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Chapter 1: "I'm Not Normal"

A scream escapes my chapped lips as Bens convulsing body was being shot down by a mech. "Ben!" I ran as fast as my legs could carry me. I knelt next to his dying body, and held his hand as if I was the one dying. "Ben, you can't leave me." I managed to say between sobs. Weakly he pulled me down for a kiss. His lips were warm and soft, when we broke away he whispered "I love you." Then he took his final breath.

I shot up in my cot, gasping for needed air. Cold sweat trickled down my forehead and back. The nightmares have been getting worse. "Lauren, are you okay?" Ben asked in the darkness. "Yeah, just another bad dream, nothing to worry about." "Are you sure you don't need me to climb in bed with you?" Ben asked jokingly with a light chuckle. I lightly laughed "I'm sure, goodnight." "Goodnight."

The next morning I woke with my cot sandwiched between Ben and Wills. "Hey you're up." Ben said with a smile. I smiled back. Ben and I have been friends since third grade when I fell off the monkey bars and he helped me to the nurse. We started dating about a half a year before the invasion. I groaned, got up from my cot and put my wavy brown hair in a high ponytail. "Remember, Ben we have checkups today." I reminded him. It had been almost a month since Ben and I's group had been rescued from those retched skitters. "Oh yeah, thanks for reminding me."


"Well it seems like everything is checking out fine" Doctor Glass explained to me examining my back where the harness was. "Have you been experiencing any nightmares or flashbacks?" "Yes, very vivid nightmares, they seem almost real." I answered while adjusting my shirt carefully over the spikes. "Ben has the same problems, he told me that last night you kept talking in your sleep and you woke up a couple times last night. You are all good to go Lauren." Anne told me. "Thanks" I told her. As I walked out of the doors, standing there was Ben with a bouquet of handpicked flowers (weeds) and the biggest smile on his face. "I picked these for you." he explained. "Oh, wow thanks. You're the sweetest." He enveloped me into a bear hug and then handed the flowers to me. "Let's go put these in water." I grabbed his hand and led him to the kitchen where we could probably find a vase.

A few hours later we had a mass wide movie night with some old movies Uncle Scott found. I sat next to Ben with my head on his shoulder and our fingers intertwined. "I have to go to the bathroom" I excused myself. On my way while passing the chem lab I stopped dead in my tracks when I heard some alarming words."I didn't know how else to explain it Tom." Doctor Glass said to Tom softly. "The skitters were harnessed too?" Tom questioned. "I just assumed when we got them back everything would be okay." Tom said after a long pause. "Well they are healthy both Lauren and Ben, they are also adjusting well emotionally." "But those needles on their backs aren't going away like the other kids'." Tom replied. "They both were harnessed way before the others though. It might just be longer for the effects to wear off. Weren't they taken together?" Anne asked. "Yes, but that doesn't explain the rough patches you found on their backs." Tom said puzzled. As instinct to insecurity my hand flew to my back I felt the area around the spikes and sure enough the skin felt rough.

I quickly ran back to the gym and got Ben."I have to talk to you privately." He jumped up and grabbed my hand. I drug him to the "bedroom". He sat down on a cot and patted the spot next to him. "What's going on?" Ben asked with his eyebrow raised. I sat down and crouched in defeat, ugly sobs racking my body. He pulled me in and let me cry on his shoulder. "I don't know, our spikes aren't going away. I'm not normal." I said trying to contain sobs. "Your dad and Anne were talking about us with a dead, open skitter on the table. She said that some weird skin is growing around our spikes. Look." I said while turning around and showing Ben my back. Once I turned around I said, "All of my family is gone, I-I just can't deal with this anymore." Once I was finished he put my hair behind my ears and grabbing my hands, said "Hey, you have to listen to me. You are beautiful no matter what happens. Stay strong. I'm always here for you. I just-" He cupped my face and gave me a slow passionate kiss. Almost immediately I kissed back. "Hey guys there's a-" Hal walked in and we immediately broke away, both blushing. "Well, well, well I guess my little math geek has gotten busy with his little girlfriend" Hal smirked. "What do you need I was kinda busy." Ben casualty shot back. "Dad and Uncle Scott need to talk to you." Hal explained pointing to Ben. "Okay, okay I'm coming, just leave." Ben muttered. "Fine but down do anything you might regret." Hal smirked and closed the door on his way out. Ben grabbed me and kissed me again. "I'll be right back." he murmured in my ear. I bit my lip still tingling from Ben's kiss, "Hurry up then."