This chapter actually follows on from the previous one but can be looked at as a separate story. It is left to the readers own interpretation at the end.

Chapter two- Steps

Ebony was a tall, thin girl with long lanky legs. She had dark brown hair which is where she got her name from. Her skin was well tanned and her cat like green eyes shone out from deep hollows. It was not only her shinning eyes that made her appear cat like but also her nimble movements and sharp flinches at any sound. She usually wore her hair up in a ponytail with a bright green hair tie, having her hair up accentuated her long, thin face.

She had been hanging around the bay for a while dawdling, pacing back to the rail and leaning out looking across the bay. The wind blew in her hair and the sun was blotted out as grey fluffy clouds rolled across the sky. She shivered slightly as the wind gave a gusty blow and she wrapped her arms around herself clinging to her black leather jacket which was not warm enough against the gusty blow. She wore a bright neon green t-shirt underneath and black skinny jeans with a studded black belt and worn down black leather ankle boots.

Anwen watched Ebony's movement's through the CCTV screens. The computer screen lit up her pale face and highlighted her hollow cheeks and sunken eyes; she was not aged but very thin although not frail for she had strength within. Her shoulders were bony but wide and they heaved up and down as she sighed. Anwen punched a button on the computer and it shut down. Now the Hub was pitch black and Anwen clambered amongst the rubble and trickling water and out the cog wheel door swiftly.

The wind began to pick up and Ebony gripped her coat tighter but she did not want to leave the falling light and breathed the sea air in deeply. Suddenly all fell silent around her and the sounds of ambulances and police cars blotted out and chattering people disappeared and instead Ebony honed in on to a pair of footsteps. The footsteps were coming closer to her, directly behind her but they were casual and a light step however they were determined. Ebony tensed as she anticipated a hand on her shoulder but none came, instead a girl came to the rail beside her. The girl was thin and pale but as she tossed back a copper strand a smile spread across her face.

Moments passed in silence, not passing a single glance and awkwardness built up between them. Finally Anwen broke the ice "Hi, I'm Anwen!" she said with a Welsh accent and offering her hand to shake. Ebony shook her hand cautiously with a confused look, she had never met this girl and why was she talking to her she should get away quickly. She whispered a frail "I'm Ebony."After a short pause Anwen began "I've seen your work, very impressive." This left Ebony even more speechless. How could she know about Ebony's job as a Runner, which was supposed to be the job with the highest security level?

Ebony mulled over where she could have slipped up. What part of her missions had been unsecure? Runners were a race of high class spies of alien origin. They can run so fast that no one can actually see them. They can travel across the world in seconds bringing other agents special messages. Not only this, but they have special super powered computer brains. They can work out the hardest of codes faster than the speed light travels and have the ability to work out the measurements of objects to the nearest decimal place just by looking at them. What part of her complex brain could have miscalculated something?

This strange girl continued to smile at Ebony, almost starring as if she was reading her mind. Meanwhile Ebony's mind ticked frantically and then Anwen interrupted her thoughts "I could give you a job where your skills could be very useful." So Anwen was still keeping Torchwood going or at least trying to start it again and she had kept to the rules by protecting aliens and not torturing them but all that was unknown to Ebony and she questioned "Who are you?" A panicked look crossed Anwen's face as she bit her lip lightly, Torchwood was meant to be secret. "See that water tower there?" she said pointing to the large sculpture "Well under there is the base of a secret organisation, it was called Torchwood, but it's kind of collapsed, so we, well I'm recruiting new team members! Interested?" This speech sounded very much like one Jack made when he introduced Gwen, Anwen's mother, to Torchwood and offered her a job there. Ebony was dumbfounded and struggled to utter the words on the tip of her tongue, was this really the Torchwood? But being an experienced Runner the words formulated in her mouth "Show me, I don't believe you." She finally said confidently.

Ebony peered around the Hub dimly, she tried to interpret what was hidden in the darkness but all she could see were dark lumps and sharp corners, silhouettes in the darkness. But as Ebony converted to night vision, she could see computer screens with masses of tangled wire leading from them and they traipsed along the floor like broken spider webs. Could this really be the great Torchwood her race had heralded over centuries was this really the previous base of the solider down in history as Captain Jack Harkness.