Yet saddest of all fates, surely, is to have lost that sense of the holiness of life altogether; that we commit the blasphemy of bringing thousands of lives to a cruel and terrifying death or of making those lives a living death—and feel nothing.

- Baker, Rev. Dr. John Austin






In the darkness of the night, bright orange light was seen coming from a small clearing somewhere deep inside a forest.

In the middle of the clearing was a campfire, and gathered around the campfire were thirteen people who were all too familiar: Snake, Fox, Falco, Link, Pikachu, Pichu, Jigglypuff, Donkey Kong, Diddy Kong, Captain Olimar, Mario, Luigi, and their pet parrot Parry. There were also a few Pikmin hanging out near Olimar.

There were also a few unfamiliar faces with them too. In front of a log that Olimar, Mario, and Luigi were sitting on were a group of yukkuris, an adult reimu and her seven children, three of them larger than the others. Of the three larger koyukkuris, two were koreimus and one a komarisa, and of the smaller ones, two were koreimus and two were komarisas. All of them were sleeping peacefully.

Pichu and Jigglypuff were both sound asleep too, but the same could not be said for the others. Instead, they all had grim looks on their faces. Other than the sound of the crackling of the fire and the soft snores coming from the slumbering ones, there was silence among them, but this silence was broken when Pikachu said, "So… what are we going to do?"

Nobody knew how to answer that question, but Fox eventually said something, "We can only wait for Master Hand to contact us three days from now… That's the only thing I can think of…"

"If only…" Falco said with a hint of anger. "If only it wasn't for the Destructor… then I would've… I would've…" As he spoke, the temper in his voice raised higher and higher. "I would've beaten the living daylights out of them and killed them all! Those people! There's absolutely no reason to show them any mercy! There's absolutely no excuse to let them get away with what they're doing! I really want to do the same to them as they do to the yukkuris! I really want to rip them into shreds! I really want to make them pay for what they've done!"

"Quiet, will you!" Snake said to him without trying to wake up the sleeping ones. "We all know how pissed off you are about all those abusers. I'm sure everyone here is burning with anger about their actions as well, but what can we do? Master Hand strictly warned us that our actions may speed up the Destructor's resurrection. In order to not make things worse, we need to deal with things as non-violently as possible! With PETY becoming even more active and dangerous than before after what we told them, I wouldn't be surprised if the Destructor's resurrection will happen in less than three months, so whatever we do, we mustn't make things worse than they already are!"

Fox patted Falco, who took a deep breath to calm himself down, on the back, and then the latter said, "I know… I simply couldn't stand it any longer… Honestly saying… The way the humans of this world are… If it weren't because for the humans in our world and the fact that I have faithful humans friends like some of you, I would've completely lost faith in humans and see them as my mortal enemies already."

"Whatever possessed these people to be so cruel and abusive towards yukkuris?" Link wondered. "Whatever has yukkuris done to them that they want to make their lives as horrible as possible?"

"You heard what they said already," Snake said. "Yukkuris are trash and scum that deserve to be destroyed. Even worse, some simply enjoy abusing them for the lulz, out of boredom, or to relieve anger!"

"Well, some can be justified by the fact that the yukkuris did property damage, invaded their houses, or were rude and such," Luigi said, "but even so, abusing them in such cruel methods is going too far…"

Olimar looked down at the sleeping yukkuris and petted the mother reimu as softly as possible to avoid waking her up. "Poor thing… The father and two children both killed in a single day, and shortly before the new babies were born too… Born without a father and losing two of their siblings before they even got the first glimpse of the world… How sad…"

"At-a least they managed to be born safely," Mario said. "Had-a we not-a arrive earlia, da entia family would've been killed…"

Suddenly, they all heard high-pitched screams coming from somewhere in the woods. "YUBEEEEEEEEEEH!"


The loud cry caused all the sleeping ones to wake up and the youngest koyukkuris to cry, so the mother comforted them by petting them with her hair braids. The Smashers looked in the direction the scream came from, and Fox asked, "You think it's what I'm thinking it is?"

Falco nodded and replied, "It's obvious. More abusers on the loose! C'mon, let's head over there and check things out!"

The three Pokemon, Luigi, Captain Olimar and his Pikmin, Parry, and the yukkuris stayed behind, while the others got up and disappeared into the darkness, in the direction the constant cries of agony were coming from. "Let's hope everything goes all right…" Luigi said as he watched them leave.







