The sign said closed but max could see Maria and Isabel inside. So he went around back and came in the back door. "Maria Isabel" Maria looked up to see a vary tired max

"Max your alive" Maria gave him a huge hug

"Maria can't breath"

"O'Sorry about that I am so glad you're ok"

"So am I max, where's Liz?" Max looked at Is then at Maria

"We had to split up they were catching up to us. I had to lead them away from her. She ran one way while I ran the other way." Maria was freaking out and so was Isabelle

"Maria where's Michael and where's Kyle" "Michael told me he would meet me here there where men outside of the house. He told me to run and I did. "Maria sat down next to Is

"Kyle and I stayed together we were first to arrive. He went home to see his dad."

"He should have stayed here and waited for the rest of us to get here before leaving It is to risky to go see anyone" Max was mad now

"Max don't worry he went to let our parents no to" Max seemed to be a little more relieved There was a noise in the back of the cafe. Max went to see what the noise was while Maria and Is Stayed down were no one could see them. "Max" Nancy, Liz's mother was coming down the stairs

"Mrs. Parker I had no idea that you were here."

"Max when did you get back and where's my daughter is she in the other room?" She looked so exited but Max was so sad

"She hasn't arrived yet, but I am sure that she will be her soon." Max walked back to where the others were Nancy came in behind him and turned on the lights.

"Maria your ok thank goodness. Isabel I am glad you're ok to. Do you no where Liz is" Maria and max looked at each other then finally max told her what was going on

"So I guess you read the journal Liz left to you guys!" Max was not sure how she was handling knowing that he Isabel and Michael are all aliens

'Yes we did, and I have to say I would not have believed it if it was not my daughters journal. I still have a hard time believing that you are what she said that you are. However that is not important to me right now. Right now I just want to no where my daughter is."

"We had to split up the FBI were all over us. I led them one way while Liz ran the other. To be honest I thought she would have been here by now. I am sure she will be here soon lets not panic yet."

"Well where's Michael and Kyle?" She looked around but did not see either of them.

"Michael is not here yet and Kyle went somewhere real fast he will be back soon." Maria was happy to no that Kyle Isabel and max were safe but she longed to see Michael and Liz.


Michael pulled Liz close to him; it was so cold at night.

"Michael I am so hungry." Liz looked at Michael and could see that he to be hungry. "I no Liz we will find something to eat tomorrow when we wake up I promise." Michael new he had to get her something to eat 'I am so glad that you were the one to find me and not one of the men in black" Liz smiled at her comment so did Michael even though it was very true. Sun Rise

"Liz, Liz" Michael woke her up

"What, what's wrong Michael?" Michael helped Liz up off the ground

"We have to go Liz we can't stay in one place to long. We should be in Roswell around six tonight. As long as we don't get anymore trouble." Michael and Liz walked threw the wood's for what seemed like forever. Finally they came to a road not a dirt road a real man made road

"O lord I never thought I would be so happy to see a road." Michael smiled and agreed

"Hey Michael do you think max is ok?"

"Yes I do he would never leave you alone especially now." "He doesn't no yet." Michael's eyes looked like they were about to pop out of his head "You haven't told him yet why not?" "I was about to then everything started to happening. I was standing there then next thing I no max was telling me to go out the back" "Well you are going to tell him when we see him right" Michael stopped walking and looked at Liz

"It depends"

"On what Liz he has a right to no"

"I have been having cramps since last night I don't no if it is because I haven't ate in two days or well you no"

"Liz I wish I could do something I no this walking isn't helping you or the baby."

"Can I ask you a favor and I no that you have already done so much for me?" Michael looked at her

"Liz you have done a lot for me to if not for you I would be dead" Liz smiled

"Michael will you check" He looked at her confused at first then realized what she wanted

"I can try Liz but I do not no if it will work" Liz lifted her shirt and shook her head. Michael bent down and slowly put his hand on her stomach. At first touch he felt the baby's energy it was strong but not as strong as it could be the cramps must just be a warning.

"That was amazing Liz" Michael looked up at Liz as she was smiling

"I felt him move. For the first time I felt him move" A tear came down her eye.

"His energy is good but you need food soon or his energy will start to fade." "Well let's keep going then we have to get to the crashdown." Michael and Liz continue to walk he felt so close to her after everything that had happened to them in the last two weeks he should feel close to Liz after all she did save his life. Liz new if Michael was not there for her, if he had not found her two weeks ago she would be dead her and her baby.

Crash down Cafe

"Max when did you get here?" Kyle walked into the cafe and saw max sitting at a table

"Kyle I am glad you are ok I got here last night. Did you talk to you dad and did you see my mom and dad?"

"I saw my dad he is on his way here and so are your parents. They seemed really happy to no you were back."

"Where's Liz at max?" Max looked at Kyle "We had to split up I am sure she will be here soon, Michael is not here yet either." Kyle and the rest of the gang that was there got some breakfast and waited to see there parents "O' ya Maria your mom is also on her way over she has something important to tell you. And don't worry I did not tell her."

"Thanks Kyle" Maria looked at Kyle and thought to herself how lucky Isabel was right now having her fiancé here with her. She had wished her and Michael where together right now. How he must feel all alone out there. About three hours later max and Isabel's parents arrived with a cake and Maria's mom came with Kyle's dad. they all hugged and cried. None asked about Liz and Michael it was like they had forgotten about them until Liz's mom and father walked threw the door.

"Max have you herd from Liz yet." Max could hardly look at her he told her to not panic but on the inside he was overwhelmed with panic it had been hours upon hours.

"No they still have not come back yet."

