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-Chapter Forty-Nine-

We were halfway home and it was all because of Ramon. He was a contradicting enigma who swooped in and saved the day, for reasons that were still a mystery to me.

Around the fortieth floor, I asked. "Why did you do it?"

It'd been quiet for a beat, and Ramon tore his attention away from the numbers above the elevator doors as we descended, raising an eyebrow in question. "Do what?"

"Come back."

He shrugged. "It was essential for all the parties involved that you two weren't caught."

Edward laughed, his hands on my hips, fingers clutching the fabric of my dress. "Cut the fucking martyr act, man. You were saving your own ass."

"Well, a bird does not change ones colors, does it?" Ramon replied, not even denying it, and I frowned at him. He chuckled. "What? We're you thinking it was a noble act?"

"I thought maybe…maybe, you liked us." It was childish, even I knew that, but hell, I thought there might be some camaraderie and loyalty between criminals.

Evidently, I was wrong.

"It doesn't matter if I like you or not, my main concern was whether or not I'd be tied to you," he said, "and I would have been."

I glanced down at my fake nametag. "They would have come to you and asked how we got these uniforms."

"Precisely," he said. "It was an error of judgment on my part and I apologize."

"For ditching us?"

"No," he clarified, "for lending you the uniforms. I should have had a better plan to get you by security." Noticing my appalled look, he rushed to defend himself. "Hey, it's nothing personal, Kid. This is business."

Edward bobbed his head, in total agreement with Ramon, but I was still on the fence.

"So," I started, placing my hands on my hips, "if we did get caught upstairs and there was no tie to you—"

"—I'd be first person to testify against you at your trial."

There it was, simple and concise.

I couldn't keep the spiteful tenor out of my voice. "And if I killed you because you were testifying against me?"

The elevator doors dinged opened and he locked eyes with me, sharing a mutual understanding of each other for the first time.

"No hard feelings, Kid."


Unzipping the garment bag that was sprawled across Ramon's desk, Edward removed our belongings from the inner pockets of the expensive suit. He smiled, reinserting the clip into my gun and handing it back to me. It was strange, but a sentimental feeling came over me when that cold metal and rough grip hit my palm.

I hadn't realized until then how attached I'd become to having it.

Tucking the Glock into the waistband of my jeans, I covered it with my shirt and jacket. My clothes were still damp and had a distinct smell of rain, but it was familiar, and I welcomed the known with fervor. The unknown was outside that door, itching to bombard Edward and me with unrelenting hell and turmoil.

The sane Bella wanted to cower away and hide, but the more prominent and crazy Bella—with a goddamn death wish—couldn't wait to get out there.

Edward snagged the black sweatshirt from my hands and threw the over his head, messing up his perfectly gelled hair, giving it a tousled look. When he slipped into his leather jacket, I was done.

My guy was rough and dangerous, an unlawful disaster.

Pushing random papers and a pencil holder to the side, I hopped up on the desk and beckoned Edward to come play with me. He took the bait, making his way over, but a soft knock on the door stop him mid-step.

"You guys decent?" Ramon asked, voice muffled by wood.

Edward smirked with his eyes on me, and I nodded with displeasure, pulling the beanie over my head and shoving strands of hair underneath it.

"Yeah," he shouted, grabbing the bags off the side table and tossing them over his shoulder.

We figured the clothes would come in handy for the bank heist.

Ramon opened the door slowly, shooting a wary glance around the room, dropping his shoulders with relief when he saw we were dressed. Closing the door behind him, he nodded in my direction, still seated on the edge of his desk. "I have something for you."

I pointed to my chest and he laughed, crossing the room and squeezing past me to get to one of the drawers.

"What is it?" I asked.

"It's a parting gift," he said, searching through it and a second later he was holding up a baggie filled with a white, powdery substance. I knew what it was even before he said it. "Wildcat."

Edward was shaking his head and saying no. Hardcore drugs weren't our game, and the only thing I'd ever done was weed.

"Here, take it," Ramon said, placing the baggie in my hand.

There was a curiosity within me to try it and see why so many were clamoring over it, risking their jobs and lives for a line.

