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Spring Has Sprung


Hair shining brilliantly whenever the warm spring sun hit it as he passed by windows, Louis was a man on a mission to find a man. His man. One who'd been all but avoiding him for four whole days, which was totally unacceptable and definitely a boyfriend firing offense in his books. Of course Rorake regularly did things that were dumping offenses, but that was mostly because the prat had never been anyone's boyfriend before and therefore didn't know the general rules, much less the Delacour/Weasley ones. So he was regularly cutting the man some slack, which Rorake never appreciated as much as Louis felt the Slytherin should. As for the man's current offense, well all he knew for sure was that in his spare time Rorake had been holing up in the Room of Requirement working on some sort of art project, which he wouldn't tell him a damn thing about no matter how he tried to weasel the information out of him. And while he'd been patient…his patience was at an end.

Arriving at his destination, like he couldn't find this particular room easily enough, Louis didn't even bother to knock, just letting himself in with the intention of at the very least demanding some sexy one on one time to make up for being overlooked for so long.

The current version of the room was a fairly small room but heavy on the wide windows to let it plenty of light. But the surroundings completely blurred for Louis as soon as he caught sight of his boyfriend, who was standing in front of a very large, full length, three paneled mirror. It looked like Rorake was wearing a tight white undershirt, but his arms…were those…

In long strides that ate up floor, Louis's eyes got wider and darker by the second until he was standing in front of his man, seeing for himself that no, his eyes did not deceive him.


Full sleeves, Louis thought with a mixture of horror and fascination as he saw that the tattoos on the one side were actually moving around on his boyfriend's thickly muscled arm. They were made up of various magical creatures, hiding in the perfectly rendered foliage that moved when touched by an animal or if by a breeze. It was really brilliant looking, and sorta sexy, but still…those arms belonged to him and he'd liked them just fine when they just been tanned skin stretched over strong and yummy muscles.

"You know…my body is mine to do with as I like. That's why it's called mine, Freckles."

Ignoring the nickname, he was starting to get used to it and had more important things to yell at the idiot about, Louis's hands went to his hips as he gave his boyfriend the infamous Weasley death glare. "Oh no, it belongs to me and I reserve the right to curse the hell out of anyone that mars it, even if that someone is you."

More amused than worried, Rorake decided to clue the blond in anyway, before the real fireworks started. "They aren't real tattoos, they should only last a couple months if properly cared for. They're something your cousin Fred and I talked about when I last saw him at Hogsmeade, and he mentioned that he was wondering if I might design a tattoo for him since he can't draw all that well. Anyway, these are my prototypes so to speak, the non-moving on one side the moving on the other. I'm observing which I prefer and how long they last in comparison, especially the moving ones. I figured over Easter break to show them to your relatives at the joke shop, see if they want to carry them as an alternative for the real deal, so to speak. Could be a good additional source of income if they catch on, especially if I get commissions. I've even designed some for your fangirls, since they already finance a lot of my art supplies anyway."

"You made tattoos of my face?" Louis wasn't sure how he felt about that.

"No, that would just be creepy." Shaking his head at the idea Rorake walked over to a nearby table and began rustling through several large pieces of parchment until he came to the two that held his designs aimed towards the crazy girls who seemed oblivious to the fact that no one in their right mind would form a club devoted solely to the blond he'd somehow ended up dating in spite of himself.

Coming over to study the designs Louis had to smile, seeing his name in very stylish fonts, as well as trails of leopard paw prints that both moved and stayed still, actual leopard images both real and cuddly versions, and lilacs, his signature and favorite flowers.

"Okay, I can approve these. Though if you had to tattoo yourself you really should have used my name, seeing as you belong to me."

"Oh really?"

"Yeah, really." Grabbing Rorake's head with both hands Louis pulled him in for a scorching hot kiss that made it very clear he'd been saving up and expected to be paid in full for patiently waiting for the other man to pay attention to him.

He'd known from the start this would happen, Rorake thought to himself as he returned the snogging with equal enthusiasm and need, knew this particular blond, if he ever got his hooks into him, would take over his life. Thankfully he was still able to lose himself in his art, but when his head wasn't in the game, well some part of his brain always seemed to be focused on Louis. He was doomed.

Things heating up quickly, it had been far too long since they'd had their hands all over each other, Rorake was just fine with allowing Louis to help him remove his undershirt, completely forgetting that there was a tattoo Louis hadn't seen yet that he had made just for himself with no intention of selling it. But as Louis kissed along his neck and down towards his chest the blond caught sight of it, wiggling out of Rorake's arms so that he could take a step back to get the whole picture so to speak.

