Graduation Trip

Chapter 7

When we got home that night, something was different. We all got there at different times, some of us coming with Owen, some walking, and no one riding back with Wes and I. Wes and I had left early, went to eat, and then just gone home. We went to bed after kissing for a little, but around five in the morning, something woke me up, like usual. This time, Wes wasn't there, so I got up to see what was going on.

"Guys?" I walked into the living room, which was lighted for some reason. No one was around. I checked the bunk bed room, but no one was there either, not even Monica. When I checked the front, the cars were still there. I'm official freaked out. Deciding to look out back before deciding that the Rapture had happened and I was the only one out of my friends not taken up, kind of hard to believe knowing them all like I do, I went to the back door.

They were all there, of course, sitting at different spots on the porch, talking, laughing, listening to music. It wasn't even Owen's crappy techno. It was normal, good music. I stared at them through the window, listen to them all laugh as Wes told some story or something. Then he pointed to Kristy and it was made clear to me then that they were playing Truths. Our Truths. Wasn't Kristy the one that said we were only supposed to play it together? Wasn't Owen the one that said it was our own special thing?

It was so weird to me, seeing Wes and Owen sit next together and be perfectly fine. They were all drinking and from the beers that now littered the porch, I could see that they had been for awhile. Without me. Again. Maybe I really don't belong with this group. Maybe.

Annabel looked up suddenly and saw me. She smiled and motioned to me, but I shook my head. I'd just ruin their fun anyways, probably. I turned and headed back to the bedroom. As much as a failed trip this turned out for me, at least they were having fun on their last night.


I rolled my eyes, not turning around.

"You're going to make me run, huh?" Wes grabbed my arm before I closed the bedroom door. "Where are you going?"

"Back to bed. I just wanted to see where you guys were. Now I know."

Wes didn't let go of my arm. "Well, now that you know, you can come and hang out with us. We're drinking all that beer. Finishing it off. You know how good you are at that."

"I thought you said you didn't like me drinking so much?"

"As long as I'm monitoring, I don't mind it much."

I stared at him. "You sure seemed to have forgiven Owen."

"Beer does that. Come on, Mace. Come hangout with us. In a few hours, we have to leave."

Reluctantly, I let him lead me outside. When we got there, it was Annabel's turn, apparently. She seemed really embarrassed, but the beer was helping her. Wes sat down on the ground next to Owen once more, pulling me in-between his legs. He picked up his beer and handed it to me. I finished it off quickly, making him laugh, pulling me closer to his chest.

"Annabel, you have to answer," Kristy said, setting her own beer down. "We all answered. Come on."

She finally stopped drinking to answer. "Owen."

"Seriously?" Kristy started laughing. "You've only been with Owen?"

"Technically, yeah."


Owen rolled his eyes. "Anyways, can we move on?"

"Fine, Mr. Hotshot, you answer."

"What are we playing?" I whispered to Wes.

"Someone asks a question and then everyone has to answer it. If you refuse, you get kicked out."

"Annabel," he said, just shrugging when Kristy gave him a look.

"You guys really have only ever…You're missing out on so much. Shame," Kristy said.

"Way to sound like a slut, Kristy," Wes commented as I reached over to the cooler next to us and grabbed a Bud. When I sat back, Wes kissed my neck.

"Fine. Your turn, Wes," she said, staring at him.

"The first person I slept with? Uh…I was in ninth grade and this chick-"

"Name, Wes."

"That's kind of the problem."

Bert frowned. "Really?"

"Well, it's just…the first time I really had sex or the first sex thing I did with someone?"

"Can we just skip him?" Owen asked, making a face.

"No," Kristy said with conviction. "Give us both. Details, Wes. Details."

I took a sip of my beer, trying to tune out everything that was said, though it was impossible.

"Fine. It was my first party and I went and…we didn't really have sex. She just…seriously, Kristy?"



Kristy started laughing. "Who was it?"

"I really can't remember. I think it was…Nicky Johnson or something."

"First real time?" Kristy asked, too interested in my boyfriend's sex life.

"Jenny Rogers."

Kristy giggled while Bert rolled his eyes. Then she sat up. "Macy?"

God. "I'm not-"

"Do you forfeit?"

