Myrnin's Tale

He's mad and crazy,

But what do you expect,

It's him!

He's noble and humble,

But won't show it,

No matter how much you try,

He believes himself a monster,

But that's not what he is,

He's just him,

He researched Alchemy and science,

All his life,

He can't wait to learn more,

Then that girl came,

And changed everything ,

She taunt him things,

Things he never thought he could learn,

He learned to love again,

To put someone else before himself,

He learnt that love isn't just science,

It's everything,

And once he learnt those things,

He changed; for better or for worse?

We'll never know…

What did you think, I had desk duty and got board so I wrote this I also have one for Sam, Amelie and Shane so far if you have anyone in particular you want be to do then please review and let me know!

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