The blue alien came forward sadly, and began to speak, "I want to help you stop that superpowered guy. I created him, using DNA from Metro return everything as it was before. I was tired of "playing" the Evil Overlord, and I wanted everything to come back as when Metro Man was still alive."

"So I extracted his powers, and for a casualty I have infused them into this man. I also trained him to be a true hero, but I had not realized that he wasn't the right type. And only now I realized that he is dangerous, and so I must stop him. After that you can arrest me, but now I need your support to stop Titan," he ended up looking sadly at the wet floor with the rain, which soaked both of them, creating a sense of sadness in the heart of the alien.

The warden came forward, and covered the couple with an umbrella, putting his hand on the shoulder of the blue alien.
"I believe in Megamind's words! Let him do that and then we would look at the situation. And I shall follow him, to control him, if it's ok with you," he said authoritatively.

At those words, the agents lowered the guns, and drew back.

The prison warden wasn't one of their seniors, but he got enough authority and knowledge of the alien to make them obey.

The genius pulled up his head, to watch the prison's warden, which was almost a fatherly figure for him, even if he would not have admitted it…for the moment.

He thought back at the first years of his infancy, and at that after it, and sensed a wave of affection for that man.

"Thank you for your trust, warden. Really. After all those hellish year that you passed for my fault, I was convinced that you was the first to want to cuff me and drag me by force in my cell," the alien affirmed, smiling warmly, and then snickering.

The gray-haired man grinned, and he had a mischievous sparkle in his eyes.

"Well, the temptation was strong at the beginning, but after hearing your discourse, I have really trust in you. And I want to come to see you in action. I knew that you wasn't really evil, and this fact demonstrate it!" he affirmed sincerely.

Megamind watched him facetiously, shaking his head, and making a half-smile.

"But then, if you knew that I wasn't bad, why did you continue to remind me that I would always be a villain, and I would never leave the prison?" he asked curiously, raising an eyebrow.

The warden laughed at his question.

"Well, let's say that it wasn't exactly my idea to keep telling you those things. Did you ever heard of reverse psychology? It was all an idea of the prison's psychologist. I wasn't very convinced, but the doctor was him!"

The alien gaped at him and laughed, not an evil laugh, or a forced laugh, but a genuine laugh, like someone who had fun.

"And the psychologist really believed that I would fall for something so elementary?" he asked happily, pointing at his giant head.

The prison's manager laughed at that answer.

"You're right, and in fact I was perplexed too. Apparently it took the love for a woman to make you change your mind, huh?" he ended up watching Roxanne, smiling up his sleeve.

The brunette smiled foxily, grabbing Megamind's arm.

"Apparently yes, and I'm happy with that. Even if we must talk about some things," she said watching mischievously the alien, finishing in a semi-serious tone.

Megamind blushed, turning purple both for the warden's affirmation, and Roxanne gesture.

"Mh…well, maybe it's better going. First at Roxanne apartment, and then at the Evil Lair. Minion, come here, there isn't nothing to worry now," he transmitted at the ichthyoid with the watch.

The reporter and the manager chuckled at his reaction, and they waited the car.

Then they mounted up, and Minion was surprised to see the warden.

"Warden! Are you coming too? Well, if the Boss is comfortable with that, I'm too!" the aquatic guardian affirmed happily.

Minion takes very little to be happy, and seeing his ward behaving like that made him extremely happy.

The warden seated himself in the front, while the couple on the rear of the car.

Roxanne saw the gun used to infuse Hal with Metro Man's powers, and she moved it with caution, sitting next to Megamind.

The blue alien told to Minion to go first at Roxanne's apartment, and he went toward the condominium.

Then Roxanne and Megamind entered it, scaring Carlos, but the reporter calmed him down, saying that was all ok, and that she would explain everything later, that now they didn't have time.

The south American nodded, shocked, but assured himself that if there was no problem for Miss Ritchi, he would wait and would not try to obstruct them, because he was also afraid of the alien's reaction.
They went to the apartment, and when they entered, Roxanne gasped.

Apparently, Hal went there, and destroyed everything. The furniture was all thrown around, the restroom was unusable, because he had tied up the pipes, and there were burns all around, probably caused by laser beams.

Even Megamind was shocked, and blamed himself for this too.

"Oh, gosh, I'm so sorry, Roxanne. Even this is my fault. I would repay you of all, I promise you!" he declared seriously.

Roxanne smiled at his gentleness and cares about her.

"Don't worry. Like I've said before, it's also my fault. And besides it's not your fault, if Hal is a complete idiot, and he isn't capable to manage a refusal from me. Now wait, I will see if I have something more comfy to wear," she affirmed, massaging the part of the arm not covered by spikes, to comfort him, and going toward her bedroom.

The alien basked in the attention, smiling blissfully, happy to be accepted by her even like that.

The reporter entered into her room, noting that even that was destroyed.

She made an angry expression, clenching her fists and grinding her teeth, and then she searched for something to wear.

She found a white tank top, and a pair of gray track pants that were comfy and good to wear.

She looked outside, and saw that the rain has stopped, so she wore only those clothes, and a pair of white sneakers.

Then she went outside the room, with a sulk expression, and Megamind noticed that.

"What happened? No, wait, don't tell me: Hal destroyed your room too. He would pay for that too! I promise! Was also the last thing I would do!" he affirmed resolutely.

Roxanne smiled, going toward him. When she was near him, she gave him a kiss on the cheek, making him hold his breath, and blush madly.

"Thanks, dear. And I hope that it would not the last thing that you would do. Not now that I want to know you better. Now it's better going, what do you think, Mister Shy Guy?" she asked with a small smile, and mischievously sparkling blue eyes.

The alien sighed dreamily. He wasn't definitely used to this type of positive feedback, especially if it was Roxanne who administer to him, and he was happy to hear her saying that she wanted to know him better.

"Eh…ah…yes. Better get going. I have no idea of what he could do that idiot with the powers he has. I tremble only thinking about," he said seriously, sulking.

While the couple was in the apartment, Minion and warden Hudson talked about some things.

The warden really believed in his special inmate's redemption, because Megamind would take him to the Evil Lair.

"From what I see, even you are happy for your ward's switching position, right, Minion?" the prison's rector asked at the ichthyoid.

Minion was lost in his thought, even if he heard the question, he didn't answer straight away.

"Yes, I was never been convinced of that "villain's destiny", but I never expressed myself, because my philosophy was always: "if Sir is happy, I'm too". We had this discussion only now, because of Miss Ritchi. I thought that what he was doing – pretending to be someone else to be with her – it was very wrong, but I had not counted that he was really in love with her."

"I was convinced that it was only another of his abstruse plans, but I was wrong. Now I'm very happy that he wants to redeem himself. Mh…I hope that you take into account those things too. I think that he would suffer, if he should go to jail, now that he has finally reached the love and discovered what is his purpose in life," he said, smiling.

Gordon nodded, and said, "I don't understand this thing about being someone else, but I'm sure that Megamind and Roxanne will tell all at the police, when this thing would be over. And don't worry about your boss; I wouldn't put him in prison again. I always knew that this was his "destiny", and I intend to do all the possible to help him to fulfill his dream. And for what I saw, I think that Miss Ritchi would suffer, if he would finish in jail again, or I'm wrong?" he finished with sparkling eyes, and a mischievous smile.

The ichthyoid smiled openly, hearing him saying those things.

"Oh, thanks, warden! I think that he would be happy to hear those things, and I think too that Miss Ritchi would suffer."

In the meanwhile the couple was down again, and they went into the car, and Minion drove toward the Evil Lair.