"Thanks," I said, closing my fingers around it.

There was a loud groan and swearing behind me, but it was already a done deal. Whether or not I'd have the guts to do it depended on Edward. I never did anything without him.

"The pleasure is mine," Ramon said, moving to escort me off the desk, but someone else, tall and possessive, pushed his way through.

"I've got her," Edward snapped, grabbing my hips and lifting me down.

Ramon held up his hands and backed away. "I guess we're ready to go then, yeah?"

Edward snaked his arm around my waist and jerked me to his side, rough and firm. "After you." He was sending a message: I was his girl.

"All right." Ramon smiled tightly, side-stepping us and opening the door. "Follow me."

Exiting the office, I waited until Ramon was out of earshot before jabbing Edward in the side with my elbow.

"Ow, fuck, woman!" Edward winced in pain, angling his body away from me.

I laughed. "Why don't you just fucking pull it out and piss on my leg next time?"

The muscles in his arm tightened, crushing me to his side, his darkened gaze meeting mine. "Would you prefer that I shot him?"

"No, of course not," I said, rolling my eyes.

Ramon was proving himself to be quite the ally and offered to drive us to our rendezvous point with Peter and Charlotte. The streets were too congested with law enforcement, itching to detain any suspicious characters matching our description. Killing him now would just be silly.

"Then appreciate my fucking restraint," Edward growled, giving me a squeeze and quick peck on the top of my head.

"Okay, fine," I said, clasping the back of his leather jacket, my short legs trying in vain to keep up with his long ones.

The kitchen looked and felt different. The narrow aisles weren't cluttered with bodies and had taken on an eerie silence. The cooks and waiters were in a standstill in the dining room, holding their breath and awaiting the senator's return.

Carlisle Cullen created this atmosphere of terror, and I wondered how he could become such a dictator within his own building. How does one man gain that much power to control the people around him and instill that level of fear? Did it come naturally or was it taught?

Then there was a touch, a reassuring and leading hand on my shoulder, and I was reminded of the man who stood beside me and owned every part of my being.

Edward Cullen inherited that gene. He commanded attention and put fear into people with one look. It was similar to the way the senator exerted his bloated power.

The only difference? Edward was up front about who he was and didn't hide behind a mask of deceit.

He may be a criminal, but his father was the villain.

"Let's go, hurry up now," Ramon said, rushing us out the back door.

The underground parking garage was still dimly lit with the overhead orange lightening. It was filled with vehicles, only barely echoing the shuffling of our feet on the concrete walls. The sounds from the street filled my ears, and there was shouting and car horns, a feeling of rushed panic and chaos in the air.

"Get in." Ramon unlocked the doors to the black BMW with blacked out windows, sliding the front while Edward and I hopped in the back. "And stay low."

The car roared to life, a low and vibrating growl, the power of the engine rumbling the seats.

Edward reached over and grabbed my hand, bringing it to his lips. The kiss was tender and chaste, so much of it reminiscent of the first one he gave me almost three months ago—well, the first one I was actually awake and aware of.

"What's that for?" I asked.

"I wanna tell you something."

"Okay," I said, scooting across the seat, making sure every inch of our bodies was touching, creating an impenetrable bubble.

It was quiet as I waited for him to speak, and when he did, the harsh and demanding tenor in his voice made my heart stop. "Don't introduce yourself as Kid anymore."

"What?" I pulled away. "I thought you said you liked it."

"I did…" He paused, staring at the back of Ramon's skull. "Until he said it." He turned to me, eyes seething with ownership. "You're my Kid, Bella—not fucking his, all right?" Then as if he heard his own words, he pressed his forehead into mine. "Fuck! That sounded creepy, didn't it? Christ, that's not what I meant." He sighed. "Just don't do it again, okay?"

"Okay," I answered without an ounce of hesitation. That name was ours and ours alone, something we shared from the beginning. We didn't realize how sacred it was until it was being used by an outsider.

He gripped my neck and squeezed. "Fucking swear to me."

"I swear."

Staring down at my mouth, he loosened his hands and moved them up, palming the sides of my face. He leaned in and I closed my eyes, sucking in a breath and waiting to be kissed. Just when his lips barely skimmed over mine the car jerked to a stop. The momentum threw us forward, our bodies crashing into the seats in front of us.

