Two weeks. For two weeks the Doctor has been stranded in Equestria. The consolation was that he couldn't be stranded in a nicer place. The Doctor should have many thoughts going through his head. How can he get home? What was with Princess Celestia two weeks ago? Who left that letter? However it turned out that whenever the Doctor was tinkering with the TARDIS that all others thoughts drifted out of his mind… unless someone was talking to him and in this case, somepony.

Rainbow Dash was visiting the Doctor today as many of the locals regularly did. She was currently reciting the tale of her second sonic rainboom which the Doctor was only half listening too. The Doctor had become an odd sort of local as of late, and within a week, to everypony else, he was just another one of those weird things that found their way to Ponyville. This town was no stranger to bizarre characters.

When the Doctor met Granny Smith the other day she talked about how she knew that one way or another, he would be staying. When he asked why, she told him this. "When me and my family came here, we knew we would be staying. When a small and fragile Pegasus fell down from the sky, I knew she would be staying. When my little apple left for the city, I knew she would be back. When that fancy mare opened up her fancy shop as a 'temporary' location, I knew she would be staying. When that Rainbow haired mare came with big dreams and a large ego, I knew she would be staying. When a bubbly pink pony came here looking for work, I knew she would be staying and when Celestia's student who didn't have a clue about friendship came here, I knew she would be staying. Trust me pardner, you're staying one way or another."

Not if the Doctor could help it.

Rainbow Dash was continuing to spin her tale when they heard a knock on the TARDIS door. The Doctor was otherwise preoccupied so he asked Dash to get it.

"Could you get that, Rainbow?" Dash responded with a salute and dashed towards the door. Dash was surprised by what she found.

"What the?"

Dash was confused by what she held in her hooves. Even more confused by the fact that the person who delivered the letter was nowhere in sight. She ruled out Ditzy delivering this letter as she always liked to deliver them personally. Another thing that confused her was that a heart was drawn on the front of the letter and below it said 'To the Doctor.' Dash noticed Twilight enter the room from the staircase.

"Hey, Twilight. Who left this letter for the Doctor?" she asked. Twilight trotted over to take a closer look.

"I'm sorry, Dash. I didn't see anypony enter the library. I would have heard them because of the bell, so they must have come through the open window over there." She replied.

"Why does this letter have a heart on it?"

"Oh, Rainbow Dash. Even I know that it's a love letter. You better not let Rarity get a wind of this though."

"Why's that?"

"Remember our last sleepover with all the girls? After Pinkie said she liked the Wondebolt who has a thing for pies, Rarity then went on and on about Pinkies 'romance' with Soarin. Then she started to pair us up with loads of different ponies."

"Oh yeah, don't remind me. She went on about howI would meet some mysterious pony that would walk into town and melt my heart and sweep me off my hooves. For some reason, she made him a detective. Like that will ever happen." Twilight took another look at the letter and gave it back to Rainbow Dash.

"Anyway, you should give the letter back to the Doctor." Dash nodded and flew back into the TARDIS, hovering above the Doctor.

"I got mail for you, but it doesn't say who it's from." That sounded awfully familiar to the Doctor as he climbed out of the flooring of the TARDIS. He recognised it straight away. It was just like the letter he had been given previously.

"That sounds familiar. I received a letter like this two weeks before. I still don't know who the sender was." Twilight walked in and had overheard what the Doctor said.

"Really? What was in the first letter?" she asked.

"It was a bowtie actually. You remember the one I tried on yesterday."

"Oh yes, you looked nice in that. Wait a minute, bowtie huh?" An idea came into Twilight's mind as the Doctor opened the letter. Instead of another accessory it was an actual message.

Dear Doctor

I must apologise for the letter that I am writing you. In truth I find this whole situation rather embarrassing. I'm acting like a little school filly and if I can be honest, I'm afraid of rejection on this matter.

