving each one incapable of moving against him. His blood whips shot from his fingertips, shredding through Nobles and Aristocrats that were unable to defend themselves both because he was a Pureblood and it was a crime to attack a Pureblood vampire and because they had spent so long sitting on their asses and arguing that their skills in any abilities they may have had had long since rusted.

Blood rained in the chamber. It splattered on the walls and ceilings, covered every surface. In no time at all Rido stood in the center of the room bathed in blood, not a drop of blood on him. He dragged one finger across the blood soaked wooden podium and brought it to his lips. His tongue darted out for his first taste of fresh blood since he had reawakened.

It was pure bliss. The taste of fresh blood, blood from powerful Aristocrats and Nobles was euphoric. He wanted nothing more than to indulge himself and lick all the blood clean, if only for the amusement of the confusion it would cause whoever was sent to investigate, but Rido was here for a reason. He needed to locate whatever it was the Senate had on little Yuuki-chan.

He found the girl's file with ease. Blood covered lips curled into a dangerous smile as he skimmed through it. So her memories had been erased and the girl had been sent to live with that once hunter pacifist fool. Stealing her away would be a simple task now. Then Juri would always be at his side. Nothing would keep her from him.

The other boy adopted by Cross caught his interest as well, for it wasn't often twins were born to vampire hunters. He could definitely use this boy. Rido's eyes darkened as he continued to read on the Kiryu boy. Apparently his family had been killed by his arranged fiancée Shizuka Hiou. Rido had never cared for the pale haired, pink eyed, too calm Pureblood that was given to him as a consolation. He only wanted Juri, and Shizuka would never be her. But Yuuki on the other hand.

His blue and red eyes narrowed. Shizuka had bitten one of the twins, the one also attending Cross's farce of a school. While it would make it even easier for him to manipulate the wannabe vampire hunter, Rido hated sharing, even if he never wanted Shizuka in the first place. He was a greedy vampire and he did not want her attention to be on anyone other than him.

Rido's dangerous smile turned cruel. He could deal with Shizuka and get the foolish hunter boy on his side. He leisurely strolled out of the Senate chambers, new plans already taken form. Kaname had probably hoped he would take the bait and that the Senate would deal with him, or that he discover there were no files on his precious sister, but his plans had backfired. He had been reborn early with the blood of the Pureblood Ancestor, and with that blood he was stronger than ever. He had decimated the Senate and found not only the file on Yuuki, who he couldn't wait to have at his side forever, but he found the one on the Kiryu boy as well. And his hate would serve Rido's purpose well.

The over three thousand years old Pureblood closed the resplendent mahogany doors behind him. Had his mind not been clouded by his blood lust he would have noticed that the files he found weren't as colored and faded as decade old pages should be.

But Rido didn't notice. All the Pureblood could think about was how much young Yuuki looked like his Juri and how he would soon have her back.


Kaname found his beloved Yuuki waiting for him when he returned from class, sleeping uncomfortably hunched over in his chair at something she had been working on at his desk. He lifted her gently, taking note of the various books detailing vampire politics that were laying open on the desk's surface, and softly settled her in his bed. He brushed his hand down her cheek, kissed her forehead lightly, and slipped noiselessly out of the room.

Ever since he had unintentionally revealed his plan and his true intentions to her, Yuuki read fervently, book after book about the never ending manipulations, sneaky maneuvers, underhanded games, nefarious selfish self-serving reasons, and insulting flattery that comprised his society's politics. More often than not, it was more corrupt than the human government.

But it wouldn't remain that way much longer.

Everything would change when he took over as King. With Yuuki at his side as his Queen, the vampire society would undergo the dramatic changes it needed to survive. With the Olde Ways returned, the vampires would flourish.


The vampire in question faced the doorway of his bedroom where Yuuki stood, yawning cutely and rubbing sleep from her eyes. His desire for her, both her blood and her body, had never been so intense as it was then. His eyes darkened as they roved over her rumpled school uniform and disarrayed hair. She looked so incredibly sexy with no effort that it blew his mind away.

The brunette human girl crossed the sit on the couch beside her lover, resting her head in his lap. She cuddled against him, reveling in the feelings that swirled inside her whenever she was in his presence. Being by Kaname made Yuuki feel safe, protected, loved, wanted, needed, special, and so much more.

"Ne, Kaname, I heard earlier that all 46 vampires on the Council had been slaughtered. No one knows who is responsible."

Kaname could tell that Yuuki wasn't just repeating rumors. She was asking if this was his move, if the destruction of the Senate was his doing. He nodded slightly, confirming her theories.

His love gave a small nod of her own in recognition and said no more. Instead she grasped on of his large hands in her smaller, slender ones. Wine colored eyes burned as they met chocolate brown. Words didn't need to be spoken for Yuuki to understand that Kaname's plan was moving along smoothly nor for him to know that he still had her full support.

Kaname pulled her into a sitting position in his lap and kissed her passionately and ferociously, leaving Yuuki gasping for breath when the vampire and human broke apart. Yuuki rested her dark head on her lover's shoulder. "I love you," she murmured, eyes fluttering close.

The Pureblood smiled, basking in the feeling of her love. He wanted to enjoy while he could, still uncertain as to how Yuuki would react when his secrets were all revealed and she learned that she was his sister, his descendant, his fiancée, a Pureblood Vampire Princess meant to be a Vampire Queen. Kaname kissed the crown of her head, long arms snaking around her waist to pull her closer to his chest as he whispered back his own "I love you."

It was stronger than love. His Yuuki was his world. He lived for her. He had barely survived on the few visits he had made after she had been transformed into a human. It had killed Kaname to not be at his betrothed's side at all times. She just wasn't safe without him there to protect. And that was especially true after Rido attacked and their mother had Yuuki forget ever being a vampire. She was weak as a human, having to depend on and rely on others to protect her.

But Kaname was the only one that could ever fully protect her. That was why he was doing all this. So they could be together. Kaname loved her. He never had any doubt that he loved her or that Yuuki loved him back. Kaname's only fear was that she would leave when she learned the truth, taking his heart with her.

The vampire's eyes once more looked at the chessboard. The pieces were being moved. More and more as each day passed. The game was reaching its critical point. All the pieces had been gathered. Kaname knew Rido's next move would be to infiltrate the school. With the files he had planted, it was guaranteed that Rido would try to convince Kiryu to aid him by offering to give the boy Shizuka. One drink from her and the vampire vampire hunter would be safe from ever falling to Level E status. Then Kiryu would be indebted to the Pureblood, and Rido would take advantage of that, either killing him to increase his own powers or using Zero to get at Yuuki.

But, any way the dice were rolled, the result was the same. With him, Yuuki, Kiryu, and Shizuka already at Cross Academy, it was only a matter of time before Rido made his move. And when he did, Kaname would have every advantage.

Kaname moved a bishop resembling the Pureblood Shizuka Hiou diagonally three spaces. With a declaration of "Check," he carried Yuuki back into his bedroom and readied for bed. By the time he awoke Rido will have made his move.

Then it would be time for Kaname to implement the last phase of his plan.