"What the fuck, man?" Edward hissed, pushing himself back up and shooting a hateful glare in Ramon's direction.

"We have a problem."

"What's going on?" I asked.

"They're checking cars," he said, gazing back at me in the rearview mirror. "Did something happen upstairs?"

"No, of course not," I squeaked. The lie was evident in my voice, and I could feel Edward's intense gaze on me.

We would have that conversation soon, but as of now, I didn't want to go into it with him—not in this car and not with Ramon a foot away. If either of them knew how close I'd come to ruining everything...

"Well, something had to tip them off," Ramon said, and I looked out the front windshield as the commotion unfolded. The exit was blocked off by an army of guards. They were pulling people out of the cars and patting them down. "This is a bit much, even for these fucking assholes."

"Is there a way around it?" Edward asked.

"No," Ramon said, taking his foot off the brake. "Just get down and stay quiet."

Slouching down in the seats, we covered our faces as much as possible with the beanie and hoodie. I couldn't see much from my spot on the floor, but I could see Ramon's side profile, and despite the nerves lodged in my throat, he looked calm.

"Not a sound," Ramon warned, rolling down the window.

The nip of the Chicago air wafted in and froze me solid. I fought against the chattering of my teeth, wrapping my arms around my legs and pulling my knees in, keeping in my body's internal warmth as much as I could.

"Afternoon, Ramon," a deep voice sounded.

"Hey there, Frank. What the hell is all this?"

I peeked up and watched as a few guards circled the car, but none of them bothered looking into the tinted windows.

Frank sighed. "The senator is a paranoid prick. Since Mrs. Cullen is home, he's ordered that we check all cars coming in and out."

Edward's head snapped up, and a mixture of emotion flowed through his eyes. The one that stung the most was the betrayal. I had to look away.

"Mrs. Cullen is home?" Ramon sputtered. "Did something happen?"

"Nah, it's just extra protocol they instituted to keep her safe, but what the fuck do I know? They give me orders and I follow them."

"I know what you mean, man," Ramon said. "They got me jumping through hoops like a fucking show poodle."

Frank snorted. "Fucking politicians think they're God, don't they?"

"I hear that."

Waving off the other guards, Frank leaned into the open window. I scooted; my back pressed against the door, and hid myself from his view. "So, where are you off to, Ramon? The senator is expected anytime now, you know the rules. You're not allowed to leave the premises."

"I know, I know, but I got to run a quick errand. I'll be back in time."

Time ticked by slowly.

"You've only got five minutes," Frank said with skepticism.

"Yeah, and you fucking wasted three of those minutes." Ramon groaned. "Come on, man, give me a break here."

"You know if I let you leave, it's my ass on the line."

"And if you don't let me leave to get what I need to for the senator, your ass is still on the line. You can trust me to be back in time or fuck us all by being an asshole. Either way, man, it's your choice."

"Shit!" Frank clicked his tongue and tapped his fingers. Finally after what seemed like forever he made a decision. "Fine, but make it quick, do you hear me?"

"Yup, you got my word. Keep the roads clear," Ramon said.

"You got it," Frank said, tapping the roof of the car as it pulled forward.

I stayed in my spot, face buried deep in my knees, following the car's movement in my mind's eye. Through all the traffic, turning left and then right, continuing to go straight for a block or two. It increased in speed, putting distance between us and the Trump Towers.

Then the car came to a stop and idled.

"We're clear," Ramon said, and I looked up to see him gazing down at me. "Did you talk to Mrs. Cullen? Is that how you got the clothes?"

"Yeah, Kid," Edward said, glaring at me as he rose from his bended crouch on the floor and sat back in the seat, "that's a good fucking question."

I reached out for his hand and he jerked it away.

That hurt.

There were only a handful of times where Edward's anger towards me was warranted, and since I did not fucking kill his mother, this was not one of them. Besides, why should I feel bad for lying? He started it from day fucking one.

"What does it matter?" I asked on the defensive. "We got out, didn't we?"