The reason I tell you this is because of a friend actually. A friend of mine in the orchestra has also taken a fancy to you. I responded to this by slapping her. She claimed that she liked your fingers. I apologised of course, but she figured out what was wrong and convinced me to tell you. However, the furthest I've gotten is writing this letter.

Ever since I saw you stepping out of Twilight's library, and at the party in your incredible machine, I've not been able to get you out of my thoughts. I have always been drawn to more unusual creatures and things. My roommate is a testament to that. You're clearly very intelligent and after what Lyra my friend said you could likely do with your fingers… well that isn't important.

I thought you should know and I hope to gain the courage to talk to you face to face very soon.

Love, your secret admirer.

The Doctor was perplexed by the letter. It wasn't like he hadn't gained admirers before in his time, and he had received letters like this previously, but not from a creature so different. Although he did fancy a tree once so really the species boundary was no issue for the Time Lord. The obvious issue was his age. He can never die and he would live forever. Any creature that he encounters would not be able to share this and the Doctor would have to watch them die. Just like all his friends. He shook his head. He would have to let this mare down easily.

"I think I know who sent this, I think it was Octavia. I had heard she took a liking to you" muttered Twilight. Twilight looked up at the letter the Doctor had in his hand. "What does it say, Doctor?" The Doctor tucked the note in his jacket pocket.

"It isn't important. Do you two have any idea where I might find Octavia?" asked the Time Lord.

"Sure, I fly over Ponyville all the time. Usually, all the musician ponies - when they're not practicing or performing at concerts - they're street performers. If she's around you just have to follow the sound of her… her… um, help me out Twi."

"Cello, she plays a cello, Dash."

"Yeah, that thing. Just walk around town and you might just find her."

"Would you like us to come with you, Doctor?" Twilight's curiosity wanted to know what the Doctor would do, but she was disappointed by his answer.

"I'll go alone this time, Twilight. I think it will be easier that way."

The Doctor had to admit it, Dash was certainly right. As soon as he had exited the library he could hear the sound of a cello, almost beckoning him to follow. Of course he met his fair share of friendly townsfolk on the way. Lyra who asked if she could touch his fingers, Forelle the pear pony who was trying to sell her wares. Sadly, the Doctor had a hatred for pears that was unrivaled so he politely declined her offer to buy one. He also met Big Mac who simply nodded at him. The Doctor noted that he wasn't much of a talker. Eventually the Doctor followed the sound down a row of houses and there was Octavia.

He saw that she was taking a small break and was chatting with a white pony with a vibrant blue mane. He couldn't recall meeting her at the party. In that moment, the Doctor had a feeling that he was being watched. Being watched in the sense that somepony was following him. It was like a sixth sense the Time Lord had.

A small chill went up his spine despite the fact that it was quite warm that day. He realised that he was next to a shop that specializes in mirrors. The opportunity was too good not to take. He went up to a mirror and pretended that he was fixing his hair. In the reflection, just over his shoulder was a brown Stallion. His mane was combed backwards and he appeared to have an hourglass for a cutie mark. The unknown brown stallion was watching the Doctor from an alleyway. The Doctor didn't remember meeting this stallion at the party either, but something about him seemed very familiar.

Just as the Doctor was contemplating the idea of confronting this stallion, he felt something prodding the side of his leg. When he looked down, a grey mare with a blonde mane was looking up at him.

"Hey there, Doctor." said the mare. The Doctor remembered her as Ditzy, the local mailmare. He had been warned not to ask about her eyes but she seemed very friendly. When the Doctor looked up he saw the Brown Stallion was charging towards them.

"Ditzy, we need to go." This seemed to annoy Ditzy.

"But I need to talk to the Doctor here, Time Turner. It's about all this mail he's been given that wasn't through the post service. Y'know he's a lot like…"

"DITZY! We need to go, NOW!" Time Turner practically dragged the Blonde Pegasus away. The Doctor almost stepped in but he realised that Octavia was now on her own. He turned his attention back to her.

