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Dear New Student,

We are happy to tell you that you are now old enough to join our wonderful Hetalia Academy; The School for the Exceptionally Gifted.

You are invited to come to our fantastic Academy, where all of the students have gifts, just like yourself, and can learn how to control your gifts and also enhance them.

For more information, please contact the Principal, Alaric Beilschmidt, at xxx-xxx-xxxx

We hope you will join us soon.


Roma Vargas, Headmaster of Hetalia Academy.

P.S. More information will be included in the 2nd letter

As Lili Zwingli closed the envelope labeled with her name in cursive, she gave a pure, small smile to herself and hummed happily. She just turned 15 the day before, and so this morning, she got a letter of invitation from the school where her brother is waiting; since she was finally old enough to go to the school of her dreams and won't be treated as a monster wherever she goes.

She, Lili Zwingli had a gift. She had the power to see into anyone's memories. This has been a big trouble for her since she was little, and this 'gift' caused her parents to divorce and then abandon her. Soon after, this 'gift' caused her to be bullied simply because she was not 'normal' like the rest of them. However, because of this, she was adopted to the Zwingli family, in which their son, Basch also had supernatural ability. And since Basch had parents who understood these 'gifts', Lili felt the love and affection from a family once more. Basch, being the overprotective older brother he is, always protected his adopted sister from cruel bullies to a certain level of extremity that he was nicknamed 'the Demon'.

Unfortunately, he was three years older than her, and so three years ago, he went to Hetalia Academy, (albeit grudgingly, not wanting to leave his dear sister behind) and she was left alone.

However, all of those three lonely years were about to end. She was finally old enough to go, and enjoy a fresh new start to her life; surrounded with people like her. She could barely conceal her ecstasy as she started packing her things, her adoptive parents helping her put things into boxes and suitcases. Of course, she felt sadness and guilt about the fact that she was leaving her parents alone, but she knew that it was necessary. She bit her lip, fighting her tears away. She closed her eyes and tried to keep the negative emotions from overwhelming her; chanting a single sentence in her mind.

Hetalia Academy, here I come.

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