"Yeah, but only fucking barely," Edward said, low and frustrated, rubbing out the heavy furrow in his brows.

Ramon watched from the front as the tension between Edward and I grew. The heat and passion from the apartment resurfaced, and now since we weren't preoccupied with our freedom, we had time to argue.

I sighed. "What do you want me to say?"

"Nothing," he said, turning his back to me.

"Well, fine, be an asshole, Edward!" I huffed, crossing my arms over my chest in a pout.

Ramon whistled and shifted in his seat uncomfortably. "Remind me to never do business with you guys again."


The transition from car to car was effortless. No muss, no fuss. We said our goodbyes and parted ways with Ramon. Neither of us wanted to see each other again. I had my fun in Chicago, more than my share, and I was done. All I wanted to do was go home now…wherever that was.

Peter smiled at Edward and me as we got into the beat-up Ford Escort. The seats were vinyl and not the plush leather of a Beamer, but I felt more like myself in the less expensive confines.

"We didn't think you were gonna make it," he said.

Edward grunted. "Things got hairy there for a minute."

Charlotte turned around and smiled, but it was distant and wary. I almost felt guilty for wanting to kill her…almost.

"Did you get it?" she asked.

"Yeah," Edward said, lifting up his hips and pulling out the folded envelope from his back pocket. He handed it to her. "Everything you needed is in there."

She opened it. "Did you have trouble with the safe?"

"No." Edward turned to me for the first time in ten minutes, but it was void of emotion. "Bella took care of that."

"And the drugs?" Peter asked.

"Bella took care of that, too."

Charlotte laughed. "What did you do, Edward?"

He smiled, but it was forced. "I hacked the computer."

Peter scoffed. "I believe Alice was the hacker."

I listened as they discussed the job, and it was clear that everyone knew the true goal but me. It fueled my anger. How dare he treat me like I was the worst person in the world for not telling him about his mother? He lied to me on a daily basis. It was a shitty double-standard, and I was tired of it.

"You're such a fucking hypocrite," I grumbled.

He shot a wide-eyed look towards Charlotte and Peter, who were obviously unaware of our fight, and then back at me, leaning in close. "I don't want to discuss this with you right now."

"I don't tell you one thing," I whispered, "and you fucking shun me."

He nodded stiffly. "I asked you, Bella, and you fucking lied to me."

"But that's only because you lied to me first, Edward!"

"Jesus Christ, woman," he groaned and sat back in the seat, head tilted up, eyes closed and hands in hair. "Are we still fucking talking about this shit? I didn't lie to you. I just omitted a few details."

I laughed, but it was more out of amazement in his ability to downplay his lies. "You don't see why that's a big deal?"

"No, not really," he said.

"You fucking blindsided me, Edward!" I shouted.

If Peter and Charlotte weren't aware of our fight before, they were now.

Edward smiled tight and placed his hand on my knee, squeezing the tendon. "Fucking drop it."

"Fucking let go of me."

There was anger in his eyes, fuming and irate. He wanted to fucking strangle me. The feeling was mutual. And he could assert his strength all he wanted. At the end of the day, he didn't control me—not by a fucking long shot—and we both knew it.

"Fine!" he said, releasing me and sliding across the seat.

The distance was a few feet, but maddening. No matter how much he pissed me off, I still craved his touch. If that wasn't fucking conflict, I don't know what was.

Stewing in our thoughts, we didn't speak the rest of the way to the hotel. It was an uncomfortable ride in the silence. Charlotte had to turn on the radio to ease it.

By the time Peter pulled into the parking lot, I was scratching to get out. I didn't wait for the car to come to a complete stop before I was jerking at the handle, forcing the door open.

Tuck and roll.

Edward grabbed my arm and pulled me back in, and I shot him a hateful glare. He knew the rules.

"Wait for me," he said.

"No!" I yanked my arm free and got out of the car.

He cursed and scowled, but it had no effect on me.

Slamming the door, I watched Edward dart around the back end of the car, trying to get to me before I walked away. I'd be halfway to Mexico if I wasn't such a spiteful bitch. Determined to add more kerosene to the out of control inferno, I turned back and leaned into Charlotte's open window.

