Title: Patterned Paper Moon

Summary: This cannot be happening! No, no, no! I refuse. The last time I saw the nukenin, we'd been trying to, for lack of a better phrase, rip each others' heads off. Now, he's decided to butt in on my mission. Oh, if only I wasn't pretending to be a pleasure slave. And if that's not bad enough, they want me to serve him. Ha! That is so not happening. Do I look like I have a death wish? No, sir.

Verse: Anime/Manga with no particular timeline in reference to the actual story line.

Main Characters: Naruto and Sasuke. Sasu/Naru pairing. Yaoi. Don't like, don't read. This story is pretty intense like that.

Disclaimer: I do not own Naruto or any of its characters.

Warnings: This story is set in a very sexually charged atmosphere. If references to minors having sexual relations to adults, human trafficking, opiate usage, or unorthodox bedroom play disturb you, you have been warned.

Patterned Paper Moon

Chapter 1

Meeting the eyes of your enemy

When I accepted this mission, I knew risk I would be putting myself into. I knew of sacrifice I might have to make. I knew it was very likely that I would be degraded and used before accomplishing it. Hell, I even knew that it would take time to complete, about a month they told me. What I didn't know was quickly and how easily everything could go to hell just because of one miscalculation. No, it wasn't even a miscalculation. There should have been a zero percent possibility of this happening.

But, that's just my life, right?

I remember, well, walking into Tsunade no baa-san's office to find her hunched over her paperwork with an empty bottle of saki discarded to the left side of her desk. Her eyes are bloodshot, and I can just smell something is off. It's in her posture, in her breath, in the way her honey brown eyes look at me with traces of alcohol and emotion glittering in them. I can't tell if the expression is a result of over-drinking or over-crying or a combination of both, but whatever it is it's enough to put me immediately on edge.

"Naruto," she slurs only slightly. "I have a new mission for you."

I want to grin cheekily at her; go through my usual comedic antics for whenever she's been drinking. They always manage to make her smile at least a little bit, but something tells me now is neither the time nor the place.

"Naa, naa… What is it, Baa-san?"

"But before I give you this mission, there is one thing I must ask you."


"Naruto, are you a virgin?"

Anything I might had to say, gets lodged in my throat, and I sputter at the unexpected question. Of all the things for her to ask.

"Th-that's none of your business!" I shout, pointing a finger at her.

"I'll take that as a yes then."

I spit and stutter at her before crossing my arms across my chest and pouting to the side wall.

"So what if I am! It's not my fault I hardly have any time to actually pursue a relationship around here."

Tsunade sighs at me like that's hardly an appropriate excuse. But it's true! Between the war and training and missions and training and catching Sasuke and training, I don't have time to be flirting around with, well, anybody really. I mean, I flirt with Sakura all the time, but that's just like trying to flirt with Sai. Even if the ink nin did somehow manage to figure out what the hell you were doing, you'd still never get a response back. And with Sakura. Haha, most I can even hope for is a punch to the gut. Or the head. Or both, depending on her mood.

"I was afraid you would be. Damn it, now I can't tell them you are unfit for the assignment."


"This mission requires a virgin, specifically."

"But I'm sure there are plenty of people around-"

"Are you saying you don't want another mission?"

"Iie!" On the contrary, I've been bored as all hell here, having to sit tight while everyone and their dog (and I'm not kidding on that one - think about Kiba and Akamaru) were sent on missions outside the village without me. "I was just saying."

"The council has expressed a profound desire to see you follow this mission through. I tried to argue against them, but they were quite adamant."

"Baa-san, what is the mission?"

She extends the scroll out to me and when I take it, it's almost with relief that she drops her hand. As though she's glad to have it off her dest.

"You are being sent to the southern continent. You have one month to carry out your mission before a team of ANBU are sent to retrieve you."

I unroll the scroll, allowing it lie open on my lap.

"And what is my mission?"

My stomach drops out my gut as I scan over the page.

"Seduce and Execute. Your target is a dealer in human trafficking and illegal weapons manufacturing: the Sairi, Jai Kumar."

A woman enters the room from the side door. She's dressed elegantly in the traditional garb of a woman who serves in the house of the Fire Lord, a stiff kimono with a sash decorated in the symbol of the Fire Nation tangled with her obi. Her head is decorated in silver jewelry and she wears and assortment of rings and armlets across her hands and forearms.

"Naruto, this is Rasika, the chief courtesan of the Fire Lord. You will be under her tutelage for a week before you set off on your mission. Once your time with her is over, Sai will be your escort to the southern continent."

Of course that was all background noise to me, in the shock of discovering exactly what I'm meant to accomplish within the next month.

