EPILOGUE...one year later...

"Seriously? An engagement party under the ocean? How are we going to breathe? And what about my hair?" Sarah asked her fiance who was at his desk, humming to himself as he did paperwork. He looked up and pointed at himself.

"Goblin King, remember? We'll be perfectly safe - and if I wouldn't risk my hair, it goes without saying that yours shall be fine. Our oceans are far more interesting than the ones on your planet. If you pay attention tonight you may learn a few things."

"Like how to drown?" Sarah asked, one eyebrow arched regally. Jareth coughed to hide his laughter. The girl was picking up his expressions and was already famously frightening goblins when they got in her way. She walked over to his desk and sat on the corner, glaring down at him. He glanced up, wire rimmed glasses reflecting the firelight, and grinned up her.

"Really Sarah, after everything I have gone through to get you, would I really risk drowning you at our engagement party?" He stood up, kissing her soundly. "Now go get ready and I shall see you at the ball."

Sarah smirked, "As you command, my king," sarcasm lacing her words.

Later that evening, Sarah was escorted to a large ship along with her family and the royals she had grown to love. Robert had made the transition to living on Avian slowly, but now was a respected advisor to King Logan. Many were the nights the two men would hole up in Logan's study debating politics. And if there were a few glasses of elven wine imbibed, well - it helped the digestion after one of the large dinners forever being served.

"Daddy, do you have any idea where we are going?" Sarah asked, her golden gown sparkling in the the setting sun. Robert grinned and shrugged. "You do know, don't you?" she accused and he winked at her. Seriously, this realm made even the most conservative men become playful. Usually she enjoyed seeing her father so happy, but tonight it irked her. Everyone knew what was going on except for her.

"We are going to your engagment party, you know that," Robert said, sipping from his goblet. After a few minutes, the ship slowed, then started to spin mildly at first, then faster until it was going down a large whirlpool of light and water. Robert and Karen held Sarah's hand and told her to relax, it was going to be wonderful.

"Sarah, open your eyes," Karen whispered. Sarah did so, slowly and looked around. They were in a giant ballroom, and it was beautiful. The music floated through the air as fish swam just outside. Fish?

"Welcome my queen, to our underwater palace," Jareth appeared, dressed in a dark blue jacket and grey leggings.

"How?" Sarah asked and Jareth pointed. "Look, my sweet."

Looking out past the fish, she saw the palace seemed to be encased in something large and glittery. She gasped.

"We're in a giant crystal?" she asked, amazed. Jareth kissed her, leading her to their table.

"Yes, we can go anywhere on the planet without harm, our magic will always keep us safe." He turned her to him, "I will always keep you safe, Sarah."

Sarah smiled. "I love you, my king."

"As I love you, my dearest - now, let us begin."

The other guests came into the ballroom and the dancing began.