Okay, this is a new fic. For anyone reading The Kids Aren't Alright, this shouldn't interfere with that (but it does depend on reviews ;) ) It (like Run for your Life and TKAA) is named after a song - The Best I Ever Had, by State of Shock!

I know loads of people have done 'if they were in high school together' but this isn't your normal high school fic, so please give it a go! There will be a friendship, romance, drama and of course, ANGST.

Yes, it is slightly AU but I am trying to keep most things as similar as possible.

This story basically follows Greg, Morgan Sara, Nick, Warrick, and Catherine, through a new high school, with Grissom, Langston (egh!) and DB all making an appearance! Also, rather than have the whole thing filled with OCs, (there will be a couple) I have nicked characters you may recognise from Miami, New York and maybe NCIS throughout. However, the main characters are Greg, Morgan, Sara, Nick, Warrick, and Catherine. I know I have messed up their relative ages.

I am pretty sure what pairings I will use, but I will tell you those later. (there will be NO SLASH!)

I own nothing, otherwise I would be onscreen with them all getting plenty of hugs from everyone! (not to mention Grissom would come back and co-supervise with DB, who I am starting to love )

The first bit is kinda like an intro, so bear with me.

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Chapter One # The First time I saw You #

"And I would like to thank everyone for coming to the official opening of Atwater High School! As you all know, this long awaited day marks the start of an outstanding new school for the gifted children in our society. Teens from all over the USA have been waiting for this day since they were invited, and finally, it has arrived!" Principal Atwater smiled as his audience applauded - the parents more enthusiastically than the children.

Nick Stokes was one of the few people who weren't clapping. Instead, he was grinning at a pretty dark haired girl sitting at the next table. She blushed and looked away for a second, before her eyes hesitantly met his. Nick winked and she grinned.

"Pancho!" His dad chided.

"Sorry, Cisco!" Nick smiled apologetically and began to clap.

"Honestly, Nicky, we moved everyone to Vegas so you could come here. Even your father's job. At least have some respect for the man who handpicked you to come to this school."

"Sorry, ma." Nick mumbled, feeling guilty.

Jillian smiled. "I know you are, Nick."

The sixteen year old couldn't help but roll his eyes.



"I'm so proud of you sweetie-"


"I can't believe you got into Atwater-"


"Well I can because you really are a clever boy-"

"MOM!" the boy shouted.

"What?" The woman next to him asked. The boy sighed melodramatically.

"You're fussing again."

"Oh, Greg, I'm sorry, I'm just so proud-"

"Okay, Julie, honey, I think the boy knows." Andrew Sanders said with a smile. Greg grinned at his dad.

"Thanks for moving from California, Dad. This school is gonna be epic!"

"As long as you don't blow up the science classroom. Again."

"Mom - that was third grade! I'm fourteen now, a freshman!"

"Exactly. God knows what you'll get up to now..."


"Sara, sit up straight please!" James Sidle smiled at his daughter.

Obediently, she pulled back her shoulders as she clapped at her new Principal's speech.

James turned to the other mother at the same table. "You see, it's very lucky that my business moved to Las Vegas, otherwise Sara here would have been stuck at some standard school. She is a little genius."

"Oh, really? Well, Catherine and I, we spent a lot of time moving up and down the west coast, but we spent the last year in New York. When Catherine got accepted we moved..."

"Very nice. Sara loves studying.

Sara ignored her father and inconspicuously studied the girl sitting across the table with her mother.
Catherine Flynn was the type of girl Sara always tried to stay away from. Pretty, popular and probably mean. She was tapping her perfectly manicured nails against the table and smiling teasingly at some boy a few tables across. Sara guessed she probably got selected for her cheerleading skills, unaware that Catherine Flynn was once again getting angry at the stereotype she was being placed in.

Just because she had a good figure, blonde hair and a nice face, everyone assumed she was a cheerleader. They were right, but she just wished that people would wait before judging her.

She ripped out her cell phone and began rapidly texting her best friend, who was worlds away in New York.

Stell, you gotta get me out of here, they're stereotyping me already!

Really? C'mon, Cat! You're clever! You can do this. You'll make it.

Wish you were here. That way at least you could keep me company. Or kick this girl's butt for staring at me like a freaking bimbo.

LMAO! Would if I could, Cat.

Why don't u apply? Ur smart enough 2 get in.

