Axel and Lioness After Full Circle

At the Aquatic Centre

Axel was having a little think when he decided to pop outside when he accidentally tripped over a Skateboard and crashed into Lioness' room.

"May I have this dance?" asked Lioness with a sweet smile. "Er alright." Smiled Axel soon they did a quick dance in Capuria. "The pleasure was all mine milady." Smiled Axel. "Yeah." Smiled Lioness.

Then they both went outside to enjoy the fresh air.

"It's going to be different without the Mu-Team." Said Axel with a smile. "Yeah we won't be fighting ourselves so to speak." Smiled Lioness.

Then they saw Dragon fly by.

"He might be after Lee." Said Axel. "You know he is our friend so why not let him stop Lee." Suggested Lioness.

Axel thought on this.

"Ok I just hope he doesn't do anything harsh because I need Lee for questioning." He noted. "Yeah Lee must know what happened to your Dad." Agreed Lioness.

Lioness thought on something.

"Axel what will happen when you meet your Father's killer?" she asked. "I will serve revenge but if I get out of hand I'm sure you'll keep me in check." Replied Axel.

Soon they went into Landmark Park where they sat in the grass.

"We needed the air." Smiled Lioness. "And the peace for a big battle ahead of us." Agreed Axel. "Axel I don't want to lose you." Lioness said. "You won't have to Cat after I avenge Dad you and me can be together." Smiled Axel and Lioness smiled too knowing they will battle their new enemy together.

The End