Dear readers,

I wanted to reach out again and update you on Chop and Change, and it's p2p Kid.

It's currently available on Amazon for pre-order under the author name Korry Smith, and the paperback will be live to purchase, along with the eBook, on June 15th. The story has changed in some ways, mostly the ending, so Kid is a standalone novel and doesn't follow the same storyline that led to the sequel of Chopping and Changing. I want to return to fanfic to finish a few things, and hopefully, the muse for Chopping and Changing will come back to me, and I can give an ending to Chopward and Kid (which I'll post on this site).

Again, I posted the PDF of C&C and C&Cing in my Facebook group, and you can find the link to my fanfiction profile.

Thank you to everyone for your support. I'm working hard to make Kid the same as Chop and Change, but also, make it feel original, apart from the Twilight characters. I'm just horrible at multi-tasking and get so involved in one project at a time. As soon as Kid is live on Amazon and I can't keep on revising and revising and revising it, I'll be returning to SoCal. I have some people who are really missing Bean and her boys.

As always, you ladies are so appreciated by me and thank you so much for all the hours you spent reading my stories.

Much love,