Foster home, Catherine. There's no way Marilyn will let me apply. There're too many of us. Not enough money to get me to get to Vegas.


I'll try save up to come visit. See you soon.

Miss you. Bye!


"Warrick? Are you alright?"

The African-American boy looked at his grandmother. "Uh, yeah, Grandma, I'm fine."

She looked at him with piercing green eyes similar to his own, and his sighed.

"Well, it's high school. I'm just...not necessarily looking forward to it."

"You're a sophomore now," she reminded him quietly. "It's a new school, you've had a growth spurt, you're just as tall as the others, now."

"I know." Warrick insisted. "But I ain't gonna fit in anyway."

"'Ain't' isn't a word."

Warrick grinned at his grandmother. "I know."

She laughed and swatted her grandson on the back of the head.

Warrick sighed. It wasn't like he got bullied for being a coward in his old school. He knew that cowardice wasn't his problem. But kids took one look at the dorky glasses, and the rest, as they say, is history.


Practically right underneath the stage where the principal and most of the teachers stood, an awkward silence was stifling the table of fourteen and a half year old Morgan Brody. Her father was sitting to her right. Conrad Ecklie, aka the vice principal of Atwater High School for the Gifted. On her left, was sitting her mom, stubbornly not talking to her father. Instead, she sat hand in hand with her new boyfriend, Jonathon. Morgan was sat jiggling her knees under the table, fidgeting as much as possible.

"Morgan, please stop it." Her father finally snapped.

"What? Stop what?" Morgan blinked her big blue green eyes.

"You know what you're doing."

"What am I doing?" she said innocently.

"You are deliberately-"

"I'm not doing anything." Morgan whined.

"Are you trying to embarrass me?" he hissed.

"Embarrass you?" Morgan cried, drawing a few stares. "How about when you embarrassed me when you didn't tell the lawyer you wanted to fight for me? During the divorce? You remember, don't you? 'Aren't you going to say something to that Conrad? Surely you want to fight for her?' silence. That was embarrassing."

"Morgan, please..." Ecklie pinched the bridge of his nose.

"Morgan, honey. Calm down. He did at least get you into this school..."

Morgan groaned dramatically and rolled her eyes. When her parents finally looked away, she looked at her friend Lindsay Monroe, who looked shocked that Morgan actually had made a scene and winked. "You owe me ten bucks." She mouthed.

CSIVCSIVCSIV - Three Days Later- the first day at Atwater High School for the Gifted – CSIVCSIVCSIV

Nick stared hopelessly at the huge building in front of him. He was gonna get lost. He knew it. Back in Texas, he's always had older siblings to show him round school, even if Ethan gave him wrong directions. But now Joanne, Robert, Katie and Lily had left school. Mary-Jane and Ethan would be going to Atwater too, but they were both seniors, and they had never been to the school before either.

The twins didn't even hesitate as they strode towards the building. They didn't need to worry about making friends - Mary-Jane's pen pal Calleigh from Louisiana was also coming, and the twins had spent a week living with Calleigh and her family just a few months ago. They both had friends, Nick thought with a pout.

"Nicky! Hurry up!" Mary-Jane called, rolling her eyes. "I promised Mama to make sure you got in on time!"

Nick went bright red, as he scowled at his older sister. "MJ!" he whined. "Don't do that!"

"Do what?" she said innocently.

"Try purposefully to embarrass me." The youngest Stokes child hissed. "I don't need you to look after me."

Mary-Jane smiled. "Okay, Nick. I'm sorry. Let's just go, 'kay kid?"

He smiled back. Out of all his siblings, Mary-Jane was one of the easiest to get along with.

"Hey, you two, hurry the hell up!" Ethan called, looking irritated.

"Comin." Mary-Jane drawled.

Nick took a deep breath and headed inside. It wasn't so bad; at least everyone looked a little lost. He checked his timetable. Right, he thought, find your homeroom, Nick. A11.

He glanced down at the timetable once more and bumped straight into a skinny African-American kid with a cool afro. The kid was unfortunately a little smaller than Nick, and tumbled to the floor.

Nick let out a small chuckle out of instinct, but then he grinned sheepishly. "Sorry, man. I shoulda been lookin where I was goin'."

The boy studied him with a strange expression on his face. To Nick it looked like resigned sadness.

"Hey..." he shuffled uncomfortably. "I really am sorry." He held out his hand to the boy, who looked at him curiously behind thick glasses before accepting Nick's hand to help him up.

