Super Street Fighter Son of Juri

4 years later

Antarctica , Secret U.S Military Base.

Dr. Jessica Ivanov walked into the giant elevator and put in the secret codes to enter the last floor. The base can take people deep underground below the ice. The deepest was 130000 ft deep which was even dangerous to even go that deep but they did succeeded in the end. After the pandora incident with the organizations fighting over the pandora box, the base was given to the US government and they made the most secret base of all , more secret than Area 51.

Dr. Ivanov went to the -13000 floor to visit a young child who was brought by Chun Li herself. They made this base just for this child. Dr. Ivanov has been studying Juri's son since the beginning and she was hired to take care of this child. She had to admit over the years she grew attached to the child like it was her own. She was also his teacher and his personal doctor.

The door opened as Dr. Ivanov as made it to the thirteen hundredth floor. The boy's room was a glass bowl with a bed , toys , a chock board for learning and a T.V that only the adult can mess with as they didn't want him to watch anything violent or anything about what going on in the world. They didn't want the boy growing violent or him questioning about him staying here. They just wanted the boy to understand the world is not ready for him.

Dr. Ivanov let the security guard know that she was going in and the security guard buzzed her in and went inside the boy's room. "Happy Birthday Sora !" said Dr. Ivanov who was smiling at the 4 year old boy who got out of bed and hugged the doctor.

"Thanks Jessica , I was wondering when you were gonna show !" said Sora as he was happy to see his favorite doctor.

"Hey I got you a gift !" Dr. Ivanov grabbed something behind her as she started to see the boy getting excited jumping with joy.

"Ooh , what is it !, what is it ! ,what is it !" asked the boy who repeated the question.

"Alright calm down ! Let me just….there you go !" Dr. Ivanov gave Sora a Nintendo DS.

"YEAH ! , I always wanted one of these !" said Sora who started playing it right away. However Dr. Ivanov frowned as she was about to tell what Sora was gonna get today. "Um listen Sora , you do realize todays shot day right ?" asked the Doctor.

The ones happy shy boy was now trembling with fear. "N-n-no , NOOO !" the boy yield as he ran under his bed.

"Sora I know you hate the shot but its just to help you , not to hurt you !" Dr. Ivanov tried to explain about the shot but Sora still didn't wanted it but who can blame him because this wasn't your average needle. Every year the boy had to be tested for brain waves , blood test , x-rays and sometimes he had to opened up for the sergeants to look at his body. They found that the boy had Juri's special powers and that not what they only found. The boy was also infused with the power of the pandora so now he can choose use the power when ever he want and he doesn't have to fight in order to use it. Nobody knows how he got it but it have something to do with Juri being infected with it so much. However unlike other people only his hair changes and the marks glow but that but his skin doesn't not grow dark or has anything els and the boy can use the power without getting unconscious.

Dr. Ivanov grabbed Sora's hand and dragged him out of his room and into the science room. She putted him on the table and the other doctors were holding him down while the other tide his arm and legs so he wouldn't struggle. Once the boy was tide up they dug the middle in him and turned on the machine as the liquid went inside his veins which felt like they were on fire as the boy cried in pain as this was very painful to him.

"Its will be okay Sora , it will be over soon !" said the Doctor trying to calm the boy down.

"OUCH !" Sora didn't know they kept giving him these tests and every time he asked them what they are for all they say is that he needs them but they don't tell him what for. Tears kept falling down the boy's face as he couldn't take the pain but than it was finally over as the liquid from the machine stopped and they pulled the needle out and unstrapped the boy. The boy continued to cry as he still felt the soreness in his arm until Dr. Ivanov putted a banded over it and give him a kiss on the cheek.

As it was all overt Dr. Ivanov walked the boy back to his room and had him blew out the candles from his birthday cup-cake. Sora didn't have any friends as he was required to stay here at all times but the government divide once the boy turn 18 he may go out in the real world as a young adult but however they also planned if is skilled than they mite use him for the army but they mite have seconds thoughts about that.

"You were brave today Sora ! , I know how much you hate those shots but you have to take them , your required to take them." said the Doctor.

"Well at least I don't have to take them for a while right ?" asked Sora

"Yep , not until next year !" Dr. Ivanov smiled at the boy as she putted him to bed and told the security to close the door behind her once she walks out. Sora went to sleep as he dreamed of what would life be like outside.

What seemed like hours , was just 5 minutes as Sora was woken up by Dr. Ivanov as she shook him. Sora woke as he ripped his eyes and saw the Dr. in front of him smiling. "Morning Sora , How was your sleep-" D.r Ivanov was cut off as her neck was twisted by some mysterious hands from a dark shadow figure who had a glowing purple eye. Dr. Ivanov fell on the floor dead as Sora laid there shaking in horror as he saw the scary figure walking closer.

"….Hello…Sora….HAN!" said the mysterious person who sounded like a creepy lustful women. The Mysterious women raised her hand as she was going to grab the boy as she started laughing with such evil in her voice.

Sora shot up from bed as it was just a nightmare but a very strange one as he had no idea who that was but whoever that was knew his name. Sora sigh as he went back to bed.


M. Bison was sitting on his thrown as he looked at the left over blood sample from Juri , as he looked he saw something very interesting in her blood. She was pregnant with a child when she escaped from his grasped. "Juri with child !" said Bison who was surprised from the information. "I never thought that heartless worm would have a child or to even have feeling for anyone for that matter. I must collect that child's power , where is the boy located ?"

"He is being kept in a U.S high security base , the same place where the Pandora was," said one of Bison's servants. Bison knew it would be too risky to send any of his troops or even Balrog and Vega for that matter so he must send one of his strongest discovery.

"Send in Twelve ," said Bison.

"But lord Bison we haven't even able to fully control him yet. It could be too risky , he mite-" The servant was cut off by Bison's aggression.

"SEND HIM !" yield Bison slamming his fist. The servant nodded and unlocked the controls to Twelve's cell.

Ryo , Brazil:

Chun Li was speeding her car as she tried to catch Juri who was on the run. Chun Li could see Juri jumping house to house as the area was full of houses all the up the hill. "I got you now , you son of a bitch !" said Chun Li as she followed Juri. "Slow down Li your going too fast," said Cammy was on Shot gun.

Chun Li kept looking up for Juri but failed to noticed where she was driving. "LOOK OUT !" yield Cammy but it was too late as they crashed into a food stand. As Chun li and Cammy got out of the car they tried to catch Juri by foot. They ran up the stairs and jump and climbed building to building as they ran after Juri who all sudden stopped at a dead end when she came by a cliff. Juri looked down and saw a restless ocean being slammed against sharp rocks below. "I since him , my baby boy is in danger," said the emotionless Juri. Chun Li and Cammy manage to catch up to her as she had nowhere to go now.

"Juri please , surrender yourself !" asked Chun Li who has been chasing Juri for years and was desperate to catch her. Juri slowly turned around and grind at them as she jumped backwards down the cliff. Chun Li and Cammy towards the cliff to see if she fell but no trace of her falling , not even a splash it was like she never jumped. "DAGGIT !" yield the in-raged Chun Li as she walked back to the car.

To be Continued.