"Maybe its time we went looking for them max." Maria was overwhelmed with worry. At that moment a noise came from upstairs. They all looked at Liz's parents who shrugged not knowing what or who was making the noise. Max started to walk up the stairs when Michael came flying down the stairs.

"Max come quickly its Liz" Michael ran back upstairs along with the rest of the people down stairs. When they got to the room Liz was on the floor. Max grabbed her by the hand and saw all the blood coming from underneath her. Everyone started to panic but not max. He lifted her and whispered

" Baby I love you and I am going to make you feel better I promise." Max put his hand on her back and then there was a bright white light.

One Hour Before.

"Wait" Michael stopped Liz "What is Michael?"

"Run Liz run" They ran as fast as they could. Behind them were two FBI "Men in Black" They ran into the woods Liz ran but her stomach started to cramp. "Michael" Liz said right before she fell. "Liz are you ok you have to get up."

"Michael just leave me go find max tell him I love him please save yourself."

"You no I am not going to do that now let's go." Michael picked her up and they kept running. The FBI started to shoot at them. They ducked for cover behind two big rocks. But it was too late Liz had been shot in the back.

"Liz o'god Liz just hold on I will get you to max." Liz could feel her energy being placed inside her child that's all she could do at the moment. Try to keep her child alive. Michael was so mad he came out from behind the rock and put his hand up. A bright light flashed and they were dead both FBI agents where dead. Michael grabbed Liz up and went for the crashdown.

Present '

"Liz can you here me. Michael what the hell happened?" Max looked up at Michael and was mad confused and sad all at the same time.

"I found Liz two weeks ago. She was hiding in the woods from three FBI's and she was surrounded got there first to but he third one had me. Liz killed him with a knife. We went together from then on. Max she's pregnant." Max looked at Liz who was now coming to.

"Liz baby are you ok?" Liz opened her eyes and smiled

"For a moment there I thought was dreaming again" Max gave her a huge hug and a kiss that would make anyone blush 'Liz sat up like she had never been shot. Just like last time

"Great now I am going to get even more powers. Maybe next I will be able so smack max in the head without moving." Max gave her a crooked smiled and got her to her feet. Everyone was so happy to see Liz and Michael

"Maria god I missed you" Michael grabbed her and they started to kissing like crazy "I missed you I was so worried something bad had happened."

"Max I am starving" Liz looked at Michael and then at max Everyone headed down stairs everyone but max and Michael.

"Michael what happened to you guys out there what took so long to get here" Michael sat down next to max.

"Max I tell you I have never been so scared in my life. They where all around us it was like we could hear them but we couldn't see them at first. The woods are not a good place to be when you are trying to run from the law. Finally we saw them coming from all sides and I blasted two of them. The third one came up behind me and got me with a taizer. She stabbed him in the back to stop him. He fell on top of her. I thought for sure she was dead. She risked her life to save me max. I felt the baby inside of her and it was amazing like nothing I had ever experienced before. Max the baby has powers." Max was shocked how could there baby have powers. This made no since Tess was a hybrid and there child was human.

"Michael are you sure" Michael stood up and said" YES" then they walked down the stairs. Before they walked into the dinning area max looked threw the window at Liz. She was so skinny and yet still so beautiful.

"Max are you ok." Liz watched him walk into the room

"So you really are pregnant aren't you?"

"Yes I am I was going to tell you soon but everything just happened so fast." Michael walked over to Liz and gave her a plate of food then went and sat next to Maria with his plate of food they were both extremely hungry

"Eat baby then we will talk some more." Max grabbed Liz's arm and told her he loved her and missed her so much. Time was going by so fast everyone was talking about the baby and about Maria and Michael being married

Evan's Residents

"Get me Johnson on the phone right away he is going to want to see this." At the same time everyone at the crash down was having there reunion the FBI was searching Max and Isabel's house

"Agent Parks, I am agent Johnson what do we have here Sir" The agent gave him a video tape of Isabel moving things around in her old room with her mind. "Well we already knew she could do this now we just need to find them"

"Do you really think they would come back here?" Agent Parks looked at the other agent and smiled." Of course they would it's were max first saved Liz it's were there families are, There come back if there not already here."

"Let's go pack it up" They left the door wide open and the house a mess. Sheriff Valenti got a call saying there were black SUVs' Parked outside of the Evan's residents. When he got there the house was a mess and he new it had to do with the kids being back in town. Jim went inside to see how bad it was Isabel's room was trashed. The same thing in max's room, but the parent's room was not as bad and that confirmed it for the sheriff. They were definitely looking for something that involved the kid's but what. Jim road around for a while before heading to the crash down by this time the crash down was about to open so it would not look suspicious that the sheriff was going there. Jim walked in to see Kyle sitting next to Isabelle kissing. This was a shock because he had no idea but then again it has been awhile since he had seen his son or any of them.

"Kyle, Isabel" Jim looked at them.

"Dad your here" Kyle looked at Is as they both stood to talk to him "When did this become a romantic relationship?" "About three years ago we would have called but we did not know if your phone was tapped." Isabelle looked surprised when Jim smiled and said it was great news. He hugged them both.

"Max, Liz how are you to?" Jim walked over to the two as they were standing up "Sheriff we are good and pregnant" Max looked at Liz with a smile he was definitely happy about being a father

"That's great news but there is a lot of that going around Michael Maria anything you want to tell me?" "We got married" He gave them both a hug "Well about time Michael." he smiled and gave a chuckle

"It is so good to see all of you. We really need to talk. I see your parents are in the back would you get them please max." Max nodded and went to get them.

"Sheriff what's going on" Liz asked as max and his parents walked in

"I got a call last night about a disturbance at the Evans residents. As best I can tell they trashed the place and I now they were FBI."