"Thanks. And it wasn't your fault."

Nick smiled. "Nick Stokes."

"Warrick Brown." The boy replied.

"Cool. Where you headed?"

"Uh, A11."

"Awesome!" Nick beamed. "Me too!"

Warrick was relieved. It was an accident. He wasn't a target of bullies, not yet at least. "Great."

"Uh...I hate to ask, but do you have any idea where it is?" Nick's sheepish grin hadn't left his face.

"Not a clue." Warrick admitted, a little cautious. In his last school, some people had acted all nice only to deny his existence or take the piss out of him later. It was kinda easier just to not make friends sometimes.

"Great." Nick huffed, looking slightly crestfallen. "Lost in school. Lost on the way to school. How am I not gonna get lost in Vegas?"

"Where're you from?" Warrick asked curiously, if slightly timidly. He wasn't necessarily afraid of social interaction; he just preferred to avoid potentially painful situations. If he offended Nick, then he had already got on someone's bad side. And he really was sick of being a dork.

"Austin." Nick replied, and Warrick instantly placed the accent.

"Texas?" he confirmed, and Nick nodded.

"Uh huh. Where're you from?"

"Vegas," Warrick replied. "Been here my whole life. Never left."

"Hey, little brother!" Ethan jumped down the corridor already flanked by about five other boys, pouncing on Nick and gripping him in a headlock, rubbing his head hard with his head.

"E-than!" Nick protested angrily, trying to prise his brother's arms way from his neck. "Piss off!"

"Ooh, I'm gonna tell Mama you swore!" Ethan taunted, and Nick scowled, finally squirming out of his brother's grasp.

"Aw, Ethan, leave him alone!" A grinning Cuban looking boy smiled. "My name's Eric, Eric Delko. You must be Nick."

Nick pursed his lips and nodded, glaring at his brother, who held his hands up.

"Okay, Nicky, I'm sorry. That wasn't cool. Who's your friend?"

Warrick twitched. This was normally where people denied knowing him. Gotta get ready to go...But Nick surprised him. "Warrick Brown. He's lived in Vegas his whole life."

Ethan grinned at Warrick. "How ya doin? Nick, I've got football tryouts after school today, so I won't be able to walk home. MJ is goin over to Calleigh's, so you'll be on your own."

"I can handle that." Nick replied hotly. Once again Ethan threw his hands up in surrender.

"I know, I know. I'm just sayin. You need anything, come find me. Otherwise dad will have my ass on a platter." Ethan winked and began walking down the hall with his friends.

"Urgh!" Nick groaned. "I'm gonna get lost! Again!"

"That's your brother?"

Nick nodded, sighing. "Yep. Ethan. MJ, or Mary-Jane is his twin."

"That must be cool, having an older brother and sister to help you out." Warrick reasoned, but Nick scoffed.

"More like two brothers and four sisters. I'm the youngest. I get teased and babied a lot." He frowned. "How many brothers and sisters do you have?"


"Really? Wow, do you have your parents all to yourself, then?" Nick asked.

"Uh...no. They died when I was five. Car crash. I live with my grandma."

Nick stopped in his tracks. "Oh, um. I'm sorry...I didn't think..."

"Hey, man, it's cool. I...it happened a long time ago." Warrick said softly.

"Let's go find this homeroom, then." Nick murmured, and Warrick smiled at him.

"Can I ask you something?" Warrick ask as they started to move through the corridors.

"Sure!" Nick chirped.

"How...never mind." Warrick stopped.

As they turned the corner, a small girl with dark hair and pale skin bumped into Nick.

"Whoops!" Nick cried cheerfully.

"Do you just attract accidents?" Warrick said to Nick.

"I'm sorry," Nick began at the same time as the girl.

She smiled slightly at him. "That was my fault."

"Nah, I already knocked someone over today. I must just be having bad luck."

"Are you from Texas?" she asked. "Because you have a really strong accent."

Taken aback, Nick looked at Warrick, who shrugged. "Uh...yeah, Austin. I got here last week."

"Sara Sidle. I'm from San Francisco. I got here two weeks ago."

"You know you're way around the school? 'Cause, uh...We're looking for A11..."

"Oh..." Sara frowned. "Me too. I thought it was this way."

"Uh oh. Shall we try and find it together?" Nick asked, and Sara shrugged.