A Game2002 production…











Chapter 1
An Easy Beginning

Onett, a town that was, for the most part, usually peaceful, mainly thanks to the Smashers, who were seen as the heroes of not only this place, but also Eagleland. It's been a while since anything bad had happened, so life for its citizens was going very easy and relaxing, so relaxing that one might actually wish that something happened.

Captain Olimar, a biologist who traveled from place to place often whenever his job called for him, was driving down the street in his car that was built to look like a rocket, the Dolphin. Sitting in the Dolphin with him were a five Pikmin, one of each color type. Driving past Wario's house, he moved at a slower pace and greeted Wario and Waluigi while they two were cleaning the Wario Car. They simply waved at him and replied with a simple "hi".

He sped down the street and headed in the direction of Smash Mansion, which was visible not too far in the distance. He went past Barney the Dinosaur, who was happily skipping down the sidewalk while singing "I love you, you love me", but the former didn't greet him, because he was unfamiliar with him, other than the fact of having seen him before.

He finally arrived at the front gate of Smash Mansion, and he got off his car and walked up to the doorbell next to the gate to press it. Shortly after pressing it, the speaker above the button said, "Who's there?"

"It's me, Olimar!" he replied. "I came like I said I would!"

"Oh! We've been expecting you! C'mon in!" After the speaking ended, the gate automatically opened, and Olimar hopped back into his car to drive down the path leading to Smash Mansion. When he stopped in front of the gate, the door opened, and Fox and Mario came out.

"Olima! Welcome!" Mario said to him with wide open arms as he walked in his direction.

"It's nice to see you, Captain Olimar!" Fox said to him.

"You don't have to be so formal when calling me," Olimar told the anthropomorphic fox while getting off the Dolphin with his Pikmin. "We're friends after all!"

As he was getting his luggage from the car trunk, Mario approached him and picked up one of them. "Here! Let-a me help-a you!"

"Thanks a lot!"

"You go on inside," Fox said while walking toward his car. "I'll go and park your car at the garage."

"Oh, never mind," Olimar told him. "I can do it myself. I'm afraid the control panel is different from normal cars…"

"It can't be that different, can it?" Fox said as he sat in the car, and his eyes widened when he saw the control panel. Indeed, it was not the kind seen in everyday cars; the control panel resembled that of a spaceship's.

Olimar walked up next to him and looked at the control panel while saying, "Told ya…"

After parking his car, Olimar and Fox entered the mansion from the passage that led from the garage to the living room. There, Luigi, Falco, and Snake were both seen slouching on the sofa while watching TV, and Parry was on his perch. All four of them raised their hands, or in the latter's case, wings, simultaneously and said, "Hello."

"Hello! Nice to meet you all!" the Hocotatian greeted.

"Cheer up a little more, will you?" Fox asked the four. "You're giving our guest a bad impression, you know?"

"Can't be helped… Nothing's been happening for a while already, so it's very hard to get excited or acted up over anything, unless it's something big," Falco replied.

"I can't agree any better than him," Snake said with a nod.

"Actually, I prefer this peace and quietness, but I do agree that it does get pretty boring after a while, like now…" Luigi said.

"Life being a parrot can be boring, you know," Parry said. "Guess it's because I'm used to acting like a human so much that I'm feeling that…"

Fox led Olimar to a couch to let him sit on, and then the latter asked, "So nothing's been happening recently? Also, why am I under the impression that you guys are the only one home at the moment?"

"There's still a few of us still here," Luigi replied. "Several of us aren't home at the moment. They're either at work, went back to their homelands for vacation, gone somewhere for fun, or doing god-knows-what out there somewhere."

"I see… Well, I'm taking a break from my studies, so I've decided to come over and stay at your house for a few days for fun. Hope you don't mind."

"Nah, we don't mind. It's nice to have someone from the outside around here at times like this," Falco told him.

"By the way, want to see the photos I took of various kinds of creatures? Some of them are pretty cool! It should help you pass some time!"

"Why not?" Snake replied.

Olimar went over to his luggage and got out a photo album and handed it to those three to look at, and Parry perched on Falco's shoulder so that he could see it too.

As they were looking through the album, Luigi asked, "Wow, you really ventured into dangerous and uncharted places like these just to take pictures of these rarely-seen creatures?"

