Inside the Gǔ Mù Pài a ray of incandescent light shines. It is through this particular pathway that a young Xiăo Lóng Nǚ walks. She is dressed in a white Hànfù and her silken hair is left down. Her shīfu and Sūn pópo have gone to discuss something important. Xiăo Lóng Nǚ doesn't mind being on her own. She quite enjoys the silence and the solitude. The cool air helps to clear her mind and she can think freely.

The soft sound of small stones bouncing off one another echo. Xiăo Lóng Nǚ glances over her shoulder. Her gaze is calm and careful as she looks about. There is nothing out of the ordinary and she returns her attention to the path. Not long afterwards another sound emanates and she knows that this is not natural. Xiăo Lóng Nǚ turns around to look for the source but the pathway is exactly as it always been. Even the small stones that are strewn across the ground remain in the same positions.

A loud thud draws her attention. She turns around and finds someone, mostly hidden by shadows, kneeling on the ground. She knows that it can't possibly be her shīfu or Sūn pópo and falls into a defensive stance. The person laughs and rises to his feet. He peers closely at Xiăo Lóng Nǚ with an intense gaze; she doesn't react. The corners of his lips twitch upwards and his eyes shine with mirth. His strange behaviour stirs something within her.

She glares at him. "Who are you? Why have you come here?"

"I like to wander," he replies. "You don't need to worry."

"Who are you?" she repeats and is surprised by the coldness of her tone.

"Me?" he chuckles. "I told you, don't worry; I won't be here for long."

"How long will you be here?" she enquires suspiciously.

Despite the darkness his smile is visible. He extends his hand and quickly pats her on the head before she can swat him away. He tries not to laugh when he sees irritation beginning to take hold of her. Somehow this simple, but irksome, emotion gives him comfort. He takes her right hand in his and shakes it. She rips her hand from his grip in aggravation. Xiăo Lóng Nǚ tries to halt the flow of annoyance and emotions as she remembers her shīfu's warning about emotions by Sect members.

"A few paces more," he says.

Xiăo Lóng Nǚ looks up to find the man turning a corner. She attempts to follow him but the thought of the outside world stops her in her tracks. She doesn't remember anything outside this place. Slowly she starts to retreat. As she does so she starts to clear her mind in preparation for meditation to forget and to be rid of those pesky emotions once and for all.

Author's Note: Hello and thank you for reading. I had this idea a while ago and I finally decided to use it. I haven't read the books as I'm still learning Chinese and I want to read it in its (my) original language first and I haven't seen much of the show either but I knew I had to write this. I don't even know how this idea came about but you could think of it as her father, perhaps. The cover image is mine so please don't use it because if I find that someone has I'll hunt them down with my nunchaku (maybe a fencing sword or two).

Anyway, I apologise for any discrepancies in regards to the story. Thank you for reading. I hope you enjoyed this. I apologise if you didn't enjoy it and also for the length. Thank you for your time.

*獨 – Alone – Dú.

*Gǔ Mù Pài – Ancient Tomb Sect -古墓派 .

*Shīfu – Master / Teacher.

*Sūn pópo – Granny Sun -孫婆婆.