In that week, Rasika trained me in the art of seduction, in the different ways to entertain and please and excite another man. At first I was more than a little skeptical of the need to learn from her. Number 1, I am in fact a guy, and should know the basic gist of how 'please' another one if I felt so inclined. Number 2, I had Jiraiya for a sensei. I travelled with the old pervert for three years. I know every lame ass trick in his books, not that I would ever condone using them, but you pick up stuff about sex being around someone like that. And besides, no matter who your with, sex is still sex. It's pretty generic – at least that's what I thought at the time.

But Tsunade no baa-chan insisted. Even Sakura, who's normal so against any all discussion of sex, was telling me I should try and take in as much as I could, lest I find myself in, to borrow a word from Shikamaru, a troublesome predicament.

But my cynicism dispersed in just a few short hours of spending time with Rasika. The courtesan emphasized and explained that while, yes, I would most likely be put in a situation with another male and I should be able to handle something like that easily enough without training as most people do, I would not be taking the role of a man pleasing another man. I was going to be a pleasure slave pleasing its master, something very different.

She taught me what would be expected of someone in the role I would soon be fulfilling. She taught me the Geisha's craft to a T, and the woman relished in teaching me the ancient knowledge of the Kama Sutra. They were embarrassing lessons, ones I'm fairly certain I could have lived the rest of my life without, but this mission required a subtle seduction and reconnaissance that one would only be able to execute by paying strict attention to detail.

Tsunade told me the elders were testing not only my physical prowess as a ninja but also my ability to adjust and refine my methods to suit the mission. If all went well, I will not only have proved to them that I would make a more than capable recon and assassination nin, but I'll have granted myself access into the ANBU Black Ops and gained recognition from the council that could very easily result in the fulfillment of my ultimate goal of become Hokage.

There is a lot riding on this mission. It's important, and I know people like to think I'm dumb, but I'm not thick enough to jeopardize an S rank mission like this, especially when success meant getting one step closer to reaching my goal.

So a week later, Sai and I set out. Sai, pretending to be a rogue specialized in collecting potential slaves from exotic nations and would be selling his latest catch, me, to a local slave market. From there the vendor auctioned me off to the wealthiest bidders in the area. The trade went off without a hitch… mostly. Sai had better enjoy his balls while he's still got them. I will relish returning to Konoha just to beat the living shit out of him for openly gawking at me naked. Let's just suffice to say the guy the artist chose to sell me to liked to view the merchandise. I know it isn't technically the brunette's fault, but he could have at least turned away.

Oh, and if I hear anything even resembling a penis joke when I get home, let the emasculation begin.


It only took one try before Kumar took the bait, and I found myself bought and paid for by one of the crime lord's representatives. If on the off chance someone else beat Kumar to the purchase, Sai and I would have just cut our losses, gotten the heck out of dodge and returned in a few days with a new set of disguises, but thankfully it didn't come to that. That ended Sai's part in the infiltration.

The rest of the mission would be up to me.

I carefully balance a tray full of fruit on my right hip as I slip into the main hall. It's for the enjoyment of the Sairi and his latest flux of guests, aka business associates.

There's always something going on in this place. The Sairi is a fan of throwing lavish affairs, and he is certainly unopposed to displaying his wealth with the shameless parading of beautiful, handsome, and most often sexually accomplished men and women of his harem to the guests. The associates come and go as they please for business. And while they are in the household, they have access to most all the luxuries Kumar himself enjoys, including usage of the harem. Hopefully, I'll be able to keep dodging that bullet until then end of this mission. It's bad enough I might have to sleep with the criminal Kumar as it is.

It's been two weeks since my arrival to the household, and already under his guise of the blue eyed, brunette Yoshi, I've managed to collect a substantial amount of pertinent information. Between learning of this information through first hand meetings and listening in on the gossip that is the constant source of entertainment in the harem, I have been able to identify Kumar's business relations, where they operate from, and I've even been able to devise the best possible means of sabotage for future reference

In this aspect all is well, but in getting close to Kumar… let's just say the man is a tough cookie to crack.

"Yoshi!" calls one of the officers of the guard.

Holding the tray out in front of my person, I bow before offering a slice of pineapple to the guard. The man opens his mouth to receive it. The skin along my spine prickles in disgust. It's all I can do to keep from punching the invalid as the male makes lewd smacking noises with his lips around my fingers.

Tonight's party is particularly robust. There is noise and music. Several ladies of the harem dance for the men. Even I'm dressed far more nicely than what I've come to identify as customary. My outfit was picked by the head courtesan herself, white, silk harem pants with silver embroidery throughout and a silk cloth wrapped stylishly across his arms and torso. They've also gone out of their way to pierce one of my ears – damn that hurt, I'm never calling Chouji or Shikamaru effeminate again for having their ears pierced – and sprinkled my neck, head, and arms with small pieces of silver jewelry.

None of the other concubines or slaves had undergone the same treatment. All I've been told is that tonight an honored guest will be arriving at the compound, and that guest, whoever they are, would be staying for the remainder of the week. Apparently whoever is coming in is of pretty big cheese around here.

