Dear readers,

I've been talking about doing this for a while. I posted it on Twitter and on my Facebook Group Page in 2016. There was a PDF download link for people to save Chop and Change as it is on fanfiction. My plan was to remove it from online, but I procrastinated and procrastinated, because actually doing the deed petrified me. I've spent the last year rewriting the story Chop and Change into the novel Kid. It's done on my end, now it's time to take the biggest step of all, removing it off fanfiction. If there's anyway to leave it up, I would, but people have advised me to take it down. As for Chopping and Changing, there's also a PDF file for people to download the ten chapters that I have uploaded. The likeness of that C&Cing being removed as well is about 99%.

Who knows, just because I want to publish Kid doesn't mean it will happen.

I'll be removing Chop and Change from fanfiction on January 19, 2018, and possibly the sequel on the same day. I'll try to go on my Facebook page and group page to answer any questions you may have or message me here.

As far as SoCal is concerned, I have zero interest in flouncing. I just can't multi-task and need to focus one world at a time, Chop and Change/Kid has been my priority for the better part of 2017, that's why I haven't updated. I do plan to get back to it. I'm missing Bean and her boys like you wouldn't believe.

Thank you for following and reading me for all these years. I hope you continue to do so. If you hate me. That's totally understandable. Either way, I'm open to hear your thoughts, concerns, and anything you want to ask me.

Much love,