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Wes walked over to David who was leaning back on his chair behind the council bench, playing Cut the Rope on his iPhone.

"Why is Kurt rocking back and forth?" Wes asked, pointing at the countertenor that was curled up in a ball in the corner of the room, rocking with Blaine kneeling next to him, trying to console Kurt.

"Is he on a rocking chair?" David said and didn't tear his eyes away from the screen.

"I'm starting the meeting, stop acting like a six year old," Wes said, sat down on his chair and bashed Alice his gavel against her basher… thing.

"This Warbler Meeting is now in session. We have decided that sophomore member Blaine Anderson and junior member Kurt Hummel will be doing the opening number. Candles by Hey Monday. Then we will move onto Raise your Glass by P!nk which Blaine will solo, finishing with Misery by Maroon 5, also performed by Blaine. We will now-"Wes said but stopped, hearing a loud slurp from the back of the room.

Wes cranes his neck and sees Nick and Jeff both slurping large slushies, watching Kurt rock back and forth, the countertenor staring at the cup with a petrified look on his face.

"Nick, Jeff! In the Warbler Rule Book, page 12 clearly states no drinks apart from water are to be consumed during a meeting! You're breaching the rules!" Wes says and points at the thick leather-bound book. The two boys just sit, slurping and staring at Wes. Wes knew no one has read the book apart from himself and Nick and Jeff, but they only read it so they can break the rules.

"It's not a drink, it's crushed ice. Ice is a solid. Drinks are liquids. So we are technically eating. AND ice is made of frozen WATER! So it's allowed," Jeff called up.

"Urgh, fine. Just be quiet and stay away from Kurt," Wes ordered.

"I'm getting that boy a paper bag," David said and pulled one out of the gigantic pocket on their blazers, walking to the rocking boy.

"Okay everybody, we'll practise Misery first. In positions," Wes said and everyone began to clear a space in the middle of the room.

The backing music played and then Blaine began to sing. As soon as he started there was a slurp. Then another. Then another. It was really just a continued slurp.

"NICK AND JEFF TAKE YOUR DAMN SLUSHIES OUT OF THIS ROOM BEFORE I CHOKE YOU WITH THEM!" Kurt screamed, causing everyone to stare and Blaine to stop singing. That was unusual, Blaine never stopped singing. He even kept singing when there was a fire drill happening.

Nick and Jeff just shrug and put their slushies on the table.

"Just ask," Nick said and Wes got Alice.

" ." Wes muttered to them and bonked both of their heads with Alice the gavel before returning to the song.

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