He was surprised by how elegant he found her. She seemed to have a certain poise to her, one that you wouldn't expect to find in a small town like Ponyville so she was likely raised somewhere else. She had a nice grey coat and a black mane. She also had a pink musical note for a cutie mark. He approached her slowly while she was setting up her cello again. She didn't notice anypony behind her until he was up close. Octavia assumed he was a pony come to speak with her.

"Hello there, do you have a request…" Octavia turned around to find that it wasn't exactly a pony. The Doctor smiled at the surprised looking mare.

"How about some Beethoven. Great artist, bit of a grump though. He was deaf y'know." Octavia stared up, wide eyed at the Time Lord before her.

"D-doctor, I don't suppose you remember me do you?"

"Octavia, you gave me a nice bowtie and you delivered that letter to me this morning." Octavia's throat dried up, preventing any words from leaving her mouth. "I'm quite flattered actually."

"Y-you are? How did you even know it was me?"

"Twilight helped me figure it out. At the party you seemed to like it when I placed that bowtie on." Octavia blushed a little.

"Well, yes… I think bowties are… what's the word Vinyl would use… cool?"

"Cool, huh?" An awkward silence came between them for a moment. When the Doctor found something to say, it was a rather blunt question. "Don't you think it's rather odd though?" Octavia was confused by his question.

"What do you mean odd? What is odd?"

"Well, I mean… you're a Pony and I'm a Time Lord. Wouldn't it be sort of frowned upon if we…" Realisation then struck the Mare.

"Oh, you obviously don't know. You see it's encouraged in Equestria to seek partners anywhere. Due to the population issue."

"What population issue. There doesn't appear to be many or too little of you."

"No the Mare and Stallion ration is 60:40. A good number of mares don't find Stallion partners so they settle down with another mare or a Griffon, or any other kind of species."

"I see, well I suppose that makes a lot of sense. You weren't born here, were you?" Octavia let out a small giggle.

"That's a bit of a personal question isn't it?"

"Well, I suppose I'm one for getting to the point."

"I bet you are." Octavia gave him a sly wink which the Doctor picked up on easily. He was thankful nopony else seemed to be about at the time. "I was born and raised in Canterlot. I still keep in contact with my parents but so many royal occasions keep occurring here it's a great place to get work. My roommate agrees. Her name is Vinyl, you might have seen. In west Fillydelphia she was born and raised. It was a playground where she spent most of her days."

"She was the white mare you were talking to a minute ago, right?"

"Yes, that was her."

"By the way, you don't know a Time Turner, do you?"

"Time Turner? I don…"

Before Octavia could finish her sentence, they heard a commotion going on in the town square. They turned to see what looked like royal canterlot guards gathering all the ponies into the square. The pair walked and joined the other ponies as Mayor Mare took to a pedestal set up for her.

"Everypony, I have exciting news from Princess Celestia. A great discovery has occurred in Canterlot." The Doctor drew closer, he hadn't heard word from Celestia in a while and truth be told he was worried. "She has given the guards here orders to hand out these so called 'earpieces' to all the Ponies in Ponyville."

The guards then got up and started to hand them out to Everypony. The Ponies were told to place them in their ears and Mayor Mare continued.

"According to the princess, in one week, will come an event that will change our lives forever. These earpieces must be kept on so please do not lose them."

Both the Doctor and Octavia were given one. They were small and green. On the side there was a picture of the flag of Equestria. There was something off about this. The Doctor looked up to see that the mane six had already been given ear pieces as well.

They shouldn't have this technology he thought. Their world is based in magic, not technology. This kind of thing is like finding a helicopter in Middle Earth.

He looked down to see Octavia about to put her earpiece on.

"Octavia, do you think you could do me a favour?"

"Alright, what is it?"

"Don't put that earpiece in, just for now, okay?" Octavia did as she was asked but then she called out to the Doctor before he left.

"Wait, Doctor." The Doctor turned to face the mare.

"Yes? What is it?"

"Would you like to go on a date with me this evening?"