Chapter 21
Take It Easy Forever

Luigi was staring at the bun on the plate placed in front of him in silence for several seconds, and such an action was considered by the others to be awkward. Mario asked him, "What-a eez wrong?"

"I'm not sure if I can eat this…" he replied. "The face… It reminds me too much of a yukkuri, and I can't really bring myself to eat yukkuris after that whole ordeal…"

Mario looked at the bun. It reminded him of a yukkuri as well, as it was decorated with a face made of hard and colored sugar, and the shaved coconut on top of it resembled hair. "I can understand what you mean…"

"And the reason he didn't come out to help us was because he it's too tiring to fly after the train while fighting," Link said to Zelda and whoever was listening to him.

"He does have a point," Zelda said. "He doesn't move by walking, but floating, so it's obvious that he needs to keep on moving in order to avoid getting left behind. If floating was my only way of movement, I would stay inside the train the whole time too.

"Yeah, you have a point… But things wouldn't have gone so bad if he came out to help…" Link said. "Taking out that robot shouldn't take more than a minute for him."

"Be happy that you managed to win and bring those yukkuris or whatever they're called to that world in the end," Ganondorf told him.

"What happened after that?" Yoshi asked with a mouthful of bread.

"I think I'll let Snake carry on from here," said Link, looking at the cloned soldier.

"We rammed that robot into pieces with the train, and then we eventually arrived at that world," Snake said. "End of story."

"That's all?" Kirby asked with a mouthful of ham and bread.

"Well, sort of…" Fox said. "Anyway, after arriving at that world…"


With the exception of the yukkuris, everyone inside the train stepped out into the train station they stopped at after the train appeared from a bright flash. "So this is the world you we're letting the yukkuris stay in?" Olimar asked.

"Doesn't look different from the one we were previously in," Luigi said. "It doesn't even look different from our world either."

"Just because it's an alternate universe doesn't mean it looks drastically different, you know," Master Hand told him. "Yukkuris do not exist in this world, only normal animals we see everyday. The people here are, for the most part, nicer. Because of this, we're sure that they won't abuse yukkuris for fun."

Eiki, Yukari, Ran, and a fat man with a white, bushy beard came over to them. "I see that you have managed to arrive safely at this world," Eiki said to them.

"Our trip here was anything but safe…" Snake said. "Still, we managed escape the fangs of the viper and get here alive, albeit not in one piece."

"What happened?" Yukari asked.

"Arnold simply refuses to give up," Fox said. "We were attacked by a robot that we believe is sent by him to stop us. It managed to take away an entire cart and murder all the yukkuris in there. Thankfully, the number of yukkuris did not drop below 900, so all the yukkuris that were left behind in that world were still transported here, I think…"

Mario looked around and said, "I think-a we have our ansa already." The Smashers looked and saw yukkuris appearing in bursts of light in various places.

"Good to see that we've succeeded!" Pikachu happily said.

The man with a bushy beard looked at the yukkuris and said, "So those are the creatures that are going to make their home in this world, eh? Such peculiar beings! I think they're pretty adorable too! I'd imagine that they be popular with women and kids!"

"Allow me to introduce to you the president of this country," Eiki said to the Smashers.

They looked at the man, and Fox said, "So you're the president of this city?"

"Yep! That's me!" he said. "I was surprised to be visited by the judge of afterlife all of a sudden one day! I thought my days were numbered and that she was here to warn me of it, but then she assured me that such a thing wasn't happening. Boy! Was I shocked that time, and I sure am glad that things aren't like that! She did tell me that I'm a righteous man who will most likely go to heaven, so it may not be that bad if my days really are numbered! Hahaha!"

"I like you already!" Pichu said. "Your appearance also reminds me of Santa Claus!"

"Hahaha! I get that a lot!" the president said. "I even dressed up as him once during Christmas! People weren't able to tell that I'm their president when I did that!"

"Haha! That's funny!" the Pokemon said while laughing.

"Anyway, I'm sure that the judge has told you everything," Fox said.