"By the way," I said, flashing a toothy grin, "call me Kid."

Edward ground to a stop, his eyes crazed, and I winked at him. It was a low blow, but I played dirty. It didn't matter what they called me, I was going to be on a bus tonight.

He hung back to explain and apologize about my crazy, but it wasn't surprising to have him chasing after me a second later as I climbed three flight of stairs.

"That was mature," he said.

"They don't call me Kid for nothing."

He sighed heavily, quickening his pace and coming up fast behind me. "What the fuck do you want from me, Bella?"

"I just want you to be honest."

"Honest?" He laughed. "Like you are with me?"

"It's omission of truth, Edward, remember?" I gave him a defiant stare over my shoulder. "You taught me that."

He stopped suddenly, looking around with a confounded expression. "Where in the fuck are you going?"

I paused mid-step and spoke slowly."To the room…"

"And what room would this be? Ours is on the bottom floor."

Ah, fuck…

My big dramatic storm off and I'm doing it wrong. Squeezing the shit out of the side banister, I cursed under my breath for being so stupid. Swinging around, I found Edward a step or two below me, and he wasn't smiling or teasing, he just looked tired.

"I knew that," I said, puffing out my chest and pushing him out of my way, jogging down the stairs.

Peter and Charlotte were sitting on the hood of the car, passing a lit cigarette between each other, watching the madness that was the Edward and Bella Show unfold right in front of them.

"Where's our room?" I asked in an exasperated huff, stomping past them like a pouting two year old. They both pointed to the left and Charlotte mouthed the room number. "Thanks."


It was like all the other rooms in this flea-bag hotel, faded orange doors and shitty brown checkered curtains. It was locked, and I stood by the door, impatiently tapping my feet waiting for Edward. The smug bastard had the key card, and when he realized that fact, he took his sweet ass time—just to annoy me.

"Let's go, Grandpa."

"God, you're such a fucking brat," he muttered, sliding the card into the key slot. It blinked green and unlocked with a beep.

He reached out to open the door and I shoved him aside, dashing into the room. My eyes were on the duffel bag in the corner, zipped up and ready to be moved. All I needed to do was pack my toothbrush and hair supplies.

"What are you doing now?" Edward asked, resting his hand on the bathroom door frame and blocking me in.

I threw random items into my make-up bag. "What does it fucking look like?"

"Well, it looks like you're determined to give me a fucking headache."

I shut the bathroom cabinet and glared up at him. "I'm a headache?"

"You're a fucking migraine, Kid."

"Yeah, well, don't you worry," I said, rising to my feet and ducking underneath his arm. "I'll be out of your life very soon."

He tried to grab me as I passed, but I was too quick for him and slipped right out of his grasp.

"Fuck!" he growled, punching his fist into the wall.

There goes our security deposit.

As he cursed and paced, I did my best to ignore him, picking up my duffel bag and tossing it on the bed. Stuffing my toiletries in the side pocket, I quickly turned and scanned the room for discarded belongings. When I swung back around to pick up the duffel bag, I saw that it was gone and Edward was across the room, leaning casually against the closet door.

"You're not going anywhere," he said.

"Oh, no? Watch me!" I said, charging him like a bull. I placed both of my hands on his arm to push him out of my way, but he didn't move—not even an inch.

He laughed, patting my head. "Come on, Kid, you gotta put your fucking back in to it."

"Ugh!" I roared with frustration, wanting to rip my hair out. "Why do you fucking care so much if I'm here or not?"

"Because you're my girl and—"

"Mine, mine, mine!" I mocked. "Is that all I am to you, a fucking possession? You don't give a shit about me or my feelings!"

He narrowed his eyes. "I can't worry about hurting your fucking feelings all the time, Bella. I'm trying to get you out of this fucking mess and give you a life—preferably one where you're not on the run."

"And you do this by lying to me?"

"Goddamn it, Bella!" he growled, pressing his fists to his closed eyes. "That's it!" he snapped, lifting me off the ground and throwing me on the bed. "You want the fucking truth? Well, here it is: I can't trust you not to fuck shit up."

