He Will Be Loved

A Renier Laroche Love Story


"No matter what happens in life, be good to people. Being good to people is a wonderful legacy to leave behind." – Taylor Swift


"Dr. Morgan, where are you? We need you to tend to the patient on Cot 29!" A frantic voice called out to me.

I sighed, grabbing a pair of purple latex gloves, and my matching stethoscope, hurrying over to see what the problem was. My assistant, Clifford, was waiting for me with panicked eyes.

"He's not breathing!"

I pursed my lips, doing a quick scan of the patient from head to toe. He was soaking wet, no doubt just saved from drowning. "Have you tried CPR?"

"And Heimlech. Nothing seems to be working." If possible, Clifford sounded even more worried now. If the situation got worse, he would no doubt be hysterical…again.

"How long has he been like this?"

"About a minute and a half."

I nodded, becoming all business like. I knew how to deal with patients like him. Really, it was just a normal procedure. It was a shame really. It just showed how much better we needed to teach individuals to swim around here. "Get me the paddles."

"The paddles?" Clifford's voice was incredulous. I winced, hating the amount of time that he was wasting. In an emergency situation like this, we couldn't afford to lose time when it was running so precariously out of our hands. "You're going to shock him? He's not dead!"

"No," I agreed. "But it should startle him enough for him to start coughing, and then we can get the water out. The paddles are our last chance."

Clifford hesitated. "Dr. Morgan are you sure that this is a good—"

I cut him off before he could finish. "Clifford, just get me the goddamn paddles! I've done this a thousand times before!" To say that I was exasperated by his lack of faith was an understatement. We were in the ER for crying out loud. We had to be creative in our terms of saving people, otherwise many would have died already in our hands.

A few seconds later, Clifford had come back carrying a pair of shock paddles. I instructed him to turn it to the correct voltage before turning to the patient and placing the paddles on him—one placed vertically under his right collarbone, the other one level with his lower ribs.


The patient jerked on the cot, but nothing happened. I furrowed my eyebrows, worrying that he could have passed beyond the state of revival…but I decided to try again. If there was one thing I learned in my job, it was to never quit unless the situation was entirely hopeless. I placed the paddles on the victim's chest again.


Another spasm, this time accompanied by a series of hacking coughs. I held my breath as the patient bolted upright, hacking up sea water like it was the end of the world. Clifford placed a bin under him, and he retched into the can. I wrinkled my nose, turning my head away. Gross. Yeah, I had definitely seen worse, but still…It was not like I enjoyed the sight of someone spilling their guts out into a trash can. It might've been normal, but it was still disgusting.

After the patient was done, I placed a hand on his shoulder, offering him a smile. "You okay sir?"

His eyes flashed over to me, tired and bloodshot. It didn't matter too much though. He was bound to get rest after his recent episode. "Yeah," he croaked out. I could barely hear his voice from the damage the sea water had done to it. I motioned for Clifford to hand me a couple of anti-biotic pills and a glass of plain water. I wasn't sure if he had swallowed any toxins, but it was best not to take any chances.

"What happened?" His brow furrowed. I immediately back tracked, placing my palms up. "If you don't mind me asking."

His frowned. "Nah, it's alright. My boat just overturned…"

I nodded solemnly. "Ah, I see. Yeah, I'm not really much of a swimmer either. I haven't been in the water since I was three—not even to the pool. I'm deathly afraid of drowning."

Clifford came back again, handing the pills and the water to the patient—who grimaced, but still swallowed it. I gave him another smile. "Alright, I want you to take the rest of the day to rest, do you hear me? In fact, just sleep it off. You must be tired after that whole ordeal. But right now, everything seems to be in order. The antibiotic should help, it'll make you drowsy in about 15 minutes. If you have any weird symptoms such as vomiting, or diarrhea, please don't hesitate to come here again, as you may have a serious, but not-so-rare condition." Great, I sound like a medicine commercial.

He nodded. "Thanks Doc. I appreciate your help. I don't know what would've happened to my family if I had…passed." His voice started getting emotional towards the end.

I felt a pang of sympathy in my chest as I leaned forward and squeezed his shoulder, giving him a gentle smile. "Hey, no problem. It's my job to save people. I'm glad I had the opportunity to give you another chance." That seemed to make him feel slightly better.

After saying a quick goodbye to the patient, I peeled off my gloves and headed to my small little corner at the side of the infirmary. It wasn't really an office, more of a…well, I really wasn't quite sure what it was, to be honest. Maybe just a place to keep my belongs or something, I suppose.

I took off my stethoscope, placing my hands on my lower back and stretching backwards as I let a yawn slip past my mouth. Today was already way too long, and way too exhausting for me. I couldn't wait till my shift was over.

"Nessaaaa, you're late!" a voice whined from behind me. I jumped out of my skin, quickly grabbing my stethoscope to use it as a weapon if needed. Yeah, healers didn't really get weapons. Unless you counted ODing on pills. But that didn't usually take affect for at least a couple of hours so…

"Ansel!" I exclaimed, looking at the lanky, and slightly awkward guy with irritation. "What did I tell you about bothering me on my shift?"

"Not to. But that doesn't matter," he smirked, pointing at the clock. "Because your shift technically ended 30 seconds ago."

I let out an annoyed sigh, running a hand through my ebony locks. As much as I hated to admit it, he was right. My shift already had ended. The smug look on his face told me that he knew he was right as well. But as soon as that annoyance came, a sudden realization hit me. My shift had ended. Sudden, pure joy escalated throughout my system. I was free.

