Chapter 3

The night came so quickly and it was hard to see. The street's where dark. There were no street light's anywhere that she could see.

The contractions were getting stronger and closer. It was almost that time! The car drive off the road, but what she could see through the dark there was nothing there. Until the ground started to move. At first she thought it was just her imagination until they started to go down. Then she knew this was it how could Max ever find her here. There was no way he could. Her heart sank into her stomach. Her and her child would not make it through the night. She new she could not give up. Liz pulled her arm up and stopped the car putting it in reverse.

"What the hell" The two men looked at each other then at Liz. The surprise was undeniable. They had no idea she had powers.

The car was steadily going backwards when light's started shinning all around them. When her eyes adjusted Liz saw all the army men surrounding them.

"O' my god what the hell is wrong with you people? Why can't you just leave me alone?" Liz could feel her energy being drained

"You know we can't just leave you alone we have to protect our way of life." The man in the driver seat was a prick.

"AHHH..." It was almost time.

"You won't make it out of here alive. So if you want you're child to have a chance of living you should stop." The pain was just to much to bare. She finally stopped fighting it and soon they were back on schedule.

What seemed like a forever drive they stopped and got out. Liz had a bad feeling in her stomach. With good reason to. Three doctors in complete suites came out and opened the back door. They grabbed her and put her in a wheelchair. After strapping her down the doctors pushed her to a completely white room. Liz could only remember the flashes of Max being in the white room. She was now terrified. The men unstrapped her and forced her to lay on the bed. Liz tried so hard to struggle but being in labor was not making that easy to do. The men strapped her down and left. A few minute later a nurse came in and checked how far she was dilated.

"Well it seems you are five centimeters dilated. Soon" The women looked at Liz then walked out. Liz was so tired and in so much pain

FIVE Miles away

Isabelle was asleep and so was Maria. Michael held Maria as she slept realizing how lucky he was that she was next to him.

"Max we will find her!" Michael grabbed Max's arm

"I no we will I just hope it's in time" Max was so scared and he just had a bad feeling like something was wrong.

"I couldn't picture my life without her in it Michael. When I thought she slept with Kyle it broke my heart, then when Alex died and it felt like we where all on different sides I felt so far away from her. Then everything with Tess" Max stopped like it actually hurt to talk about Tess.

"Max we will find her I can feel it and when we do the both of you are going to have a little bundle of well you'll have a lot of diapers to change." Max gave him a half smile.

Roswell City limits

Come back soon

Isabelle started to dream walk hoping to see were Liz was taken. She slowly walked into a white room where she saw Liz.

"L...I...Z" Isabelle tried to walk to her but she kept on getting father away from her

"I..s..a..b..e..ll..e" Liz looked up at her

"Liz where are you, you have to tell me where you are" Isabelle tried to get Liz to tell her

"Isabelle helps me. Help us please we are right here STOP, STOP, STOP" Isabelle jump up screaming stop. Max slammed on the breaks

Maria jumped up as Michael asked Isabelle

"Hey what's wrong Isabelle" Michael grabbed Isabelle's arm "You saw her didn't you" They all looked at her

"Yes I did I saw her" She started to cry

"Max she's in the white room. Liz is strapped down. Max the baby is coming!" Max could hardly breath just the thought of her being in that white room alone having there child.

"She kept on say STOP, I think we are close to her." They looked around but they only saw desert

"There's nothing here Isabelle" Max looked at her

"No, wait max look over there." Michael pointed at what looked like some tire tracks

"Aye, I see them." Max turned the car swiftly to the side and slammed on the brakes

"We can walk from here." They all got out of the car and slowly walked towards the tire tracks. Max could feel the pull even more now. It was as strong as ever. Max stopped where the tire tracks stopped.

"Now what?" Max looked back at Michael then at Maria and Isabelle.

"You three stay here, if I don't come back in an hour leave. Get as far from here and Roswell as you can. That's an order." Michael looked at Maria then at Isabelle. At that moment it was like they could read each others minds and said "NO" At the same time.

"You know it is a good thing that we don't live on Antar anymore. Good thing for you three anyway." Max told them to stand back and put his hand on the ground. A few minutes later there was a green light coming from where max was standing, then a pop, and the sand flew up everywhere.

Max started to cough. "Well that's a way to do it" Maria said as she was waving her hand around in the air. A hard piece of metal now stuck out from the sand. Max looked at Michael and they pulled the piece of metal up witch turned into a door. A door big enough for a car to get threw.

"Let's do this as quickly as possible. Isabelle which way?"

"Straight then a left" Isabelle did not look to sure but they did not have time to argue about it. As they took a left turn they ran right into a guard. Michael with a wave of his hand threw the guard into the wall and knocked him out.