And like that, my heart was ripped from my chest. The pain of such a gutting would have been incapacitating, but I was a fighter. I had a keen way of channeling my hurt into anger.

I sat up on my elbows and imagined squishing his head. "I'm a fuckup?"

"You asked for honesty, Kid," he said with a shrug.

"Oh, yeah, well, if I'm such a fuckup, Edward, why did you bother bringing me?"

He laughed and smacked his head. "You mean I could have left your ass at home? Why didn't I fucking think of that?"

"Make your point."

"My point is, Princess, it's not that easy, all right? I've fucking tried to not involve you in all this shit, with all the robberies and then with Caius, but you don't fucking listen to me. All I can do is pray that you don't get shot, and minimize the damage."

"I'm so sorry that I am such a fucking disruption to your perfect little existence," I said, getting off the bed. "It's best if we cut our losses now and break up."

He stretched his arms out and blocked my escape. "So what, that's it, then? You're just going to fucking leave me now—for being honest with you?"

"Yup," I said, but that wasn't the only reason. He didn't trust me, and saw me as burden. How could I stay after knowing that?

"Where are you going to go?"

"I don't know, and frankly, I really don't care, just as long as it's far away from you."

We danced, back and forth; I moved right and he followed, cutting me off at every turn.

"And you think I'm just gonna stand here and let you walk out on me?"

"You don't have a choice in the matter."

"The fuck I don't," he said in a rage, jaw clenched, but he slipped up. I anticipated his direction and countered it, dodging under his arm. He spun around and grabbed hold of my wrists, pulling me back, forceful and rough. I pounded my fists on his chest, wriggling myself out his grasp. As I turned to run for the door, his hands were on my hips, fingers digging into me. He was going to keep me here by force if he had to, and I had to get away—from him—just so I could obsessively think about him. In my frazzled state, confusion and adrenaline pumping through my veins, I didn't realize what I was doing until it was in my hands and aimed at his head.

It stopped him in his tracks, those beautiful and alluring eyes wide with surprise. "What the fuck are you doing?"

"I'm breaking up with you."

"And pointing your gun at me is the way to accomplish that?"

I never wavered and stepped backwards. "Yes."

"Okay," he said, pursuing after me with his hands up. "But in the future, you might want to cock the gun when you point it at someone, or otherwise," and he moved fast, snatching the gun from my hand and spinning me around, "this will happen." I was flattened against his chest, his forearm wrapped tightly around my neck and the gun was pointed at my head, cocked and loaded. "And now you're dead."

I clawed at his skin. "Get your fucking hands off me!"

He pressed the muzzle of the gun harder into my temple. "I should fucking kill you right now, Bella."

"Do it," I said, panting heavily. "I fucking dare you."

It was twisted how much his threat aroused me. Maybe because I knew he would never do it.

"All right, you wanna act like a fucking kid," he said, lowering the gun from my head and gently setting it down on the table, "then I'm gonna fucking punish you like one."

I blinked. "What?"

He kept me in a headlock and walked me towards the bed. None of it made any sense until he was sitting and forcing me belly-down on his lap. I realized all too late what he intended to do.

"No, Edward!" I squirmed, but he draped his right leg over mine and pinned me down with his left forearm between my shoulder blades, making it nearly impossible for me to evade my spanking.

"How many do you think, Princess?" he asked, caressing my ass with his hand. "Three? One for lying to me," Smack. "Another for breaking your promise to me." Harder, deeper smack. "And then, finally, one for pointing your fucking gun at me." Smack, smack! He leaned down and whispered into my ear. "That last one deserved two."

I could feel him smiling, caressing out the sting that reverberated through my heated and reddened cheeks, easing the pain with a soft rub.

"You're such an asshole!" I spat, and I fought, wiggling my body in a valiant effort to remove myself from his lap, but Edward was strong and keeping me put was an easy feat.

"Ten more, you say?"

"No!" My protest was muffled by the loud snap of a painful smack.

"Count them out," he said, tenderly stroking my backside.

"One," I said, my voice shaky, anticipating the next sharp and tingling thwack of his hand.

It was quick, painful, and erotic, and I cried out with a whimper.

"I wanna hear you this time," he said.

