It was the same arrangement every night. Well - not /every/ night, if you catch my drift, but you get the point.

The three of them, Izuna, Shizune, and Shino, would always – invariably – occupy just one room. That fact confused several of their gang, judging by the fact that they never had any sleeping bags or really even /blankets/ in their gear. At that point, they were sure that at least their resident perv, Mitsumoto, had picked up on it, but then he had an overactive imagination anyway.

And then – after all three had eventually dropped more hints than a drunken juggler –most if not all of their troupe had picked up on what was going on.

However, it seemed like two of them were still in the dark…


"Ren-Rennnn!" Fuuka whined as she and Suiren padded quietly down to the room the female ninjas were spending the night in. "We can't do this!"

Suiren didn't even flinch at the nickname; Fuuka had been calling her that for almost as long as she could remember. Turning around, she grinned at the other goddess. "Really? I'd like to see this new Amendment you're proposing."

Fuuka stuck out her tongue at Suiren's flippant words and restated her previous sentiment. "But- but it's not our room!"

"So? It ain't theirs either."

"But… It's none of our business-"

"Would you rather be the only person not to know about it?" Suiren asked, dead serious. Fuuka gulped and shook her head frantically. Suiren nodded in approval. "Good girl. Now, follow me and be silent."

Suiren quickly and quietly stepped over to the door, noting that it was ajar. She pushed it open slightly and peeked around the corner – only to positively melt when she saw the current scene.

Izuna was, first and foremost, the easiest to see based on her hair color. She was occupying the left side of the small bed, fast asleep and very slightly snoring. She had a protective arm curled around Shizune, keeping the smaller ninja close to her body – and said younger ninja was quite clearly cuddling up to Izuna, nuzzling her face into her neck. And then there was Shino, who was – quite literally – on top of them both. Laying lazily over both Izuna and Shizune, her lower half seemed to fit nicely between the two younger ones, and her head was resting gently on Izuna's shoulder.

Needless to say, the two goddesses in the hall were now small puddles of cute.

Suiren pulled the door shut quietly, and proceeded to tear off down the hall faster than Fuuka on Red Bull (really bad combination), presumably to squeal into a pillow. Fuuka followed Suiren at a fraction less the speed, presumably to copy Suiren's sentiments.



Well and also they really do look sweet sleeping like that

They're like a little lovey lump~

Freakin adorable

500 words exactly! EFF YEAH