"Let's keep moving" They started to walk when Isabelle stopped them" Take a right here there should be a door on the left she should be in that room"

Max felt his heart drop. They where so close to her. Max stopped in front of the door and opened it.

Two months before

"Max do not worry so much I'm sure everything is ok."

"I'm sure you're right I just worry about you two so much. I don't no what I would do without you." Liz and Max waited for the doctor to come in the room. They where there for some test to make sure that the baby was ok. They only had to wait about fifteen minutes before the doctor came in with the news

"Well Mr. and Mrs. Evans how are you two expecting parents doing today?"

"Well doc we will be better once we no if everything is ok" Max was all sweaty but not Liz she was so sure everything was ok

"Let's see now yes, yes, yes. So the only thing I see wrong is your fluids a little low, but don't be alarmed this happens quit a lot. I suggest you take it easy go visit your family and relax. Now I would rather you have a c-section just to be on the safe side so let's go ahead and make a date to do that ok."

Max was stunned because he thought for sure Liz would be able to have a normal delivery and so did Liz.

"Well as long as the baby is health and if a c-section is the safest for our baby then ok."


Max opened the door and there she was laying there. Max's heart stopped as he saw her stomach. He could tell there was no baby for her stomach was much smaller then before.

"Liz, Liz" Max walked over to her. He could feel a slight pulse.

"Max can you heal her?" Maria was crying by Liz's side

"I don't no" Max put his head on her chest and waited a minute

"I won't have to heal her." Max looked up at the three people he now called his family

"Her heart it, its beating faster. She is healing herself." Max moved his head off of her as she woke up

"M.a.x" Liz opened her eyes and looked at Max

"Baby your alive" Max grabbed her and squeezed her tight as to never let go.

"I saw her she's beautiful. She look's like you Max." Liz could hardly speak she was crying so hard "She's gone they took her, they took are baby."

Max was starting to cry when a guard came in and grabbed Isabelle from behind.

"Don't anyone move, we have been waiting for you to show up" Before Michael or Max could use there powers three more guards came in. They were all led to a different room. There were five chairs and a table with pictures of all of them on it. They quickly noticed that Kyle was not in any of the pictures. That was either a good thing or a bad thing. But no one said anything out loud.

Evan's place

3 hours before

"We need a plan Max we cant just go guns blazing. They will be expecting us to come after Liz." Michael looked up at Max

"Your right but I have no idea what to do." Kyle stood up and said " Well someone needs to stay behind just incase something goes wrong"

"You mean incase we get thrown into a big white room" Max shuttered at Maria's remark. They sat there for awhile and thought it threw

"Ok, so Kyle you stay behind with your dad and all of our parent's. This is a tracking device. It will tell you were we are at all times. When we find the place they are keeping Liz I will turn off the tracking device. If it is not turned on in one hour goes threw with plan B." Kyle was upset that he had to stay behind but he new that he had to do it for Liz. They got all there parents together and explained what was going on and what to do. Max turned on the tracking device and Kyle could see that Max's location on the computer. Everyone said there good byes and they were off.


Max thought back to when Kyle did not want to be left behind. Now he was most grateful he did stay behind. Everyone was standing when a Man in all black came in

"Please have a seat this could take awhile" The man came threw the door and sat down

"What did you do with our daughter?" Max stood form

"You don't have to worry she is fine, now please sit down."

"I think we will stand" Michael said with a harsh tone

"Then I will also stand. Now tell me how you explain your wife's blood and you daughter's blood. I mean it's definitely not human though I no Elizabeth Parker is human." Max looked at the others and said nothing

"It will not help you to be silent; in fact it might make things worse for your daughter."

Max and Michael jumped over the table and grabbed the man by the throat. Maria and Isabelle where helping Liz stand up.

"Tell your men to back off if you want to live." The man told his men to back off

"Now where is my daughter at?" Max applied more pressure on his throat

"I can't tell you that" Max squeezed harder and harder until finally the man said to take a left down the hall. As they walked guards lined up behind them.

"You don't really think you can get out of here do you? Why don't we just take a minute to think this threw Max?"

"Now why would I want to do that, when you're the one that should have taken a minute when you took my wife and child?" Max walked to the end of the hall way until he came to a door. When Michael opened the door he could hear a baby crying. Michael looked back at Max

"Go Michael" Michael went into the door and it was a hospital at first he was confused then he realized that they must have been under the hospital almost the hole time.

"What the hell" They all watched as people started to stair. Max had loosened his grip on the man witch was a big mistake the guy went running off in a hurry.