"Two!" My legs were trembling.

Smack and rub.

I winced. "Three."

Smack and rub.

As the count got higher, my cries got louder. I could feel him grow hard underneath me, each ceremonious spank to my backside leaving me breathless and aroused.

By the time ten came around, I was off Edward's lap and flat on my back with him above me, yanking my pants off. He grabbed my hands and lifted me up and undressed me. I helped him take off his leather jacket and sweatshirt; the basic black v-neck was the last thing to go.

I traced my hands down his hard chest, fingers ghosting over his nipple piercings. He shivered at my touch, eyes locking with mine, before a devious smile overtook his handsome face.

"On your hands and knees," he ordered.

Rolling over, I pushed my ass into the air and he groaned, palming and caressing my ass, undoubtedly admiring his work.

It was sore to the touch and I flinched, slightly moving away.

He growled, grabbing my hips and yanking me back. He rammed his pelvis into me, smacked me on my ass and said, "Fucking stay."

The sharp sting made my pussy tingle, and I vowed to misbehave more often.

The bed jostled as he got off it, leaving me face down and ass up, waiting for him to take me. I listened to his every move as he took off his pants. He touched me with his hand, fingering me and rubbing my clit, making me wet all over again.

Brushing the hair away from my neck, he placed a kiss below my ear and whispered. "You ready for me?"

Dropping my head down, I buried my face deep into the mattress and nodded.

Grabbing hold of my waist, he slid his cock slowly and torturously along my slit, getting reacquainted with my pussy before forcefully pushing into me. He wasn't gentle, but brutal and unrestrained, ramming and fucking me harder than he ever had before. I clutched the sheets and whimpered; each thrust was a form of aggression and he was taking it all out on me.

I fucking loved it—the rougher, the better.

As if he read my mind, he took a handful of my hair and yanked my head back, attacking my exposed neck with his mouth. He bit and sucked on my flesh, causing the blood to rush to the surface of my skin and deepen into a possessive mark. I screamed, loud and unabashed, pleading for him to fuck me. Ruin me.

He grunted and cursed, smacking my ass and driving his cock faster and harder into my pussy. Every inch of me was filled by him, but I still wanted and needed more.

Edward pulled out and slapped my clit with his cock. I moaned, and he flipped me over on my back. He grabbed my ankles and in one swift, effortless motion, dragged my ass to the edge of the bed. His hands slid up my bare legs, the chill from the overhead fan puckering the skin, and with a strong grip to my thighs, he spread my legs open and forced my knees up to my chest. I raised up on my elbows to watch him, but as soon as his hot, wet mouth attacked my pussy, I lost all thought and went crashing back down to the bed.

My breaths were short and my body twitched with the feel of his rough and impatient tongue, licking and plunging into me. I grasped the sheets and bunched them into my sides, panting and mumbling his name incoherently, over and over again.

Edward groaned and pulled me closer into his face, frantic now, sucking my sensitive clit into his mouth. The vibration of his hums was maddening and I stopped breathing, screwed my eyes shut, lost in the pleasure he was giving me.

The muscles in my stomach tightened and my thighs quivered. There was tension building in the center of my body and it traveled down with an intense tingle, exiting my toes.

I felt his teeth grazing my clit, the suction becoming unbearable, and then, without warning, he bit me.

"Fuck!" I cried, eyes shooting open and my back arching off the bed. It hurt like a bitch, but I wanted more. Reaching out and placing my hand on the back of his head, I all but pleaded for him to continue.

Edward chuckled but didn't remove himself, instead adding two fingers. Long and languid strokes up and down my slit. He kissed and blew on my excited flesh, tickling me with the soft sensations. I bucked my hips upward to fuck his face, and he had to force me back down with his hand on my stomach, keeping me still.

Jesus Christ, it was maddening the way he teased me with his slow licks and gentle kisses. I was on edge, needing release. I curled my toes and whimpered. "Please."

"Please, what?" he murmured, peering up at me.

"I need…" The darkness in his eyes watched the pleasure consume me as his tongue peeked out and flicked my clit, "…more." I sighed, biting my lip as he pushed his two fingers up inside of me.

