I drum my fingers nervously on the table. Otani-kun has been gone for much too long. He should have been home from work ages ago. I can't understand why he's been gone so long, and why he isn't answering his phone. I want him to call, just to hear his voice. Just to know that he's alive.

My phone startles me as the familiar Umibouzu ringtone starts to play. Getting over my initial surprise I flip the phone open and lifted it to my ear. "Hello?" I ask tentatively, hoping to Otani's voice on the other end.

"Risa!" Nobu's voice shouts out of the phone, she sounds frantic.

"Nobu," Her name pops out of my mouth in surprise.

But I doubt she hears it, because she's already loudly rambling in the same frantic tone. "Darling, oh Darling – Risa, you've got to come, Darling and Otani-kun...oh Darling..."

"Nobu, what's going on?" I demand puzzled but rising to my feet sensing the urgency of the situation. I rush to the door, where my jacket is hanging, and slip it on while attempting to make sense of Nobu's noise.

"Oh Darling, Darling," She keeps muttering as if that will somehow fix everything.

"Nobu," I try to cut through her outpouring of words, "At least tell me where you are, so I can get there, and not stand around my apartment uselessly."

Suddenly the line is quiet, Nobu is abruptly alert. "Come to the hospital dear, there's been an accident, Darling and Otani were there."

My blood ran chill. The hand holding my phone begins to tremble. "I'll be there soon Nobu."

Terror races through me as I race towards the hospital. As my feet pound against the pavement, our wedding vows echo through my mind. I want you forever, forever and always, through the good and the bad and the ugly. We'll grow old together. Forever and always.