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A Rewarding Day

"Wow strange guy he says pokemon shouldn't be confined to pokeballs but there he goes with his pokemon in a pokeball" Cheren scoffs.

I shrug "there's no need to worry he seemed nice anyways".

"Trainers and pokemon help each other out" Cheren reminds me before looking at the time on his watch.

"Listen I'm going on ahead, I want to battle the gym leader in the next town" Cheren informs me pushing up his glasses slightly.

"I aim to battle gym leader after gym leader; it's the best way for a trainer to become stronger is to challenge gym leaders in each area".

I roll my eyes "I know that Cheren I'll be along soon".

Cheren smiles before heading off toward route two. I went back to the pokemon centre and got Hikari healed up even though she wasn't hurt that much. I heard that there are trainers along route two so I want all my pokemon in top condition.

I wandered around the town a bit talking to people and listening to what they had to say one guy gave me a pokeball free of charge, Bonus ^^. Then I headed out toward route two passing through a sort of gateway that can be found between many of the routes.

I passed through the gateway smiling at a lady wearing a blue dress and hat with pink ribbon she nodded and smiled back as I walked past. Route two is a lot like route one.

It has lots of trees on either side of the trail and large patches of long grass. I found a potion just lying around it hadn't been used yet so I saved it for later. I turned around a corner and a short boy wearing mostly orange clothing leapt toward me.

"Hey there pokemon trainer, I trainer Jimmy challenge you to a battle" he yelled sending out a Patrat level 7.

"Ivy time to battle" I shout releasing Ivy from her pokeball she glares down the Patrat who is obviously lower levelled than her.

"Patrat use Bite" the youngster instructs he should know better.

"Dodge using your vines" I tell Ivy who smacks the ground hard with her vines lifting off into the air.

Patrat misses and Snivy lands right on top of Patrat's head wiping its behind several times with her vines as it cries out in surprise before fainting promptly. Patrat is defeated and recalled by youngster Jimmy.

"You're really strong" he praises me handing over 112 poke for my win.

This is why really strong trainers become rich and famous. Every time you win a battle the loser has to fork over some money, which isn't good if you lose a lot that is. I continue along the route training Ivy up to level twelve then switching her with Hikari.

We stick around for a while finding a pokeball and potion on a rock ledge un-used. We continue to walk around training until it becomes late afternoon and the sun is beginning to set.

I stayed on this route for the soul reason of catching more pokemon but I couldn't find one single Purrloin. This was frustrating because I really wanted that cute pokemon N had.

N... ah I've got a good feeling about N I think we'll become great friends and rivals too. I am just about to enter Striaton city when I hear some-one calling my name "Kage wait". Bianca runs toward me tripping on a stick and face planting.

She sits up quickly though "Kage lets battle" she yelled jumping to her feet.

"Hi Bianca" is all I managed to say as Bianca sent out a Lillipup level six.

"Ready or not here I come" Bianca called pointing at Hikari "Use tackle".

Lillipup charged at Hikari who didn't really seem to care, she had grown to level eleven now. "Dodge with dig" I instruct and Hikari disappears underground in a cloud of dirt.

Lillipup stops its attack and looks around in confusion then starts sniffing around for Hikari. "Now attack" I say and the earth begins to tremble.

"Lillipup move quickly" Bianca yells at the confused puppy which might I add was extremely cute with a confused look on its face. Hikari bursts out of the ground throwing the Lillipup into the air.

When Lillipup hits the ground it has already fainted, one hit KO.

Bianca returns Lillipup to its pokeball "You did a great job" she tells it sweetly.

Bianca sends out Oshawott "Ok this little one is up next" she cheers.

I recall Hikari who is disappointed at the least "Aww I want to keep battling I can take all of her pokemon on anytime" she complains somehow boasting at the same time.

"I know" I whisper to the pokeball "but Ivy should get to battle too besides Ivy has a type advantage" not to say that I needed it or anything.

"Ivy you're up next" I shout as Ivy appears, blinks narrowing her eyes once her gaze rests on Oshawott who waves his paw at Ivy like they are not in the middle of a battle.

I think that Oshy has taken on some of the less useful traits of its trainer. "Fight and win" Ivy hisses at the smiling pokemon. She is beginning to talk a bit more now that we know each other a little better.

Of course she still has a quiet nature, "Use Vine whip" I tell Ivy who's vines sped toward Oshawott knocking it over.

"Quick Oshy stop those vines with water gun" Bianca yells hoping from one foot to the other and flailing her arms around wildly. Oshawott cheeks fill with water, which then is sent flying into Ivy knocking her and her vines away.

Bianca cheers "Now use tackle" Oshawott charges at Ivy head down.

"Ivy get out of the way" I yell Ivy simply steps to the right letting Oshawott run right past her tackling a tree stump instead.

"Good now vine whip at close range" Ivy's vines appear once again whipping Oshawott multiple times in multiple places.

Oshawott collapses in dead faint. Bianca returns Oshawott then lets out a big "WOO-HOO you're one tough cookie Kage" Bianca laughs slapping me hard on the back. I wince "Ah thank-you I think".

"I'm gonna work hard on training my pokemon so we won't lose anymore, next time we'll beat you" she screams running off into the city so my only reward for that battle was a sore back.

Ivy and I look at each other with concern.

"Bianca is funny" Ivy states coolly crossing her arms and squinting to see Bianca's retreating figure.

"Yeah she is" I agree. I walk into Striaton city just as the street lights are beginning to light up.

I find the pokemon centre easily and check in for the night. I am directed to the mess hall by Nurse Joy who is apparently the older sister of the Nurse Joy in Accumula town.

She told me that there is a Nurse Joy at every pokemon centre and that they are all related in some way. Anyway I had a large dinner only just realising I skipped lunch, oh well.

All four of my pokemon ate a bowl of pokemon food as well after being healed by Nurse Joy. Nurse Joy then gives me the key to a room on the second floor which has its own bathroom, washing machine, drying rack, television and balcony. Apparently its first come first serve in a pokemon centre and I got one of the best rooms.

Though there aren't many other trainers staying here I guess it's because of the speech that team Plasma guy did, Ghetsis I already don't like him and I've only met him one.

People have freed their pokemon from their 'oppression' so there are not many trainers here. I release my pokemon and practically let them run wild in the room which I locked to make sure then don't escape and cause havoc.

Lillipup chases Ivy around on the floor, Patrat is sitting in the highest place possible (atop the television) looking over the room and Hikari is already asleep. I have a shower and change into my PJas remembering that now I have to wash my own cloths so I do.

I watch television while I wait for the washing to be done so I can hang it. Like that my first day as a pokemon trainer has ended and what a day it was I'll never forget it that's for sure.


There's another chapter for you

All the trainers on the routes that I talk about are actually real trainers and do have the pokemon I say they do

So it's almost a walkthrough of sorts

and those items Kage finds you can also find those in the places I told you as well

I admire Bianca I really do

How she never seems disappointed to lose

Even though it seems to happen to her frequently

She must be used to it already

Anyway I just have one more thing to say

Review to an arthur

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Weed to a drug addict

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