The fire raged as he pumped in and out of me, shallow and slow at first, but quickly turning feral, faster and deeper he went, curling his fingers upward and hitting that spot that made my eyes roll back.

He was kissing me deeply, sucking my lips and clit into his mouth, pulling and nipping, driving me up the fucking wall. I fought against the urge to buck my hips and grind my pussy all over him. In and out, his fingers slid inside of me, reaching deep and hitting every nerve ending until the friction became too much.

"Shit," I moaned and stiffened, my climax coming hard and swift.

Edward rose from his knees and crawled up on the bed to join me. My head lolled from side to side, drunk and tired. He pushed my legs apart and shoved into me once again. Hooking his arm under my knee, he lifted my leg up high and drove deep inside me. He was rough, bending his head down and taking my nipple into between his teeth, pulling on it.

I cried out, clawing down his back with my nails, raising my other leg and digging my heel into his ass, pushing him deeper and faster.

Edward groaned and grunted, rocking his hips into me as I rolled mine to meet his, our bodies moving in sync. We were needy, our mouths entangled, kissing and biting, frenzy and wanton.

"Fuck," he hissed, breaking away from my lips and burrowing his face in my neck.

The sounds of the smacking of our sweating bodies coming together and loud moans were drowned out by the creaking of the bed and the slamming of the headboard against the wall.

Continuing with his frenetic and wild pace and hitting me deeper with each sure stroke, he made my walls clench and spasm around him. He felt it too, driving into me harder and faster, reaching down and rubbing my clit with his fingers.

"Come on, baby," he whispered against my lips, and his voice, rough and strained, did me in.

I came with a loud breathy moan, my eyes slamming shut as my whole body stiffened and shook. Edward hissed, lifting his body up and ramming into me, seeking his own release. He stared down into my eyes, watching me watching him. All of the muscles in his arms flexed and tightened, his brow furrowed in concentration as he grunted and huffed a loud and thunderous "Fuck," as he pulled out and came all over my stomach and chest.

Edward collapsed beside me, panting heavily as shivers rocked his body. It took a moment for his breathing to return to normal, rolling over and grabbing his discarded shirt. He wiped the mess off my body and threw it across the room. Taking a strong hold of my hips, he pulled me back into his chest. I could feel his heart pounding against my back, counting each beat as I slowly traced my fingers up and down his arm.

He squeezed me tight and whispered into my hair. "Why did you lie?"

I didn't need to ask him to clarify, because I knew what he was referring to. "I didn't want you to know she was there."

"Did you talk with her?"

"No, she was too drugged up."

"Then why didn't you say something?"

I was glad that I couldn't see his face; otherwise, I would have never had the courage to tell him. "Because I almost killed her, Edward." The truth came out quiet and rushed, barely above a sigh, but he heard me, shifting in the bed and hovering over me.


I covered my face with my hands and confessed my sins. "I was going to shoot your mother...but I couldn't...she...looked too much like you."

He pulled my hands away and I closed my eyes, afraid of what I might see.

"Baby," he said, stroking the side of my face, "please, look at me."

I cracked one eye open, fearful still of what was awaiting me, but stunned to see that he was looking down at me with adoration.

"I'm not mad," he said.

"You're not?"


"Why not?"

He bit his lip and shrugged. "Because I almost shot yours."

That got my attention and I shot straight up in the bed, eyes wide. "What? When?"

"That night at the police station. When I was late to save you from Phil, it was because I was with her."

The night was vaguely an attainable memory to me.

"Are you serious?"

He nodded. "I could have killed her. I followed her to the bathroom and my gun was cocked, but at the last possible second, she turned around and all I could see was you. Even if it was by proxy, it was enough to let her live."

I wanted to be mad at him for not telling me, but I understood why he didn't.

"That's the sweetest thing ever," I said, leaning into him and kissing those pouty lips of his.

He laughed. "We're a fucked-up pair, Kid."

"Yeah," I said, moving my kisses along his chin, the scruff tickling my lips, "but that's what makes us so perfect together."

"You're not going leave me?"

"Where would I go?" I said against his warm, inviting neck. "You're the only home I've ever known."

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