This is sort of what Flora and NarutoRox wanted. I've had this done since 25/11/12. I thought I should update it and one of my poems is being published!

She's confused.

She's doesn't know what to do.

This has never happened before.

She knows she must choose.

It's unfair.

Not only to them.

But to herself.

She waits till the moment is right.

Sits one down.

And tells him.

It pains her to do so.

But she knows it's for the best.

So she tells him every detail.

Tries to explain.

He doesn't take it well.

She never thought he would.

He screamed.

He yelled.

He punched her.

That she wasn't expecting.

She runs to the other.

Just hoping she can hold back tears.

She doesn't want him to see her cry.

But he does.

He comforts her.

And just as she falls asleep.

He whispers.

I love you.

And she knows she made the right decision.

Who do you think was let down? Who did you want her to be with? I want to say thank you for everyone who had been reviewing it means a lot. I know this isn't one of my best but... I just wanted to post it. Tell me want you think.