"Sure." The three teens started following signs to reach the A block. They reached A11 just as the bell rang.

In the classroom there were four rows, each with six chairs. Nick, Warrick and Sara promptly sat down in the second row. A short girl with straight blonde hair waved goodbye to a pretty brunette at the door, and bounced into the classroom. She walked with a spring in her step that made her seem childlike and playful.

"Hey," she chirped, motioning to the chair next to Sara. "Is anyone sitting here?"

"No." Sara shook her head. "I'm Sara Sidle."

"Morgan Brody. Uh, just wondering, how old are you guys?"

Nick frowned. "I'm sixteen. Sophomore."

"Fifteen, sophomore." Warrick nodded.

"Fifteen and a half." Sara grinned. All four kids sang, "sophomore."

"Okay..." Morgan frowned. "Well, I'm fourteen and a half. I'm a freshman. So, we have mixed aged homerooms?"

"Sure you have the right room?" Nick checked.

"Uh huh." Morgan nodded. "A11. See? Says right here, homeroom A11. Just like yours."

Nick frowned. "Oh. Okay..."

A boy with spiky dirty blonde hair skipped into the room, with even more energy than the bubbly Morgan. "Can I sit next to you?" he asked Morgan.

"No." She replied with a cheeky grin, and he smiled.

"Okay." He sat down next to her anyway. She looked at him with raised eyebrows and he stuck his tongue out at her. She snorted.

"I'm Nick Stokes!" Nick said to the new arrival.

Warrick couldn't understand the easy way Nick seemed to interact with people, but it was infectious, and Warrick found himself with the confidence he usually reserved for out of school situations.

"Warrick Brown." He grinned, losing an inch of his shyness.

"I'm Sara. Sara Sidle."

"Morgan Brody. How old are you?"

"I'm Greg Sanders. I am almost fifteen. I'm a freshman."

"Like me. They're all sophomores." Morgan explained.

"Okay." Greg nodded, seemingly unfazed. He was wearing the school uniform, but with large Doc Martin boots on, and a large pair of headphones hung around his neck.

The rest of the class filed into the room in twos and threes, and gradually the room was filled, and it looked like everyone from freshmen to seniors. Eric Delko walked in with another boy and a tall blonde girl, and winked at Nick. The last student to walk in was a leggy blonde, who took one look at Sara and closed her eyes, sighing. She took the only available seat, next to Greg.

"Hi. I'm Greg." He smiled, inside knowing that the blonde was just the type who would ignore him with a snide comment.

"I'm Catherine. Lemme guess, freshman?"

"Yeah..." Greg said trying to figure out whether or not she was patronising him.

"I'm Morgan. Greg and I are freshmen. This is Sara, Nick and Warrick. They're sophomores."

"Hi," Catherine smiled at each teen in turn, if slightly stiffly at Sara. "I'm a junior."

"Alright, I'm sorry I'm late!" their teacher called, walking through the door. "A specimen escaped in the science lab and Ms. Danville was too afraid to get it back."

"What sorta specimen?" Greg piped up. Morgan held her breath slightly. This was the moment when you found out what your teacher was like.

"A tarantula." A girl a couple of rows back screamed. The teacher frowned. "It's just a tarantula. It's harmless. And it's caught now."

"Sorry sir..." the girl muttered.

"What's your name? How old are you?"

"Natalia Boa Vista, sir. Junior."

"Well, miss Boa Vista, we will have to get you over your irrational fear of spiders by the end of the year now, won't we?" The teacher added with a slight smile. "My name is Dr. Grissom, but the doctor is very formal so you can call me Grissom or sir, alright? Right, now...um, administration..."

Grissom fumbled with a large pile of folders.

"Here we go..."

"Natalia Boa Vista? Well, I know you're here. Morgan Brody?"


"Warrick Brown?"

"Yes, sir."

"Eric Delko?"


"Calleigh Duquesne?"

"Here. Thanks for saying it right."

The register continued until it ended with Sam Vega.

"Okay, I'm sure you guys have noticed, this is not a normal high school. This morning isn't quite normal either, we'll be in here until lunchtime, at 1:05, getting to know people in our homeroom, okay?"

There was a general murmur of consensus around the class.

"Right. At the moment you're sitting in rows, now what I want you to do is move the tables so that each row becomes one large table which you can sit around, okay? The challenge is to have it all done before I get back from the staff room. Go!"

