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Month X, XXth Day, 2006

Mystery Space.

"We've been drifting around in here for a while, huh?"
"Yeah. When are you going to get us out of here, anyway?"
"I've been thinking about it on and off the whole time. I guess we could try hacking into their seal again, but you said that it was pretty strong, so it didn't seem like a viable option."
"Well, the chances that I'll be able to crack it as I am now are pretty slim, seeing as my body is kind of half-solid."
"I'd give you back the part of your power that you're missing if I didn't need it to move freely in this space, you know that."
"How did we even get in here again?"
"Well, after we beat Mikazuchi, we got all sorts of weird looks, followed by everyone with a drive pointing it at us. I don't really remember what happened after that."
"They probably sealed us up. That would be a logical conclusion after you took in some of my power to beat the ghost that happened afterward to a blood pulp."

Suddenly a green seal appeared, with Daichi walking through the shogi door that appeared as a result.

"My, my, what do we have here?"
"A Toujinshi that doesn't know what the fuck is going on and his half-solid Shikigami partner who's not quie sure either. You wouldn't happen to be able to get us out of here, would you? More importantly, where are we?"
"You're kind of in your own drive right now. It's located at Riku's house. specifically, it's being kept in your Drive holder right next to his Drive."
"What's happened since I was trapped in here?"
"Well, it's been about a month since then."
"Great. So are you going to break me out of here now or what?"
"Oh, right."

A screen appeared in front of Daichi, much to his surprise.

"Well, I'm not used to seal hacking, so it might take me a bit longer."
"We already tried to brute force it. That's how the area ended up like this. Now that you've mentioned that we're in the Drive, I'm willing to speculate that we're in quarantine."
"That's about right. Did you set a password to anything?"
"Yeah. I'll transfer it over to your screen now."

A screen popped up in front of Rikari, before closing and opening up in front of Daichi.

"Right. I'll try this."

A few minutes later, Daichi managed to crack the security. Rikari and Sentsa left with him, materializing in the real world, Rikari searching his person for his Drive while Sentsa was laying on the floor.

When he'd deduced that he couldn't find it, Rikari turned to the group of Riku, Yuuma, and Daichi.

"That wasn't very nice of any of you to just lock me up in my own Drive for over a month. You're lucky that I had stuff in there to do for some reason, or else I might not be so tolerative. Moreover, where is my Drive?"
"Erm, you kind of materialized from it."
"So it vanished in the process?"
"Pretty much."
"Then this might be driven by thoughts, so I'll just try undoing it this way."

As Rikari said that, his armor that he'd gained dematerialized, his normal clothing reappearing, along with his human body. His Drive materialized in front of him, still having the new form it'd taken during the fight with Mikazuchi, promptly being sheathed in Rikari's Drive holder in a stylish fashion.

"Well, that settles that. Now then... What happened that you two are suddenly siding with eachother?"
"That would be my fault."

Daichi raised both his hands.

"I kind of interrupted their fight and tied both of them up before forcing them to help unseal you."
"Did you do that before or after they told you that they'd sealed me up?"
"I kinda half-knew about it. More importantly, since you've been stuck in there for so long with practically nothing to do, did you come up with anything else on how to remove the Byakko Shikigami DNA from me?"
"Ah. Yes, about that. I think we're going to need to either synthesize you a drive, or release you from a contract."

And then an injured Yakumo fell out of the shrine, clearly internally bleeding.

"But it seems we have an injured guest. I'll explain the rest of my theory later. For now, we need to get him back to the house. Would you mind helping us out by taking him there, Daichi? I'm going to the store to get some medicine to help with that. Riku, you're comming too. As for you, Yuuma, you're with Daichi. Don't even think about leaving, either."
"Wait, what? Why do I have to stay?"
"Because you sealed me up in a metaphorical jar for a month without considering that I'd passed my sanity roll. Besides, you're a good opponent and I want a chance to spar with you without getting myself or Sentsa killed."

And so Rikari dragged Riku to the store.

On the way, they ran into Ryuji.

"Rikari? I thought you'd moved away!"
"No, Ryuji. I was stuck in a metaphorical jar for a month or so."
"Um... Okay."

Later, at Riku's house.

Rikari sighed. Yuuma was still complaining about having to stay around.

"I still don't understand why I have to stay here..."
"Again, because you decided to go along with sealing me up. I still haven't seen Rangetsu complaining, so I don't think he gives two shits, so stop complaining."

At which point Rangetsu materialized, yawning.

"Actually I was napping."
"What, no 'Sorry for telling Yuuma to seal you up without checking on your sanity, do you want consolation services, or something like that?'"
"It was all Kogenta's idea actually. I couldn't sense and malicious intent from you."
"Okay, well you're off my list of people to bitch at then. You two still aren't allowed out of my area of perception, since the chances of us getting attacked are pretty high if Utsuho actually DID get out like Masaomi said he was going to."

And then a Youkai slammed into the front door, bouncing off the glass.

"Speak of the devil and he shall come."

Rikari held out his drive.

"Shikigami! Sum-"

Daichi quickly intercepted Rikari's drive by throwing the front door open, bisecting the Youkai before comming back inside, looking quite satisfied, humming part of a song that he'd said was called Shiroi Fuyu when Rikari'd asked afterwards.