Disclaimer: I dont own B't x. It was just an anime that made up my childhood.

This will be more of a love story; but there will be an insight to the emperor's past

This story is closest to my heart as i loved the characters of Fou and Karen. O if you dont like this, kindly skip my story and dont leave a nasty comment. Thank you!


Finally it was over, Rafaelo was destroyed. They were free, all of them. Their troubles are over.

Fou was badly wounded. His wounds may have been agony, but he wasn't crying in pain; he was rejoicing.

But it was cut short after he remembered that he must know what have happened to his comrades. He stood up and together w/ his b't j'taime looked for them.

"Ron! He called, Hokuto! Where are you? Karen! Teppei!."

No sign of them. They might be dead! But no, they cannot be. They must see the victory they longed for, The victory that almost cost them their lives.

"Fou!" It was Ron who called. He was carrying Hokuto on his left and Teppei on his right his b't was carrying Kotaro, and X was helping his twin Shadow.

Fou was overjoyed. He hugged them fiercely


"Are they alright?" He enquired.

"Yes." Hokuto replied before Ron did. "Were all alright."

Fou almost cried w/ delight

"Karen; where's Karen? Broke Teppei, crying. She.. she shielded me from Rafaelo's whip. She must be awfully wounded."

Suddenly happiness left them.

"I'll find her." Assured Fou. "Don't worry she's tough. No one can beat her. Im sure she's alive."

"Ok. Ill take them all on your chapel to be treated, after im done I'll help you", said Ron. "Take care of yourself out there Fou. Remember, you are also wounded."

"I'll come w/ you;" whispered the wounded Teppei, obviously in pain.

"You wont be any help in that condition. Fou told him. I can manage on my own; anyway Ron will back me up after youre all brought safely in the chapel.

"Be on your way then Fou, ill follow you afterwards." Said Ron and took them all aboard Hokuto's b't.

Fou was praying now. He haven't prayed since he was a child. He didn't even know which gods he prayed to. But he prayed that he would find Karen. And find her alive.

As he walked on a once bare desert now full of Rafaelo's pieces, he started to look back the day he met Karen.

She was sixteen then, not a girl but not yet a woman. Aramis brought her together w/ Karin and introduced them to him and the other young soldier of the machine empire. The first thing he noticed about her was her eyes. It was not the eyes of a properly raised child. It was the eyes of a girl who has seen lots of horrible things during the war.

Later on, she became his tough competitor. Yes, Karen was great. She can manage a b't better than most of the young soldier. She has the skills, intelligence and the determination that earned her the spirit guardian status together w/ Ron ,Hokuto and him. But inspite of her fighter ways, she's a still sweet and caring girl to everyone. She was especially close w/ Hokuto. This was the time that Fou realized that he has some admiration towards the girl.

They weren't close, both of them. But at times he caught her staring at him. And once when she and Karin were playing in the flower fields, she called him to join them.

Karin adored him, and he liked the little girl. This was the time he and Karen talked. She told him about them..And her dreams. But inospite if this, she never let her be that emotionally close w/ him.

And then, she started to rebel towards the machine empire. And there were disagreement about it. Had made their little friendship lost.. But not his feelings towards her.

Suudenly he heard distant footsteps. He ran to see where it is coming.

He saw a man carrying Karen, then dropped her on the floor.

"What the!" He screamed.

But the man had gone before he got there. She saw Karen lying, limp.

"Karen, Karen!," he was trying to wake her.

But she didn't..

"No you can't be;" he sobbed. He started to listen at her pulse.

.. it was weak.. but she's still alive.

W/ a sudden wave of relief he called j'taime on the east side of the desert. Then he hurriedly carried Karen to bring her back at the chapel.

He can't let her go.. not this time..