"Well, a biologist has to be brave and take risks," Olimar replied. "I have my Pikmin with me, and they are very well-trained. Don't look down on their sizes; they're very dangerous when attacking as a group! They're good at keeping you company too!"

"You like bugs, don't you?" Snake asked, still looking at the photos.

"Well, yeah… Even though I study all kinds of creatures, I have to admit that bugs fascinate me more than other kinds…"

Mario came into the room and said to Olimar, "I've put-a your luggage into da room you will be sleeping in already. You want-a to come and look-a at-a eet?"

"Sure! Why not?" Olimar replied, and then he and his Pikmin followed Mario out of the living room.

Fox joined the other four in looking at the photo album, and then the phone rang. Snake picked it up and said, "This is not Caesar's Pizza Palace."

"Force of habit, eh?" replied the voice on the other side.

"Well, yeah… You're Master Hand, right?"

This made the others turn their eyes to Snake and the phone. "Whoever is in the mansion at the moment, can you please all come outside?" Master Hand said to them from the other side of the phone. "There's something… urgent that I need to show you and ask you to do, so please hurry up. Oh yeah, bring as much money as you can too, and also your usual weapons, if you have any."

"Okay," Snake said before hanging the phone, and then he told the others what the Hand told him.

"Well, that's quite a surprise!" Falco said. "I didn't expect something urgent to happen around these boring days! Let hope it's not something disappointing!"

"If Master Hand wants us there at once, then we better tell everyone in the mansion to go outside right now," Fox said.

Not too long after that, all those currently present in the mansion where standing outside the door. Other than the previously mentioned ones, Link, Donkey Kong, Diddy Kong, Pikachu, Pichu, and Jigglypuff were there as well. "What's Master Hand want with us?" Pikachu asked.

"He said it's urgent," Snake replied.

"Hope it's not anything too bad…" Luigi said.

"He's here," Link said, looking at the sight of a large circular platform, the Final Destination, flying toward their mansion. The platform positioned itself vertically and touched the ground, and then the center of it opened and lowered a staircase for them to climb up.

They entered the Final Destination, which had a fourth dimensional interior, so it looked much bigger than it was from the outside. There in front of them were Master Hand and Crazy Hand. "So that's everyone in the mansion currently?" the former asked. "Where is everyone else? Oh, you finally came, Captain Olimar. Nice to meet you!"

"Nice to meet you too!" Olimar said while waving his hand. His Pikmin did the same.

"Let's just leave it at 'not everyone is home at the moment', okay?" Snake told the Hand.

"Okay, if that's what you say… Anyway, follow me."

Both the Hands led them through some other rooms until they came to a large room that had several machines placed along the walls. "If I remember correctly," Fox said, "this is the room for researching and looking up on things related to Darkling, right?"

"Wait, does the urgent business you said have something to do with… Darkling?" Link asked.

Master Hand kept silent for a while, and then he moved his fingers up and down as a sign of nodding while saying, "Yes…"

With the exception of Snake, Olimar and his Pikmin, Diddy, and Donkey Kong, other Smashers' eyes widened in shock. "What-a! Did-a someone breach into da Forbidden Realm and became da Darkling King?" Mario asked.

"What is it about parking?" asked a confused Donkey Kong, who misheard what Master Hand said.

"Look at this first," Master Hand said, turning to what appeared to be a chart on the wall. The Smashers looked and saw seven bars on it, four of which were very high, while three were very low.

The three low ones were labeled with the words Hater, Unbeliever, and Laughter, the former being the tallest among the three and the one in the middle being the lowest. The four higher ones were labeled Destructor, Player, Eater, and Manipulator, and the former was the highest, while Player was the lowest.

"Those labels… Those are the names of the Seven Deadly Incarnations, aren't they?" Fox asked. "What is this chart?"

"This is the chart indicating how close each of them is to resurrection," Master Hand replied. "As you can see, Destructor, Player, Eater, and Manipulator are the closest to resurrection, because the four of them had been destroyed for thousands of years already, but the other three are still very far from being resurrected due their deaths in the hands of some of you are considered recent compared to the other four. What I am concerned about the most is how close the Destructor is to resurrection…"

The Smashers looked at the Destructor's bar and saw that it was indeed dangerously close to reaching the top of the chart. "If I remember correctly," Link said, "the Destructor is the embodiment of death and destruction, and it is also the most powerful of the Seven Deadly Incarnations."

