Chapter one: Back In the Days

*First time I meet him 7 years old *

It was Sunday of witch I can remember it was a beautiful day I was out in the park it was my favourite place to be I was walking along when some girls were behind me making fun of my glasses if only they understood I was born with bad eyes sight I can't change that (we I have now as got laser surgery at 17) well any way the names were pretty bad

''Oh Louisa take your goggles of '' ''Louisa looks at me I am fish just like you ''

I cried the names hurts and well they just wouldn't leave me alone I kept walking on till I saw a boy my age he had brown swishy hair and a birth mark on his neck he saw me crying he stopped and asked if I was ok the girls behind me said ''oh look the fish found a friend '' that was worse I didn't know him at the time and thoughts girls just made it worse

''Hey leave her alone you stupid bully's '' is what he said to them the girls just laughed and walked of

I looked at the boy and said ''thanks '' while wiping my tears away

'it ok I saw you was upset I know what it's like to be bullied and my sisters friends do it all the time to me as she acts like it nothing '' I looked at him and said '' I have a brother called Sean but he always sticks up for me like that he smiled and said ''I have two sisters Ruth and Nicola there both older than me ''

I looked at him I remember saying to him ''it sucks being the youngest '' he agreed with me

''so what your name ''

''I am Louisa May you ''

''Liam, liam Payne ''

*the next day *

Again as always I went to the park after school I was probably a bit happier that day well as I moving schools after the weekend I hate that school the teachers are so horrible and so are some of the kid so instead I went to Collingwood I was walking through the park and siting under my usual spot i call big tree though now not so big as I have grown since then I normally read a book or doddle in my diary for a seven year old I was always a head of the class and finishing first and knew a lot I was a good reader for my age and some of the teacher would be a bit amazed but then the kids made fun just because I always did my work, concentrated and well-being a head academically so I kinder stop I well stopped I was scared of doing well because I was doing well and I didn't like reading out loud because the other kids and well started being not such a ''goody toe shoes '' as the kids would call me I just did my own little thing after school ..

So I sat under the tree doodling in my diary in till I heard a

''pissssss'' I looked around but I couldn't see anyone

''pissss ,hey up here '' I looked up and well there he was

''hey Liam what you doing '' he looked at me like I said something in a different language

''what do you think I am doing, I climbing the tree. What are you doing ''

I looked at my diary ''oh just doodling '' he smiled at me and said ''hey come up here ''

I looked at him ''are you joking I can't climb I'm a girl, girls don't climb trees and I don't think it safe''

He laughed at me and said ''don't be such as pussy cat and come up ''

''Well ok but I not a good climber '' over the years I ended up climbing every tree possible and played little games with liam up in the trees liam even started calling me Lou

I did climb the tree and well we just had race on who could reach the top first and Liam won of course but I soon out witted him

Over the weekend me and liam hang out more and more he even introduce me to his sisters Ruth and Nicola they were really nice and so was liam mum but I always called her Mrs Payne (even to this day) when I started Collingwood I then realised liam was in my class which was great because I was on my own and liam seemed happy because he didn't really get on with anyone ether so a win, win situation , over the time we also went to the same junior and high school even in junior school we used to play woody's and jess adventures as we were both obsessed with toy story at the time I still love it and I don't know how may time I have watched that and even with the third one come out now I watch that over and over again i guess it's just my kinder thing