Sunlight startles us awake the next morning. Nobu yawns loudly across the room, and begins shaking Heikichi, "Darling," She chants softly, "Darling." She seems to have forgotten why exactly he's lying there so motionless.

I stand and go to her, putting a hand on Nobu's shoulder.

At the touch she seems to recall everything that's going on, whips around wraps herself tightly around me, "I just want my darling to be alright!" She wails into my shirt. "How are we supposed to fulfill our dreams and grow old together amongst them if he's like this. I love him, even like this, I love him, but I want him the way he was."

Awkwardly I try to think of an appropriate and hopefully comforting response, but my mind is staying infuriatingly blank.

"Tell him," Otani pipes up suddenly.

"What?" Nobu sniffles, peeking out from my shirt.

Otani stands up by the side of the bed. "Tell him; I've heard that his situation can still hear the things you tell them, even if it doesn't seem like it." I stare in surprise at Otani, normally he doesn't think of such romantic things. He's usually much too oblivious to even consider that sort of thing.

Nobu nods determinedly and lets go of me. She clasps Heikichi's hand tightly. "Darling," She whispers leaning close to his ear. "Come back to me Darling, we have so many things left to do, a house to own, children to raise, love to give to each other." She tugs on his hand, bouncing a little. "Come back to me Darling!" She collapses over his chest sobbing.

My heart aches and I wish there is some way that I can help Nobu through this, but I know that the only thing that will really make it better is if Heikichi wakes up.

Abruptly the beeps on the monitor seem to change. Otani and I stare at the monitor and even Nobu lifts her head in surprise. Moments later a soft groan is emitted and floats through the room.

"Darling!" Nobu shrieks excitedly, wrapping her arms tightly around Heikichi's chest.

He groans again, but now his eyes flutter open and a smile flits across his chest. "Nobu," He whispers. His hand lifts slowly and weakly ruffles her hair.

"Darling," She repeats, too happy to do much else but cling to him tightly.

"I heard you. It woke me up." He whispers almost hoarsely. "But just remember, I'll always love you, forever and always."

"Oh Darling!" Nobu gushed.