"No. Wes."

"What?" Kristy seemed shocked. "Wes, really?"

"Yeah. We found some bottles of whiskey in the garage. We took turns drinking it. We were playing Truths, I asked if she wanted to-"

"Do you have to tell everything?" I asked, staring at my beer can.

"Fine. I didn't really believe she was still a virgin, I wanted to find out. It's not that long of a story," Wes said as Bert started eyeing me.

"What?" I asked and he immediately went back to the bag of chips he had.

"Your turn, Bert," Kristy sang, still clearly pleased with what she was causing. That was the first time that I noticed Monica wasn't around. Lucky her. I was starting to wish that I had never come out here to play this game.


"You've been with someone?" Wes frowned. "Really?"

"Well…yeah, once."

I shifted a little, also wishing that I didn't have to hear this confession.

"With who, Bert?" Kristy asked. "You guys really don't get the question. It was who's your first. Macy wasn't even here for it and she answered correctly."

Wes wrapped his arm around my body, kissing the side of my head. His brother sighed.

"Her name was Rachel. It's not that important," he said, clearly embarrassed.

"Fine then, we all went. My turns over. Who's next?" Kristy asked.

"Me," Wes said. "Who's done oral?"

I elbowed him. "Do they all have to be dirty?"

"Yes," Kristy said.

"Yes you have or yes they all have to be?"

"Yes, they all have to be. Honestly, you have very low expectations of me, Macy. No, I haven't."

"Owen?" Wes asked, laughing when he got a glare.


"So no for you too?" He asked, looking at Annabel. She blushed and nodded while reaching for another beer.

"No more," Owen told her, grabbing her hand.

"One more."

"Fine. Seriously though, last one."

"Whatever," she said, popping the tab.

"We're almost out anyways," Wes commented.

"Well? It's your question, Wes. Have you or haven't you?" Kristy asked.



"I'm not," he said," shaking his head.

"Then no, Macy?" She asked, sighing. As if I were boring or something for only being with Wes.

"No," I admitted, though I really didn't feel that bad. I mean, since when is not being a hoe a bad thing? Like seriously.



"Can we play?"

We all looked up as Monica and her…whatever Jake was to her, came walking through the gate.

"Sure," Kristy said, eyeing Jake. "First question is, what were you doing with my sister?"

"Chill out. I just gave her a ride."

"Nice to know she's dominate," Wes mumbled to me, which got him another elbow. "That is a flagrant foul, Mace."

"Bench me."

He just kissed behind my ear.

Bert blew air into his cheeks, letting it out slowly. "I don't feel real good."

"You probably drank too much." Wes stood up behind me and went over to his brother. "Come on. You can sleep in me and Macy's bed so that you don't have to get on the top bunk. We're staying out here anyways."

While Wes left to go take care of his brother, Monica and Jake were quickly roped into the game. As seemed to be the new norm with me and alcohol, I focused more on that, not even listening half the time. All the questions were sex related or something and had seemed to get worse after Bert left. Annabel had finally fallen asleep on Owen's shoulder and he was texting someone. Really, it was just a game between Kristy and Jake to see who was the biggest whore. Gee, am I shocked that Jake won? It's amazing to know that Jake and Mr. Everything come from the same DNA.

"Bert's asleep," Wes said, coming back outside.

"Good." I kissed him as he sat back down next to me. Wes pulled me into his lap this time, holding me to him. "Where are we going to sleep?"

"Why? You already tired?"

"A little."

"It's only…six in the morning."

"The sun has come up."

"Well, coming up."

"Wes?" Kristy looked over at us randomly. "Your answer?"

"What was the question?"

"Have you ever been with someone older and if so, by how much?"

Wes rolled his eyes. "That? You know, Kristy. I was with that 25 year old when I was a junior."

"What?" I looked at him.

"Me and one of my buddies had her thinking I was nineteen. Then Delia found out. She flipped."

"Duh. My mother would kill me if I was with someone that much older," I said, frowning at him.

"I'm a guy. It's cool for me. If you were with someone older by that much, he would be a perv. Duh. Come on, Mace."

"That's sexism."

"That world thrives on that," Jake told me, chugging a beer. Monica rolled her eyes, clearly. "Monica gets that."