It looked like claws, a feline's claws, had ripped into Rorake's chest and had lain bare what was underneath, though in this case what was underneath was a winter scene, with a snow leopard prowling up to stare intently through the scratches and then disappearing in a flurry of snow.

"You…over your heart. My animagi form."

At the time of application it had just seemed like the best spot to put it since his arms were already covered…but yeah, maybe he'd picked that spot subconsciously…not that Rorake was going to say so until Louis made him.

Grinning like an idiot and not caring a whit, Louis turned his attention to the desk, piled all the papers together, and then carefully set them off to the side before hopping up on the desk and reaching down to pull his jumper up and over his head, tossing it on top of the papers before crooking his finger in Rorake's direction.

Taking the invitation, how could he not, Rorake moved between the legs Louis had spread for him, smiling as they closed around his waist as he leaned in to continue where they'd left off, both their hands free to move over bare skin now with ease.

And when they did break apart for a little air Louis demanded that Rorake make him a tattoo that said 'Rory', so that he could have one too.

"Freckles…you get steamed if you get a little writing ink on your not allowed to have a single blemish skin." Kneading Louis's arse affectionately Rorake supposed to he should feel honored that Louis would want to temporarily wear his name, but was pretty sure his boyfriend would rethink the idea fast when a little more blood was concentrated above the waist.

Louis shook his head, a definitely purr in his voice as he dragged his fingernails lightly down Rorake's back, on either side of the man's spine. "Your name wouldn't be a blemish, Silly. I'm proud to be yours."

Surprised, and okay, more touched than any bloke would admit to unless facing torture, Rorake could hear Louis's absolutely sincerity, as well as see it in those beautiful blue eyes that were becoming more and more bewitching every time he drowned a little deeper in them.

Actually having to clear his throat a little, Rorake made a production of sighing and asking the rhetorical question of just what he was supposed to do with him.

Reaching between them Louis's nimble fingers had Rorake's belt undone before the Slytherin knew what he was doing. Though Louis could see the exact moment when the knowledge hit, loving the way Rorake was now looking at him the way he did his art work. Like he was the other man's whole world and nothing else remotely mattered. Only him.

Talk about sexy as hell.

"So you want my mark on you, Freckles?"

"All over me, actually."

"We'll then, let's see what I can do about that."

Sliding his hands under Louis's thighs Rorake lifted his man off the desk and carrying him headed for the bed he'd just asked the Room to create for them.

And later, much later, he'd create that tattoo for Louis and help the other man apply it wherever he wanted it. He had some favorite areas of Louis's anatomy to suggest.


Spring Break

It was his first visit to Malfoy Manor, and Albus looked around with interest as he followed Scorpius through the winding hallways that lead to the Slytherin's bedroom. They'd come straight from the train station, his family not terribly thrilled by his decision to leave with Scorpius, but he'd promised to be home within the next couple of hours. Scorpius had enlisted his help looking for the now infamous between them picture of his four year old self, or at least that's what the blond had told him, which was why they were here together. Of course this could all just be a ploy on Scorpius's part to get him into his bedroom, but Albus was fine with that too. More than fine with that, the Gryffindor thought with a hint of a leer, his eyes dropping to study the fine arse he'd had the occasion to get his hands on numerous times since they'd decided to make a real go of their whole dating thing.

"Enjoying the view, Green Eyes?"

"I am indeed."

Looking over his shoulder Scorpius gave Albus an equally rakish look before continuing on his way, finally reaching his destination and opening his door was a flourish, motioning for Albus to go in ahead of him.

Doing precisely that Albus was admittedly a little disappointed not to find the room decorated in wall to wall green, as he'd always pictured it being when he'd been a kid. Of course Scorpius had said he'd grown out of his green obsession, but it would have been fun to tease his boyfriend terribly if that hadn't been the case. It wasn't like he didn't like green too, after all.

Once he'd finished a thorough look over of the room's layout, his eyes lingering slightly on the large king sized bed that looked very comfortable, Albus looked over to his side where Scorpius now stood, asking him where he thought they should start looking.

"I'm pretty sure it's in a shoe box in my closet."

"And yet you insisted that I had to come with you to find it."

Scorpius just grinned and then headed in the direction of said closest, returning moments later with a large shoe box that he must have gotten from his parents at some point. Together they walked over to the bed and took a seat side by side, Scorpius tossing off the lid to reveal, propped up against a hand sized teddy bear, a frame that hadn't been properly put back together.

Removing the backing easily, Scorpius's eleven year old self hadn't bothered to put it back in, they could both see in the corner Albus's name, age, and the date the picture had been taken. And flipping it over…

"Told you so. I was freakin adorable."