"Yes, she told me everything regarding these yukkuris," the president said to him. "I can't believe that people actually enjoying abusing these cute things and seeing them suffer! Fear not! Rest assure that these yukkuris will find happiness and safety in this place! I will make sure that they do not receive ill treatment!"

"However, please be reminded that not all yukkuris are lovable," Snake told him. "We've met one that is very despicable, and surely there are more of those kinds."

"I've been told about that as well. Don't worry; we will judge things fairly if we come across yukkuris like that," the president said. "Even the worst and most despicable trash deserves fair treatment and not be deprived of humanity."

"That's true, but sadly, not everyone thinks the same," Eiki said.

"Indeed," said Ran, thinking of the way foul-mouthed yukkuris were treated in the previous world.

The Smashers then exited the train station to look at the yukkuris that were all over the place and the people who were confused and surprised at the appearance of these never-seen-before bun-like creatures, some of which resembled human children. "I did tell the citizens of this thing happening, but it looks like I'll have to make another public announcement regarding this," the president said. "It's time to adapt everyone to living a life with these new creatures."


The Smashers who returned from their adventure continued talking about the things they went through to their comrades. "Then with Yukari's help-a, we all came back-a to Onett," said Mario, concluding the story.

"Wow… You guys went through quite a lot…" Mr. Game & Watch said.

"It had to be done," Luigi said. "Otherwise, that world will face the terror of the Destructor. Now that we've finally put an end to yukkuri abuse, Master Hand said the amount of killing and destruction given off from that world has fallen drastically, and he is sure that the Destructor will not be resurrected in that world when the time comes."

"Also according to him, the Destructor will most likely be resurrected in this world instead," Pikachu said, "but happening here is better than there, because all of us can easily deal with him when that time comes. We have the Holy Weapons on our side after all!'

"Master Hand also said that the government is also ready to deal with the Destructor," Fox said. "Apparently, they have Hand scientists working for them, and the former used their DNAs to create weapons capable of defeating Darkling. They even infused their DNA into soldiers to give them such ability!"

"The government has stuff like that?!" Dr. Mario said in surprise.

"Yeah, we were very surprised to hear such a thing too," Link said.

"All this time, I thought we were the only ones in the world capable of defeating Darkling…" Ness said. "Looks like we're not so unique anymore…"

"Oh, and by the way," Captain Falcon asked, "what about the people who came from that placed called… Gensokyo? Is that what it's called?"

"Obviously, they went back there after dropping us back here," Snake said. "They also told us to pay that place a visit when we feel like it. If only she told us where in Japan it is…"

"Yeah, she forgot to tell us where in Japan we can find that place," Fox said. "Apparently, it's a place where not even Google Earth can detect."

"Well, I guess we probably won't be able to go there," Captain Falcon said as he poured milk into his glass. "Though perhaps by luck, we may unintentionally stumble upon it if we decide to go to Japan for vacation some day."

"Japan may not be the biggest country, but what are the chances of such a thing happening?" Marth said. "I'd say the chances are next to none."

The Smashers then continued eating their breakfast while talking with other various things, mainly about yukkuris. "I feel like I'm going to miss them…" Luigi said while tearing the bun apart for easier eating.

"Who?" Mario asked.

"The yukkuris we first came across and later saved," Luigi told him.

"Oh, them," Mario said. "Yeah, they grew attached to uz, so eet wuz kinda sad that-a we have to leave them. Eet couldn't-a be helped… Apparently, our world-a eezn't considered that-a safe for yukkuris too. We should-a be happy that-a they finally found-a a place where they can live in peace. Surely they will not-a forget about uz, and eetz not-a like we didn't leave something for them too!"

"Who are these mister humans?" a marisa asked a reimu while looking at a photograph that was leaning against the wall.

"Those are nice misters who gave reimu's little ones something to eat and later saved us when a mean mister killed our father and some of reimu's children," the reimu replied. "They are very nice, so we like them a lot! But they have to go back to their easy place, and we cannot go back with them. They say their easy place is a not place where yukkuris can take it easy, so they took a picture of reimu and her children with them and then gave it to us as a gift."

