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But, first the Character Files.


The Stark Children

Howard David Stark:

Named after the late Howard Stark. Howard is nineteen years of age, and the older brother to Emily Stark. His parents are Anthony Stark and Pepper Stark. Howard looks exactly like his father, Anthony, black hair and brown eyes. He is about 5'9 with a genuis IQ just like his father. Howard graduated High School at the age of fourteen and was then hired by his father to work in the lower labs and help to design the Iron Man suits. Although, he is just like his mother, Pepper Stark, completely serious and refuses to do anything the least bit reckless.


Emily Nicole Stark:

Emily is sixteen years of age, and the younger sister of Howard Stark. Her parents are also Anthony and Pepper Stark. Emily has her father's curly black hair, but her mother's dark green eyes. Emily Stark is about 5'5, and also has her father's high IQ. Emily graduated High School at the early age of thirteen, and went on to study Physical and Earth science. She works at a Starbucks just down the street from Stark Tower, where she and her mother and father live. Her attitude is almost competely Stark, cocky, arrogant, and very reckless.



Captain Steven Rogers Only Child

Bucky Phil Rogers:

Named after two people in Steven's life, his dead best friend Bucky Barnes, and Phil Coulson an deceased Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D. Bucky is twenty-one years of age. He is the only child of Steven Rogers and Roslyn Rogers. He looks and acts exactly like his father, although he has some forgiveness and gentleness from his mother. Bucky Rogers is around 5'8, and graduated High School and the age of seventeen. He often trains with his father and he works down the street doing Physical Therapy. He is brave, tolerant, and kind.



Thor's Only Son

Folki Thorson:

Folki's name mean's "People, or Tribe". His power is the fact that he can easily pursuade people, and his weapon are the Twin Blades of Azzinoth. He would be twenty-five in human years, and his parents are Thor Odinson and Jane Foster. He has the bravery and honor of his father, and the genius of his mother. Folki is about 5'10, and has not gone to any type of mortal schooling system, but has been taught simple things by his mother. He trains often with his father, unless he is taking lessons with his mother. His job is the protection of Asgard, and soon to be the protection of Midgard.



Natasha and Clint Barton's Only Son:

Roman Nicolace Barton:

Roman Barton is twenty years of age, and the son of the two EX-S.H.I.E.L.D agents, Natasha Romanov/Barton and Clint Barton. He has his mother's red hair, and his father's blue eyes, and is about 5'7. he graduated High School at the age of fifteen, thanks to being taught by his mother, and continued on to being a special assasin. He had been specially trained in martial arts, and his father taught him how to use his bow & arrow. He is brave, strong, and a quick thinker.



Dr. Bruce Banner's Only Son:

Derek Grey Banner:

Derek is eighteen years of age, and the son of the deceased Elizabeth Banner, and the living Dr. Bruce Banner. He is 5'7 and, looks and act's exactly like his father, and even some how inherited The Hulk. He Graduated a High School in Africa, at the age of fourteen, thank's to his genius father's tutoring and motivation. His father taught him everything he knew, although most of it wasjust scientific or medically involved. He is a very kind young man and only wants to help other's.



These are The Avengers Children, and this is the first chapter to my story.

I do not own The Avengers, but I do own the children.

CHAPTER 1: Missing Parents


"I have been studying this new species of spider for six months, and four days. I have learned that despite the small size, the Austrailian Rattler has a extremely deadly toxin that could kill a human being in under a minute. This, creature can easily be confused with a Huntsman Spider. It lives-"

"Emily, what are you still doing here?" I put the recorder down and let my gaze travel to my partner, Weston Miller. I give him a fraction of a smile. Weston is a thirty-two year old man, and he often looks out for me when my family can't.

"Finishing up my work with our little friend here, why?" I ask. He honestly looks surprised when I say this, but then this look of his turns to sadness.

"When was the last time you turned on the TV?" I frown and take the remote off of the table and turn on the TV. The first things I see is Stark Tower going up in flames. The horror must have been very obvious on my face, because Weston comes over and hugs me.

"They looked all over, but they never found any bodies. That mean's that your parent's may still be alive... Do you want me to call your brother?" I nod slowly and tears begin to go down my face. He was right, if they didn't find any bodies, that mean's that they may still be alive, right? But how did this happen? Dad made JARVIS set up a secure firewall and security system to make sure nothing like this would ever happen.

"Emily? Your brother said he is on his way."


"Hey dad, what do you think about-" I stop mid-sentence and look around my parents house. The couch was ripped in half, the kitchen was crushed, and there was a giagantic hole in the roof. I feel my face pale as a thought runs through my head. Where are my parents?

"MOM, DAD!" I run around trying to find them, but I had no such luck. I didn't understand, where did they go? I dialed 911 and told them what had happend. They said they would send some peple over and start an investigation. I could only think of one set of people I had to go to. There was no other choice n the metter, it was my last option.

I needed to contact my father's old friends, the Avengers.


"This is insane." S.H.I.E.L.D was searching through mine and my parents home. They had gone missing a few hours ago, and nobody can make contact with them I was worried of course, but having a bunch of Agents come into my home and look through EVERYTHING was making me uncomfortable.

"Roman Barton, some of my best Agent's son." I glare at the man in front of me.

"Director Fury, or should I say, Ex-Director?" I growl out. He had sent my mother and father on so many life threatning missions, I was always worried they would never come back. Now my nightmare has became reality.

"I am still director, and I will be until I die. Anyways, I need to inform you in something that may also involve your parents." At this, I jump out of my chair and try to punch him. Three of his little pawns held me back.

"What about them, Director." I snarled out. He gives me a sad look.

"They have gone missing, along with Tony Stark, and Captain Steven Rogers and their wives. We think this may have been planned."


I groan and pick myself up off of this retched dirt. That was an extremely painful fall, more than I would expect from the Bi-Frost. I find the nearest land mark and let myself inside. It seemed to belong to an old man and woman couple. They were more than surprised to find me here.

"Excuse me for intruding your home, but where may I find the Avengers? I must inform them of some terrible news."


"Oh, this can't be good." The side of our little hut was busted open and I could only just guess how this could have happen. My father must have lost his cool again and let my other dad out. Which mean's now I have to find him adn attempt to calm him down.

"Derek Banner?" I swiftly turn around and reach for the gun in my back pocket, only to see a man around my age.

"Yes, how may I help you?" I ask, wondering what this man thinks about the hole in the wall.

"I think we are having similair problems. My name is Roman Barton, I think your father has told you about my parents,yes?" My eyes widended and I shook his hand.

"Yes, of couse! But, what are you doing here, and what similar situation are we in?" I was still concerned about the hole in the wall.

"Both of our parents are missing."


"So all of them are missing?"This was impossible. My father, Captain Rogers, Agent Barton, Agent Romonov, and Dr. Bruce Banner had all gone missing in the same day. My sister was standing right beside me, still in shock over what we had just been told. I knew it was a bad situation, considering the Director of S.H.I.E.L.D had come in person to tell us this, but I didn't think it was this bad.

"Yes, they took the wives also. We think they may come back for the children, but we aren't sure. So that is why we are gathering you all." I frowned.

"Who all?"I ask, now gving him my full attension.

"All of you children, The Avengers own flesh and blood."

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