"The last part of what you said is exactly why I'm worried that he is so close to resurrection… The members of the Deadly Incarnations will be resurrected in places that have a lot of what is related to them going on, and in the Destructor's case, he will be resurrected in the place where lots of killing and destruction are going on. At this rate, I dare say that there is at least three months before he comes back to life, though it's possible for it to happen earlier if the situation turns for the worse…"

"That's horrible!" Pikachu said in horror. "Isn't there anything we can do about this?"

"Unfortunately, there is no way we can stop his resurrection. It's the cycle of life; Darkling is the embodiment of evil and will always exist as long as life exists. The Deadly Incarnations each represent seven different kinds of the sins found in mankind, and when slain, they will always be resurrected when the requirements are met, even if it takes a really long time."

"So there's really nothing we can do to prevent the Destructor's resurrection?" Pichu asked.

"There's nothing we can do, but in the very least, we can delay it. I did research on where he may come back to life, and I found out that in a certain alternate dimension, there's a large amount of massacring going on. It's highly possible that the Destructor will be resurrected there if we leave things as they are now. Not only can we delay his resurrection, but we can also make him come back to life in a place where we can deal with him more easily, and honestly saying, our world is the only place I can think of where there are people and things that are capable of slaying Darkling."

"That would be you Hands and our Holy Weapons!" Falco said.

"True, which is why I have decided to send you all to the world where the large amount of massacring is going on. You have to put a stop to whatever bad is happening there. That way, we can hopefully postpone the Destructor's resurrection to another…"

"Yes, we get what you said," Snake interrupted him. "No need to repeat things. Since we don't exactly have lots of time, you want us to leave as early as possible, right?"

"I've been aware of this for weeks already, so I think it's best that you guys set off today. Certain dimensions are not easy to travel to, so Crazy Hand and I tried our hardest to make a machine that allows you people to go to other dimensions. From what I know, that dimension has no contact with any other dimensions at all, which makes it even tougher, but we managed to get that solved in the end."

"Eez there anything we need-a to know about-a that-a dimension?" Mario asked.

"Well, I did a bit of research on it, and apparently, humans are the dominant species there. There are no anthropomorphic beings or any other kinds of humanoid beings, so some of you here may cause a ruckus with your appearances alone."

"That means the likes of me will have to stay behind?" Falco asked, sounding disappointed. "Man! I was thinking that I am finally able to do something interesting!"

"Don't worry; we have that solved too."

"Yep! You can always rely on us to make things undisappointing for you!" Crazy Hand said as he got out some bracelets.

"Undisappointing isn't a word…"

The Smashers looked at the bracelets, and Fox asked, "What are these?"

"These are Identity Bracelets," Master Hand replied. "By wearing them, other people will see you as someone different. You don't transform into someone else, but rather, it's an optical device that alters the light of your surroundings in order to make others see you differently. They're basically seeing an illusion. Because of this, you will not be able to see your own transformed looks unless you look in the mirror. Those of you who are not human should wear these on your arms in order to fit in with the crowd in that world."

The non-human Smashers nodded, and then they each took one for themselves and put them on their arms. The three Pokemon had very small arms compared to the others, but when they picked up the bracelets, they shrunk and became the perfect size for them. "Whoa!" Pichu exclaimed.

"They're made to be able to suit people of any size," Master Hand explained, and then he turned to Parry. "You want to go too?"

"Well, there's nothing to do here, so why not?" Parry asked. "Mind giving me one of those bracelets?"

"How about you just try to talk as little as possible? You may be an ordinary parrot, but I taught you to talk fluently, and then you just had to go and act like a human yourself afterwards…"

"Well, whatever you say… I guess if I become a human in the eyes of the people there and continued to flap my wings to fly, everyone will stare at me…"

"The tie actually suits you this time, DK," Falco said, looking at Donkey Kong from head to toe.

"What did you say about wanting me to die?" Donkey Kong asked him, sounding offended. Diddy whispered into his ear and told him what Falco actually said. "Oh, sorry for mishearing you… So… what do I look like?"

"You look like you'd fit very well in an office!" Crazy Hand said as he brought a large mirror over. The Smashers with the bracelets looked at themselves in the mirror to see what they had become.

Donkey Kong was now a muscular man wearing a brown business suit, Diddy Kong was a kid wearing a red hat, red shirt, and brown pants.