She didn't seem to get much of anything, except for the fact that she was almost out of cigarettes.

"Your turn, Jake," Kristy said.

"Uh…anyone ever had a scare?"


"STD scare."

"No," Wes said, shaking his head.

"I've only been with him, so no," I said, wrapping an arm around Wes' neck. He thought I was being affectionate, but I honestly was trying to keep my balance.

"Same here," Owen said. "I mean, with Annabel. So no."

"I have," Jake said. When Monica glanced at him, however brief, he quickly stated that everything turned out okay. Wonder how long he can test his luck…

"I haven't either," Kristy said. Annabel, who was still halfway asleep, moved to place her head in Owen's lap. Owen stroked her blonde hair absently, now openly staring at me.

"What?" I asked.


"No. What?"

He still just shook his head. Wes tightened his grip on me and I leaned back against him. "What time are we leaving?"

"I dunno. Does anyone have anything to do today? It doesn't matter to me when we head out," Wes said, his breath tickling my ear.

"We have a catering gig. Remember?" Kristy said, frowning when she saw how close Jake was sitting to her sister.

"Not till six tonight," he said as I began to get tired. I felt Wes take my beer from my hands as I closed my eyes.

"What about any other scares?" Jake asked, clearly not wanting to talk about us leaving.

"Like a pregnancy scare?" Kristy asked, probably still looking at her sister.


"I did once," she admitted. "But turns out I was just late."

"No," Owen said, speaking for both of them. "Not us."

"Nope," Wes said. "And with who, Kristy?"


I felt him shake his head. "I don't get how so many people have that problem. Just use a condom. It really isn't that hard. It's kind of stupid, really."

"Shut up, Wes. And those are not a hundred percent effective."


"I have," Jake said, as if someone thought that he didn't. "Someone at the party last night won't have the problem."

"What do you mean?" Wes asked when it was clear no one knew what he was saying.

"Some dick freaking jerked off in the closet or something. Adam was pissed. The douche's cum was on the floor and shit," Jake said, shaking his head.

I would have been mortified, but I luckily fell asleep at that point. I think that they all hung out for a little while longer before breaking up because when Wes woke me, it was just the two of us.

"Mace. Macy," he whispered in my ear. "Wake up. Macy. Come on, Mace."

I groaned. "No."

"Yes. We're leaving in an hour. Come on. Let's go pack our stuff up."


"Yes. Now. Get up."

I stood slowly, yawing. "We have to, uh, throw out all the beer cans and stuff. My mom would flip."

"What? She doesn't know that you drink?"

"No. Of course not."

"Fine. You go pack and I'll clean up, alright?" He kissed me before pointing to the door. "Go."

Groaning again, I walked off into the house. Owen and Annabel were apparently already packed, because they were laying on each other on the couch, talking.

"-come over for dinner."

"Yeah, Bella, of course. I'm sure your dad has some history show for us to watch while dinner's cooking."

"No, he's kind of mad at TV right now."


"Because they rarely show documentaries on stuff anymore. Now all National Geographic and History Channel are is reality shows. He hates it."

When I got to Caroline's room, Bert was still in bed, sleep. I shook my head, going around the room and picking things up. Wes liked to just take off his clothes and leave them where ever. I was going through the task of organizing his bag when Bert woke up. He just mumbled something about not feeling well before falling back asleep.

I rolled my eyes as I finished putting Wes' stuff away. Then I got up and went to the room with the bunk beds and packed up Bert's stuff for him. He, like his brother, was not good at being organized, so he had just shoved his dirty clothes in his bag. I took them out and folded them for him. I was doing that when Monica came into the room. She just stared at me for a moment and I decided to talk to her.

"Bert's still asleep. I thought that I should just put his stuff away for him."

She still just stared, so I tried a different approach.

"So, I heard that Jake's moving to be near you."


"Do you want him to?"

She pulled out her cigarettes.

"You can't let this guy just move to be with you if you don't really want to be with him, Monica."


"Because…I don't know. I mean, sure, Jake's a douche, but you can't just string him along. It's not right."


"And…I don't know. I can't tell you what to do, but I just don't think it's right, Monica. He doesn't seem like that bad of a guy."