Smirking, Scorpius gave him a light elbow in the side. "You still are."

"I prefer outrageously sexy and desirable, thank you very much."

"You would and are." Gladly accepting the kiss he got for his compliment Scorpius smiled against Albus's lips, enjoying the easy snogging, especially in such perfect circumstances. He'd finally gotten Albus Potter into his bedroom of his own free will. It didn't get much better than that with their clothes still on.

When the snogging ended, for the moment, Albus asked to see what else was in the box, Scorpius in too good of a mood to say no even though it was a little embarrassing, showing off his four year old self's treasures. Not to mention a little exasperating when Albus scolded him over the green butterfly displayed in another frame. His Gryffindor was of the opinion that someone named after another insect shouldn't have condoned one dying for decorative purposes.

"Scorpions aren't insects…but they are cousins of butterflies, so to speak. They're both arthropods."

"Huh, you learn something new every day."

"Especially when you're a Gryffindor."

"Oohhh, burn." Laughing in delight Albus set the box down beside him on the bed and then turned his attention to snogging his boyfriend with a great deal of playful eagerness, well aware of the fact that it was only a matter of time before Scorpius's father came to check on them. The older man had made that quite clear as soon as he'd realized that Albus was coming home with them whether he liked it or not.

And Draco Malfoy hadn't liked it one little, teeny tiny bit.

Their playful snogging soon turned to playful wrestling that had them rolling around over the covers, the kisses a little on the sloppy side since they were grinning and having far too much fun trying to pin the other to care about finesse. Both knew that if he wanted to Albus could easily pin Scorpius down, just as it was common sense that should he do so Scorpius would fight down and dirty, emphasis on the dirty, to get free if he wanted to. Of course he usually wanted to get free to do something equally dirty to Albus, but that was just one of the perks of their relationship as far as they were both concerned.

It had been interesting at first, Albus thought as he let Scorpius pin him for a bit and take control over the snogging. He'd had a lot to get used to, particular the lack of breasts. That had really thrown him off even before the differences below the belt had become an issue. Or he should say the familiarity he had with what was below Scorpius's belt had made things both a lot easier and a lot weirder.

Lifting his head Scorpius lightly flicked Albus's between his eyes. "What are you thinking about?"

"Ow. How sexy you are. Or I was, now I'm just annoyed."

"Oh really?" Pleased with that first part Scorpius sat up long enough to reach for the hem of his jumper and yank it off so that his bare chest was on display, the Slytherin inviting Albus to do the same.

Happy to follow these particular orders Albus got his own jumper off in record time and then it was back to more snogging and rolling around on the bed until things really started to heat up, Scorpius cursing fluently when the buttons on Albus's jeans gave him trouble. He loved the way they hugged the Gryffindor's arse, but the buttons were a right pain. Giving up on trying to deal with them while nibbling on Albus's neck Scorpius sighed and then shift down lower on Albus's body so that he could see what he was doing, eyes able to better direct his fingers so that-

"What the hell?!"

Pillowing his head with his hands Albus just arched up his hips, not about to ruin the surprise so to speak.

Only the top halves were visible at the moment, but it didn't take Scorpius long with his new motivation to get the rest of the bloody buttons undone and jerk the jeans and pants down to Albus's knees, revealing the whole design for his shocked and hungry eyes to run over.

"I asked Rorake to make it for me. For the sake of his sanity-and so he wouldn't kill me very dead, I didn't tell him where I intended to put it."

The temporary tattoo, emerald green letters outlined in black to form Scorpius's name, had been placed low on Albus's belly and stood out starkly against the winter pale skin there.

Scorpius stared at it. And stared at it. And stared at it a little more, so that Albus was about to ask the Slytherin if he was okay when Scorpius was suddenly hopping off the bed, which was definitely not the response Albus had been expecting.

"Get the rest of your clothes off. Now."

Jaw dropping a little as he struggled to catch up, because what the bloody hell, Albus watched as Scorpius headed for the door, pulled out a wand, and-began putting up shield spells that would prevent anyone from getting through the door.

Chuckling as he realized why Scorpius was doing this Albus grinned evilly as he quickly removed the rest of his clothing, stretching out quite contently on the bed as he waited for Scorpius to return, very appreciative when that happened since Scorpius stripped as he walked over, and was naked as well when he got around to joining him on the bed.

"I'm not getting home any time soon, am I?"

"Hell no." Licking his lips Scorpius smiled as he lowered his head to swipe his tongue over his name. "But I think we'll both agree it was worth the consequences afterwards."

"I think we're in agreement there, yeah."

And boy were they ever in agreement, especially on how right they were together.

The End