The class stood up and began manoeuvring the two man desks into a large block.

"OW! Greg! That was my toe!" Morgan complained.

"Sorry!" Greg grinned sheepishly.

"Uh, to me." Nick frowned. "No, no, no- wait, uh, to you! To you!"

Warrick frowned back. "To me?"


"Uh, Sara is it?"


"Uh, can you shift that chair out of the way? Please?" Catherine asked.

"Sure." Sara smiled sweetly and kicked the chair out of the way. A tall boy bumped purposefully into Sara, knocking her into the table, an incidentally throwing Catherine to the floor.

"Hey!" Catherine exclaimed angrily. "What the hell was that for?"

"I didn't do anything!" Sara shouted. "It was him!"

The boy smirked, and Catherine stuck her finger up at him. "Asshole."

"It was an accident, freshmen." The boy sneered at Sara, who immediately squared up to him.

"Actually I'm a sophomore. And she's a junior."

"Whatever. You're still a geek!"

"And you know this how?" Sara retorted angrily.

"I can just tell." The boy claimed.

"You shouldn't judge people before you know them." Sara said sweetly.

"Why not?" he challenged.

"It just shows that you're an asshole."

"Take that back, kid." He said, stepping forward aggressively.

"Leave her alone." A voice piped up angrily. Sara glanced over her shoulder and saw Greg standing right behind her.

"And you are?"

"Greg Sanders. Freshmen."

The boy scoffed. "You think a puny little freshman is gonna tell me what to do?"

"You say that as if you're special." Sara mentioned.

"I don't even know who you are." Greg added.

"Stetler. Rick Stetler. No one speaks to me like that. You two are gonna-"

"What's going on?" Nick asked in concern, walking over. He wouldn't necessarily go as far to say that he was great friends with the two kids being threatened by a senior, but then again he had only known them for about five minutes and they seemed nice.

"This jerk pushed me over." Sara scowled.

"She's the one that ended up on the floor and she doesn't seem to mind." Rick pointed at Catherine who was watching with an unreadable expression on her face.

"Just leave them alone, man." Nick said calmly.

"And who the hell are you to tell me what to do? This is bull crap! Absolute bull. I am going to find you three little punks after school, and-"

"Hey, that's uncalled for." Catherine interrupted. "You pushed us over. You're the one in the wrong."

Morgan and Warrick cautiously walked over, silently backing the others. None were the type to willingly back down to bullies.

"Don't think you're safe just cause there's a big bunch of you!"

"Hey, Stetler," a new voice called. "Shut your trap and leave them alone."

"Delko, we are seniors. We've earned a little respect-"

"You obviously haven't if you're gonna push people around. So stop."

"These kids-" he pointed at Greg and Sara, "think they can tell me what to do. And this one thinks he can just talk to me like he's a big man-" he jabbed a shocked Nick in the chest, and Eric Delko got out of his seat.

"If you touch these kids, Stetler, there will be hell to pay. That's Ethan Stokes' brother you just hit. I don't even know how many kids will be on your ass if you don't back off now."

Rick scowled, and with a last look of contempt at Sara stalked off to the back of the classroom, where a small bunch of teens began bitching.

"Uh...Thanks Eric." Nick muttered awkwardly. The Cuban smiled.

"Hey, no problem. Stetler and I were in the same school in Miami. He's an ass." Eric looked at the still severely pissed Sara. "A word to the wise. Ignore him. Because he doesn't make empty threats."

"Sorry guys." Sara muttered as Eric walked back to his seat, realising that she had just helped put a target on several backs.

Greg shrugged. "Meh. It's fine."

Nick nodded. "He's an ass. We weren't gonna just let him bite your head off."

"It woulda made a mess of the floor." Catherine said wryly.

Morgan turned to Nick. "Ethan Stokes' brother?"

Nick's face darkened. "I get that all the time. 'Oh you're Joanne's little brother?' 'Oh, look, it's Bill and Jillian's youngest!' 'Hey, kid, MJ's brother!' It drives me crazy!"

Warrick laughed at the voices Nick used. "But it must come in handy."

Nick shrugged. "I guess...but I don't want to be known as someone's brother. I want to be known as me. Nick."

"Pleased to meet you, Nick." Catherine said with a smile.

He grinned.

Grissom walked back into the classroom with a large box. "okay, everyone, sit down, sit down. So, if everyone is ready, let the first activity begin!"

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