It wasn't like I hated my job or anything…It was just that it was so, I don't know…stressful? Hectic? Exhausting? Yeah, maybe that was it. I was kept on my toes for nearly ten hours every day. At first, it was fun. I got to tend for the wounded, have them appreciate it, etc., etc. But now, the days seemed to blend together as I saw the same repeated incidents nearly every couple of hours.

Oh no! Joe forgot to look behind him! He got stabbed in the ribs! He needs immediate surgery! Or, Shit! I didn't realize where I was going, and I just stepped onto the metal part of a rake and it impaled my balls! Can I have an ice pack please?

Honestly, for a bunch of Seekers, sometimes we could be a sad bunch. But these were the kind of people you had to deal with when you were a healer like I was.

But fortunately, I didn't have to baby sit anymore of these people today because my shift had already ended. Now I could go and relax, maybe shower to get rusty smell of blood off me, or get some coffee to help repel some of the drowsiness that I was feeling. Yeah, a shower and coffee certainly did sound nice…

"NESSA!" I snapped out of my thoughts, staring at Ansel with a dazed expression. Was he talking? Oops, I must've missed that.

"Huh? What?" Yeah…definitely not sounding real intelligent at the moment there, if you noticed.

Now it was Ansel's turn to sigh. "I said: we're running late. We need to get to the Haldis outpost quick so we can meet Tess there. I promised her that you'd help us sort seeds for spring planting. We badly need some."

I groaned. "Ansel! You know how I hate being volunteered without knowing! Why couldn't you ask Bryn to do it? I need some time off after my shift!" Okay, so maybe I was sounding a little whiny, but you would be whining to if you had been volunteered for a task that you didn't know about right after seeing enough accidents to last for a life time. Honestly, all I wanted to do right now was to sleep.

Ansel's face immediately grew sullen, and right then and there I knew that I had said the wrong thing. Crap. "Bryn's out looking for more Guardians with the rest of them. Besides, I think that she's tired of hanging around just a lowly regular old human like me." The last part he mumbled.

I sighed, resting my hand on his shoulder. He immediately shrugged it off. My face softened. "Hey, you know that's an insult to all us lowly regular old human beings right here, right?" He didn't even bother to dignify my answer with a response. I sighed, making my voice gentle. "Ansel, you can't help what has happened, okay? It wasn't your fault, and there's nothing that you can do to go back and change it. Shit happens, but life goes on. You just need to hop back on the ride and find out what course it'll take you next. Who knows, maybe you'll like it better than—"

"Don't," his voice shook with silent hurt and fury. "Don't you dare give me that stupid little pep talk."

I frowned, a little miffed by his reaction. Stupid? Pfft. Thanks buddy. "Ansel…"


I pressed my lips together, but let it go, knowing that I'd only make the situation worse by bringing it up again. Ever since the others had found Ansel and brought him here a couple of weeks ago, he had been locked up inside himself with self-hatred, refusing to make contact with the world. I had only learned recently that he used to be a Guardian, and he had lost his wolf after being tortured by the Keepers some time ago. I heard that losing your wolf was like losing a part of yourself, and I could only imagine what sort of hell Ansel had gone through—especially now, since his sister and pack mates were still joined to their whole selves. The amount of emotions he must've been feeling: rage, jealously, hopelessness…it would be able to drive even the strongest person insane. I felt bad for him, I truly did, but it wasn't like he could go back and change what had happened. What was done, was done. He needed to move on.

A week or two after his coming, Ansel had come to help volunteer at the infirmary, and I was there to train him. I don't know what was it that made him suddenly come out of his shell, but he seemed a lot more animated when he was with me. When Tess came to pick him up again to leave, he even seemed a little reluctant to go. We became fast friends soon after that.

I had really thought he had gotten over the incident by now. Despite how foolish of an idea that seemed—even war veterans still had nightmares from battles that they had fought nearly forty years ago—I couldn't help but hope it would be true. I had selfishly thought that hanging out with me would help him move and forget, that being human wasn't a curse that would pop out of your mouth whenever you saw it. I thought I had taught him to live again.

But I hadn't. The cold truth was staring at me right in the face. Ansel hadn't moved on at all. In fact, he seemed to be even more sensitive about it.

I bit my lip, letting out another sigh as I worked my features into another gentle smile. "Hey An? What I said earlier…I've changed my mind. I'd love to help you and Tessa sort out the spring seeds. In fact, just to make you happy and on time, I'll stay in my work clothes. Sound good?"

He let out a little nod of his head, almost indecipherable if I hadn't been looking at him clearly. A genuine smile appeared on my lips as I looped my arm through his. "Come on, let's go."

I might've not helped Ansel move on, but I sure as hell knew how to make him feel better. Maybe moving on was an idea that I had been hoping to happen too soon. Maybe Ansel had to find true happiness inside himself first before he planned on moving ahead.

But if there was one thing for sure that I knew, I was going to accompany him every step of the way, not leaving his side like his "Guardian friends" had. Someday, he would move on, and then I would finally get that relaxing day I had been hoping for.

Hey guys! For those of you who had read I'd Lie, this is the full story of what is going to happen between Vanessa and Ren. I decided to delete I'd Lie, because I really hated the way I had written it and everything. But honestly, you haven't missed much if you haven't read it. This has the full story, that was just a song fic.

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NOTE: This story is inspired by the song She Will Be Loved by Maroon 5. Honestly, it's my favorite song by them, and I think that it kind of fits Vanessa and Ren.

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