Again, I got a stare.

"Well, maybe he is, but still."

"His decision."

"Still. I'm just telling you my opinion. You do what you want."

After I was done packing his stuff, I took all three of our bags out to the truck. Wes was there, finishing off a few beers.

"You're going to have to drive," he told me as I sat down next to him on the tailgate.

"I will." I let him wrap his arm around my shoulders. "Your brother is sick. You guys do not need to be letting him drink that much."

"I was right there the whole time."


"I'm his big brother. Nothing bad was going to happen to him."

"Oh, right, I forgot that big brothers cure alcohol poisoning."

"He did not drink that much."


Wes kissed my neck. "After the gig tonight, you wanna do something?"

"No. I just want to go home and go to sleep."

"Want me to sneak into your room after your mom goes to bed?"

"Wes, we've spent everyday together for the past seven days."



He made a face. "But all those days don't count, Mace. We were fighting half the time."

"I don't care."

"Fine." He moved his arm to wrap it around my neck. Tightening his grip a little, he kissed the side of my head. "You're missing out though."

"Am I?"


"We were pushing it by asking my mom to let you come on this trip. If she caught me in my room in the middle of the night, she'd kick me out."

"And then you'd say that you were coming to live with me, she'd freak out and take you back."

I looked up into his eyes. "You'd let me come live with you?"

"God, no."


He smiled down at me. "It'd just get you back into the house, that's all. I can't let you live with us."


"Number one, Delia. Number two, you couldn't afford the rent."

"You'd make me pay rent?"

"You'd be living there, wouldn't ya?"

"Don't you guys have that place paid off yet?"

"Well, yeah, my mom and dad paid it off a long time ago. But your forgetting the cost of utilities. Plus, there'd be an extra charge for services."

"What services?"

"No doubt you'd be sleeping in my bed, right?"


"Well, I'd have to service you, huh?"


"What? My love does not come cheap."

"You're such a loser," I said, cuddling against him. "So if my mom ever did kick me out…?"

"You better hope Kristy offers you some space."

I snorted. "Will there be enough room? I mean, what with Jake staying there-"

"Oh, whatever."

I smiled at him. "Maybe Bert will let me stay in his room."

"Uh, no he won't. If he did, I would kill him."


"If I'm not housing you, he can't either. That's my house."

"Oh, is it?"

"Currently, yes."

"Maybe I don't want to live there anyways."

"What? Not good enough for you? I mean, after all, you are the daughter of the great Deborah Queen."

I rolled my eyes. "No. I refuse to sleep on that stupid futon."

"Alright, I'll pretend like that's the reason."

"Are we leaving now or what? Because I refuse to sit there and watch Owen and Annabel make out any longer," Kristy complained as she walked over to us. "And I am not, under any circumstance, driving back with them."

"You might have to, unless he takes the coolers." Wes shook his beer at her. "I can't drive. Macy has to."

"Well, you can ride with Owen."

"No. I am going to ride back down with my girlfriend, just like we planned."

"Wes, it isn't fair that I have to ride down with them and back with them."

"Fair? Fair? It isn't fair that I can't buy the shoes I want. It's not fair-"

I took his can from him. "That's enough for now, Wes."

"It's never enough!"

"Fine, I'll ride with Owen and them. Happy?"

"Yes," Wes said, laying his head against mine. "Macy?"


He just laughed before standing. "I'mma go get Bert."

"Are we leaving now?"

"Are we?"

"Yeah, I guess so," I said, watching as he stumbled off into the house. He was only in there for a moment when Owen and Annabel came out with their own bags. Saying nothing to us, although I got a look from Owen again, they went over to his Land Cruiser to put their stuff in it.

"What are you doing here again?" Owen asked as Jake walked up to the house.

"I came to say goodbye, man, so just chill, alright? I like my eyes non-bruised, thank you."

"To who?" Kristy asked, frowning. She got her answer as Monica came out of the house, dragging her own bag slowly behind her. Jake rushed to help, though the bag probably weighed nothing.

"I'll be down next week," Jake said, now ignoring us and only speaking to Monica. Now that she didn't have to worry about that pesky bag, she was free to go back to her only apparently love in life. Smoking. "You just need to write down your address."