Fox was a young man with a hairstyle that resembled fox ears. Falco was now a young man with blue hair. Link looked the same, but his ears were now rounded instead of pointy, and his clothes had become contemporary clothing. Olimar was a short, pudgy man dressed in yellow clothing, and he still had his usual tuft of hair on his head.

As for the three Pokemon, Pikachu and Pichu had become a pug and a squirrel respectively, and Jigglypuff was now a pink Pomeranian.

"What the! Why are the three of us animals?" Pikachu asked in shock.

"Guess it's because the three of you are too short to be humans," Master Hand explained. "Suits you, don't you think? Jigglypuff looks really cute as a Pomeranian!"

"Jigglypuff likes this!" the balloon Pokemon cheerfully said.

"I don't look too bad," Falco said while brushing his hair backwards.

"As for the Pikmin, it's obvious that you're going to end up plucking more, so there's no point in giving them all bracelets… Just try to keep them out of sight as much as possible, Olimar."

"I'll be sure to keep that in mind," Olimar said.

"Okay, I'll show you guys the machine for transporting you to that world," Master Hand said before leading everyone to another room that had a large machine with ring in front of it.

"Pretty typical-looking, don't you think so?" Fox commented.

"Okay, just to let you know, this thing isn't exactly perfected yet, so as of now, there is no way you can return by yourself without someone on this side helping out," Master Hand explained to them. "I'm afraid that I haven't even come up with a method of contact between both sides either, but rest assure that Crazy Hand and I will work on one as soon as possible and then contact you."

"Doesn't this make things risky…? What if we can't get back?" Luigi asked.

"I told you already that as long as there is someone on this side, you can definitely come back. I will get in touch with you again after a week. Rest assure that the world there is safe for you all to be in. Just try to find yourself a place to live in and have something to eat, and you'll be fine. You can pack your own things if you want to. Oh, one more thing, this machine is also designed to automatically change the currency you have with you into the one they use there, assuming that they have currencies there. That was why I wanted you all to bring money."

"That-a should-a take care of money problem," Mario said.

"Okay, you guys got everything clear? Are you all going to go? Or do you need to discuss a bit more on this? While I recommend that you deal with this as soon as possible, I won't rush you guys too, so please take your time, just not too long…"

The Smashers turned to each other to discuss this matter. "So what's your plan? We go there and put an end to whatever massacring is going on over there and then come back here?" Link said.

"If there is massacring going on over there, then wouldn't that make that world a very dangerous place?" Luigi asked. "I'm scared just from hearing this…"

"Better than staying here and doing nothing!" Falco said. "The author hasn't written a story about us since 2009! I'm dying for an adventure of sorts already!"

"Sounds pretty interesting! I'm willing to give it a try!" Diddy said with enthusiasm.

"I'm suddenly curious about the animals that can be found there," Olimar said. "I don't mind tagging along; so long as you will all protect me from harm. Not saying I'm completely defenseless, mind you…"

"How about the others? Shouldn't we leave them a message that we'll be gone for at least a week?" Pikachu asked.

"I'm sure the Hands will do that by themselves," Snake said. "Anyway, it doesn't matter what you think, I've decided to head over there and stop whatever bad is happening there. Like Falco said, better than having nothing to do around here."

The Smashers came to a decision, and then they turned to the Hands, and Mario said to them, "We have decided to go there! Please rememba to tell da othaz that-a we will be gone, okay?"

"Of course we will tell them," Master Hand said to him. "So are you guys ready? Make sure that you have everything you want to bring. I've taken a look at that world already, and it seems to be a very normal-looking place just like our world, with civilization and all, so you shouldn't have any problems fitting in or surviving."

"That sounds better," Luigi said. "Fine, then, I'll tag along."

Seeing that the Smashers had decided to go, Master Hand went to control panel of the machine and input the coordinates. A few seconds later, a blue swirling wormhole appeared on the large ring. "Okay, the portal has been opened. You can step into it any time you want. Just remember that you won't be able to come back. I don't know how long it'll take for you to accomplish your mission, and because I don't want to disturb you too often, I'll open up the portal again after a week."

"Yes, you told us all that already," Snake said.

"Oh, and one last thing: your actions will also affect the speed of the resurrection of the Destructor, so avoid killing and causing violence as much as possible. Try to solve most things through non-violent methods, okay?"

"Got-a eet!" Mario said with a nod.