"Yoshi, keep me company, darling," calls one of the heavily made-up ladies, not slave or concubine, of the household. I languish in attending to her, feeding and massaging her back as I seek out the gargantuan form of Jai Kumar.

So far, I have only had one private meeting with him (private if you discount the presence of the ten guards who escorted me to the compound), and that was on the very first day I got here. The man is thicker, heavyset like Chouji, only it is painfully apparent that this man's mass could not be put to battle usage, with dark, cocoa colored skin, and a salt and pepper goatee. The Sairi circled me looking up and down, touching in quick fleeting glances, as though he was evaluating my worth and possibly calculating just how much pleasure he could derive from feasting on the virginal body set in front of him.

The experience was disconcerting at best. I've never felt that kind of knotting in his stomach or the rush of adrenaline meant to trigger a fight or flight response to the lecherous eyes leering at me. I've never felt what it feels like to be lusted after. I didn't think it would be so terrifying, but I'm willing bet my lifelong savings on that just being my reaction to a man like Jai Kumar. In that moment the man had looked at me (and still looks at me might I add) like a brand new toy he just can't wait to get his hands on.

So why hasn't he called on me to meet his wiles? Who cares, really? Sure he's required me to dance on more than one occasion for the court, but that was all. Not that I'm complaining, but I can't keep the feeling of apprehension down as the days continued to pass without the worse coming and going. It leaves me feeling more than a little uneasy about this whole shift in demeanor towards me. I've gotten far too much attention tonight, and considering my current state dress and the not so unwelcome pampering I received earlier, it is safe to surmise that I won't be left alone for long. Hmm, I wonder if I might, perhaps, be able to wrap up this mission ahead of schedule.

From where he sits framed by a large pile of pillows, carpets, and tapestries, Jai Kumar sucks up all the space in the room. His swollen belly shudders with is boisterous laughter as one of the younger servant girls delivers him a message. He pulls her in for a kiss, and she scurries away immediately after he lets her go.

His voice booms through the court.

"Ah, my closest family, it seems our guest has arrived."

Everyone draws their activities to an immediate close and stands. I lift my tray over my head as I do the same, and look around for where the other pleasure servants are standing. Today, we are all congregating at the far side of the chamber, tactically placed away from where the guest of honor is meant to sit.

"Yoshi," calls Kumar. "Come, sit by me."

He gestures to a small pile of blankets at his feet

I approach cautiously to accept the indicated, settling in reluctantly against the fronts of his calves. His hand threads through my, currently brown hair, twirling the locks around his index and middle finger.

"Escort in our guest, Vizier."

I look on with unveiled interest as the tall double doors swing open. What I find causes my heart to race with anxiety. It's a group of four shinobi, one of which is probably one of my distant cousins, and another is someone who, while maybe under any other circumstances I would have happy to see, could very cause my entire operation to go up in smoke.

I twist my head down violently with a silent curse. For all appearances, it looks as though I'm simply bowing my respects to the new arrivals. My senses are on overdrive, and I can hear their footsteps enter the hall, heading in Kumar's direction, heading in my direction.

Kumar's sandaled foot kicks me none too gently in my lower back. I hold back the wince.

"Come, come, Yoshi. Don't be shy, now. Look up."

And I do. Only to come in direct contact with the darkest pools of black I have ever, will ever, lay my eyes on. My eyes widen by decibels. His stoic expression doesn't shift even a millimeter, but there is only the most invisible narrowing of his eyes. Anyone could have missed. Anyone who wasn't me, that is.

I avert my gaze to somewhere down and to the right, somewhere away from those eyes, as Kumar rises from his seat behind me to welcome the travelers.

"Ahah, welcome back! We've missed the pleasures of your company."

"As always, Kumar, you've out done yourself."

"It's never too much to make an honored guest feel welcome. Please sit."

I find myself once again being kicked, only this time not as hard. Really, this time it's more of a nudge.

"Yoshi, my dear, why don't you fetch us some wine for our guests?"

Gladly. I rustle my way to the door to the kitchens, using all my willpower to keep from running. Running from the eyes that have not left my form since we made eye contact. I can only pray he doesn't have the Sharingan activated as I shut the door behind me. I wilt against the cold stone surface. I will not allow my panic to come to full fruition. I refuse. I need to think. I need to plan. I need to do something other than have a heart attack in the middle of the wine cellar.

I calm myself as I prepare the wine, setting it and several glass goblets on a fresh tray. It isn't until I'm opening the door once again that the million dollar question enters my mind.

What the hell was Sasuke Uchiha doing here?


Dun Dun dun…

Author's Note: Hey all. So that's the first chapter for Patterned Paper Moon. Let me know what you think about it so far. I've had this idea on my mind for a while, and finally decided to have it out. I expect this story to be fairly short, no more than 5 or 6 chapters, and I will probably have it finished sooner rather than later. Chapter 2 is in the making.

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