Jake sat the bag next to me on the tailgate and I pushed it back, into the bed of the truck.

"Down? Down where?" Kristy asked, still crossing her arms. I pretended to be distracted by my phone, but honestly, no one had texted me.

"Anyways," Owen said, clearly not caring about Kristy. "Who's riding with us?"

"Wes is drunk, so I have to drive the truck," I said, but I could tell Kristy was mad from the glare I was getting. "Or…Kristy, are sober? Enough to drive?"


"Then you drive the truck. I can ride back with Owen and Annabel."

"Good. Someone needs to sit in the back with Bert. He's probably still not feeling well," Owen said as Wes came out of the house, his brother with him. I got off the tailgate and closed it, before going to help Bert into the Land Cruiser.

"He is very capable of getting in the car on his own, Mace," Wes said, frowning. "I'm just as drunk and you're not-"

"No, Wes, you're not. And you also have a higher tolerance level and you know it."

"I know nothing."

"I don't doubt it," Kristy mumbled, shaking her head. "Anyways, Wes, give me your keys."

"Why?" He asked, finishing the last beer.

"Macy's going to ride with Owen, so I'm driving."

"What? No, you're not."

I sent Kristy a glare. "I'm not riding with Owen. I'm riding with Bert, who's sick and happens to be riding with Owen."

"He is not sick."

Owen held up his hands. "Look, I don't care who rides with us, bro. You guys just hurry up and pick."

"I'm riding with them, Wes."


"Stop me," I said before going to get into the back seat next to Bert. Owen shook his head as he and Annabel got in too.

"If you're using me to for some sort of weird sex thing going on between you and Wes, knock it off."

"Owen." Annabel hit him in the arm.

"What? Wes is the one that told me that-"

"Shut up."

I frowned as I buckled the sleeping Bert's seatbelt. "Wes told you what?"

"Nothing," Annabel said.

"No, she asked. I tell the truth."

"She wouldn't have asked if you didn't open your big mouth."

"What did he say?" I repeated.

Owen turned on the car, adverting his eyes as Jake and Monica began their make out goodbye. Kristy's jaw would have hit the ground, had she not been having to help Wes find his keys, which he had dropped on the ground.

"Just a ride home?" I heard her say, though it was muffled.

"Before everyone came out there to drink, it was just me on the porch. He came out there, told me that you were just trying to make him jealous, and not to waste my time with you. I told him that I didn't want to be apart of you guys' stupid, immature games and that I was perfectly fine with Annabel."

"And then you told Annabel," I finished.

"I tell Annabel everything," he said. "Maybe you and Wes should try it, instead of that stupid Truth game, which doesn't seem to be doing anything for your relationship."

I made a face while Owen got hit again.

"You really need to learn the difference between telling the truth and just being a jerk," Annabel told him, frowning.

"I'm being helpful, Annabel."

"Yeah, because clearly you're the guy that should give out relationship advice."

"Gee, I've only ever had one girlfriend, she loves me, I love her, and we're perfectly happy. Why am I such a bad guy to go to?"

"I'm not loving you at the moment," she commented dryly.

"But you're still in love with me and that's what counts," Owen said before rolling down his window. "Alright, you guys stay here, This car's taking off. See you guys later."

Kristy was still stewing about Monica's apparent relationship while Wes had yet to find his keys. I almost wanted to trade places with Monica and stay with them, but I said nothing. Wes would only want to fight.

The ride started out in silence. I think that Annabel was angry with Owen for telling me what he did. I didn't want to talk to either of them anyways, seeing as Owen thought that I was using him to get at Wes. I mean, honestly? Someone needs an ego check… And Owen wasn't speaking to either of us because he was so into his music. It was techno, so Annabel had her headphones in, apparently not willing to take the horror he was sending to our ears. I didn't own an mp3 player, but sometimes would borrow Wes'. Right now though, it was in his bag, so I was stuck.

Eventually, I decided that I couldn't stand the silence anymore, so I asked, "Could we not listen to something besides techno?"

"Huh? This is house, not techno."


"What do you want to listen to then, Macy?" He asked, sighing. I glanced out the back window and saw Wes' truck. I bet they were listening to good music…

"I don't know. Don't you have anything…normal?"