"Gee… I'm not sure if some of us here can really do that…" Fox said.

With that, the Smashers said good-bye to both the Hands before stepping into the portal. After they all disappeared into it, the wormhole disappeared, and the Hands continued to look at the ring for a few seconds. "Well, there they go," Master Hand said to his younger brother. "Let's wish them luck. In the meantime, we need to make some sort of device that will allow us to contact them without actually using the portal."

"All right! Let's get busy!" Crazy Hand said.

The Smashers found themselves in a passage of blue swirling light, and in front of them was white light. "Seems like the exit is over there," Fox said. "C'mon, let's head over there."

"You'd think that guy would be skilled enough to make the kind of portal that would warp us to the destination the moment we step inside the portal…" Falco said.

"At least he's brilliant enough to actually build a dimension-hopping machine," Snake said. "C'mon, let's just go to our destination."

It didn't take too long for the Smashers to arrive at the light at the far end, and when they got close to it, they exited the gap between dimensions and found themselves in a grassy place with some trees in front of their eyes. After all of them had exited the portal, it disappeared, and then they looked around to see where they were. "Looks peaceful," Luigi commented.

"And there's a town, or a city, over there," Link said, pointing to the sight of buildings visible at the bottom of the hill they were on.

"Looks like we're in a rural area outside the city," Fox said. "The distance doesn't look too far, so we should be able to get there in a short amount of time just by walking."

As they started to walk down the hill, they suddenly heard a voice speaking to them. "Take it easy, misters!" it said.

"Did I hear someone say 'make it cheesy' just now?" Donkey Kong asked while looking left and right. Everyone then turned around and saw a group of never-seen-before creatures.

The group consisted of seven round human head-like creatures, two of which were about the size of basketballs, while five were much smaller. One of the big ones was blond and wore a witch's hat, and two of the small ones looked the same. The rest had black hair and a pair of hair braids decorated with red hair tubes. "Take it easy, misters!" the two larger ones said, and then the smaller ones said the same thing together afterwards.


And thus began what may easily be my most serious and controversial story yet…

For those who are unfamiliar with the yukkuri fandom of Touhou, here's a quick run-through: It started with someone attempting to draw Reimu's head using ASCII to invite other posters to "have some tea snacks together". Later, an ASCII of Marisa's head was drawn, and eventually, someone redrew those two pictures with color. Some time went by, an artist named Makako drew stuff related to these Reimu and Marisa heads, and also drew more characters in this style, most of them with bodies, and she also came up with the idea of these heads actually being living buns with red-bean fillings. Yukkuris started to become popular, and after Makako drew a comic of Kanako killing Sanae's pet yukkuri, violence towards yukkuris started to ignite people's interest. Eventually, yukkuri abuse became very popular on the Internet, and several rules and facts about yukkuris were established by fans as well.

I may be missing some stuff and have gotten some stuff wrong, but that's basically how yukkuris came to be in a nutshell.

Let me warn you beforehand that this story WILL contain yukkuri abuse, some of them being very intense. However, I do not wish that people jump to conclusions that this is an abuse-centric story and get turned away because of this or want to keep on reading, solely for the purpose of getting a kick out of seeing yukkuris getting abused. This story is NOT intended to be an abuse-centric story, and it is not really intended to be an anti-abuse story that mocks fun and insults all those who enjoy yukkuri-abusing either.

Still, I have the feeling that some of you are going to jump to conclusions anyway and say things like yukkuri crossover stories do not work well at all or that this story is intended to spite abusers, which I will admit I originally wanted to make this story because of that reason, but now, I'd prefer saying that I just want to make a yukkuri story that no one has ever done before. If any of you still wants to give me backlashes, go ahead. As Reggie Fils-Aime would put it: My body is ready.

Saying anymore than this may likely result in spoilers, so I wish that everyone is willing to give this story a chance before jumping to conclusions. Please sit back, take it easy, and enjoy this story!

Oh, one last thing: the size of the Pikmin in my series is different from canon and even SSBB. They only stand a few inches tall, so they have no problems hiding in people's pockets. Remember Nintendo's E3 2012 presentation, where there were Pikmin hanging out in Miyamoto's room? Yeah, I imagine them to be around that size.

God bless you all!

1. Fox's "human form" is based off James McCloud from the F-Zero series, who in turn is based off the one from the Star Fox series.