"Let's get you checked out Liz "Max picked Liz up and carried her to the front desk

"Miss my wife she just had a baby we need you to look over her. She was supposed to have a c-section but we did not make it here in time." The women brought a wheel chair to Max's side and helped him put her in it. Liz was still bleeding so something was not right.

"What about the baby sir" The women had just realized that there was no baby in site

"We don't no someone took her. We think she is still in the hospital" The nurse ran to a security guard and started to lock don the hospital

"Don't worry sir we will find your daughter" The women tried to reinsure him but it did not work

Michael came up behind Max as the wheeled Liz away

"Max what are we going to do as soon as they start to run test on her we are so screwed"

"I no Michael and plus they are locking down the hospital" Michael looked as though his hole life just flashed before his eyes.

"Well if we are going to go down tonight I want to be with Maria. Just no Max whatever happens I am here for you."

Max hugged him and he went to find Maria

"Maria what are you doing" Isabelle was watching Maria look at the baby's in the paternity ward

"I did not want to say anything to anyone but Isabelle I am pregnant" Isabelle stood there for a moment but before she could say anything Michael came up behind them.

"They are locking down the hospital" Michael looked at the baby's threw the window

"Maria let me ask you a question if you are trying to hide a baby in a hospital where would you hide it?" Maria looked at him then in at the baby's

"O my god that is definitely Max's baby look Isabelle" Isabelle looked threw the window

"That's her" Michael opened the door and went in. Maria watched as he picked the baby up and started to rock her. When he came out they started to walk down the hall to find Max

"Hey Liz how do you feel"

"You should be going now I don't want you to be here when they get the results back from my blood work"

"I wont go anywhere without you Liz and you no that"

"Max" Michael came in the room with a beautiful little baby girl in his hands

"Is that her" Max jumped up and took one look at her and smiled

"You were right Liz she does look like me" Max walked over to Liz and put her in her arms

"She is beautiful just like I remembered" Michael and Maria went to let the nurse no they found the baby

"Man is I glad that parts over with, having a baby should be so hard. I tell you what I don't want kid's at least for a long time" Maria listened to Michael talk at first she was going to tell him that she was pregnant but after that speech how could she. He basically just told her they wouldn't be having kids

"So you don't want to have any kid's?" Michael stopped her in the hallway

"Look I no we never talked about it and maybe we should have but Not really. Why do you ask, Do you want kids Maria?"

"Yes I do Michael" Maria walked up to the nurse they ran into earlier. As Maria was informing the nurse that the baby was no longer missing Michael watched her. Maybe he wouldn't mind having a baby with Maria after all she would make a wonderful mother.


"Kyle what are you doing here?" Kyle walked up to Michael

"Max turned the tracking device back on. I would have been here sooner but the whole hospital was shut down." Maria walked over to them and they walked to Liz's room

"Hey guy's how are you doing" Kyle walked threw the door and gave Liz a hug then Max. He walked over to Isabelle and gave her a (I missed you so much kiss).

"So a girl uh, what's her name" Everyone looked over at Liz and Max

"I would like you to meet Alexandra Marie Evans" Isabelle was almost in tears

"That's a wonderful name" Maria walked over to Liz and gave her a hug

"Ok we are going to plan B then" Kyle looked at Max and nodded.

"We got the hole town outside animal cruelty is very serious these days." Michael and Maria took the baby and left. Then Liz and Kyle left followed by Isabelle and Max. When they all got out side there we people everywhere but they could see Three Men in suits on each side.

"Let's separate, Michael Maria you keep my baby safe no matter what you get somewhere safe" Liz gave her a hug and the all parted ways.

Two hours later

"Michael, Maria are you here?" They were all to meat at and old house in the woods. They new the lady that lived there she past away a few months ago and left the house to Liz

"Max, Liz over here" Liz rushed over to were they were and took her daughter in her arms

"Hello beautiful how are you" Liz and Max sat down on the couch and noticed

"Where Kyle and Isabelle" Michael looked at them and said not to worry they went for grocery's

"So Maria how are you feeling" Michael looked at Liz strange

"She's fine why wouldn't she be fine" Liz looked a little embarrass

"Maria" Michael looked at her

"I was going to tell you earlier when we were at the hospital but you mad it clear as always that you disagreed with me." Michael was like what the hell are you talking about.

"Michael you uh I am pregnant" Michael smiled and said "That's why you asked if I wanted kids" looked at her and said you are they only person I ever want to have kids with." Maria was in shock

"So you want this baby then" Michael grabbed Maria and gave her a big hug

"Absolutely" That's all she needed to here.

Max looked at Liz holding there baby girl and bent down to kiss her on the check and said

"So welcome home Alex"

They End