"Normal. What exactly is normal?"

"You know. What normal people listen to."

"You can't describe a word using that same word."

"Yes, I can. I just did."

I could almost feel the eye roll that probably got. Owen let out a breath slowly before reaching down and picking up a CD. He ejected the one that was in and replaced it. "Truth Squad good enough for you?"

"I don't know."

"I don't know," he mocked before sighing. "Well, I'm not looking for a CD for you. There are a bunch laying on the floorboard. Hand me the one you want to listen to."

I looked at the littered floorboard, covered in CDs with obscure band names written on them. "No, I'm good."

"Suit yourself."

"Anyways, what did else did Wes say to you?"

"Nothing, really. Kristy came out there after that and wanted to play the game. Annabel came to see what we were doing and then Bert."

I glanced at the boy sitting next to me, still passed out. I kind of felt bad for him, but I mean come on. Everyone knows their limit.

"Hey, Owen?"


"You do know that what Wes said isn't true, right?"

"Macy, I'm not getting into that."

"It's not fair that you just let him say his piece and aren't even going to listen to me."

He sighed. "What? What else could you possibly say?"

"Just that I'm not using you to get at Wes. Why would I even want to?"

"I don't know. You guys are the ones with the messed up relationship, not me."

"Right, like you guys is so perfect."

"Not perfect, but better than yours."

"Whatever." I was really starting to wish I hadn't ridden with them. Apparently, whatever Wes said to Owen stuck in his head and now he hated me, or at least disliked me. And was that really a bad thing? I hadn't liked being around him at the start of this trip, so now that it was ending, I could just go back to normal with Wes and forget about Owen.

Needless to say, it was a pretty quiet ride home. Well, quiet besides Bert's random drunk noises and Owen's crappy 'enlightened' music. Besides that, it was completely silent. The first stop we made was to Wes' house. I woke up Bert and helped him inside, seeing as Wes gave me a key to his house a few months ago.

"I already feel better, Macy," he said as I made him lay down on his bed. "Seriously."

"Alright, but you still need to sleep. We have a gig later."


When I got back outside to get Bert's stuff out of the car, Wes was there, without the girls. He must have already dropped them off.

"You guys can go ahead and take off," Wes said, getting my stuff and Bert's stuff out of Owen's car. "I'll take Macy home."

"Alright, fine," Owen said, turning his music down. Annabel stuck her head out of the car window and called out her thanks to me for letting us stay the week. I smiled and waved, watching as they drove off.

"Glad that's over," Wes said as he took my stuff over to his truck.

"What's over?"

"The trip. Now we can start our summer."

"Yeah, but when that's over, I-"

"Don't want to talk about that," Wes said, now taking Bert's and his stuff inside. I followed. "You probably want to go home now, huh?"

"No. Not unless you want me to, because then yeah."

"I don't want you going anywhere." Wes sat the stuff on the floor of the living room before grabbing my hand and taking me to his bedroom. "Sit."

I sat down on his futon and watched as he went across the hall to check in on his brother. Once he was sure that he was fine, he came back to me.

We laid down on the futon, which was rather small and made it hard for us not to touch. Where was this all vacation?

"So…we're good?" Wes asked, looking at me.

"Yeah, I guess so."

"Good." He kissed me quickly before pulling back. "And don't you ever leave me in a car with Kristy after she finds out that Monica has a new boyfriend."

"I wanted to be with Bert."

"Right. Anyways, how'd your ride go?"

"You told Owen that I was using him. You know that I wasn't."

"It's a dirty game, love. Sometimes you have to throw dirt."

I rolled my eyes. "Oh and this is love?"

"It better be, or else I want my year back."

I just smiled, rolling over to cuddle into his side. Wes paused for a second before laying on his side also and wrapping an arm around me.

"It hasn't been a year yet. Soon, but not yet."

"Close enough for me." He kissed my forehead. "You know…We have a lot of making up to do."


"Not now, necessarily," he mumbled, moving to kiss my lips this time. "After all, we have all summer."

That's it for Graduation Trip. I might do another Truth about Forever story, but maybe not. Thanks to anyone who read it and the even fewer who actually reviewed.