"Really? They are nice misters who can take it easy, then-ze!" the marisa said.

The reimu and her family who befriended the Smashers found a new father shortly after arriving at the new world, and they quickly found a new home in a small cave at the bottom of a small cliff. The children belonging to the reimu were playing outside, and then some kids came over and saw them. "It's those strange human head-like creatures that showed up recently!" one of the boys said.

"Wow! They're cute!" a little girl said. "I want to play with them!"

"Careful… They may bite…" another boy said.

The kids slowly approached the koyukkuris, and the latter told them to take it easy before bouncing in their direction and rubbing against their legs. Seeing that these yukkuris were harmless, the kids bent down and touched, petted, and picked them up. The reimu and the marisa watched happily from the cave entrance at the koyukkuris happily playing with the kids in peace. "This is the first time remiu saw her children playing happily with mister humans' kids!" the reimu said.

"Me too! The mister humans here are very nice!" the marisa said. "We can really take it easy here-ze!"

"Thank you very much, nice misters!" the reimu said in her head while thinking about the Smashers. "Thank you for bringing us to a place where we can really take it easy!"

Back in the world where the yukkuris came from, the president had finished giving a speech of encouragement to everyone, convincing them that it was time to accept what happened and move on with life—a life without yukkuris.

It wasn't as if yukkuris were the most important thing in their life. As long there exists other kinds of animals, they could always continue to make a living. All companies and stores dealing with yukkuri-related businesses closed down, even Yu-Abuse Incorporated; therefore, many people had to look for new jobs. People who took pleasure in abusing yukkuris and those who loved yukkuris slowly accepted this and adapted to living a life without them.

Arnold was reported to be seen running around the countryside every once in a while, screaming at the top of his voice in anger. No one ever went to restrain him, however, and at times, it would seem like he disappeared and not be seen for quite a while, only to have reports of sightings of him again after some time.

In the world that the yukkuris were transported to, news of a new species of creatures showing up was quickly made known all over the place. The yukkuris were considered by many people to be adorable, so they quickly became popular among everyone.

However, as the yukkuris were new them, people didn't take them in as pets right away, and some even took caution around them, fearing that they might possess danger. Scientists quickly went to study the yukkuris, obviously to learn more about them.

A lot about yukkuris had to be looked into and studied by the people of this world. How they could made into pets, how they could help them in life, and what should be done if they vandalized, broke into houses, or trash talked to them… All these were things that the people of this world would find the solutions to one day.

Yukkuri abuse was unheard of. The only abuses came from sadistic and wicked people, and such people were looked down upon and brought to justice if caught. Scum yukkuris would sometime demand sweets from people they come across, but the people would just ignore them and continue on their way, or they would say something back to them, letting them know that they should watch their mouths. At most, they would just shove them away before continuing on their way.

If one were to ask a random yukkuri which place it could take it easier in more, this world or the previous world, it would surely reply, "Reimu can take it easy more in this world more!"




Take it easy forever, yukkuris…






And thus the end of the story…

If I offended anyone with the contents of this story and the way the yukkuri fandom is portrayed, then I sincerely apologize to you.

Again, this story was originally intended to bash the abuse fandom, but over time, I gradually threw away such an idea and thought of making a yukkuri story that is very different from all the other kinds found out there instead. To make sure that I am not fueled by rage when doing this story, I refuse to work on it for some time if I see any abuse-related pictures.

Even after saying this, I cannot shake away the thought that some people are still offended by some of the things in this story and still see it as an excuse to get back at and mock the abuse fandom. If you still think like this, even after what I said, then so be it.

But what of the Destructor? That is of no concern to this story anymore, and whether or not I will make a story that details the Destructor's resurrection is yet to be decided, and even if I did make that story, it won't have anything to do with this one. In the very least, the event of this story will be mentioned, but it won't be anything important at all.

Will I make the Smashers visit Gensokyo? That's something only the future can tell.

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed this story and look forward to possible new stories from me in the future! I can't say anything at the moment, but hope for the best!

God bless you all!